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BTS - Reaction to Your Interactions With Kids

You were sitting at a restaurant, eating lunch with Jin when a couple with a baby sat at the table beside you. The baby kept making faces and waving at you so you did the same in return. Jin was quite amused seeing how excited you got over the baby trying to interact with you. When the mother started feeding the baby, Jin took it upon himself to suggest something. “What do you think about us having one?” A smile spread across your face and he reached over to take your hand in his.

As you were taking a stroll through a park with Yoongi, a little kid came up to you and gave you a flower. You gave them a small bow and said thank you. Yoongi could tell how happy that made you. He knew that you enjoyed kids and the smile on your face made him even more sure. “We could have a little person of our own to bring you flowers they pick up.” You glanced over at him, not thinking he was serious until you saw his expression. “Seriously Yoongs!! That would be amazing.” He pulled you close for a kiss and then you both watched the boy admiringly as he ran back to his family.

Your heart melted when you watched your friend’s toddler walk over to her and hug her tightly. They were over at your house for a get together and you had been in love with the little guy since he first waved at you and giggled. Hoseok had been standing across the room speaking with some of his friends and noticed how much you liked this kid. The little boy then walked over to you and raised his arms, suggesting that he wanted to sit with you. Your face lit up as your reached down and brought him onto your lap. Later, when you and Hoseok were in the kitchen alone preparing some food, he gave you a big hug. “So when should we have one of our own?” He turned his head to look at the toddler playing peek a boo with another one of your guests. You exclaimed in excitement and he kissed your forehead.  

Namjoon had dragged you out to the dancefloor at a wedding for a relative. Both of you were not the best at dancing, but you still tried your best. When one of your little distant cousins walked up and grabbed your hand to dance with you, you couldn’t refuse. Their little hand felt so tiny inside your own. Joon had taken their other hand and you were dancing in a small circle. Before they went back to sit with their parents they gave you both a kiss on the cheek and then they scampered off. “I think I want one,” you turned in surprise at your boyfriend’s words. He was smirking watching your cousin run into their parent’s embrace. “Alright babe. We will, but maybe wait a bit.” He nodded and wrapped his arms around you, swaying to the beat of the slow song that was now playing.

You had been asked to babysit by a close friend of yours. Jimin, who wanted to spend some time with you, tagged along. The baby was a little over a year old, still requiring diaper changes which you both participated in. Feeding her was quite a task which ended in food all over the high chair and herself. When it was finally time to go to sleep, you held her in your arms while Jimin softly sand some lullabies. You were both sitting on the couch, the sleeping girl resting her head on your shoulder when he looked over at you with a loving gaze. “Isn’t this nice Jagi?” You nodded and he moved to kiss your cheek and rub the baby’s head. “This could be us with our own little girl one day.”

Going to a store with Tae was always interesting. This time you randomly dragged him over to the baby section to freak out over the little clothes. Another woman was browsing in the same area with a newborn in the stroller. You couldn’t help but watch the baby as Tae threw an arm over your shoulder. “We will get there someday Jagiya. Then we can fawn over little clothes for our own baby.” You reached up to grab his hand that was hanging over your chest and he kissed your head.

Kookie wanted to take you out for ice cream on a warm summer day after he got done with practice. You were sharing a big sundae when you looked over and noticed a little boy who seemed to be enjoying his ice cream. There was a giant mess on his face, but he smiled widely, not caring one bit. Jungkook noticed that you had zoned out looking at the boy. “He is pretty cute huh?” You looked back over at Kookie who laughed. “He sure is,” you turned back to look at the boy one last time, his hands covered with his half-melted chocolate ice cream. “Someday we could bring our kids here for their first sundae.” Shocked that he even brought your own future kids up you gave a questioning expression. “Hey now, I didn’t mean immediately.” You gave a little smile just thinking about Kookie as a dad. He filled a spoon with ice cream and fed it to you, trying to take the amused look off your face.


Yellow is a Happy Colour

“Come to the wedding” Harry asked.

You hesitated, this was the love of your life asking you to go to a wedding that would ruin your life. It’s not like Harry didn’t love you, you were the love of his life as well, he’d just made some bad decisions, and being who he was he was trying to do the right thing.


You’d waited forever for him to come home, he’d texted you just hours before that he was on his way home and he needed to talk to you. Your heart pounded with anxiety over what he could possibly need to talk to you about.

The look on his face was grim as he entered the house. You drew up a breath, not wanting to start the conversation. Harry ran his hand through his hair and motioned for you to join him on the love seat. Sighing, you sat beside him, crossing your legs so that you wouldn’t be touching him.

