what's his animal gonna be i wonder

Dogs are the literal best and let me tell you why.

When my parents are out of town, my pup Remmy sleeps downstairs with me. I don’t mind because the basement is chilly sometimes and he’s a fuzzy little space heater. But he always does this weird thing and I didn’t figure out why until last night.

I’m a stomach-sleeper, while the rest of my family are back-sleepers. So Remmy has taken up this very different behavior with me (my family says he doesn’t do it with them). It always takes me a while to settle down, but when I do, Remmy takes his head off of his paws and rests it square in the center of my back.

So I’m thinking, “What’s the point of that? It can’t be comfortable. It cranes his neck in a funny way, and besides, every time I breathe his head goes up and down. That’s a weird thing.” So I formulate a hypothesis, and test it.

Last night, I got comfortable, Remmy put his head on my back, I waited a while, then I held my breath. It took him a while to react, but when he did, he fuckin lost it. He started whining and yipping, and repeatedly licking my face and hands. And I was like oh my god.

Conclusion: my dog noticed that I slept in a way that was different from the rest of my family, thought “that kid is gonna die” and made sure that I never stopped breathing in the middle of the night.

Dogs are fuckin smart as hell. What a wonderful animal.

This Is Love: Part Two

Summary: Being Bucky’s PA wasn’t easy and you respond to his grumpy attitude with your own. The two of you have never gotten on, forced to stay working with him because your Uncle Tony insists you have a job.

Word Count: 2100

Warnings: swearing, broken bones, Steve being a gossipy bitch  

A/N: this is terrible. I have had the worst writer’s block and just want to get it up so I can move on with the story.

Part One

Waking up the next morning you were exhausted. Thanks to Bucky you had gotten very little sleep but, preparing yourself for the day you said to yourself that you wouldn’t let the lack of sleep affect your mood. Bounding up to the door of the common area in a vividly coloured playsuit you stop when you hear Steve talking to what you assume are members of the team just back from the mission and are about to turn away for fear of interrupting when you hear what Steve is saying and it definitely doesn’t sound mission related.

‘And then she just took him by the hand and fixed it all up. They didn’t even yell at each other! And you should’ve seen how Bucky was looking at her it was like he was madly in love with her’ the rest of the team are oohing and ahhing and you’re sure you hear Sam say how cute it was. Shit, you think, you wanted to forget about last night and the whole you called Bucky Bucky thing which thank the lord Steve wasn’t around to hear. You burst in, a deep set frown on your face and growl when you see the entire team, bar Bucky, assembled around Steve listening to the story. You’re all prepared to start one of your famous screaming matches with Steve when a loud roar sounds from somewhere upstairs. Sam starts laughing and everyone else looks at each other, all confused and slightly concerned.

‘I got him a little present’ gasps Sam, wiping tears from his eyes. You all groan in unison. ‘No, no, no, it’s a nice present. I got him a service dog. You know to help him recover’. He looks around and you’re the first to break the silence.

‘Ok what breed? Boy or girl? Oh my god have you named it? What’s its name?’ You fire questions at Sam, excitement bubbling up inside of you.

‘He’s an Australian Shepherd puppy. No I haven’t named him I thought Bucky could, you know to help him feel closer to it’ Sam replies, not phased by your interrogation. At this Bucky bursts in, his nostrils flared and his chest heaving as he holds the struggling puppy by the scruff of its neck. Your first thought is how beautiful it is, its grey brown fur shining and crystal blue eyes looking around at its new surroundings. Your second is how uncomfortable the poor animal looks so you rush over to a furious looking Bucky and take it in your own arms and cradling it until it calms down.

‘You don’t hold a puppy like that, idiot man’ you yell slapping Bucky’s arm, to which a new flame of anger ignites in his eyes.

‘What is this? Some kind of practical joke? What did you think, it was gonna jump out and rip my face off?’ he screams back. You half turn your back to him to shield the puppy from him.  

‘Well with a bit of training there might be hope yet’ you retort turning your attention to the puppy. You hear Steve mutter ‘well that was short lived’ but you ignore him, kissing the puppy on his head and rubbing its ears while you praise it repeatedly.

