what's hidden in snow

Swedish proverbs

Hålla låda (Hold a box) - Means to basically say a monologue, no input from the people you’re talking to. A teacher can say “Jag ska inte hålla låda”, which means that the teacher really doesn’t intend to be the one speaking throughout the lesson.

Allt är inte guld som glimmar (Everything isn’t gold that glimmers) - Means that just because something looks one way, it doesn’t mean that’s what it actually is.

Den som gapar efter mycket mister ofta hela stycket (He who grasps for a lot often loses everything) - Means that the one who is greedy and tries to get more instead of being satisfied with what he already got might lose what he had in the beginning.

Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder (There is no bad weather, only bad clothes) - The meaning is obvious, and it’s no wonder that this is a Swedish proverb - rain and snow is not uncommon here. We have no “snowdays”, and we go to school even if it’s -30 C (-22 F).

Det som göms i snö kommer fram i tö (What is hidden in snow appears when it thaws) - Means that something that is hidden will be uncovered again.

Ropa inte hej förrän du kommit över bäcken (Don’t shout hello until you’ve crossed the brook) - Means that you shouldn’t think you’ve won before you have, or you should announce something that you’re not yet sure about.

Finns det hjärterum finns det stjärterum (If there’s room in the heart there’s room for the arse) - Means that with a good attitude difficult things can be easier taken care of, or if you’re good friends you can crowd together.

Man saknar inte kon förrän båset är tomt (You don’t miss the cow until the booth is empty) - Means that you don’t realise there will be bad consequences until after you act. Or you don’t miss someone you’ve treated badly until they’ve left you.

Måla inte fan på väggen (Don’t paint the devil on the wall) - Means that you mustn’t presume the worst will happen, make things worse than they are.

Nära skjuter ingen hare (Close will not shoot the hare) - Means that almost succeeding is not succeeding - it will not put a hare steak on the table.

Skita i det blå skåpet (Shit in the blue locker) - Means to make a fool of yourself, or to go too far.

Smaken är som baken - delad (The taste is like the butt - split) - Means that not everyone shares the same opinions, or like the same things.

Nessian Anniversary Headcanon

 Nessian Anniversary Headcanon

Nesta spends the day walking along the Rainbow with her sisters and searching Velaris for the perfect dress to blow the socks off of the bat she calls mate and husband.

Cassian spends the day building with Rhys and Az, trying to make his “perfect anniversary gift” come to life.

Nesta and Cassian spend more time getting ready that than they would care to admit.

 Nesta in a navy gown that has a deep neckline and delicate lace sleeves, she wears no jewelry but her wedding rings. Her hair is elegantly pin above her head in a crown. She paints a sharp line of kohl on her eyelids, a slash of red on her plump lips, and finally a highlighter to further accentuate her high cheekbones.

Cassian wears an all black tux that he had tailor made for the occasian. He even shaves his trademark stubble and cuts his hair an inch.

When night comes the two link arms at the threshold of their apartment and head out into the night.

Cassian abruptly picks up Nesta and flies away into the mountains.

Nesta is the furthest thing from cool and collected, she begins screaming “ PUT ME DOWN YOU OVERGROWN BAT, PUT ME DOWN”, needless to say, he does not.

They land in a secluded pavilion in the frozen peaks of the mountain, yet it is not cold at all.

Within the pavilion is a dining table set for two, filled with spicy Illyrian delicacies that make Nesta’s mouth water.

As the walk closer to the pavilion Nesta realizes there is small building hidden in the snow.

“What is this”, Nesta exclaimed lacking her usual bite.

“You’ll find out soon enough sweetheart.”

Nesta rushes in, curiosity pushing her forward.

Nesta almost collapses when she sees that it is a library with all her favorite books, even the ones from the mortal lands she could no longer access.

The library is a tiny cottage, but still holds as many books as the House of Wind. It is made of old wood, but is sturdy. It smells of fresh paint, old paper, and a crackling fire. There are two plump chairs and a rug in front of a roaring fireplace that are all-too inviting.