“What did I do?”

The question surprised him, it even surprised you. You had not expected yourself to speak until he had spoken, but the anxiety was killing you and when you were dating someone like Harry there was a lot of anxiety when it came to talks.

“You didn’t do anything” He says grabbing your hand. He is trying to reassure you, but he looks so worried and so uncomfortable that you can’t help to think that maybe you did do something.

“You know that a few weekends ago was Kendall’s birthday” he starts.

You nod, you couldn’t attend her party because she didn’t like you and because you had an art convention for your university that day. Kendall’s party, more or less, was the reason why Harry hadn’t come home that weekend, but it did not explain why he hadn’t come home this weekend.

“I tried everything I could, I made sure it was true and it is” he begins.

Your eyes widen, you don’t know what he’s talking about, but Harry is beginning to cry.

“Harru, what are you talking about?” You ask. You only called him Harru when he needed a good laugh, it had started out as a typo, but now it was comedic with endearing undertones.

“She is pregnant” He says and at this point he gets up and runs upstairs.

You let him go, you need time to understand how this could have happened. Harry was the most kind, generous guy and you couldn’t see him cheating on purpose. As much as Kendall disliked you, you couldn’t really see her convincing Harry to cheat either.

You get up from the love seat and join Harry upstairs. You sit beside him and rub his back, just as you had any other time when he wasn’t feel quite himself.

“How did it happen?” you ask.

You whispered this, but he hears you and he pulls his head up from the pillow.

“I’ve been so tired from work lately, ya know?” Harry starts, sitting his head in your lap,“I thought, maybe if I had a few drinks before the party that I’d be able to stay awake through the whole thing, but there was more drinking than I thought”.

You nod, trying to imagine the story in your mind.

“We were having fun, playing childish games, you know, suck and blow, all that” he says softly, as if he doesn’t want the words to have quite the impact that they had.

“When she kissed me, I swear, for a second I imagined it was you” Harry’s hands are now gripping yours, his thumbs circling the backs of them again and again.

“It was too late, I was feeling it in that moment, I needed to feel something, I was so numb from the drinking and everything was a blur” Harry says kissing your hands. This was something he usually did after he told you that he loved you.

“She called me today, and told me when I was at the airport getting ready to come home to you” He continues, you’ve been silent until now.

“I went to see her, to find out if it was true, and she says it really is and I don’t know why she would lie.”

“You’re leaving?” You say, interrupting for the first time since he started recalling the situation.

He nods, and your eyes start to tear up.

“Come to the wedding” Harry asked.

You hesitated, this was the love of your life asking you to go to a wedding that would ruin your life. It’s not like Harry didn’t love you, you were the love of his life as well, he’d just made some bad decisions, and being who he was he was trying to do the right thing.

You nod, you love and support him and if he wants you there then you’d be there.


You wear a bright yellow checkered-print dress. Yellow is a happy colour, and you think that maybe if you wear it, you might not cry.

Harry looks good, a single curl falls over his forehead, and he has a slight beard and moustache growing in. He’s wearing a suit of pale pink to match Kendall’s pale pink dress.

You heard she didn’t want to be traditional and this was certainly untraditional. You take a seat next to Anne, who pats your hand gently. If anyone had been rooting for you guys, it had been Anne. You had cried to her after Harry had left, and had made you a strong cup of tea and let you cry on her shoulder.

Harry catches your eye and smiles, you shake your head and look away, you can’t deal with how he makes you feels, you’re supposed to be there to support him wholeheartedly.

The music plays and Kendall walks down the aisle. You cannot help to think that maybe she and Harry were a better match than you and him were. Her hair shines in the pale light, and she smiles a red-lipped smile.

Before she’s even on the stage, Anne starts to cry. You understand, her baby boy is getting married, no matter what the circumstances are. You pat her shoulder and hold her hand. You want to cry, you really want to cry.

Nobody objects to the marriage, Kendall’s family whoops and hollers though, like they’ve just won a prize of some sort.

There is dancing, music, and food afterwards, but you stay in your seat anyway. You’re not here to have fun, you’re here to be a good friend. After you watch Harry and Anne dance you decide you’ve been a good enough friend for one day.

You grab your bag and start to leave. You turn to take one last look at Harry to find him standing behind you.

“Dance with me” He says.

You shake your head and turn around, how could he be that cruel? When you get home you cry in your car, you tell yourself that you hope he is happy and that they will have a long, happy marriage, but this makes you cry harder.

You take a breath and pull your phone out. Harry has texted you numerous times, and you have no plans on answering them. You instead block him, noting that you’ll unblock him when you don’t feel like crying at the mere mention of his name.