‘Actually Bucky I got you it. He’s your service dog. Although not anymore probably’ Sam explains looking over at you and the puppy settled into one of the couches as it leaps around you wagging its tail and making your sing song laugh echo through the common area. Your captivation with it means you miss the remorseful look in Bucky’s eyes as he watches you, almost envious of the dog and its ability to capture your heart in mere seconds when you could hardly stand to be in his company for that long.

You play with the puppy almost all day until Sam walks through and sighs. ‘What?’ you inquire looking briefly away from the dog.

‘Its Bucky’s service dog (Y/N). Bucky’s. Not yours’.

‘Urgh you’re such a spoilsport. He’ll never love him the way I do’ you announce dramatically before scooping him up to take him to Bucky.

‘He’ll be in the gym’ Sam shouts after you and you respond by sticking a thumb up to him.

The gym was a place you tried to avoid. No only was it a place purely dedicated to exercise, which in itself makes it the equivalent to your hell on Earth, but it was the place superheroes and spies trained. It was the intense gym in the world and therefore your least favourite place in the world. You push the doors open and are hit by the smell of sweat and the sound of two men grunting. This was very foreign to you, the only other time you entered this room was on your very first day on your guided tour. When you round the corner, still clutching the dog to your chest you see Bucky and Steve sparring on a mat and your eyes widen to take in more of the glorious image in front of you. They look like two perfectly sculpted gods, breathing heavily with exertion as they engage in hand to hand combat. Hot damn. You even blush when you focus on Bucky, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration, sweat sticking loose strands of hair to his forehead and the waistband of his sweatpants falling lower and lower. Ok you had to stop. This was Bucky we’re talking about, your arch enemy, you couldn’t think like this. You clear your throat and the two men stop fighting and turn to stare at you as you stride over to them, coming to a stop in front of Bucky. ‘Sam says I’ve got to give him to you’ you sigh regretfully, already missing the animal. ‘What’re you gonna call him?’ you ask out of curiosity. He shrugs.

‘Nothing probably’ he growls.

‘Nothing’s not a very good name for a dog’ you joke, smiling when you hear Steve crack up next to him. ‘Why the hell aren’t you gonna name him?’ you say seriously now, defending your new best friends honour. ‘He needs a name’.

‘I don’t care call him whatever’. You bite your lip to stop yourself making another joke about how whatever’s an even worse name.

‘How can you not care?’

‘How can you care?’ he counters cocking an eyebrow at you. Your mouth falls open in shock.

‘Look at him’ you say holding the puppy up. ‘He’s gorgeous and lovely and happy. Look at his beautiful fur and his fuzzy ears’ at this you pause to kiss each one. ‘His little tail. He’s so innocent and happy to see everyone how can you not love him? And his eyes so beautiful and blue, like steel’, you finish by nuzzling your nose into the soft coat and then looking up at Bucky. He has the same look in his eyes that he did last night. That look of awe, like you’re the only person in the room. And it’s not aimed at the dog. You swallow and look to Steve who’s grinning knowingly at Bucky. ‘And he’s yours’ you say holding him out for Bucky to take.

‘I’ve got another half an hour of training, can’t you look after it till then?’ he asks, surprisingly without stringing an insult along with it. You sigh and pull the dog closer to your chest.

‘Of course I’ll look after him because he’s adorable and perfection’ you say, cuddling him as you turn to Steve, who’s stepped aside to get a drink, to say bye. ‘You know if I’d known I’d get a view like this I would come to the gym more often’ you comment, looking Steve up and down causing him to choke on his water. At this Bucky physically snarls and your eyes flit to him, slightly shocked at the animalistic sound that just erupted from his chest.

‘Just go’ he murmurs in a low voice. You turn on your heels, not questioning the order but wondering what the hell’s gotten into him.

‘See ya James’ you yell as you leave.

You take the puppy to your room and when you place him on your bed he immediately starts rolling around and digging up your duvet and you laugh when you join in his little game. After about 20 minutes the dog curls up and falls asleep, exhausted after a long day of new sights and smells. Not having the heart to move him you sit next to your bed, your back to the door and rest your head on the duvet to watch him sleep. You smile as you take in his little tongue sticking out a bit, his tiny eyes scrunched up and his paws twitching slightly as he dreamt. Your hands are carded through his coat and are massaging his skin with a feather-light pressure. You’re so invested in watching the puppy sleep that you don’t hear the door open and close almost silently or Bucky entering having left training earlier than planned so he could shower before he saw you again. He stands in the doorway for some time watching you sat on the floor and wondering why you would give up your entire bed for some puppy that didn’t belong to you. You only turn when he clears his throat quietly to attract your attention and you look up at him smiling, the joy of playing with the puppy still present.

