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2:12 am // Peter Parker

Prompt: After getting into a fight with boyfriend! Peter and giving him the silent treatment, he shows up to your apartment in the middle of the night revealing his secret.

Warnings: swearing, angst, fluff

A/N: hii this is my first post, so i’m excited to get started and continue on with this!

tag(s): @quackson-klaxon

word count: 1098

“I’ll pick you up at 6,” Peter’s words repeated in your mind as you sat in your couch waiting for him to arrive. You thought that maybe he was running late at first, but then 6:30 came around and you got a text.

P: something came up, i’m sorry princess. i’ll make it up to you xx

Y/N: don’t bother, peter.

You took a deep breath, trying not to let your anger and sadness show. Feeling yourself getting worked up, you decided to take a shower to help calm down. You placed your phone the bathroom counter and began to strip. Your phone buzzed again, catching your attention. As soon as you saw it was Peter, you quickly turned off your phone. 

As you stepped into the shower you felt your muscles relax and let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding in. While washing your body, you began to think about how distant and distracted Peter has been recently. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time he had cancelled plans last minute, with no explanation. You felt yourself growing angrier and angrier the more you thought about, and soon hot tears were streaming down your face.

What if he lost interest? Or he found someone else? You began to wonder. These thoughts made you even more upset. You only knew one thing for sure, you were furious at Peter Parker.

* * *

It had been two days since you’d spoken to Peter. You’d done everything you could to avoid him. You skipped lunch and sat in the library until it was over. You’d ignored the notes Peter would try to pass you during class. It was killing you, but you also weren’t over what he did. You deserved an explanation, and until you got one you didn’t have anything to say to him.

You had done well ignoring him until school ended on the third day. You were at your locker, packing up your books to leave when you felt someone tapping on your shoulder. You didn’t have to turn around to know it was Peter. 

“What?” You snapped, focusing on shoving everything inside your bag as quickly as possible.

“We need to talk,” Peter replied quietly. You stopped your movements to turn and look at him.

“Talk about what, Peter? How you’ve continuously bailed on me with no explanation? How you aren’t around as much? Or are you apologizing? Because it’s going to take a lot more than a simple sorry,” You swallowed the lump in your throat and lowered your voice that had began to raise. “I’ve heard that way too many times,” You finished and turned back to your locker.

“Look, Y/N, I know I’ve skipped out on..on a lot. But you have to understand, it’s just the S-Stark internship. But I make up for it! And I’ll m-make up for it this time,” He said. His stutter was starting to come through as he grew more anxious. You laughed.

“You are in no place to be making excuses, Peter. Bringing me flowers won’t do shit this time,” Peter winced at your harsh words. You slammed your locker shut and looked at Peter one last time. He avoided your gaze. You shook your head and left without another word. 

On your walk home, you thought about what you were going to do about Peter. Was it best to end things? Or should you just wait it out and see if things change? By the time you got to your apartment, you still had no clue what to do. Hoping to get your mind off of the subject for a while, you chose to start your homework.

* * * 

You couldn’t sleep. The whole Peter situation has kept you awake. You were afraid that maybe you were too rude to him today. You didn’t want him to move on, but you also didn’t want him to continue ditching you. You were conflicted. You were still overthinking about the issue, when you heard your bedroom window slide open. You rolled over quietly, and saw that the clock read 2:12. You reached out and grabbed the hairbrush sitting on your bedside table.

“Who’s there?” You called out. You got no response, but suddenly the light switched on. You looked around and saw a figure leaning against your door. You covered your mouth to prevent yourself from screaming, but calmed down once you realized who it was.

“Spider-man? What the fuck are you doing here?” You asked genuinely confused. You weren’t worried about waking your parents because they were out of town. Once again, you didn’t get an answer. Instead you got a groan as he slid down your door.

“Woah, are you alright?” You asked, rushing out of bed. You knelt next to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. He reached up and pulled of his mask leaving you in shock.

“Peter?” You croaked out. He nodded in response. You notice the bruise and cuts on his face and ran to your bathroom to get a wet wash cloth. When you came back he was still in the same spot. You sat next to him and started wiping off his face. He pushed your arms away and pulled you into his lap. You gasped at his sudden movement. He placed his head in your neck and pulled you close. You hesitated at first, but placed your arms around his neck.You felt his tears hitting you collarbone, but didn’t say anything. You didn’t know what to say. 

You stood up and walked to your dresser and pulled out some clothes Peter left at your house. You helped him stand up and handed him the t-shit and sweatpants. You left him to change as you went to go get him some ice. When you returned he was sitting on your bed.

“Here,” You whispered, handing him the ice. He took it out of your hands and placed it on your bedside table. “Peter, you need to ice those bruises,” You started but he shushed you and laid down on your bed. He patted the spot next to him, causing you to join him after turning off the light. You placed you head on his chest and you arm across his stomach as he rubbed your back.

“I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you, but” You cut him off by placing a small kiss on his lips. 

“We can talk about it in the morning,” You sigh. He kisses the top of your head and pulled you closer and soon you both drift to sleep.

Extra (Harrison Osterfield Imagine)

Prompt: Hi! I love your writing and I was wondering if you could do something fluffy with Harrison? I’m not sure if you do stuff for Harrison, and I totally understand if you don’t. If you do, I know this isn’t super specific, but could you do really anything that is just super fluffy and cute? Maybe Harrison is trying to get the readers attention or something?

Harrison Osterfield x Reader, words: 1380, requested?: yes, warning: none

A/N: okay so like, i hope do him justice bc i’ve never written Harrison before. requests are open

You didn’t know what to expect when you stepped on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming. You had been cast as an extra which wasn’t the best part in the world, but this was your first acting job. This was just the beginning of your career, you could feel it. You were just going to be one of the teens in the background during the dance and hallway scenes. You’d only be on set for a couple of days until they finished shooting those scenes.

You didn’t really expect to meet anyone, maybe some other background people. You never expected to be called out by the Spiderman. Your eyes widened when he walks up to you and extends his hand. “Hello,” he smiles. “I’m Tom.” Of course, you knew who he was and you were trying your best not to fangirl.

“Y/N,” you smiled back. You were trying your best to stay calm. You knew as an actress you’d have to stay calm around other celebrities.

“Well, Y/N, I look forward to working with you.” He turned his head to look behind him and nodded. You look behind him to see his best friend, Harrison. “That’s my best mate, Harrison.” He turned back to you. “I think he wants to be your dance partner,” he said just a bit too loudly.

“TOM,” you hear Harrison yell. A blush spread across your face as Tom laughs.

“Well,” you begin awkwardly. “I better go get my hair and makeup done.” You smile one last time before heading off to get your hair and makeup done. You couldn’t believe what had just happened. You hadn’t expected to grab the attention of anyone. Especially not Harrison Osterfield. Of course, you knew of Tom Holland and his best friend, Harrison. You knew about Tom since Captain America: Civil War and you were interested in the new Spiderman. He was so young and closer to your age than the rest of the Avengers.

So, you looked into the new Spiderman and instantly gained a crush on his best friend. You noticed the two had several pictures together on Instagram and other social media platforms. You had quickly hit the follow button on Harrison’s Insta and Twitter. It wasn’t that you had stalked his tweets or anything, you just liked to be informed. He wasn’t the reason why you had decided to be an extra in this movie, but it was a perk. You were fully aware that you were in the same room so you made sure not to make a total fool out of yourself.

A sigh escaped your lips as you sat down in the comfortable makeup chair. You sat completely still as your makeup was done. You were excited to see how you’d look. You were pretty skilled with a makeup brush but you had never gotten your makeup professionally done before. You heard a throat clear but couldn’t open your eyes since your stylist was applying eyeshadow. “Special request; make sure she wears this,” a familiar voice rings in your eyes. There was some shuffling before hands were back on your face. Was that Tom? Who was he talking about? Was he talking about you? What were you supposed to wear? Special request?

Soon enough, your makeup was complete and you could finally open your eyes. You looked to see what had been delivered but whatever it was zipped into a dress bag. You were tempted to open it but thought against it since you didn’t know if it was actually yours or not. “Go change,” the stylist said before handing you the bag. “And here’s this.” She handed you a note to go along with whatever was inside this bag. Your stomach began to do flips. What if it was something terrible looking and you had to wear it? Like a prank? You didn’t think Tom Holland would prank you, but then again you didn’t really know the boy.

Harrison picked this out for you ;) - Tom

You stepped into an empty dressing room and hung the dress up on a hook. You let out a long breath before slowly unzipping the cover. You gasped at the beautiful gown in front of you. The dress was gold with elegant trimming and an A-line neck. It was absolutely beautiful and left you speechless. You quickly began to change out of your normal clothes and into the gorgeous gown. But you needed help with the zipper. So you held the dress to your chest and opened your dressing room door. “Can I get some help?” you asked a girl that was twirling in front of a provided mirror.