You get out the car and walk into the house ready to forget about him, and treat yourself. You close the door behind you knowing that Harry will never again walk into this home, and for once you are okay with that.

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Say Goodbye (pt. 5)

Sean and Signe are forced to leave on their flight back to Ireland, especially with the oncoming snow storm. Yet Anti has still not made an appearance since the panel, and Sean is nervous. “This isn’t right. He should’ve show up already, and now we’re leaving the country. Just leaving him wherever he is.”

“There’s nothing we can do, Sean. If we didn’t leave when we did, we’d be stuck there for another week, and you know how you’d hate being stuck and unable to work.” Signe squeezes his hand and takes a deep breath. “We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. That’s all we can do now.”

When they arrive back at their house, Sean half expects to find Anti lounging on the couch or something, watching Netflix and demanding food, but the glitch is nowhere to be seen. “I don’t like it. Where is he?”


Anti, hands dug deep into his pockets, glitches from the end of the street to the house he’s been searching for as the snow pours from the sky in wet, icy sheets. He’s shivering from the cold, only having his t-shirt and ripped jeans to keep him warm, and when he drops onto the front porch, he’s sure he’s going to fade out of existence just days after getting it.

Then someone answers the door. “You.”

Anti glances up at the black and white version of Markiplier whose blazing eyes are currently burning into Anti’s skin. “Relax, Darky. I just need a place ta crash until I get my strength back.” Anti pulls himself to his feet and leans against the doorframe. “Aren’t ya gunna invite me in?”

Dark gives him another heated glare. “Why should I? You’ve done nothing but make trouble for me so far, and it’s kind of enjoyable to watch you suffer.” He smirks and shoves Anti out of the way of the door so that he can close it, but the glitch zaps into the hallway behind Dark with a snicker.

“Oooh, I like being able to do that,” Anti says, looking down at his shivering hands. “This body glitches a lot easier than the other one.”

Dark rolls his eyes, shutting the door behind him as he turns to survey the new Ego. “So you finally got strong enough to become corporeal. How nice.” Dark brushes past Anti and goes into the den of the abandoned house he’s been using since coming to PAX East with Mark. “You’re such a weakling.”

“Not all of us are as strong as you lot,” Anti says. “Where are the other ones that look like you anyway?”

“Asleep,” Dark says, picking up the mug of tea he’d been enjoying until getting so rudely interrupted. “You haven’t met the others yet, have you?”

Anti shakes his head, looking around at the house. It’s barely furnished, and what furniture is there was abandoned for a reason. “This the best ya could do? Wow, Darky, ya aren’t as well off as I thought.”

Dark’s shell cracks slightly, but the Ego remains calm. “It’s temporary, of course. Just while we’re here in Boston. And what about you? Didn’t your creator get on a plane headed back to Ireland? That’s certainly a problem.” Dark laughs into his tea as he takes a gulp. The liquid trails down his throat and into his stomach, and he relishes the warmth. There’s no heating in the house, of course, aside from the low fire burning in the fireplace, but he’s also quite resistant to the cold.

“I wanted to talk to ya first before heading back to Ireland with the green-haired wonder and his adoring girlfriend,” Anti mumbles. “You’ve been at this corporeal thing fer a few years now, right?” He wanders over to the fire and starts to warm himself.

“Yes,” Dark says, raising an eyebrow as if to say, “And your point is?”

Anti rubs his hands together as the feeling returns to his fingers. “What’s the point? What’s the end goal, I mean? Why do we become real?”

Dark picks a bit of lint off of his suit and tosses it aside with a pained sigh. “Anti, each figment’s purpose is unique. I exist to be the antithesis of Mark, his evil opposite. I want power and control, and I work very hard to get it.” Dark glances up at the glitch with a sneer as his aura snakes around the other man. “You have to ask yourself, what do you want? And how will you get it?”

Anti looks down at his shoes, wet from the melted snow, and shakes his head. “That’s the problem, I guess. I don’t know what it is that I want.”

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I would love a meta explaining Sherlock's reason for placing the lid on the coffin while John and Mycroft leave to do the next challenge. Gatiss said they wanted Sherlock to destroy the coffin as a release after that emotionally tense scene. But why do you think he puts the lid on and caresses it before wanting to destroy it? What does it symbolize? Thanks! You're amazing!