‘Hey’ you whisper, indicating to the sleeping animal.

‘Hey’ he echoes, walking around to the other side of your bed and mirroring your seated position. ‘I’ve decided what I’m gonna name him’ he whispers, pausing and looking up at you to gauge your reaction. ‘Steel’.

‘I love it’ you say. ‘It suits him’.

Already missing Steel you go to find Bucky, knowing that with one you’ll find the other and you begin to contemplate why Bucky has gone from hating the animal to loving it to bits in a matter of hours. Stopping in front of Bucky’s door, you raise a hand to knock but pause when you only hear Sam and Steve talking inside. Curious as to why they’re in Bucky’s room without Bucky, you press your ear to the door and still your breathing.

‘You don’t think he’s being like this because of the dog do you?’ you hear Sam question.

‘Maybe’ Steve replies doubtfully. ‘Or maybe his feelings for her are just getting too strong and he can’t hide them anymore’ he puts forward his idea to be met by Sam’s silence. ‘I wish he’d stop standing in the way of his own happiness and tell her how he damn feels’ Steve says, raising his voice a little in agitation. You frown, trying to figure out who this mystery girl was that Bucky, you assumed they were talking about Bucky, liked so much. You yelp in fright as something taps you on the shoulder and spin around, instinctively pushing our palm up into the assailant’s nose, hearing it crunch as it breaks.

‘Shit, (Y/N), what the hell?’ Bucky’s voice sobers you from your shock and your eyes widen. You ignore Steel who’s wagging his tail and jumping up your leg and focus on Bucky.

‘Ohmygod’ you gasp, ‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t know who you were oh shit please don’t get me fired. I just assaulted my boss god what’s wrong with me’. Your panicked rambling in cut short when Bucky, holding a metal finger up to silence you and two flesh ones to pinch the bridge of his nose, tells you to shut up.

‘Hey calm down, I get it it was an accident’ he says, trying to smile.

‘What that’s it?’ you ask in sheer disbelief.

‘Yeah I’m a super soldier, I heal fast. Don’t worry about it’.

‘No’ you say bluntly.


‘No’ you repeat. ‘You’re supposed to yell at me. Come on call me a bitch, tell me I’ll lose my job, threaten to hit me back twice as hard, come on!’ you yell.

‘I’m not gonna hit you (Y/N) don’t be ridiculous’ he says. ‘Now can you look after Steel for me while I go get this sorted?’ he asks, gesturing to his nose. You nod wordlessly, picking up the dog as you watch him walk away. For once you’re speechless, absolutely stunned to silence. You go back to your room and sit on your bed as if waiting to awake from a dream or be transported back from a weird parallel dimension. What is happening and where is asshole Bucky?

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anonymous asked:

What happened to you, why do you like the guy from One Direction?

i’m glad you asked anon, i will share my story with yall.

4 weeks ago i was minding my own bussiness trying to write my thesis and stuff when i’ve heard some strange noises coming from outside. i went out wearing nothing but my slippers and my pyjamas (because that’s how i roll, i know no shame) and i noticed an ice cream van parked outside my appartment block, on it i noticed painted some old dacian runes. weird, old-fashioned, pink floyd derivative music was playing. i couldn’t resist

“hello, do you have some traditional vanilla ice cream?” i asked

“we only serve satanic pistacchio and hail belzebub cherry” a seductive voice replied

I looked inside. the ice cream was wearing a purple velvet suit but that couldn’t disguise that his head was a giant tarantula-crocodile-bear all mashed together type of…thing.

“ok, how much do you want for two cherry scoops?” i investigated

“nothing, do you know how to suck dick?” the tarantula-croc-bear answered.

“yes” i replied

“ok, then it costs you nothing” and he handed me two scoops of cherry ice cream.