“Yeah, sure,” she replied with a smile. “That dress looks amazing on you.

“Thank you,” you grinned as she zipped up your dress. “Apparently Harrison picked it out for me, Tom even dropped it off.”

The girl gasped and looked at you through the mirror. “You know them?”

“Not really, I just met them today actually.”

“You’re one lucky girl,” she sighed.

Tom wasn’t kidding when he said you’d be sharing a dance with Harrison and that made you extremely nervous. You kind of wished it had all been a joke, but it wasn’t. So, there you were, in Harrison’s arms during the dance scene. A slow song poured from the speakers of the fake gym. “Do you like the dress?” Harrison whispered. The director said couples were able to speak as long as they whispered so the microphones wouldn’t pick them up. You nodded and blushed. “Would you like to go on a date sometime?”

You looked up into his hopeful eyes as he bit his bottom lip. You were too nervous to speak, afraid your face would betray you. Before you could answer him, you heard the director yell cut and Tom came running up to his friend so you excused yourself. You quickly walked back to the dressing room you had been in earlier. A long sigh escaped your lips as you slipped out of your dress, with the help of another extra girl. You were free to leave the set for the day but would have to report back tomorrow.

You changed into your regular clothes and hurried off the set. You were staying in a hotel close by since you lived nowhere near Los Angeles. You couldn’t believe your luck, this was going so much more than you were expecting. Harrison had swept you off your feet and you were quite nervous. What was supposed to happen after all this? You weren’t staying in LA for very long. You decided it would be best to just ignore Harrison’s advances. But how long would it take until you broke?

The second day on set wasn’t very dramatic, you were told to just wear normal clothes since you’d be standing at a locker for this scene. You set your stuff with everyone else’s before standing where you were told. You tried your best not to look towards Harrison but he was in your perfect line of vision. You let out a sigh before turning to the girl you were supposed to be having a fake conversation with. This was going to be a lot harder than you thought.

After filming was done, you were told that all the shot you were supposed to be in were done so you didn’t have to show up anymore. You were glad filming was done, you couldn’t wait to see the finishing project. You were very excited to start your acting career. “Y/N!” Harrison called your name as you walked out of the production building. “Wait up!”

You stopped to wait for him to catch up. “You know I’m leaving, right? Like, leaving LA. I don’t live here.”

“Neither do I,” he replied with a shrug.

“So, what’s your plan here?”

“What do you mean?” The two of you begin to walk, he looks down towards you

“You asked me out, remember? I don’t really expect a relationship right away but I’m not going to pursue anything if it’s not going to go anywhere.”

“Stay for a couple more days, let me change your mind. Let me take you on at least one date.”

You stop to look at him. “I guess one date wouldn’t hurt.”

Girl’s Night

Platonic Charlie and Reader, Dean x Reader

1900 Words

Story Summary: Charlie and the Reader have a girl’s night while hunting a Shojo.

A/N: This is written for @trexrambling and her Jess Hunter Celebration. My three items were: Charlie, Shojo, frying pan. This was lots of fun!!


Tapping your fingers against the steering wheel, you couldn’t help but sing along to the song playing on the radio. You were happy, mainly because of your destination. You were heading to help your friend on a hunt. A little girl’s trip that you were looking forward to more than Charlie probably realized. But after being in the bunker day after day, surrounded by testosterone, you couldn’t wait to talk to someone who didn’t think with their downstairs brain.

She hadn’t even had time to say what she was hunting before you had accepted her offer, making her laugh over the phone. After giving you directions, she promised she would wait in her hotel room for you to arrive. That had been over three hours ago, and you were almost to the town.

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Massage {FLUFF}

Originally posted by notjhope

You knew yourself how tiring can be doing a show, not that you were an idol but being a supporting dancer can teach you a lot of things when you accompany them on their shows. The rush, quick outfit changes and all the screaming coming from the audience can put some pressure on them to push themselves to the limits of physical pain, you had put yourself through that kind of pain too for many times.

You knew Hobi wasn’t alright the minute he went off the stage - his face was showing all that he was feeling. You could see his back muscles incredibly tense under his tank top. He was pushing himself for almost three weeks without stopping, with stadium shows, rehearsals, and TV shows. No one would put such a great effort on things like Hoseok does and for that, you were proud of him.

You cared a lot for him, even thought you were just friends. You felt like your feelings for him were a one-sided love and because of that, you never told him anything.

“Nam, can I come to the dorms later?” you asked his leader.

“Hm, sure, Y/N. But we’re going out for dinner, only Hoseok and Jimin will be home…”

You agreed with him and then went to join the rest of you dance fellows to go back to BIGHIT so you can do a report of how was the show and leave the costumes there. A few hours after you did that you went to BTS’ dorm to talk to Hobi, being greeted by Jimin.

“Hoseok?” you asked him.

“At his room. He was so tired that didn’t say a word since we came home… that’s a record.” Jimin replied you, going to his own room and locking himself there.

You knock the door twice, but he didn’t reply so you entered the room. It was dark, with only the table’s lamp light to spread some light on the room. Hope was lying on his bed, still awake but too tired to move.

“Take your shirt off,” you said, sitting by his side and looking for something inside your bag.

“WHAT?!” he said, surprised “You want me to get naked.”

“No, you silly… I will make a massage on you.” you shook your head and he sat straight “I know you’ve been too tired and as a good friend, I came to help you…”

He didn’t argue with you, taking his shirt off and making you hold your breath with the vision that was his naked torso. He’s just too pretty to be real.

You took an oil you usually massage your feet with, after your dance rehearsals and put a few drops in your hands, rubbing them on his back. The feeling of his warm skin under yours was amazing and he started to get relaxed as soon as you touched him. You never had so much skinship like that.

“This is… hm… really, really good…” he was saying while you were massaging his neck, undoing all the knots.

You were smiling while he was almost moaning. You knew how to treat a dancer, being a dancer yourself. Half an hour later, you had ended the massage. Hobi cleaned his back with his towel and then handed it to you so you could clean your hands.

“Hm… Y/N?” he asked, while you were up cleaning your hands.


“That was quite…”

“Good?” you completed.

“No… erotic,” Hobi said and you were surprised for him being so close to you, still shirtless.

You felt your body heat increase while the distance between you two was decreasing.

“Hobi, I…"

“Y/N, now that I know that you can take good care of me and that you do great massages, I can’t let you do this to anyone else… I’ll make you my private massagist.” was what he said before kissing you furiously, pinning you against the wardrobe and making you wrap your legs around his waist.

“Holy shit…!!!!!” you heard a high pitched voice coming from the door as the lights went on. Jimin was standing there. “My eyes… I don’t think they’re pure anymore…”

Ghostfacers Sentence Starters

“Today is your lucky day, mister.”
“Stay in the kitchen when the kitchen gets hot.”
“And two lone wolves need, uh, other wolves.”
“It’s 7 pm, dude.”
“Markers, erasers, good job.”
“And I thought to myself, where do ghosts come from?”
“What up, players?”
“We all know the legend.”
“A permit? That’s a good idea for next time.”
“Not cops, just dicks!”
“We’ll call it the Eagle’s Nest.”
“There you are, hello.”
“Are you alive?”
“You’re robo-cop!”
“Spin tires like the fire.”
“Calm the whirlwinds of your mind.”
“Looks like we got all our ducks in a row here.”
“I don’t really like rats… they’re gross.”
“Rats are like… the rats of the world.”
“You wanna explain that weirdo outfit?”
“Listen here, chiseled chest…”
“It’s down, like, eleven degrees…”
“Aren’t those the assholes from Texas?”
“Hey, give the lady a cigar.”
“Think he brought the remains home from work… to play.”
“What the fuck are you doing?”
“Inside your duffle bag?”
“I’m not gonna whine about my bullshit problems.”
“No, no, no, he was the Norman Bates stuff your mother kinda lonely.”
“He won’t stop dying!”
“You’ve always been the brave one.”
“Is it gone?”
“You have more than earned full Ghostfacer status.”
“Go well into that starry night.”
“I think all our dreams are gonna come true.”
“I kinda think it was half-awesome.”
“That’s a real tight rope you guys are walkin’.”
“Straight jacket. Or a punch in the face. Sometimes both.”
“Menudo left their dance bag behind.”
“That is money in the bank!”

My Girl

Pairing: Slight Young!James Potter x Reader

Note: Short drabble/fic! I don’t know if I’ll finish this or not , but if you want a continuation, let me know and we’ll see from there! :D  Part II

Other  stories: Beautiful | Ask You Out I II III IV

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from the Potterverse!