Amazing? Aw shucks, thank you! :D

Ok so the coffin lid…I do think there’s some possible symbolism there. I think the fact that he places the lid on, slowly slides his hand off it, but then can’t quite walk away and says “no” before ripping the thing to shreds would indicate that he tried to achieve closure. I think he hoped that by taking a moment to physically place the lid on the coffin, he would be able to sort of put a lid on the experience. Close it up and be done with it so he could walk away and move on. Not that I believe he wanted to forget it in general, but he was about to face more difficulties with his sister and I think he was trying to set that particular one aside for the moment. But he couldn’t quite do that. And it really seems like it was his last glance at the actual “I Love You” plaque that sealed the deal. That’s when he says, “no.” It was like he was actually saying, “I can’t stop thinking about saying those words. I can’t accept that they were said in a context that was so painful to Molly. I can’t just walk away and let it go. No.” And upon realizing that, he just had to let it all out. And then bye bye Molly’s coffin.

That’s my take on the scene, hope you like.😉 Now excuse me while I just drown in some fresh feels lol.

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Always Been My Hero

Tony was in the kitchen making his fifth cup of coffee when he heard Rhodey talk from somewhere in the adjacent dining room.

“So what made you want to become a superhero?”

“Do you remember Stark Expo?” Peter responded.

Tony froze. From somewhere in the other room, Rhodey snorted.

“Of course I remember Stark Expo. Hammer tried to turn my suit into one of his little toys!” Rhodey said.

“I was there,”

“You were?”

“I was wearing this… Iron Man mask, and this fake little gauntlet on my hand and one of those HammerTech… things… landed in front of me. I raised the gauntlet to try and scare him off… didn’t really work. The thing didn’t seem to care that I was way too short and armorless to be the real Iron Man. Then Mr. Stark, he landed behind me and he took out the HammerTech thing with one blast of his repulsor. Then he took off again,”

Tony remembered that. He remembered that little boy, no older than 8, standing in front of the metal monstrosities with a fake gauntlet strapped to his hand, showing no fear.

“He didn’t tell me to stop being the hero… he didn’t admonish me for acting like an idiot… I wanted to be like him,” Peter said.

“He wants me to be better than him. But he’s Iron Man! He’s Tony Stark!” Peter enthused.

“He’s always been my hero,”

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niall's stage presence is getting better like he KNOWS he doesn't know what to do with his hands but he's really trying like i'm very confident he will figure it out he just loves musical instruments someone give him one gerry's shakers

HE IS. it helps that he has more time on stage now, but i think there’s a perceptible, gradual improvement with each performance where he feels more comfortable and confident. like, he talked about performing ‘this town’ at the radio 1 teen awards as being petrifying, and now he’s gone and done tunes at wembley for the one love benefit event and only said that he missed playing for audiences that big. i thought it was pretty neat too that he didn’t crack once when his guitar went out during ‘issues’ the other day, and i’m sure moments like that make all that experience NOT playing during 'slow hands’ feel super, super handy!! i think it’s so smart to vary his performances that way, as well; some songs you want to see the musician shredding it, others it feels all the more powerful when they’re focusing solely on singing, too. he’s going to put on some killer concerts!!

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Dark, do you ever get jealous that everyone else gets to live their lives in color, while you're stuck in black and white?

Dark stokes a hand along his grand piano and stares at you. “I don’t really have need of color, do I? I seem to manage quite well.” He cranes his neck to the side with a smirk. “Do you envy my power? My abilities? What’s it like to be weak and helpless?”

It’s okay to celebrate what you’ve accomplished so far. The mere fact that you’re still in here means that you’ve had to put work in to get to this point. Yes, there are parts of this canvas that still need to be painted, but don’t beat yourself so much over what isn’t finished yet. Don’t you remember what God is doing in you in this season? Don’t you remember that He is strengthening you to make it through? Because of Him, you’ve got this. You’re going to walk across out of this season you’re in and you’ll be able to say “God brought me through this. I know He did. I see His hand in all of this.” So keep going. Don’t discredit the progress you’ve made so far and know that the Lord is carrying you through, all the way to the end.

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. - Philippians 3:14

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo

Don't Make It Weird pt. 6

Armin joined Eren at the poolside after they had finished getting everything away. Mikasa had stayed out more than five minutes with her mom, Levi coming in and out of the house as if he wasn’t sure what to do. Eren felt like he should say something, like there was something that he should do to try and help. But decided against it. He didn’t want to make anything worse.

“What would you do if I pushed you in the pool right now?”

“Armin,” Eren warned, scooting away from his friend as his legs kicked through the water. “ I swear to God if you push me into this fucking pool, I will pull you in with me. Without a doubt.”

He nodded, holding his hands up in defense. “I believe that.“

“Good.” Eren nodded in affirmation. “You fuckin’ should.”