She pours over each shelf examining every book. When she is done she notices a certain illyrian waiting in the doorway.

“How did you find this place.”

“I built it for you.”

With that she rushes over to kiss him, the food forgotten outside.

The first full G/T story I ever thought of before even knowing I was into G/T

I just remembered it for the first time after a long while lol.

Back then, I watched “Lord of the rings” a LOT and i generally loved fantasy worlds and epic journeys (I still do). So one day I thought: “Woaaah, wouldn’t it be amazing if a traveler from a magic/medieval world visited OUR world…. except they’d be super TINY???”
And so the fantasy began……

~magical transition~

A little traveler was on a quest; the shaman of his world a told him that he had to enter another world to retrieve a mysterious artifact known as a “Mirror” (mirrors didn’t exist in their world) for its magical powers.

And so the traveler passes a portal, and he finds himself in a blizzard! But really, it’s just a very snowy day… in our world.
He can barely see around him, and he has to fight against powerful wind! But he does his best to stay determined and carry on…

Slowly, he realizes that things are a little… off. The only trees he saw are ginormous, and a few times, he could have sworn he saw… giant windows in the sky?
He decided to approach one, and… found a wall, the biggest wall he could have imagined. Was it a house? Who could live there?

Sadly, it soon became clear to him he was not dressed for this weather: first he couldn’t feel his feet and hands, then his arms, then his body… he even injured himself trying to climb the wall… until suddenly, he fell over. He was so frozen, he couldn’t move anymore. He thought he was gonna die like this.

Meanwhile~ a human walked by. (since this story was my fantasy, this human was me of course, but you can imagine the human you like) It was hard to see, but something seemed to be hidden in the snow… they bent down to see what it was- at first, they thought it was an action figure some kid lost…

The problem was; the traveler was still a little conscious, and he saw a terrible, dark silhouette emerge from the whiteness of the blizzard, and loom over him! He tried to move or scream, but he’s too exhausted and weak…
When finally, a giant mitten approached him and touched him, he got terrified enough to move a little, making the giant silhouette speechless.
So the mitten carefully wrapped around him, and lifted him up, as the traveler gave up this fight, and lost consciousness.

The human hurried to take the small frozen traveler inside, heated a small hand towel, wrapped the little man in it, and set him near a small candle.
It took quite a while, but the small man slowly woke up, although he was still too ill and weak to move… and when the human entered the room, all he could do was mutter nonsense, and make a sad attempt to drag himself away from the giant.
The human then has no choice but to approach him slowly, and explain that they’re not going to hurt him, that they’re trying to help. And very slowly, the little man calms down, even if still trying to talk while the giant keeps telling them to rest…

It took many days for him to recover.
The giant brought him the healthiest and most appropriated food they could think of… For the first day, the traveler needed a little help, for he was in great pain. The human had to help him to eat.

As he got better and more independent, he
got to chat with the human to pass time, since he still couldn’t walk. They taught each other a lot about their worlds, and the human even proposed to give him the piece of mirror he was looking for!

And then the time came for him to stretch his legs, and the giant offered to hold his hand to help him with the first steps, which he happily accepted.
Which ended up into carrying him around, and taking him for a visit of their house- the tiny traveler became fascinated with TV and the computer.

But eventually they had to say goodbye, and the giant carried the little man back to his portal.

But he couldn’t shake off the feeling that he missed his giant friend…
So after thinking about this for a few days, he decided he’d visit them every summer.

I made this at like 1 AM forgive me
Tanizaki Character Song Translations

Even if Tanizaki’s song is vanilla, he’s Tanizaki! And of course, speaking of Tanizaki, it would just have to be my precious Mame-chan! I set out to translate this song a few days ago, but I only got off my ass now. I’m sorry he’s not RL Tanizaki at all…but Tanizaki!!! BunAru Tanizaki when ;;;

The song is not out (for download) yet, but the lyrics already are! IIRC the songs themselves should be up soon…

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The Battle is over. Thorin staggers away from Azog’s body, exhausted and in disbelief. He knows Dwalin and Kili carried Fili to safety - those injuries were grave, but not fatal. They’ll be alright. The elves took care of Bolg.