First time doing a Marauders!imagine, I hope you guys like it! 


You were stuck in a storm since day one. You knew that, but somehow you didn’t want to find a way to leave.

You remembered dragging your large trunk behind you as you walked between compartments, your black cat striding beside you, trying to peek into some for a place to sit and as you approached one that a black haired boy disappeared into earlier. You found yourself face to face with a girl with striking green eyes and dark red hair. The black haired boy from earlier was behind her and they huddled out of the compartment as someone inside yelled “Snivellus!” The pair walked pass you and you stood by the entrance of their compartment.

“Hi, can I sit here? Everywhere else is full.” You sheepishly asked the two boys who looked at you in mild surprise.

“Sure, I guess.” The boy with the glasses replied with a small smile and the other one just shrugged. So with that, you pulled your trunk through the door, hitting glasses boy’s feet, you later learned his name was James Potter.

Four years later and here you were seated in-between the boys you met at the train, James and Sirius Black, and two more other guys in front of you, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, in the Great Hall. You were sorted into Gryffindor along with them and the redheaded girl, Lily Evans, whom James had a huge crush on. You let out a oh-so-small frown that no one noticed.

The boys called themselves The Marauders, and soon enough the entire school did as well. Where did you fit into all of this? They said you were their favorite girl, or at least James and Sirius did. So that was your title, The Marauders’ Favorite Girl. They kept on dragging you into their stunts despite your protests. You weren’t a troublemaker, but somehow you always ended up in detention with them, spending your Friday nights either locked up in the Trophy Room, polishing the school’s many silver without magic, or cleaning out the bedpans in the hospital wing, also without magic.

“Y/N, hey, listen to me.” Sirius waved a hand in front of you to catch your attention, your thoughts slipping back into reality as you turned to look at him, a brow raised in question. He rolled his storm-gray eyes at you. “I said that maybe you should try acting like James’ girl-” he was about to say but you cut him off, “No. I am not going to play girlfriend for James so that he could catch Lily’s attention, it’s not going to work.” You stated as you continued to eat your breakfast. You vaguely felt the boys’ eyes on you and you groaned inwardly.

“Then be my real girlfriend.”

You almost spat your food out when the words left James’ mouth. The same couldn’t be said for Sirius though, his food was sprayed all over poor Peter’s face while Remus’ goblet filled with pumpkin juice was toppled over, spilling its contents on the table. You gasped and grabbed your wand, returning the goblet upright and its contents back before it could get near any of your paperwork that was sprawled out before you. You turned to James, your face red with a mixture of anger and embarrassment to find him smirking at you.

“It’s not funny, James.” You glared at him.

“Yeah mate, Y/N is off-limits. She’s our girl!” Sirius said.

James rolled his eyes heavenward. “Well, maybe I want her to be my girl.” He uttered with emphasis.

You whirled your attention away from Sirius towards James, your e/c blazing. “Excuse me but I’m not going to be anyone’s girl!” You cry out and stand up, flustered and mad. “Now until you guys stop being obnoxious pricks, don’t bother talking to me!” You told them and grabbed your papers and stuffed them inside your bag.

“Now look what you did!” You heard Sirius shout to James as you exited the Hall and headed towards the Library, the tint on your cheeks won’t be disappearing any time soon.

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1. What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten?

Chocolate-covered scorpion. It tasted like dirt.

2. How often do you dream? And have you ever had a lucid dream?

I’m sure I dream every night, but I don’t often remember them. I’ll remember one a month if I’m lucky. I can kinda lucid dream to an extent I think, if it’s a cool scenario and I wake up and then force myself back to sleep to finish it.

3. If you could have any one item from a video game you’ve played recently, what would it be?

D.VA’s mech? Just because that’d be fuckin’ sweet.

4. Best toppings for pizza?

Veggies! Mushrooms specifically.

5. If you had to travel cross-country, would you rather land travel (car or a train) or fly?

Fly, although I do wanna take a car trip cross-country someday.

6. Are you superstitious? If so, what are some superstitions you believe?

Kinda. I ‘knock on wood’ a lot, but things like ladders and black cats I don’t believe in. 

7. What’s the worst injury you’ve ever gotten?

I’ve actually never seriously injured myself. (Knock on wood.) But the worst I’ve probably done is either burn myself (I still have plenty of scars) or have to split up a pretty intense dog fight. I was covered in bruises and felt really horrible for weeks afterwards.

8. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream: White or green?

Green! Don’t ask me why.

9. Do you watch more TV or more stuff that’s online?

Online. I actually don’t own a TV.

10. What is your personal motto?

It doesn’t always work out, and that’s okay.

11. What is the appropriate response to hearing a bad pun?

Either “you son of a bitch” or “*lip smack” noice.”

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Alone  /Part 2/

Pairings: Dean x reader, Dean x OFC (Taylor)

Warnings: reader is sad and injured :/ angstttttttttt :O

Words: 2,049

Part 1

You let out a small groan and your throat felt like it had been fucking destroyed. You curled into the wall behind you and closed your eyes.

When the pain in your heart was too much, the only thing that made you feel better was thinking about the days hunting side by side with the Winchesters, but that was just the first days of your captivity. But now? Those memories were just bringing pain, they made you feel even more empty and alone than before.

When the metal door opened and the vampires grabbed you by your arms, you cried and screamed at them to let you go, you would always try to defend yourself, but it was only making your body hurt more and you felt humiliated when all the vampires in the nest would laugh at your misery.

They were slowly breaking you.

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Let’s Get Out of Here Epilogue

Summary: Ten years later, we find out what happened to Bucky and Y/N.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, reader, James and Becca Barnes

Warnings: none

Word count: 715

A/N: Thank you so much for reading! 

Read previous parts here

10 years later

“James! Becca! Come downstairs please!” you called. Two little pairs of feet tumbled down the stairs at the sound of their mother’s voice.

You stood back and prepared yourself for what was coming. The twins came crashing into you for a hug, a customary tradition in your household.

“Hi Mommy!” James said, rubbing his nose in your shirt. Becca was the quieter twin, but she still gripped your waist tightly.

At seven years old, the twins were mirrors of you and your husband. Brown hair and brown eyes, they took after Bucky in looks, but their personalities were all you. Strong-willed, kind, and surprisingly patient.

After your first trip to Disney World, you relationship with Bucky Barnes had flourished. It didn’t happen overnight, but the walls Bucky had built kept crumbling down with you after returning home. He finally got the courage to ask you out, and you had been with each other ever since. It hadn’t always been easy, but it had been beautiful.

You had returned to Disney two more times before Bucky proposed outside of Mary Poppins’ house.

“I love you so much,” he had said, choking back tears as he kneeled down with a ring in his hand. “You mean more to me than anything in this world, and I want my story to end with you.”

Of course, you said yes. In fact, you had jumped up and down crying with excitement and happiness. The simple silver band had a pair of Mickey ears inscribed on the inside, and your hand had shaken with excitement as he slipped it on your finger. Steve and Nat hid in the background, taking pictures and video of the whole encounter.

Now, seven years and two kids later, you were still as happy as you were back then. When Bucky had first found out you were pregnant, he was nervous. He was afraid of failing as a father and the questions that would come up about his past. You had managed to calm him down and convince him that he would be fine. Then, the doctor told you there were two heartbeats. That amount of calming down had taken a bit longer.

“Mommy!” James yelled, snapping you out of your walk down memory lane. “What do you need, Mommy?”

At that moment, Bucky came walking in carrying two small gift bags with him. The twins dashed over and crashed into him as well. Bucky handed the bags to you and lifted the twins in the air. They giggled as he gripped them in a bear hug and kissed their cheeks.

“We have a surprise for you!” Bucky exclaimed. He put them down on the floor.

“A surprise!” James shouted. He hopped up and down. Becca’s face lit up and her grin took up half her face.

Bucky nodded and you gave each kid a bag. They waited until he nodded before tearing into them. You quickly pulled your phone out of your pocket and began recording a video.

You and Bucky stood next to each other as James and Becca tore through the tissue paper and pulled out two pairs of Mickey ears. James’ were a dark navy blue and Becca’s were a neon purple.

“What are these?” James asked. He held the ears up to his face for closer inspection. Becca gently put hers on the floor and opened the card you had stuck inside her bag.

“What does it say on the back of your hat, buddy?” Bucky asked. James turned his hat around.

“It says James, Daddy!” He pulled his sister’s hat off the floor. “And Becca’s has her name!” You laughed while Bucky put the hat on his head.

“You wear it like this, see?” James stared up in awe, trying to see the hat on his head.