“i need a cone or something, i cant eat ice cream out of my hands like an animal” i cried

“we all gotta do what we gotta do” he pondered while reaching into his pocket to take out a small silver triangle. “the triangle’s the strongest shape” he continued.

i took the triangle and nodded, i was never good at geometry so i wasn’t gonna argue with him about that. even though i do love me some drama. 

anyway while i was busy licking the ice cream off my hands like a savage beast, the van disappeared into the night and i gasped ‘it was 7 am how the fuck is it night now” wondering about all the gaps and holes in my story. ‘this is worse continuity than game of thrones‘

anyway i come back home with my hands all sticky from the ice cream and i see that my friend has sent me a link to ‘harry styles carpool karaoke’ and i’m like ‘i’m gonna check this out cause i’m not an asshole who judges people just because they were in one direction’. then i watched harry styles live on james corden’s show and i decided that this dude seems like someone who can sing and would be cool to hang out with and he also got them dimples like me and i’m a narcissist asshole so yeah this is the story of how i got to like the guy from One Direction™.

🎉 I’ve just reached 500 followers 🎉

That’s amazing and yet so weird, because I never thought I would get so many beautiful people to enjoy my content!! I wanted to thank you all so much for helping me reach 500 and make me laugh and smile and cry and feel less lonely with the wonderful things I see on my dash every day. I’ve been feeling more and more accepted here, with the messages and support from my mutuals and everyone else!!!

Therefore, I’ve decided to celebrate something so cool with a little gift for you guys :D ~ as voted by you, I’m doing some “doodle requests” and by that I mean I’m gonna be drawing all of you lovely people!!!! I’m gonna try and create a character based on yourself and what you like (like pj did on his doodle’s videos).

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too young for you (z.h.)

request: Heyo!!! Could you do a Zach herron one where you’re 2 years younger than him and also his best friend. But he kinda only posts about you on social media. Then on a YouNow wth all the WDW boys they kinda hint that he likes reader and everyone ship them and just fluff. Thx!

a/n:hopefully you’ll like it xx

-my fans are shipping us-my friend Zach said me as we watched a new episode of Teen Wolf
-Why?- i wondered

So let’s go back to the start, my name is Y/N and I’m 14, i have a best friend who is 2 years older then me, his name is Zach, Zachary Dean Herron. He is cool and he is in a band “Why don’t we”, i think all of the guys in this band are super talented but for me, Zach is the most talented. I’m young but i think i like Zach, like he makes me feel like I’m in the magical world where’s no one but us. I knew he didn’t like me cause he always told me that he feels like I’m his little sister, it’s not bad cause he always helped me with everything and protected me. But one day everything changed, i was sitting on my couch scrolling through my twitter and id gotten a notification. It was Zach, he posted a tweet about how gorgeous i was and posted a pic of me, i didn’t know how to react cause he never did it, he told me i was cool,cute,but gorgeous…Never. i decided to reply to his tweet
-r u gud bro?
-Yeah, beautiful 😻
It was getting weirder and weirder so i decided to call him
-Hi Zach, what’s going on?- i said and my voice sounded weird
-What do you mean?-He was confused
-Your tweets, you’ve never called me gorgeous or beautiful, are you feeling okay?-I said and smiled to myself cause he did call me beautiful, a person who i like called me beautiful.
-Oh, i talk to you later- he hung up
Something was weird with this kid, i didn’t know what exactly but something was different.

I was laying on my bed and thinking about everything. I realised that he’d been acting really weird lately. He stopped coming over, he didn’t pick up me after school any more and he stopped text me every day, i didn’t know what happened but i wanted to know
-do you want to come over so we can watch movie - i texted him
-Wow,i thought you were gonna say that you can’t
-Why would i say it?
-I don’t know,maybe because youve been saying that you can’t for a week
-I was busy, you know that
-I do, okay I’ll be waiting for you and door will be open
-see you soon

I read his text and decided to check my Instagram. I saw a new story by Zach i opened it and it was a boomerang of him smiling and a title" I’m happy cause I finally will see my precious y/N, i missed this beautiful face💓" What?! He missed that beautiful face? What was he talking about? He made it look like we were a thing, i didn’t mind it though but he acted differently when he was around.