Ravenhill is silent. A fresh layer of snow covering the fallen bodies. Nothing stirs.

And Thorin cannot find Bilbo anywhere.

He limps down the mountain, his mind turning frantically. Maybe Bilbo retreated to a safer place. Maybe he was forced away.

But a darker voice whispers: what if he did not? What if he fell? What if his body still lies up there, hidden under snow and stone, far from home and utterly alone?

Even as Thorin greets his companions, the voice does not stop. As he catches sight of Bifur, Bofur and Bombur chasing down the remaining orcs, it asks what if Bilbo had been chased and slipped and fallen? Dori and Gloin are helping piling the orc corpses for burning, and the voice wonders just how easily a small hobbit body could be missed between the orcs, how easily he could be burned.

Ori exclaims as Thorin steps into the tent housing the injured and shouts for Oin while reaching out to dabble at a cut on Thorin’s forehead. Thorin holds still long enough to ask Oin for their burglar.

The healer grows silent, shakes his head. “Haven’t seen him, laddie,” he says, “But he’ll turn up, he’s a hardy one.”

After that Thorin cannot stay, despite Oin’s protests. He looks in on Fili - resting, with Kili asleep next to him. Dwalin gives him a sharp nod, and then Thorin leaves, wandering the camp almost aimlessly. Nori has no news to share, Balin and Dain need him to negotiate.

But Thorin’s heart aches - what cruel fate would have all of them live except their lucky number?

Time loses meaning, and he does not know where he wanders. Only when the sky brightens as the sun finally breaks through the clouds he looks up to see he has reached the edge of their makeshift camp. And ahead, on the crumbling old road, a familiar figure stands, gazing west.

Matted curls dance in the icy wind, but they have never shone brighter. New tears and dark spots decorate the fraying blue coat; Thorin’s heart skips a beat and he cannot stop the reverent, disbeliefing “Bilbo” that falls from his lips.

Bilbo turns.

His face glows in the pale sun, free from scratches and injuries, and Thorin finds himself dashing forward. Opening his arms to draw his burglar against him, hold him tight and never let go again -

His arms pass through empty air.

Bilbo smiles sadly, his eyes are shadowed. “I’m sorry,” he says, his fingers posed awkwardly over Thorin’s upper arm, forever unable to touch.

you know I’ve been thinking about yuri and the ice bear, particularly the scene where yuri hurts his leg and how ice bear has such a strong reaction.
Now even that ice ice bear was practical; large stranger in confined space hide, stranger tries to kill you run.
So then why would he go back and even try to help for something as simple as a hurt leg.
Then hit me ice bear and his family were wild bears living in the dangerous artic where they had to hunt and survive, and being hurt or wounded means that your can’t hunt and your pretty defenseless.
Well if we assume that hunters did kill ice bears mother (he was wearing a polar bear skin) look a what they used to hunt, bear traps hidden in the snow, bear traps that attach themselves to forarms and legs.
So what about if that’s why ice bear had such a strong reaction, he had seen his mother be weakened through a hurt limb that helped the hunters find and kill and thought the same would happen to yuri and it would be his fault since he was the one who caused it.

Missing Memories || Robin & Regina

         Fate has a strange way of coming to be, and could mean a great many things. The pinnacle of which is when two souls are plucked from the cosmos and set into motion. Sometimes they are destined to meet right away or not at all, and sometimes they pass by one another time and time again until something changes their course.