Becca let out a small gasp as she finished reading the card. Her eyes widened and she looked back and forth between you and Bucky.

“Really Mommy? Really Daddy?” she whispered, clutching the card to her chest. You both nodded, and Becca gasped again. James put Becca’s ears on her head and she bounced up and down.

“What Becca? What does it say?” James asked impatiently. Becca turned to her brother and put her hands on his shoulders.

“We’re going to Disney World!”

Imagine for Anon

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Can you do a written imagine where the reader is a werewolf in Scott’s pack, and reluctantly let’s Theo tutor her in math? Thanks! :)

Originally posted by hoechlinhale

Letting out a small growl you saw the mark you got on your maths test, you hated maths and these results proved that. However also being a werewolf and helping out Scott with all these supernatural evils wasn’t really giving you the time to sit down and proper study the material. Sighing you folded the piece of paper before anyone else could get a glance at the awful grade the teacher had given you. With the bell ringing to signal it was time to go, you grabbed your things and headed to your car to go straight home.

Heading to the car park you saw Theo leaning against your car, arms folded and a smirk on his face. “Okay first off get away from my car, and second what do you want Theo”

“It’s not what I want love, it’s what you want”

Theo stepped away from your car allowing you to pass through, “What the hell are you talking about?” .

“You need help in math class I believe, I can help you”

“You mean like tutor me?”, you open your car door throwing your bag inside.

“Yes that’s exactly what I mean, and let’s skip over the part where you tell me that I have no idea what I’m talking about or I’m wrong etc, because I saw your score love and if you don’t improve your grades that I’m pretty sure the teacher will assign you some tutor that you don’t like and you’ll be stuck with whoever it is for the whole year. I’m giving you the chance to pick your own tutor”.

You gave Theo are you kidding me look before responding, “Interesting speech, expect your forgetting one thing Raeken. I don’t like you much either and I would rather have the teacher assign me a tutor than pick you.”

Getting in your car you gave Theo one last stare before driving off. In your rear view mirror you saw Theo smile and walk off.

Deciding that you could do this math study on your own you went straight to your room and began work. Not even 10 minutes in you signed, threw the pen you were holding across the floor and shut the maths book with force that it fell off the table. This was impossible to do you thought, maths was really starting to test your patience and as a werewolf your patience was already low to begin with.

You glanced over to your phone and mentally kicked yourself for even thinking that calling Theo to come help was an option you were considering, however you knew that you weren’t getting anywhere by your self and he did offer.

Getting up off the chair you walked over to your bedside table and messaged Theo to come over, but before you pressed send you were having a mental debate with yourself whether or not this was a good idea. Eventually you hit the button and braced yourself for his witty reply.

30 minutes went by and Theo still hadn’t replied, giving up you closed your book and changed in your PJ’s. Just as you were about to do your nightly routine the door bell rang, marching down stairs you opened the door and saw none other than Theo.

“Nice PJ’s” he smirked.

“Shut up Theo, what are you doing here?”

“You messaged me it looks like you need my help after all”

“Well your late and I packed everything away, so you can leave now”. Closing the door, Theo stopped it with his foot.

“Look I’m sorry I’m late, but I’m here now and there’s no reason for you to send me away”

Thinking about it you knew he was right. I mean you did need serious help with maths, and Theo offered to help. You opened the door allowing him to come inside.

“Fine Theo you can tutor me,but you mention this to anyone and I’ll kick your ass”

Theo laughed, “Now that I would like to see”

Shaking your head you walked upstairs with Theo right behind you. This was definitely going to be a long night. 


Answer the following questions.

Below we have a list of very random character questions; but do not take this lightly, the completion of this task is the deciding factor when we can proceed to the next plot drop. You can do this in either para form or headcanon form or even graphics! Either way works!

  • If you had to compare your character to another Disney character (aside from their parents/Disney ancestor), who would it be and why? Tell us their similarities & differences.
  • What does your character do with their phone? Do they mainly use it for texting? Social media? Just for pictures? Do they even use it?
  • What is one rule your character would never break? Could be just school regulations, of their parents, or in Auradon as a whole.
  • What is inside your character’s day-to-day bag? What does their bag even look like? Do they have a lucky pen they bring to school/work everyday? A favorite notebook? A sachet of instant coffee? A book?
  • In a fit of rage, what calms your character down? Could be an object with sentimental value, an activity, a person, etc!
  • What is the first thing your character does in the morning as soon as they wake up? What is the first thing they see? Eat? Think about? 
  • What does your character’s current living place look like? Is it messy? Do they live alone? With someone?
  • In the middle of the week day, what would your character be doing? How about on the weekends? 
  • Does your character have a night routine? What do they usually do before they sleep? Who’s the last person they talk to?
  • If your character had a minute with their parent/Disney ancestor, what would they say/do?

This task does not have a definite deadline. The sooner we get to 20 muns (yes, muns!) posting for at least ONE of their characters (you have to do this for ALL of your muses!!), the sooner we reveal the plot drop. The goal number of muns completing this task might change, and we will announce if so!

Don’t forget to tag it with descendcnts:task!


What’s inside your Sim’s bag?

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Rules: Choose a Sim of yours, post a picture of their bag content and tag 10 of your friends/followers/favorite Simblrs! Please tag #inmysimsbag. :)
It can be done with any Sims game.

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to (re)introduce my four Maplethorpe Sims who are to go to Vendon University, so answers are queued.

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EXO Sehun: Rude Co-worker

Sehun scenario where he’s your incredibly rude co-worker

requested by: mymisstina


“Yah! Hurry up!” You heard your fellow co-worker yell at you as you trudged up the stairs in your heels.

Oh Sehun. The brat who treated you like the dirt underneath his shoes despite everything that you tried to do to get on his good side. There was no plausible reason as to why he hated you so much, at least not ones that you knew of. You met him on the first day of your job at S&J Entertainment, both of you starting as meek assistants whose only purpose was to fetch coffee and camp in the printer room. However, you weren’t going to complain, as the chances of fresh graduates getting a decent job right after college were incredibly slim.

When you had first met Sehun, your eyes could barely peel away from his handsome angular face. Unfortunately, you weren’t the only one that noticed his charm. The office girls would constantly giggle every time he walked by their cubicle, even the older ladies working at the front desks swooned every time he left or entered. It was quite obvious that he knew about the effect that he had in the building. You weren’t sure if he flirted with the manager for the sake of a promotion, or if he was always like that. Either way, anything after his handsome face was disregarded, you couldn’t have cared less if he died the next day. The way he treated you was a sharp contrast to the rest of how he was around the other girls. Sure, at first you were hurt and tried to find everything that could have possibly made him say such snarky things to you, but after a while you just ignored him. He wasn’t worth it, even with his pretty face.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Manager-nim fired you tomorrow, you’re so unreliable.” Sehun scoffed at you for what seemed like the hundredth time today, and barely half the day had passed.

“Then why don’t you just go on ahead, instead of waiting for me?” You snapped back, trying to juggle the large boxes you were carrying with laminated documents. Sehun was the most unreliable partner you had ever had the pleasure with working with. It was like the world was out to get you as you were almost always paired up together. You were always the one that moved the heavier boxes around, while he daintily held the take-out tray of iced coffee.  You were sure that he avoided all responsibilities like the plague, and instead hindered it all on you.

“I have to make it seem like I’m contributing my share of work, when we get to the door, pass me the box.”

You were sure that if you hadn’t been holding the heavy box with both of your hands, you would’ve slapped the indecent little boy. The nerve that he had, to make you do everything and get away with it.

“Yeah yeah, whatever,” you grumbled, not having enough energy to think of a snarky reply. It was only going to be eight more hours until the day was over, you were just going to have to put up with him.


“_______!” Your friend Yeri called out to you, as you made your way over to her table during your lunch break. You were completely burnt out, having to run around all over the office the entire morning wasn’t an easy task. Especially when your partner was Oh Sehun, whose idea of working was just watching you, and more than often inputting rude comments about the way you did things. If he had actually helped you like he was supposed to, everything would’ve been finished in an hour tops, but instead it took you three hours.

“Is that your lunch?” Yeri asked, peering down at your small pathetic looking box of convenience store kimbap. You didn’t have the time in the morning to pack yourself a lunch, nor did you have the ability to actually cook anything. It was either this or a bowl of ramyun, so you figured that this was a little bit more healthier, or at least that was how your logic was.

You took out your wooden chopsticks and started to separate them, “Yeah, I was in a hurry this morning, I totally forgot to set my alarm the night before.”

Yeri merely laughed at your forgetfulness, before taking out the contents of what was inside her lunch bag. Your eyes completely bugged out at the sheer amount of tupperware she was pulling out one by one. “How do you have so much time in the morning to make all of those side dishes?” You asked in astonishment and envy, while also salivating at the sight of the small container of acorn jelly.