The backdoor opened and they turned to see Mikasa step outside with a little smile. Eren assumed she had already changed into her swimsuit judging by the see-through cover that she was wearing over it. She joined them, sitting between them and dipped her feet into the water.

Nothing was said for a few moments, the three of them basking in the comfortable silence that surrounded them.

“Is everything okay?” Armin was the first to ask and Mikasa nodded.

“Yeah. I was… well, just wasn’t expecting her. I haven’t seen her for… a long time.”

Eren sighed, leaning back on his arms and closed his eyes for a moment. “Well, at least you got to figure everything out.”

She shrugged. “I suppose. Her and dad were still kinda arguing when I went upstairs to change. He might still be out there.” Eren raised his eyebrows, turning to look over at her. “He seemed a little more relaxed after coming back out after you two went inside.” 

He felt his face blow up with a bright pink color, remembering the proximity between them as they “talked”. Eren wouldn’t exactly call that a conversation. But it was certainly memorable. 

Soon enough, their few friends arrived, Sasha hugging Mikasa for what seemed to be hour as Connie groaned. He walked over to Eren, doing a small handshake before smiling at Armin. He was the first to jump into the pool, yelling “cannonball!” as he did so. Sasha followed suit, pulling Mikasa with her as they jumped into the pool together. 

“Well, guess it’s my turn too.” Armin grinned at Eren, pulling his shirt off and tossing it off to the side before running and jumping into the pool. Eren laughed, shaking his head as his friends splashed around. 

As he was just about to join, his mom called and he stepped off to the side. While on the phone, he didn’t hear the back door open as Jean and Marco stepped outside to the patio. There was a loud splash and cheering and when Eren turned around, Marco was popping up from the water with his bright, cheerful smile. 

When Eren caught sight of Jean, he said goodbye to his mother and tossed his phone with the rest of Armin’s things. 

“Didn’t think Mikasa would invite you,” Eren teased, hands resting loosely at his hips. Jean rolled his eyes, stopping to stand next to him as he bumped their shoulders together. 

“Like you aren’t happy to see me.” 

“Summer is supposed to be the time where I take a break from looking at your face.” 

Jean rolled his eyes, turning towards the pool as he slowly peeled off his shirt. And Eren wasn’t shy about staring either. The other boy had a very, very nice body that Eren certainly didn’t mind admiring. Honestly, maybe if he was drunk enough he’d even take a stab at making a move because God knows he won’t be getting any from the man he wants everything from. 

“Like what you see?” Jean smirked and Eren punched his arm before stepping aside to pull off his own shirt. 

“Not as much as you like what you’re seeing, ” Eren replied in a snarky tone when he noticed Jean staring.

He didn’t say anything, just grumbled as he went over to jump in the pool too. Eren stretched his arms over his head with a yawn, absently scratching at his chest as he walked. He glanced over to the kitchen window, heart doing gymnastics in his chest. Levi was watching them, or specifically Eren. Even from far away he could sense Levi’s eyes briefly roaming his naked torso before moving up to his face.

There was something that burned inside of Eren’s chest and the pit of his stomach. He wasn’t sure what it was, he hadn’t ever felt it before but it was new. And he kinda liked it. A smug look crossed over his features, chin tipping up in a prideful way and he felt the corners of his lips quirk upwards in the form of a smirk. 

If Levi was going to watch, the he was going to get a show.

Cracking his neck and his knuckles, Eren looked over at his friends and they moved out of the way, knowing exactly what he was planning to do. He took a couple steps backwards before taking off towards the pool. He used the edge of it to push off as he jumped, doing a couple flips before landing in the water. When he popped up, he was laughing, Sasha jumping on his back while she cheered. 

He could see Levi smiling through the window, eyes still on him and Eren couldn’t wipe the large, toothy grin from his mouth before focusing back on his friends. It was the most fun he’d had in a long time, letting loose and being surrounded by the ones that made him smile and laugh most. 

They got out, deciding on a break since you could only play the game chicken so many times in a row before it got a little too tiring and aggressive.

Eren found himself next to Jean as they all sat around in a circle on the patio, bowl of chips in the middle of them. Sasha was busy talking about the vacation she took to Hawaii, swimming with sharks and sting rays. Diving off of cliffs as if she was living in an action movie.

Mikasa had a look on her face, one of shy admiration as she stared at the boy next to Eren. It was obvious to him without her having to say anything that she had a crush on Jean. She had mentioned it before, her feelings fluxuating on and off as the years went by.

