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Sonamy Thoughts, Theories & Headcanons

Let me first start by clarifying that this is of course my opinion and even though I’m using elements to back up my thoughts, there is nothing to say that a ship is canon unless the company who makes it comes out and says it. This is just how I perceive the content that we have been given.

My first point is that I definitely do not believe that Sonic “dislikes” Amy, which is often the argument used against this pairing. Sonic definitely is not a fan of her antics, but at no point has he ever stated that he dislikes her. In fact, he has shown time and time again that he is concerned about her and gets passionately angry when she is mistreated:

Now if you’re purely talking in-game content only, I get that Sonic avoids Amy when she hassles him. However, there are a few games where you actually have an option to romance Amy: 

In fact, in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood there is an entire sub-plot where you literally just romance Amy if you so choose [x]. (He’s also sort of “dated” Amy in Sonic & the Black Knight, but that will be mentioned later). I know Sonic is a huge flirt in the games and at least one female falls for him in almost every game, but still the fact that you can ACTUALLY ROMANCE AMY as an option is a huge step from just being a nuisance.

I also find it a little interesting at the way these two interact when they’re alone compared to when they’re around other people. Whenever they’re in public and surrounded by their friends, that’s when we see Sonic most adamantly against Amy being all over him and being affectionate:

However, whenever they’re alone they get along very well and in fact Sonic seems much more attached to her

In fact there’s this recurring pattern that hints at this hidden relationship that we as the audience aren’t even allowed to see. In some of the games we are informed that Sonic has planned dates with Amy but for one reason or another isn’t able to show up:

or that he is interested in her but it never gets answered: 

In Sonic Boom, there are so many hints that Sonic and Amy are very close, but we only ever see glimpses or the aftermath. In fact, the way they act so comfortable around each other seems more like the result of already being in a relationship and getting past those awkward jitters and obsessive phases. They are constantly in each other’s company and at each other’s side

And of course, let’s not forget to mention the 2 most ambiguous sonamy moments in history

Seriously, what is happening there?!

In the Japanese version they blank out the audio so you don’t know what Sonic is saying. Clearly it is something important and to Amy’s liking based on her reaction. But we aren’t allowed to know, because I think Sonic wouldn’t want us to know (until a later episode where they address it). (Also, quick side note, isn’t it interesting that the first thing Sonic does once returning to his home planet is go to Amy’s house?

He could do anything else but that’s the first place he goes to).

We all know Sonic is not interested in settling down. He has to always be on the move, always keep going. But at least Amy understands this. <–(ty to greenyvertekins for this set)

Instead of forcing Sonic to stop doing what he loves or sacrifice his passions for her, she instead is the one who chooses to follow him through it all or will wait for him while he is away

This is a huge deal for her, because we’ve already known through several instances that she does not enjoy fighting Eggman and would rather move on with her life, but she knows that as long as there is danger, that will never be the case: 

Which I personally think goes back to that previous thing I talked about with the whole “secret relationship” going on. If Sonic ever decided he was interested in dating, he certainly could not go public with it–at least not for a very long time. How could he, with Eggman constantly getting in the way?

Amy is already constantly used as bait by enemies as it is, so if Sonic were ever to show that he is romantically involved with Amy, she would be in more danger than ever 

I also think there has been this huge growth on Amy’s part. Though yes she is still obsessive and extreme with her emotions, her feelings have matured with every passing game and show and I think that is something that Sonic is starting to notice as well. We started with this little girl who was head over heels unabashadly claiming that Sonic is the one she is going to marry

 to someone who now, though evidently cares for Sonic very much, feels so strongly that she can’t even bring herself to say it aloud

She has pushed herself to stop being someone who waits for someone to save her and instead now shows that she can handle anything that Sonic can handle so that he will see her on the same level.

As I’ve stated before, I don’t think Sonic will ever end up tied down with anyone in canon. But, if he did, I think Amy is the only person who would truly be right for him. She is the only one who has proven that she can keep up with him and stands up for him no matter what the situation is, and surprisingly is the most understanding about the way he thinks and feels. I think Sonic and Amy just have this ongoing connection that just gets stronger and stronger with time, even if they never fully cross that barrier.

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HYYH - The Before and The After Theory

*In order for any of this to make sense you would need to read my other theory that explains some of the relationships as well as the possible timeline/timelines of the HYYH series. You can find it here

When watching the Japanese versions of I NEED U and RUN we can see that they are more abstract versions of the Korean originals, meant to showcase the choreography, which in itself is a story. There is a focus on more details of the individual story lines, and we get a lot of cryptic messages that fill in some blanks for us.

What we see in the Japanese version of I NEED U is what happens before, what we see in the Japanese version of RUN is what happens after.

So let’s start with The Before.

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Bigass post in regards to Kaiba’s intents in Battlecity

So the reason why it took so long for me to make this post had everything to do with the complexity of the topic.  I couldn’t find a good a way to lay out the topic so that it was digestible for reading but captured all of the nuances of what i wanted to get across.

I guess I gave up on trying to write something well thought out and well, this is the result of that.

With that preamble out of the way, I shall move onto the actual topic.  Kaiba’s initial motives are established pretty early on in battle city.  Ishizu tells him about the god cards and he desires to acquire them enough that he goes through the trouble of setting up a tournament. 

I guess that’s a pretty Kaibaesque thing to do.  It’s been established that the dude loves power and he loves card games.  It’s not a big stretch for him to go out of his way to get his hands on something that is the combination of his two favourite things. 

In terms of motive, him seeking the god cards is in line with his personality.  But after Kaiba loses to Yami in the semi finals, Ishizu appears before him and lays out the true intent behind why he built the duel tower and organized battle city.

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Gangsta. Manga fans??

Okay, I just read all 7 volumes that are currently released of Gangsta, and I can’t figure out just what the fuck happened to make Nicolas kill Worick’s family, and why they were still friends after that. I even went and bought the Japanese version to trying to figure out what was happening, but I am still confused!

Nic asks “Should I kill (your father)?”, and a chapter later we get another flashback:

The scanlator translated this as “Okay, that would make my father happy”, and I think it looks more like that than “If you kill my father I would be happy”, which would mean that the question actually was “Should I kill YOU?” O_O

And then the next panel:

“But that’s not enough. Not enough. I want everyone else to die as well.”

That part is easy enough to understand- why Nic eventually kills the whole household and then tries to kill himself. But depending on what the question actually was…

WHAT THE FUCK?? The first time I read it, I thought it meant that Worick/Wallace asked Nicolas to kill his father and whole family, but now it seems even darker? That Nicolas was mad at Wallace for buying him and got his permission for the massacre?


“YoU DoN’t NeEd It AnyMorE. I HavE tO TaKe iT OUt, WaLlaCE”

…………. this manga has ruined me.