“I didn’t make these, my boyfriend did!” Yeri winked and slid a couple of the tupperwares closer to you. “Have some, there’s no way I’ll finish all of this by myself.”

“Well don’t mind if I do!” Oh crap, you didn’t even have to turn your head around to know who that voice belonged to.

Sehun didn’t waste a second to pull up a chair from a table close by and start stuffing his face with Yeri’s side dishes.

You could only watch as he started to noisily chomp down on the radish kimchi, completely disregarding the fact that he wasn’t being etiquette at all. His long bangs falling down onto his eyes as his head lowered.

“God, have some decency, will you?” You scoffed at him, rolling your eyes at how disgusting he was being.

Sehun looked up at you for a couple of seconds, before averting his gaze towards your uneaten platter of kimbap. “Is that all you have for lunch?”

You nodded, picking up your chopsticks again, making sure not to notice the fact that he had a little bit of red pepper sauce dribbling down the side of his chin.

“It’s a good thing you’re eating so little, wouldn’t want to gain more weight, would you?”

You stood up from your chair so fast it was a miracle it didn’t fall over. Eyes from all around were already glancing over at your sudden outburst, but you couldn’t have cared less. Your face was burning at his ruder than usual comment, and you were afraid that if you didn’t leave soon you were going to do something you were going to regret.

Your knuckles turned white as you held onto your chopsticks, you weren’t even going to give him the satisfaction of a response. You watched as Yeri quickly slid the side dishes away from Sehun, to which he let out an annoyed groan. “Oh come on, I was just telling the truth!”

“Please don’t ever sit with us again,” Yeri replied, her voice quipped and icy.

Sehun directed his eyes onto your risen figure and fell back into his chair. “Don’t tell me you’re actually upset, I can’t be the first person to say that,” his eyebrows were raised, as if he was telling a funny joke. He knew he had an audience, everyone in the cafeteria was watching. This was what he enjoyed doing, tormenting you.

Breathe. Don’t let this jerk see how much his stupid comments actually affect you. Don’t cry now. Too late. You could already feel the oncoming tears threaten to break out. Everyone had a tipping point, you couldn’t blame yourself. Being called fat was definitely a breaking point, especially when it was in front of a crowd.

“You’re despicable, I hate you,” you murmured towards him, careful to keep a straight face. If he saw you cry, you would automatically lose.

Sehun, to your surprise, didn’t say anything back. He only looked at you in complete silence as like the rest of the spectators.

Before you could full-on burst into tears, you rushed out of the room, the hallways already getting glassy from your eyes. People only glanced at you as you stumbled by, no one asking you if you were okay.

You had never hated anyone as much as you hated Oh Sehun, after that incident you vowed to avoid him at all costs, no matter what.


You watched from behind the front doors as rain started to pour. Not only was it raining harder than ever before, you didn’t have a ride either. Yeri had to go home early, and she was your only form of transportation to get back home. The last bus of the day had already left, and you didn’t know anyone else to ask for a ride. You were quite positive about the fact that the day could not get any worse than it already was.

The rain outside pounded on the pavement, as you watched each person leave in a car or in an umbrella. No one paid much attention to you, they were all focused on not getting drenched in the spring shower.

You blew a strand of stray hair out of your face and tried not to focus on your hungry stomach. This was the first time so far today, that you actually had a chance to breathe. After the cafeteria incident, you briefly went to the bathroom to curse out Sehun before returning to your hectic work schedule. Which meant that you didn’t have a single spare moment to catch a quick bite. This was in no way healthy for you, but you weren’t going to complain. When have you ever? Maybe that’s why it was so easy for people like Sehun to step all over you like a welcome mat. Why were you thinking about him again? You aren’t supposed to. Not after what he said to you.

You were so wrapped up in your thoughts that you didn’t even notice the lanky boy walking past you. He must’ve not noticed you either as he swiftly pushed open the door and brought his briefcase over his head. You watched as Sehun ran across the rainy grounds, into the entrance of the apartments that were close to your company building.

You felt yourself straighten up a little, at the realization that he lived so close to the workplace. Why didn’t you notice it before? There was a reason why he was always the first one to arrive and the last to leave. You felt yourself squinting a little, watching as Sehun tried to pat dry his briefcase after going under the entrance roof of the apartment.

“Lucky bastard..” You muttered underneath your breath, and quickly scanned around to see if anyone overheard you.

As more and more people pushed past you to get home, you realized that you couldn’t stand here forever. You couldn’t call Yeri, there was no way you would make her drive all the way back just to pick up your sorry ass. Unfortunately, without her, you virtually had no other friends in the company. You much preferred alone time than anything else, plus it was incredibly difficult to befriend any of the snarky gossipy ladies in the office. When they weren’t gushing over Sehun, they would be backstabbing someone else. Quite frankly, neither of those topics seemed appealing enough to be involved in.

You started to count your opinions about how you were going to have to spend the night. Walk home? That was out of line, you lived thirty minutes away and plus it was raining extremely hard. Sleep in the office? Yeah right, that wasn’t going to happen either, it was already stressful enough being here in the morning. A Cab? You only had coins left in your purse.

Your thoughts were suddenly interrupted as you felt someone push by you, nearly making you topple over. “Watch it!” You shouted out in annoyance. Were you invisible or something?  

You looked up from brushing your sleeve and came face to face with Sehun. Well, more like his backside. He was clearly in a rush and didn’t even bother to turn back around to apologize. Suddenly, a thought came to mind as you silently watched him rapidly press the elevator button, stringing out a list of incoherent words while tapping his foot.

I’ll ask the jerk to give me money for a cab home. He owes me that at least, after making a complete fool of me. I swore to never talk to him again, but right now I’m in a state of emergency. I’ll go back to ignoring him after this is over.

Without a moment’s hesitation, you walked right up to the tall boy that was still waiting for the elevator. Sehun noticed you right away, and at once his expression changed into one that was unreadable.

“Hey, lend me money for a cab ride home,” you asked, with your face set in a straight line and your arm extended. For some reason, right when you brought out your hand, you started to feel a little bit light-headed and distorted, but you just chalked it down to your sudden movements.

Sehun only looked at you with a plain face, his eyebrows slightly arched. With his dress shirt slightly wet and his hair tousled a little, you could understand why the ladies in the office loved to talk about him. Too bad his personality stunk, not to mention after what he had pulled earlier, you couldn’t have cared for him less.

“Do I look like a charity bag to you?” Sehun replied, in the most obnoxious tone that you had ever heard from him. “No.”

You didn’t budge, you weren’t going anywhere without your money. “You owe me.”

“Owe you for what, telling you the truth?” Another one of his famous smirks reappeared on his face, and all you could think about was slapping it off.

Before you had the chance to give him a snide response, you felt spots start to appear behind your eyes, and the ground starting to shake. “Oh my god..” you managed to murmur, as you felt the floor swallow you up in complete darkness.


“Wake up!”

You woke up with a sudden start, your cheek burning from the sudden cold sensation. Your heart was beating at a rapid pace as you clumsily moved the ice pack away from your face. You were sitting upright on someone’s couch, in a place that you had never seen before. It was sparsely decorated, and the furniture was minimal. It only took a couple of seconds for you to realize that Sehun was kneeling beside the couch, studying you intently.

You felt your breathing hitch up in your throat as you noticed his presence. His hair was matted and wet. Most likely from the recent shower that he just took, evident from the white towel slung around his neck. For some reason, seeing him in just a plain black t-shirt and white shorts made you turn pink.

“God you’re so annoying, who faints like that?” Sehun started to say, taking his towel from around his neck and placing it on top of his wet hair. “I had to carry you all the way to my apartment, you’re lucky it wasn’t far.” He had begun to tousle the towel in-between his hair, specks of water were flying everywhere.

All of a sudden, you started to get mad all over again, but once you rose up from the couch your head started pounding. Sehun must’ve noticed your uneven footing, but once he tried to gesture you back onto the couch you maneuvered away and headed for the door. You were sick of him. Absolutely appalled.

“Where do you think you’re going?” You could hear Sehun yelling at you from his place beside the couch. “You’re going to faint out there again!”

Just like that, a fuse inside of you broke lose. You stormed back towards him, in full rage mode, despite your hurting headache. Once you were close enough to him, you leaned down far enough to reach him at eye level. “No one asked you to help me, alright?!” Your voice had gotten loud and shrill, startling him enough for him to stop drying his hair. “You should’ve just left me there, instead of carrying this big old fat girl all the way to your apartment!”

You had never felt more enraged in your entire life. You were sure that your face was red with anger, and you probably looked like an absolute mess. Sehun could only stare at you with disbelief and astonishment, his hands slacked at his side.