The only problem was that Jean seemed much more interested in being next to Eren than talking to the rest of the group. They laughed and joked, not caring much about the conversation with the rest of their friends. Jean nudged him a couple times with his shoulder, a smile on his face and it made Eren relax a little.

“Hey guys,” Sasha spoke up. “Let’s play spin the bottle.”

“Oh my god,” Armin groaned.

“Spin the bottle is so cliche,” Eren commented as he reached forward to grab a handful of chips. “I’m in.”

They managed to get everyone on board, Levi stepping outside for a moment to watch. Eren couldn’t help but smile at him, heart fluttering when Levi managed to crack a small smile back and Eren was in heaven.

“Okay, Eren it’s your turn.” Sasha grinned and Eren rolled his eyes but spun anyway.

They all watched in anticipation as the bottle spun around and around and around until it finally came to a stop. Eren’s heart did unspeakable things as he followed where the bottle was pointing at Levi.

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How would tomura like to kiss his s.o? Is he a kissing kind of guy?

I hope I could answer it well enough and that you’re going to like it!

- In the beginning of the relationship, getting Tomura used to kisses is like trying to bathe a cat that doesn’t like water. It’s not because he doesn’t want to be close to his partner or because he wants to reject their advances, but having them this close, almost pressed up against him, makes him claustrophobic at first.

- People don’t tend to get close to him, at least not without trying to hurt him, so Tomura needs time and understanding from his partner and they would have to wait for him to make the first move to get him comfortable with it.

- Kissing can be a bit odd with him at first. He doesn’t know what to do with his hands and he knows they feel the rough texture of his scars against their lips.

- He doesn’t kiss them often and he doesn’t accept kisses often either. Though, when he does kiss them, his kisses tend to be dry, a closed-mouthed press of lips, sometimes even half on the corner of their mouth and there is a slight care or caution to his moves and how much pressure he applies.

- Aside from that, he finds out he likes it when his partner kisses the top of his head or his shoulder.

With a very curious face, she asked, “So, why do you actually love me? I mean there are just so many girls out there. What would make you stick with me? What’s so special that holds you to me ?”
He replied with a pause, looking into her eyes and holding her hand, “Everyone sees my imperfections and detests them. You chose to live with them, endure them and work on them. All the more you love me with them.

She loved him with his imperfections.

(Dreamswap) What friends are for (2)

Okay, enough Durarara posts, have more story.


(Cross’s alarm goes off, playing a Disney song much louder than necessary. The three of them shift in their positions, which somehow became a tangled mess over the course of the night, all of them cringing slightly.)

Nightmare: Cross, what the hell is that…

(Cross slams his hand on the nearby table his phone is on. He slams various places until he finds his phone.)

(But his hand is asleep, so when he tries to pick it up, it falls out of his grip and onto the floor.)

Cross: aaagghhhh

Nightmare: What are you doing, turn that stupid thing off…!

Cross: where is ittttt

(Cross flops over the side of the bed, crushing Nightmare under him as he searches the floor next to the bed.)

Nightmare: oW

Cross: okay I found it

(He picks up the phone with his other hand and struggles a bit to turn it off. Finally, he succeeds and places the phone back on the table, and slumps even more of his weight into Nightmare.)

Nightmare: get OFFFF

Cross: too early… too much physical exertion…

Nightmare: Why the heck did you even set an alarm?!

Cross: it makes me feel like a productive being…

Cross: also I’m trying to fix my sleeping schedule…

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Caught In The Act

Word Count: 855
Author: Ashlyn
Request: “Hey you should do a getting caught in the act preference it would be so good”
Warnings: smut
Notes: N/A

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Being Married to Castiel Would Include:

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• Eloping at a Vegas chapel since you wanted it to be quick and inexpensive 

• Dean having to explain why getting married is a good idea

• Sam being your best man and Dean was Castiel’s 

• Going bar hopping after your wedding and trying to out-drink Castiel

• Tying Castiel’s tie even though he can do it himself 

“(Y/N) I can do that by myself.”

“I know, Cas. I just like doing it.”