-Hey,Y/N-Zach said as he entered my room​
-Hi, Zach, so…You missed that face?-I said pointing at my face
-Maybe just a little bit-he laughed and hugged me but this time it was tighter-so, what are we gonna watch kid?-He asked and sat on my bed
-Im not kid and what about “Peter Pan”?-I asked excitedly
-Okay, ‘not kid’-he smiled and we started watching movie.
After an hour Zach picked his phone and took a picture of me laying on his lap with a stuffed animal that i was cuddling with.
-What are you doing?- i asked and turned to face him, god he was so handsome
-Im taking pictures of you-he said,he sounded calm
-Why?- i wondered
-Cause you look cute-he laughed and put his phone down on the bed.
I fell asleep on his lap during the movie

I woke up to an empty room, i took my phone and checked if there was any messages. 
-Im sorry sweetie,but i had to leave,we have an interview today and i didn’t want to wake you up so i decided not to do. I’ll see you tomorrow,okay?💞
-Okay Zach, but stop calling me sweetie or beautiful or gorgeous,it doesn’t sound like you’re my friend.
He read and didn’t reply. I opened my Twitter app and saw a bunch of notifications. Most of them were about how young i was for Zach but then i saw why everyone was so active, it was Zach’s tweet “my cute sleeping beauty @/y/N ” and there was a picture that he took of me yesterday. I was confused, did he like me, or maybe he was just being nice to me as a friend. 

 A few days passed by and i was in my room doing nothing. Then i got a notification that Daniel Seavey is live on YouNow , i decided that i would watch it and i made a right decision.
 -Hi guys-Daniel said to all the viewers
-hello-Zach waved at the camera
-what’s up people?-Jack screamed 

They were answering questions,talking about music and singing.
-Where are Corbyn and Jonah? They are visiting Logan-Jack answered the question
-Oh, what’s going on between Y/N and Zach? Wait a second..-Daniel became quiet and i felt like my cheeks were getting red.
-Is it that Y/N that Zach is always talking about?- Jack grinned
-Oh shut up-Zach tried to cover Jack’s mouth​ with his hand
-That y/N that he’s been tweeting about?-Daniel laughed, Zach became red
- oh my god,guys stop it-Zach said and looked at the boys
-Why should we stop if you’re not stopping talking about her all of the time?-Jack and Daniel laughed they liked making Zack feel uncomfortable.
-Look at his lock screen, it’s y/N ’s photo-Daniel took Zach’s phone and showed it to camera, Zach tried to take it back but Jack held him back.
Then they started talking about something else and singing, Jonah and Corbyn joined them and soon live was ended.i was happy and shocked. He liked me, he talked about me, he had my photo as a lock screen. Did it really happen to me? Did he really like me, but why did he start acting weird so suddenly, maybe these feels made him acting so differently,i don’t know. I heard my phone ringing 

-hi,Y/N i hope you didnt watch this live-it was Zach
-no, i didnt, did i miss something important?-i lied. i didnt want to make everything akward 
-no, i..nevermind-he mumbled
-okay, do you have any plans for tonight?- i asked hoping he would come over
-actually no- he exclaimed
-great, what about me, pizza and new episode of teen wolf?- i asked
-it sounds perfect
-see you soon?
-see you soon.

I was waiting for Zach in my room and thinking about that live stream, did he really liked me? but maybe he didnt, maybe he liked me just as a friend.
-Hey-i heard  my favourite voice
-hi,Zachary- i smiled.

And we made it to the beggining of my story, me and Zach are laying in my bed watching teen wolf

-my fans are shipping us-my friend Zach said me as we watched a new episode of Teen Wolf
-Why?- i wondered
-i need to tell you something really important- he told me and i turned to face him 
-okay, im listening
-so..i dont even know where to start..okay im gonna just say it. Y/N i like you, a lot, not just like friend. You make me feel so special, you’re amazing, you alway make me happy.Remember when i was super busy and i didnt text you for almost a week?
-I missed you so much, i didnt know that i can miss you so much, i mean  you’re my friend and usually i dont miss my friends this much. and then i realised that you’re more than a friend for me. i like you,  thats why i  acted differently, im sorry-he looked down at his hands
-Zach look at me- he loked up at me- i like you too, a lot. i just thought that you think that im too young for you , you know?-now it was my turn to look down
-awww, too young, baby it doesnt matter as long as you are not 10 and im not 45-he laughed and hugged me 
-so, why do your fans ship us?- i asked, by this time my head was on his chest 
-oh, because of the livestream-he said
-do you mean that livestream where boys were teasing you - i looked at him 
-you told you didnt watch-he looked at me and tickled me
-leave me….stop-i screamed 
-do you want me to leave-he made offended look 
-noooo, staaaaaay- i whined 
-okay- he hugged me really tight- i wont leave you-he whispered in my ear-Y/N?
-will you be my grlfriend? 
-yes, i will- i smiled 

He hugged me, smiled and we started dacing. We both were happy, i didnt know how this kid could make me feel this way. This day was one of the best days in my life.