“Do you get some sort of sick pleasure, tormenting me everyday?” You were on the verge of tears, but you continued to push on. “My life is already a living hell, I don’t need someone like you making it worse!”

Then, like a switch had turned on, you thought of the best solution. “That’s it, I quit. I don’t care if it’ll take me another three months to find another job. I just don’t want to see you again.”

The sudden relief made your tears spill over and down onto your cheeks, but you quickly wiped them away. Sehun had started to get up at this point, but you were much too busy trying to stop your sniffles to notice that he had thrown his towel to the side, and stepped closer towards you.

“Don’t cry,” he said, in a tone that you had never heard from him before. It was a soft and comforting tone. A tone he had not once used around you.

You could only manage a response that was half a weak laugh and half sniffling. “Isn’t that what you wanted? To see me cry?” You locked eyes with him. “Well, you win.”

Sehun only looked at you with an unreadable gaze, droplets from his hair was starting to collect at the collar of his shirt, but he didn’t seem to care. His focus was only set on you, but your mind was elsewhere. You were going to call Yeri to pick you up, she would understand your situation. All you knew, was that you wanted to get far away from him as possible.

Once you had turned around, you felt fingers holding you back. “I like you, _____.”

Your head whipped back around so fast it was a blessing that you didn’t strain your neck. “What did you just say?”

Sehun let out a small huff, his eyes averting elsewhere in embarrassment before staring back at you. “I said, that I like you.”

Your facial expression was completely blank. This was clearly a joke, it had to be. No decent human being would’ve treated someone they liked as cruelly as he ever did to you. “I told you that I’m sick of your stupid games, I’m leaving.”

You didn’t let him slip in another word as you pulled out of his grip and started to walk back down the hall. The sooner that you got out of here, the better.

“Wait, please!” Sehun zoomed past you, just to block his front door with his entire body. His face changed into the look of someone frantic. You could barely recognize him anymore, who was this?

“Move, let me get home.” Your head was killing you, the panicky boy in front of you was of little interest compared to how you were currently feeling.

“I’m not letting you leave until you let me talk.”
“Fine, make it quick,” you reply back harshly, with your eyes shut, trying to cancel out the throbbing pain you felt.

Sehun let out a long shaky breath, before speaking, “I’ve liked you for a very long time _____, but I couldn’t act on it because there’s a no dating policy in our company.”

You still weren’t buying it. After everything that he had done to you, you deserved to be suspicion. But, you remained quiet as he spoke.

“So, everything that I have ever done to you, was all just to try to distance myself away from you. I didn’t know that it affected you that much, if I had known sooner, I would’ve stopped.” Sehun looked worried, his eyes kept on looking away from yours, and every second he would scratch the back of his head.

“Well, thanks for telling me, but I really don’t care.” That was a lie. You did care, but you didn’t want him to know. You still felt some sort of resentment towards him, and you weren’t sure if it was going to magically disappear with just a weak confession.

You reached for the doorknob, but you felt your body being pulled away, and instead enveloped inside of a hug. Sehun’s wet hair touched the side of your cheek as he held onto you. You could feel his erratic heartbeat, even his fingers were trembling around your shoulders.

“Please, forgive me, I’m so sorry,” Sehun began to profusely apologize to you, his words shaky. You weren’t sure if he was just extremely scared, or on the verge of tears.

You could smell soft lavender around his neck, the sudden scent brought back fresh tears. How long was it since you had hugged someone? Far too long. You had been away from home for a couple of months and you thought you had adjusted to living alone, but it was clear you weren’t.  

All you wanted to do at this exact moment, was to be here in his arms. Forget everything that had happened earlier, and just stay here. Even if this warmth was only temporary, you felt like all of the weight was being lifted off of your shoulders. You didn’t even care about the fact that he was trembling like a mouse, you still felt safe beneath his arms.


It had been a couple weeks after the so-called “fainting” incident. Nothing more happened besides that hug that night. You had called Yeri to come pick you up, and you felt incredibly thankful that she didn’t have a curious personality. You weren’t sure where you and Sehun stood now. Did he want you to be his girlfriend? Were you guys enemies? Friends?

After that night, your head cleared up and you came to your senses. You couldn’t quit, despite what your lunatic self said the night before. However, you realized that Sehun didn’t show up for work the next morning. Or the day after. Then after a full week, it was clear that he had quit altogether. His desk was cleared out, and it was like he didn’t exist in the first place. At first, you were relieved, but then afterwards you started to feel conflicted. That rainy night wasn’t nothing, it still held some sort of value to you.

The craziest things started to happen the following week. It first began with you receiving white tulips on your desk. In the beginning, you assumed that it was just a mistake. There was no sender’s note or any indication of who gave them to you. Things started to take a spin, as you received a fresh new bouquet every single day. The office ladies were clearly jealous, you were the star of their gossiping news every morning, with them trying to rule out who sent them to you. Third week, you didn’t get a bouquet on your desk and you were slightly relieved that they had stopped coming. You were running out of places to put them. But instead of on your desk in the early morning, you received them through the arms of a slender boy in the late of night. Sehun would stand outside the front entrance with white tulips, as you made your way out to go home. He didn’t miss a day, even on the nights that you had to stay later than usual, you were sure that he would’ve went home. Except that he still stood there, with an undeterred persistence. In some way, this was his way of apologizing, and perhaps trying to show you that he wasn’t a bad person. And in some other crazy way, you started to feel something for him. At first it was small, like a tiny bud. Then you realized that you actually looked forward to when you got off of work, more than usual. You became excited to see him, waiting out there for you. It was also an added plus to see the jealous faces of the girls who noticed his dedication towards you.

Then, on that faithful Friday night, things took a turn.

You were heading down your stairs, your footsteps faster than usual. You weren’t going to deny the fact that you were ecstatic to see him. Although you were a bit worried as you were later than usual, late enough for all the other employees to have left before you. But you were positive that he would still be out there, he always was. You were practically bouncing from toe to toe, as you made your way down to the glass doors. As you neared, you noticed that his familiar stature wasn’t present. There was no giant bouquet of flowers near by either. You felt a frown start to appear on your face, you couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Then you came to the conclusion that he probably waited for you but left because you took too long. Yeah, that’s probably why.

With a final sigh, and adjusting of your bag, you started to walk out until you felt someone tap your shoulder. You turned and audibly gasped at the sight of a silver couple ring.

“_____, I know no one does this anymore, but will you be my girlfriend?” Sehun asked in a sincere voice, his fingers were visibly shaking as he lightly held onto the little piece of jewelry.

You stood there, completely baffled, your voice seemed to have completely vanished as you witnessed this tall boy standing in front of you. He had even gelled his hair, the night lights reflected off of his slicked locks.

Sehun must’ve noticed your hesitation and still figure, he stood there with you for a couple of seconds before getting on one knee.

“Wait what are you doing?” You say out loud, your voice finding it’s way back in pure confusion.

“____, will you marry-“

You didn’t waste a single second to swipe the ring from his nimble fingers and place it onto your own. “Okay okay, I’ll be your girlfriend!”

Sehun merely laughed at the sudden outburst of action from you, and got up.

“Is now a good time to say that this ring was cheaper than all of the flowers?”



Idk if this is even an AU but well… have some BTS bad boys!
(I’m sorry the ending sucks )

-> pt 2 / pt.3 / pt.4 / pt.5 / pt.6

WARNING! This scenarios includes violence

It was a dark and rainy day.You ran trough the wet asphalt, gasping for air.Your legs hurt from running to long, but you just couldn’t stop. 

Not now. 

You heard your chasers still following you. You knew that you should do something or else they will catch you. 

You run into a small alley and leaned against the cold wall. 

“Find her!” 

Footsteps came closer to you.
Quietly you tried to get away but as you were about to leave, your jacket got stuck on a nail. As you tried to get free, you cut yourself on it and coused to hiss. 

Suddenly someone grabbed you and put his hand over your mouth. He screamed as you bit his hand and that was your chance to escape. 

You ran again not looking back and found a steel ladder. You quickly jumped up at them and climbed up on top of the building. 

You were out of breath and collapsed with your hand on the floor. 

 “God please” you said under your breath “don’t let them find me” 

Suddenly someone grabbed you from behind and put a fabric on you mouth.

“Get her in the van”

 The last thing you saw was that someone pulled you a bag over your head.

 You woke up with pain in your head. 

 “Where am I?” You asked yourself as you realised that you were tied on a chair. 

“Yo, she is awake” a man’s voice said. 

You looked up and saw a guy coming to you.

“Good morning” a guy with blonde hair smiled at you. 

You just glares at him. 