• Holding Castiel’s hand whenever you can

• Castiel giving you his trench coat when he has to go somewhere

• Castiel protecting you no matter what when you’re on hunts

• Castiel getting angry and not protective when someone flirts with you

• Castiel beginning to be a lot touchier

• Cooking meals with Castiel in the bunker

Slow and gentle sex

• Steadily getting kinkier in bed with Castiel 

• Castiel being very adamant about caring for you after having sex

• Confiding in Sam when you have marital problems

• Castiel being infuriatingly calm when you have an argument

• Castiel liking to take showers with you and washing your hair 

• Getting little angel wings tattooed on your ankles 

• Voting against getting each other presents on anniversaries

• Adopting two guinea pigs named Checkers and Kramer

• Dean discovering the guinea pigs and getting mad

• Adopting a bunny named Flops

• Castiel watching you sleep and playing with your hair 

• Castiel talking about the things that he’s seen over the earth’s history

• Castiel being very protective of you 

• Castiel loving you no matter what happens 

Trans Lance Fic Part 8

Lance takes a steadying breath as he walks down the hall that leads to the training room. His hands are sweaty as he thinks about what he is about to do. Coming out to the team is not something he had pictured himself doing ever. He had just never thought that it would be something he would be comfortable sharing with them. But now that he thinks about it, he doesn’t know why he was hesitant to tell them. He should no better than to let other people’s opinions dictate how he lives his life.

He stops at the door of the training room to wipe his sweaty palms on his pants. He shakes his arms out a little and bounces for a second on the balls of his feet in hopes of getting rid of the jitters he is feeling. He rests his hand on the door ready to push it open but pauses for a second. He knows in a few moments his life in space will me changed and he is hoping it will be for the better.

Lance pushes the door open and the team looks over at him. Allura frowns when she sees that Lance is not wearing his armor. “Lance how many times do have to tell you to come to training already in your armor?” She asks. Keith in the other hand frowns when he sees that Lance has put his binder back on.

Lance looks at Allura and smiles apologetically. “I’m sorry princess but I have to tell you and the team something before we train.” He says and takes a shaky breath when the rest of the team stops what they are doing to look over at Lance and take a few steps closer so they can listen to what he has to say.

Lance can feel himself starting to get nervous again so he looks over at Keith who is giving him a reassuring smile. Lance turns back to face the rest of the team. “I’m trans. I was born a girl but I was never comfortable in my body and I’m still really not. I’m a boy I really am. I’m just trapped in the wrong body and it makes me really anxious a lot of the time and that’s why I flirt so much and talk to loudly. I know you might not think the same of me now but I really just needed to…” he rambles nervously and Keith actually has to press his hand over Lance’s mouth to get him to stop.

Lance blushes softly and looks up at Keith sheepishly. “Give then the chance to react.” Keith says then removes his hand from Lance’s mouth. The Cuban looks up at the team. Everyone except Coran and Keith seem to be very surprised.

“Well my boy, I knew. I’m the one who had to change you into the suit for when you went into the healing pod. ” Coran says and twirls his mustache. Lance flushes with embarrassment at the statement knowing that Coran has seen more of him then any of the team has. (Keith will see more ;) )

Hunk snaps out of his slightly shocked state and looks like he finally understands something. “So that’s why you always changed in the bathroom at the Garrison! I thought you were afraid of me or something.” Hunk says. “Aw buddy I wasn’t scared of you.” Lance says and hugs the Samoan boy.

Shiro lays a hand on Lance’s shoulder after he pulls away from Hunk. “I’m proud of you Lance. It was really brace if you to come out to the team. We don’t think any different of you then we did before. You’re still our blue paladin and our sharp shooter. ” he says and gives the younger boy’s shoulder a reassuring pat.

Pidge practically launches herself at Lance and hugs him. “I know what you just did is really scary, I did it myself. I also know that it’s different for you because you still have to deal with being trapped in the wrong body. Just so you know, I’m going to do all the research I am to see if we can get you the procedures you need to be comfortable with yourself. Aliens are so technically advanced that I’m sure one of these planets will know how to do it.” Pidge says and smiles at the taller boy. “Thank you Pidge. That means a lot to me.” Lance says and hugs the smaller paladin tightly.

Allura watches the other Paladins bonding then clears her throat to grab Lance’s attention. “Like Shiro said, none of us think differently of you now. You are still a very important part of our team. I’m very glad that you decided to share that with the team and I. Is there anything that we need to change about the way you train or will that not be necessary?” She asks.

Lance opens his mouth to answer but is cut off by Keith. “As a matter of fact there is. Lance here is gonna wear sports bras from now on when we train because he’s been damaging his ribs by binding while trying up until now. So don’t be shocked when Lance comes back in with visible breasts.” Keith says and pushes Lance towards the door. “Go change.” He tells Lance firmly, leaving no room for argument.

Lance pouts but follows Keith’s instructions, heading back to his room to ch he. The other Paladins draw their stats’s and get back to training. Coran and Allura share a knowing look as they think about how protective Keith seems to be of his fellow paladin.

(I hope you guys enjoyed this. Sorry for any mistakes, I really hate reading over my work because it makes me hesitant to post it. To check out more of my Trans Lance works click here: https://pan-space-ranger.tumblr.com/post/160633723018/trans-lance-master-list )

Your first psych appointment...