The Past
         The door to a tavern was all that stood between a woman who had suffered much and sought love, and a man who had resigned himself to a life of perpetual loneliness and danger. The door had opened and just as swiftly it shut.
~ ~
         A winged monkey dove from the canopy attacking Snow White and the Queen. It succeeded in grasping the queen by the arm attempting to fly off with her if not for Snow’s weight causing the creature to release its grip. It would have stood a chance against them as they attempted to get to their feet if not for the arrow that flew through the air piercing the creature in the shoulder. The archer appeared but a moment later offering his hand to help her to her feet.

         The bolt sailed through the air towards the figure only to have its momentum stopped short before being caught by a gloved hand. The archer offered his apologies and in a manner of speaking so did the queen. They appeared to be on the same quest so the archer offered to accompany her into the farm house in search of a trail that would lead them to the wicked witch.

The Present

         Thrice they had met over the course of their lives through one curse into the next yet it seemed that they were destined to part ways. They had come so close this time as they were irrevocably drawn to one another and had fallen in love. The bond between them began to solidify then was torn apart abruptly wrecking their happiness and sending them reeling away from one another again. Even so they would not remain parted for long….

         Robin had agreed to accompany Regina on a joint venture with Hook and Swan to seek out the Snow Queen. Each one sought answers to their own burning questions from the mysterious woman though they truly didn’t believe that she would be very forthcoming. At least three out of the four travelers was willing to use forceful persuasion should it come to that. The Snow Queen revealed herself to them and in this case the old adage be careful with what you seek was more than apt. She cast a spell over the lot of them to reveal truths long hidden in the form of a dream. What the Snow Queen’s motivations for doing so were unknown but for now all four lay crumpled upon the cold ground caught up in the spell, and the Snow Queen had once again vanished.

Picking up the missing pieces…

         The forest was no place for travelers. The rise in ambushes by thieves and assassins had risen as well as the encounters with more volatile creatures. Still it was a main passageway to the South and people must brave it or go several days out of their way to reach their destination. A black carriage slowly made its way down the path with half a dozen black knights in front and to the rear providing escort for the Queen. The journey itself had been uneventful for the people of the kingdom feared the queen and rightly so. Not all did however. 

         As the carriage passed through a particularly dense part of the forest a band of heavily armed outlaws descended upon the road taking on the knights. It wasn’t much of a contest as the poor men were all but swarmed and their were several magic wielders among those seeking to either kidnap or kill the queen. In all of the chaos of swords clashing, spells firing and the horses spooking a lone figure darted about the outskirts of the conflict searching for an opening. It came in the form of the horses handler being slain by an arrow while a particularly loud clap of thunderous noise that spooked the horses causing them to take off. 

         The man hidden in the woods raced alongside till he could spring from the forest and grasp onto the side of the carriage. “Milady!” He called out in warning as he attempted to pull the door having caught sight of the horses driving the carriage straight for a large enough rock that would surely split one of the front wheels and send the carriage into a violent tumble. He held on for dear life with one hand while stuffed the other into the cabin. “Take my hand!” He yelled with a grave sense of urgency.

MY man-candiest moments of 2013!!!

1- When Charlie Hunnam Brought this to Pacific Rim

And this…

2- When the world FINALLY knew about Idris Elba glorious existence

and because he knows it…

3- When Kit Harington show what was hidden underneath that Jon Snow costume

And it was GLORIOUS…

4-  When This Benedict Cumberbatch gif happened

And he was aware of the consequences…

5- When the new superman movie came out and Henry Cavill was in it

And us woman thank God for his HOTNESS…

6- When Tom Hiddleston went to the Comic-con 2013 like this

 And he didn’t even have to ask for it…

but we loved him even more

7- Ryan Gosling because he is Ryan Gosling

And because we all die a little when he said this in Gangster Squad…

8- When the world discovered Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott

And we immediately fell in love with him… 

9- When Joseph Gordon-Levitt showed off his guns for Don Jon

 And he was aware of what happened later…

10- When Darren Criss copied Tarzan but he freaking OWN IT!

and our ovaries exploited, because this look he gave us