 “You should at least greet me back” his smiled disappeared and he stepped back from you. 

“Untie me!!” You yelled. 

He shook your head. “What about the magical word?” 

 “Fuck you” 

 “Can you repeat it?”

“LET ME GO YOU FUCKING-” He grabbed your hair and pulled you closer to his face. “You should better watch out what you say” 

“Yoongi stop it. We need her” another guy with darker hair said. 

Yoongi glared at you and let go of your hair. 

You looked at your kidnappers. They were about 7 boys and most of them looked at you from afar. You glared at them and tried to untie your hands.

“Taehyung could you please hurry up?” A guy yelled at another boy, who was busy searching something inside your bag. 

“Hey! What do you think you are doing!?” You yelled as he took out everything.

“Namjoon, I think I found something” Taehyung said and threw him a CD. Namjoon looked at it closer and smiled. 

“What is this!? That is not mine!” 

“Jimin please make her shut up” Namjoon said annoyed. 

“What!? NO!” You looked shocked at the guy that put a tape over your mouth.

“Why don’t we just kill her?” Yoongi asked. 

“We still need her for the code” Namjoon explained and looked at you. You looked confused at them. 

“Hoseok, Jungkook and Taehyung you are coming with me” he made a gesture to follow him out of the room. 

“I’m going to take a nap you fuckers take care of her” Yoongi said and laid down on a bench. 

You sighed and looked down on your legs, that were full with scares. 



 “Should we give her something to eat?” Jimin asked. 


 You look up. 

“Are you hungry?” Seokjin asked. 

You nodded carefully.

He got up and came back after a minute with two sandwiches.

“Here” he said and put it on your lap. You looked at him and rolled your eyes. 

“Oh yeah your mouth” he said and removed the tape. 

“You do know that I need hands to eat” 

Seokjin looked over at Jimin and the nodded.
“Good” he said and removed the rope from your hands. 

You waited until he turned his back to you and quickly tried to undo the knot on your feet.
You smiled as the rope loosed around you and quickly teared them off of you.

“Hey!!” Yoongi yelled as he noticed what you are doing.  

You ran out the room while they were following you. 

You found the exit and as you were about to open the huge door someone grabbed you and pushed you against the wall.You tried everything to get out of his grip, but he was too strong.

“Thought so huh?” Yoongi said as he pushed you back to the room.

He let you fall on the hard ground. 

“Get me the ropes” he yelled to the boys. 

“Ow!!” You cried as he tied you much tighter then before.

“Shut up!” Yoongi yelled again and pulled a knife out. You were about to scream as you felt the cold metal on your throat. 

“Hyung don’t!” Jimin yelled. 

Suddenly Hoseok knocked him off and the knife dropped on the floor.

“Yoongi get some self control” Namjoon said and looked at the guys still fighting.

Jungkook put a PC in front of you. The screen was blue and asked for a password.

“Type it in and you won’t get hurt” You looked confused at him.

“Are you deaf? Type it in!” Namjoon yelled..

“I don’t even know what the fuck this even is!!”


“What do you want to do now!?!” You yelled as Jimin came to you with some needles.

“I’m sorry” he whispered as he pushed one into your skin.

You screamed in pain. 

“Can you remember it now?” Namjoon asked.

“I have never seen this in my whole life! Please! I don’t know anything about this!” You yelled while tears rolled down your face.

Namjoon nodded and Jimin was about to put another one in your arm.

“Please believe me!!”

“Hyung, i really think she doesn’t know anything” Taaehyung said.

“Why do you think like this?”

“Look” he brought a card to him.

“Her name does not match at all. She is not Professors daughter.” He explained.

Namjoon proved it himself and nodded.

“Well fuck it guys, we made a mistake” he said and opened a drawer. “Yoongi, you can have fun with her” he pulled out a gun.

“Please just let me go! I won’t tell anyone!!” You yelled in panic.

“Who will believe you?” He smirked as he set the gun at you.

“Jungkook!” Jimin yelled and Jungkook kicked the gun out of Yoongi’s hand. 

Jimin untied you and grabbed your hand to run away.

You saw that Namjoon got another gun and shot in your direction.

“Taehyung!” You yelled, as you saw him jumping in front of you.

You didn’t stop running until you where out.

Police cars where already outside the building. Several people getting out with guns in their hands.

“Jimin!” you yelled as an police officer teared him away from you.

“Don’t worry.” He smiled as he pushed him against a wall.

You stood there in shock.

“Leave already!” he yelled.

You noticed that other officers got in the building and gun shots were the last thing heard.

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7 and Poe?

“Why are there so many heart doodles with my  name in your notebook?

Your notebook. That thing was your prized possessions. It contained journal entries, photos, pressed flowers and leaves, doodles, and your deepest darkest secret: your crush on Poe Dameron.

Like every species that had eyes and a brain, you found Poe to be attractive, smart, funny, charming, and an all around great guy. The only problem? He was your best friend. 

Yes, yes. How cliche. Falling for your best friend, but you couldn’t help it! The heart wants what the heart wants. 

Speaking of hearts that’s what you were currently doodling in your notebook. Over and over again on front and back of a page had a hearts that read Poe Dameron in the middle. Force, what was wrong with you? You were acting a bit too childlike for your liking. But you were bored. General Leia was having a private meeting so she didn’t need you. Poe was in that private meeting. So you were sitting in the cantina.

“UUUGGHH!” You say out loud. Snap Wexley looks at you curiously.

“You alright there, Y/N?”

“No! I’m so bored!”

Snap chuckled, “Well, I’m going to the hangar. You can come, if you want.”

“Yes! Anything is better than sitting here!” You quickly gathered your things and put them inside your bag. What you didn’t know what that you dropped your notebook. 

Poe and the others at the meeting were dismissed. He checked to see if you were still in the cantina. No one was there, but he did notice something on the ground. When he went over and picked it up, he realized that it was your notebook. He usually wasn’t able to look at it because you were very protective of it. But since you weren’t there…

“Aw come on!” You rummaged through your bag looking for your notebook. The sky was looking beautiful and you wanted to quickly sketch it, but you couldn’t find your notebook.

“Can’t find your notebook?” Snap asked.

You sighed, “Nope. Probably left it in the cantina. I’ll be back.” You ran hoping that someone didn’t find it.

Poe stood there flipping through the pages. He was in awe. This notebook was really something. He didn’t realize how artistic and thoughtful you were. Poe was so engrossed in your notebook that he didn’t realize you entered the cantina. He then flipped to the last page that you were on. He looked upon the many hearts with his name on them. He smiled.

As soon as you saw Poe holding your notebook you felt like all of the blood was drained from your body. You immediately rushed up to him and grabbed it.

“Hey!” Poe exclaimed.

“Hey is right! This is my notebook and you know not to go snooping through it.”

Poe was smirking at you, “Y/N, why are there so many heart doodles with my  name in your notebook?Dammit.

You felt your cheeks warm up, “I-I uh..that’s none of your business!” You began to walk away and Poe followed you.

“Aw, Y/N! Why didn’t you tell me you had a crush on me?” He was teasing you. The bastard.

You turned around and punched his arm, “Shut up!”

“Ow! Jeez, you got one heck of an arm.” He rubbed where you punched him. He realized how upset you were, “Y/N, I’m only teasing. I like you too.”

“This isn’t funny, Poe. Stop joking around.”

“Well, my feelings for you aren’t a joke sooo..” He shrugged

You looked at him and arched an eyebrow, “Oh really? Prove it.”

Poe smirked, “Gladly.” He then pulled you towards him and kissed you on the mouth. 

When you pulled apart, you two were panting. You smiled at him, “Okay, I believe you.”

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Don’t Forget (I)

Summary: You want to pursue music, but your father has other plans for you. Sunghwa feels hatred for the adults who can’t understand him. The both of you need a place to be free and you found that with each other. You’re A and he’s S. But you’re just kids, and when the adults interfere to break your bond apart, you either need luck or patience for the two of you to meet again.

Part I

Originally posted by grayground

You’re tapping your feet in the rhythm of the song you’re listening through your headphones while your head bobbed in subtle motions. This was how you spent the minutes waiting for him to arrive—sitting outside of a convenience store far from your houses and listening to this song you dedicated for him.

A cold wind gushed past you and you shivered at its touch, making you press your right foot on the rough cement to a stop. The fluorescent above you flickered a couple of times and you pushed the headphone off your left ear just in time to catch it buzz before it stays alive again.

You raised your arm to read the time on your wrist watch—8:27 P.M. He should be here any minute now, you thought.

Just then you heard the wheels of a bike skid to a stop. You lifted your eyes to the meet the boy getting off his bike, the buttons of his white uniform were undone to show the navy blue shirt he’s wearing underneath.

