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I’m A Gambling Man Part 13

Beginning: I’m A Gambling Man Part 1

Warning: Cussing. Violence. Blood. Death.

I’m A Gambling Man Part 13

Chapter 28

“Don’t you know how to work a bloody GPS you twit?!” Owen yelled at Negan as they drove down the road that they saw Kevin’s car and two others went. 

“Hey! Be fucken grateful I’m not giving you fucken shit for having GPS tracker on doll’s cell stalker!” Negan yelled back as he started pulling up Nina’s location. “Which I will fucken tell her when we find her!”

“We won’t find her if you don’t get that bloody GPS working!” Owen yelled back as the GPS started beeping letting them know it found Nina’s location. “Where is she?!”

“Take a right up here!” Negan yelled as Owen did a sharp turn to the right. “They’re right there! They’re right there!”

“Yes I can see that!” Owen said as he started speeding up to catch up to Kevin’s car. Then the other two cars following Kevin’s cut him off. “Fuck!”

“Let me fucken drive!” Negan yelled.

“I’m not going to pull over in a high speed chase wanker!” Owen yelled as he grabbed the radio. “On me now!”

“Hope you got a fucken plan.” Negan said, looking over at Owen.

“There’s something you got to know about me Negan” Owen said, looking over at him, smirking. “I’m always got a plan mate, always.”

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