Luciel is a comforting presence beside you. Your hands are intertwined and he’s whispering words of encouragement. He’s so proud of you for getting the help you need, he only wants to see you happy. He’ll happily help you with paperwork and waits patiently for you in the waiting room for you to be finished. Takes you out for a treat afterwords. 

Zen is trying his best to distract you from your own nerves. He’s acting out silly scenes on your way to the office or singing songs from different musicals he’s been in. His arm is slung around your shoulder and he presses a comforting kiss to your temple as you’re called back.

Jumin finds the best psychiatrist for you. He has them go through rigorous background checks and sorts through each one until you think you’ve found a good fit. He takes the day off to help you with your nerves, cooking you breakfast and showering you with praise for this mature decision and expressing his happiness at you being comfortable enough with him to tell him about these issues in the first place. He gives the doctor a warning glare as they take you back. He wants only the best treatment for you.

Yoosung is so happy. So, so happy that you’ve decided to get help. He doesn’t want another person so precious to him to leave like Rika did. He supports you as best he can, reading up on how to properly support and care for you. He’ll accompany you to the office and nervously wait for you to be done. The rest of the day is spent cuddling with a random movie until you both fall asleep.

Jaehee takes a route much like Jumin. She does a lot of research into each doctor and helps you choose the best fit. She’ll assist with paperwork and ask any questions you might not think to. Her warm hand in yours is a grounding feeling and she shyly presses a kiss to your cheek for reassurance before you’re taken back. 

Saeran holds you close to him. He’s familiar with these sorts of things and doesn’t mind being with you. He knows how nerve wracking it can be to be in this situation but he supports you. He mumbles about you not being weak against your hair as he holds you before your name is being called. He gives a scary and threatening look to the doctor that screams ‘if you hurt them, I’ll kill you!’

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TsukkiYama and 61?

this is perfect for them ahahah

61. “Wow, you really are blind!” “Thanks for the update, can I have my glasses back now?”

They had just been lounging around, doing homework or not doing homework in Yamaguchi’s case. Yamaguchi was trying to see how long he could hold a pencil between his nose and lips. Yamaguchi would do his work eventually he was just taking a break.

“Hey, Tsukki?” Yamaguchi rolled over onto his stomach, the pencil dropping to the ground.

“Mm?” Tsukishima hummed, his back still turned to Yamaguchi and still hunched over his book.

“Can I wear your glasses?”


Yamaguchi ran his fingers through his hair. He was letting it grow out and it was long enough to put into a little ponytail now.

“I wanna see what it’s like to wear glasses.”

“You say that every time you ask for my glasses.” Tsukishima handed them over anyway. Yamaguchi beamed and perched them on his nose, gasping.

Wow, you really are blind!” Yamaguchi could barely see out of the frames and was always surprised when he put them on. He looked around and squinted.

Thanks for the update, can I have my glasses back now?”

I dunno, do I look good in them?” Yamaguchi fumbled with his phone, trying to take a selfie.

“I can’t see you, Tadashi.” Tsukishima sounded tired,

Yamaguchi giggled and took a selfie before placing the glasses back on Tsukishima’s face. “There you go!”

“Thanks.” Tsukishima looked at the selfie that Yamaguchi had taken. “You look cute.”

Yamaguchi kissed his cheek. “Thank you, Tsukki.”

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(1) First of all, yay!!! Daddy Wednesday my favorite day of the week! Second, imagine waking up to an empty bed, and padding down the hallway to and peeking into your child's room to see Bucky or Beck holding your toddler close, their tiny hand curled in your husbands hair as he sways gently and sings them "you are my sunshine" and just leaning on the door watching them. Eventually he puts your baby back in their crib and turns around surprised to see you.

(2) “what are you doing up?” He’s ask, as you make your way over to him where you fall into his arms and kiss his cheek. “I woke up to an empty bed.” You’d murmur, snuggling into his side as you both just stare down at your baby. “I still can’t believe she’s ours” he’d say in disbelieving murmur.

(3)You’d smile softly and sigh, “well believe it, babe.” You’d reply w/a chuckle. “I do, I also remember how much fun we had making her.” He said with smirk. You’d blush, bury your face in his neck. “We did have fun didn’t we?” You murmur, as she stirs with a soft snort. You both just watch her for a few moments and the he just breaks the silence with, “let’s make another, doll.” Then carries you off to the bedroom over his shoulder

This one made me giggle hahah, in a good way - Gen 

Daddy Wednesday™