He came out of the dark with a handsome smile on his face. Like the song you only listened to when you waited for him, the smile he showed you was only meant for your eyes. He always smiled, but this one was, it was only for you. It’s true and uninhibited; without pretence. And it’s the first rule of your friendship.

We’re free to be true to ourselves.

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Kings and queens.

Summary: You get injured on a run but Daryl saved you and admits his feelings.
Warnings: Swearing, violence, fluff.

You sat in the car with Daryl and you couldn’t help but glance at him every 5 seconds. You thought he was ridiculously handsome and your eyes were just drawn to him. He didn’t make it obvious but he could feel your eyes on him, it made him nervous. He didn’t know what was going through your mind, what if you were judging him? He wanted to impress you but he didn’t know how so he just kept his eyes on the road and pretended to be oblivious to the eyes burning into him. You met Daryl and the group at the prison but you were never close to Daryl, now in Alexandria you’d like to say you could call him a good friend, even though you wanted more. You pulled up outside the pharmacy and got prepared.

“Ya ready?” He asked as he stood at the door. You nodded and he banged on the glass to alert any walkers inside, there were only 3 so it didn’t take long to take care of them. You went inside and started to take what you needed, stuffing it into your bag. You picked up a few boxes of condoms and Daryl raised his eyebrow at you.
“Somethin’ yer not tellin’ me?” He smirked and playfully nudged your shoulder.
“I wish! They’re for Rick and Michonne. We aren’t all lucky enough to be getting some in the apocalypse.” You chuckled as you continued to put supplies in the bag. He shook his head and laughed at you.
“I’m gonna take these to the car.” You smiled at him as you left the pharmacy, he replied in typical Daryl style with a grunt and nod. You put your bag in the back seat when you suddenly felt someone roughly grab a fist full of hair, yanking your head back, you felt the cool metal of a blade being pushed to your throat.

“Make a noise and your dead.” You heard a deep voice behind you. You whimpered slightly from the fear and also pain of your hair being pulled so hard. Your heart started hammering in your chest and tears started to slide down your cheeks, you didn’t know what to do.
“Lets wait for your friend shall we?” The asshole smirked as he moved you so you were both facing the pharmacy door, next to the car. Daryl walked out casually and when he saw you he stopped in his tracks, suddenly aiming the bow at the man. He saw your lip tremble and he could see how scared you were, it made him feel sick.
“Let her go!” Daryl roared, the anger in his voice was like fire but it also held panic at the thought of you being murdered by this prick. The guy just laughed at him and pulled your hair tighter whilst pushing the blade harder on your throat, causing a small trickle of blood. You couldn’t help it and you let out a choked sob, your whole body was shaking. Daryl was panicking, his eyes darting from you to the man. There was no way he could get a clear shot of him without hitting you, so he slowly took his backpack off.

“Let her go first.” He demanded, his eyes held such ferociousness you were surprised that laser beams didn’t start shooting out of them. He was trembling slightly, just about keeping it together. His jaw was clenched tightly and his breathing was ragged, he wanted nothing more than to jump on this guy and beat the holy hell out of him for just breathing the same air as you, but he couldn’t.
“And how will I know you won’t shoot me?” He sneered, yanking your head for dramatic effect and making you yelp. Daryl didn’t like it one bit but he didn’t know what else to do, so he threw the bag to the man.
“Alright. I’m taking the car.” He laughed, he used you as a human shield as he got in the car, then just before letting you go, he stabbed you in the side as a distraction so he could drive away without being followed. You cried out as the blade pierced your flesh, the pain was horrific.

“Y/n!” Daryl yelled as he ran to you as the car sped off. You collapsed on the floor shaking, clutching your wound. Daryl grabbed a rag from his pocket and pushed it onto your wound, you could see his hands trembling.
“We gotta get ya back alright? Im gon’ have to carry ya cos we gotta walk.” He soothed, his voice cracking slightly. Your eyes started to close, your body felt weak, you were losing blood fast.
“No, no, no! Y/n! Ya gotta stay awake darlin’, please?” He cried as he grabbed your face to get you to look at him. He was struggling to contain his tears as the realisation of possibly losing you hit him hard. He couldn’t lose you, not now, he needed you.
“I’m…so tired Daryl.” You whispered as you struggled to stay conscious.
“I know sweetheart but ya gotta fight it ok? I need ya to stay with me.” He said softly as he ripped a piece off your shirt and tied it around you to hold the rag in place.
“Am I…am I gonna die?” You asked sadly as your lip trembled slightly.
“Nah, not a chance y/n. Ya ain’t goin’ nowhere ya hear? I’m gon’ lift ya now darlin’ and its gon’ hurt like a bitch, but we need to get ya back.” You cried out as he lifted you, the pain getting worse. You couldn’t control the small sobs as the pain took over and you cried into Daryls warm chest.
“I’m sorry sweetheart, I know it hurts.” He said with a shaky voice. He couldn’t run without causing you too much pain so he sped walked as fast as he could. He tried to stay calm but inside he was freaking out, the chance of you dying was very real and it was killing him.
“Just leave me Daryl, I’m not gonna make it.” You whispered. You were getting weaker by the second and it was getting harder to stay awake.
“No! Ya gon’ be fine! Stop sayin’ shit like that! We’re gon’ get back and get ya patched up, everythin’s gon’ be fine. I’m gon’ look after ya and treat ya like a fuckin’ queen cos ya deserve it. And ya ain’t goin’ outside those fuckin’ walls ever again.” He commanded as he looked down at you.
“A queen?” You asked amused, trying to ignore the pain.
“Yeah, a fuckin’ queen. Yer amazin’ y/n, I love everythin’ about ya, from the hair on yer pretty head, down to yer soft lil toes. I ain’t ever felt like this before, I didn’t even know what the fuck was goin’ on at first. The things ya make me feel, ya only have to smile and my insides turn to mush. Ya makin’ me soft woman. Ya deserve the world…fuck, ya deserve more. And I ain’t got nothin’ to offer ya, so I never said anythin’, but fuck it. I’m in love with ya y/n, and ya ain’t gon’ die cos I won’t let it happen.” He admitted sternly, avoiding your gaze in fear of rejection. You were silent for a moment, taking in what he had said, the pain in your side suddenly not as bad. Daryl glanced down at you, silently freaking out that he said too much.
“You…You love me?” You asked in disbelief with a slight smile on your face.

“Yeah, every lil bit of ya.” He chuckled slightly.
“I love you too Daryl. I honestly didn’t think you felt the same.” You admitted shyly.
“I’d be a fool not to.” He smiled looking at you, your words had lifted him greatly. You loved him, he was actually lucky enough to have someone as amazing as you that loved him. All the years of being made to feel worthless and unlovable were erased in an instant at your words. You groaned in pain as it started to hurt more again just as you got to the gates of Alexandria. Your eyes started to close again and you couldn’t control it.
“Wake up sweetheart, ‘member what I said, ya gotta stay awake!” He panicked as he looked at you, but his words fell on deaf ears as your eyes rolled to the back of your head and the world went black.

Your eyes fluttered open and adjusted to the light, you soon realised you weren’t dead because your side was hurting like a bitch. You looked to your side and saw Daryl sleeping in the chair, you were in the infirmary. You’d been patched up and had no idea how long you had been out. You tried to sit up and moaned in pain as you did, the stitches were pulling. Daryls eyes shot open and he flew towards you.
“Thank fuck yer awake!” He cried as he sat on the bed and grabbed your hand, clutching it like his life depended on it.
“How long was I out?” You asked as you tiredly rubbed your eyes. He smiled at you, thinking you looked adorable.
“Just one day, but I was startin’ to worry I wasn’t gon’ see those pretty eyes again darlin’.” He admitted as he stroked small circles into the palm of your hand. You smiled at his words and blushed as you remembered his confession on the way back. You bit your lip and with your free and hand you cupped his cheek, stroking it lovingly with your thumb. He sighed contently and leant into your soft hand, the feel of your skin setting his ablaze.

“Come here.” You smiled, trying to pull him closer. He leant in and his lips caressed yours in tender but loving kiss. You could feel his raw emotion in the kiss, the love, the pain from nearly losing you, it was all there. You broke apart and he rested his head on yours as you both smiled at each other like a pair of love struck teenagers.
“I love ya Queen y/n. ” He smirked, making you chuckle.
“I love you too King Daryl.” You smiled as he laced his fingers with yours.
You couldn’t help but be a little grateful at the fact you got stabbed because you knew that Daryl probably wouldn’t have revealed his feelings otherwise. As you stared into his beautiful blue eyes you felt excited for the future. For the first time in a while, you finally felt hope.