Cockles Live Flirting and grossness at JaxCon:

*Misha cleans his sweat with the collar of his t-shirt and then says he won’t make the same mistake as Jensen (adorable tum tum). Can’t talk without bringing up the bae 😆

*Misha was asked is he could be any other character who would he pick and he answered: The Impala. Don’t ask me to explain, please don’t…okay, if you insist. Apparently someone wants someone to ride him/Cas. I’m not saying it, I’m not…cockles/Destiel 😅

*JENSEN ASKED MISHA TO DO THE AWARD ACCEPTANCE VIDEO WITH HIM! No editing OMG OMG lol gross 😂🔫 So basically his Mish soothes his nerves and is a supportive BF.

*Jensen’s answer to the spirit animal question was that he would be a skunk and that he would spray Misha (😅 used a French accent). Who taught him how to French? *Wiggles eyebrows*

*Jensen jumped on Misha’s back whilst they were walking 🙈 And before that, the little shit tripped him and then smiled smugly. I wonder if someone is gonna get some punishment 😋

*So a fan asked what was j2’s funnest season to film. Jared’s answered it was the season he met his wife. THEN, Jensen said: the season I met Jared’s wife. BUT then shipper Jared said: ‘You mean the season you met Misha?’ 😂 And then added whispering into his ear: Taste the rainbow man. I’m like 😆 omg he’s the biggest cockles shipper.

*Jensen changed to gray jeans for his cockles photo ops (WHY? Why? I need to know. Though my naughty mind has provided that those ‘colorful pants’ he wore before may have gotten 'dirty’ somehow. Also lots of body contact and some hand holding in the pics (The Misha Reach strikes again)🔫

*Jensen and Mish late for their photo op, again… 😏

*Apparently more cockles grooming. Jensen picked misha’s teeth with his finger (pics of this would be fantastic) 🙈

*Once again giggling about a joke they only knew and the photo ops had to be stopped for a few minutes for them to gain their composure 😅

****So nothing new, just cockles being cockles and trying to kill us with their grossness****

Thanks to all who shared their experiences/photo ops. This weekend I lived vicariously through you; you did a good thing my friends 😘💕


Saw his own dimension burn

Misses home and can’t return

Says he’s happy, he’s a liar

Blame the arson for the fire

If he wants to shirk the blame

He’ll have to invoke my name

One way to absolve his crime

A different form, a different time

Welcome to a Bill Cipher ask blog that will chronicle Bill’s return to reality and his attempt at finally confronting his past and striving to find true peace and happiness. This is gonna be quite a ride.

Markiplier animated sentence starters

1. “Wonder what’s gonna happen now! I wonder what demon’s gonna pop out and go boogedy-boo!”

2. "I’m gonna call you Tiny Box Tim. You’re gonna come with me on an adventure, Tiny Box Tim.“

3. “I am the king of Five Nights at Freddy’s!”

4. “I’m like a wild animal when I get cornered. I’ll punch ya straight in the gabba.”

5.  “Hi. I’m gonna call you Bony. Do you want me to press B to blow?” 

6. “You do you, and I'll do me, and we won’t do each other… probably. That was a good poem right there.” 

7. "You guys need to take some relaxation therapy classes. Light some scented candles, take a nice herbal bath, smoke some weed, I don’t care, just do something, RELAX!”

8. "Where’s the blacksmith?” 

9. “Nothin’ like looping door sounds to get the atmosphere all settled in.”

10. “Hi ho, hi ho, off to mop blood I go.” 

11. “I have no idea what I’m getting myself into here, but it looks diabolical and I don’t like it at all.” 

12. “I’m gonna call you Smitty, and I’m gonna call you Buuurbugel.” 

13: “I’m looking for some dirt, have you seen some dirt? It’s about yea high, looks like dirt.”  

14: “Oh no! Where’d the heart go? Where’d the heart go? Where’s my heart? No! Where’d it go?” 

15. “I need to panic first. I need to all my panicking out of my system.”

16. “You’re a little low-rez, but I can see how you’d be creepy.” 

17. “Why are my legs so itchy all of the sudden? What is this game doing to me?”