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Boombox Day 4: Role Reversal
I saw a lot of great drawings for this day in the tags, but I decided instead of switching their personalities, I’d switch up both their lives, so that Lucio had to end up surviving in a post-apocalyptic Brazil, and Junkrat lived in an Australian future where a corporation was trying to enslave the outback. God, I’m finally done! It was fun to mix up their designs and come up with my original take on it all, but… jfc. Spent way to much time on this.

Long ass explanation of their switch-up under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

bro, imma test your patience with me. now idk shit about politics buuut i need to learn a little more than the basics of whats happening to brazil, you know? its hard since its a hole different country so im kinda limited, i understand portuguese but really need a politics for dummies to know whats happening and what will probably happen due to the hell thats going on in BR. help me and get a smile (pls??)

Man this is hard because I have no idea what you already know or not or where you’re from so I can’t really make comparisons?? but i’m gonna try to give you a general??? hold tight

so I guess first thing is understanding the system, right?

Brazil has a… multi-party presidential democracy. Ish. Hasn’t always been like that tho, in fact, brazilian history is filled with coups and not so democratic republics. It’s our thing. But right now we have a President, in charge of the executive power, then there’s the upper and lower houses of congress (Senate and Chamber, we call them, basically), and the Supreme Court, I guess just like in the US. There’s a president to the Senate, a President to the Chamber, and a few more important figures in each part of the government, like the ministers, or cabinet leaders, that hold, well, cabinets, like the one for Education or Health or Culture, etc, or the Government Leader in congress that isn’t really a formal title but also kinda is a job. 

So, our parties. There are so many of them. SO MANY. Y’all wouldn’t believe how many. Ok, about 30-40 of them. But really, who the fuck knows all of them? I don’t, so we’re gonna stick to the most important ones. But for that, quick history lesson: 

Remember when I said we haven’t always been, uhm, this? Yeah, up until the late 80′s Brazil was on a Dictatorship (not the first we had, but the worst we had, arguably) (and I have to control myself not to tell you the whole thing cause I just love brazilian history???? but imma stick to what’s important) THE POINT IS: during those years, only two “parties” were allowed to exist, the… pro-dictatorship party and the… consented opposition party (we like to call them the “yes” and the “yes, sir” parties cause of the obvious). Consented opposition party was called MDB (founded in 65′). When dictatorship ended, they turned into PDMB (in 1980). You’re gonna have to get used to the acronyms because we only use them here. Sometime later, in 88, some people left PMDB to found PSDB, and at the time the plan was to have it a bit more to the left than PMDB that was a pretty center-right wing party. More to the left of both of those, also in the 80′s, our Workers Party is founded, PT. Not a socialist/communist party, whatever some may think until today. You might be wondering what happened to the dictatorship supporters party, right? They’ve changed names a few times through the last decades, nowadays they’re DEM, a right wing party (ironically enough, their acronym comes from Democrats).

Nowadays you can say PSDB is a center-right wing party, PT is center-left, and PMDB is wherever it pleases (mostly center-right, though). “Isn’t there a REAL left wing then????” there is, but it’s not exactly the most powerful thing in existence, so most people atribute the “left” nearly entirely to PT, cause up until a couple of years ago, it was majorly powerful. We’ll get to that. Anyway, some left wing parties are PCdoB and Psol and a shit ton of other small ones.

Back to history. When dictatorship was ending people made an awful lot of deals to get one dude (Tancredo Neves) into the presidency (not popular vote yet, some sort of electoral college) but cause we’re in Brazil and shit just can’t be simple HE DIED before taking office then his vice president (who had just kinda changed parties to make the run) became the first post-dictatorship president. This dude is called Sarney and he’s alive until today and we like to call him The King of a state because his family basically owns it. And it’s a big state and in pretty bad condition (if you want we can come back later to why so many families are so powerful and so entirely into politics and basically owners of whole states and how Oligarchies have always been a thing BUT in another post). He’s a senator now. Yeah, cause that’s a thing, you don’t have to end your career after being president here. Oh, both of those were like, from PMDB.

Then we finally got to vote and we elected this one young unknown dude who was promising to end corruption (I mean, they all do, but, big time), his name was Collor, and he got impeached for corruption a couple of years later. Yes, you’re allowed to laugh. He was from PRN, we’re not gonna talk about this party here, no relevance. His vice president took over, Itamar Franco, and if you guessed it you probably got it right: he was from PMDB. The country was still in a big ass crisis coming all the way from the dictatorship years and Collor had just screwed up massively too so when Itamar KINDA got things under control his economy cabinet leader got big time praise…… and got elected president a couple of years later for PSDB. His name is Fernando Henrique Cardoso (we like to call him FHC) and he’s still alive too. 

So we got a few years of PSDB there cause they approved reelection in congress at some point there - let’s be honest, it’s because they were scared of the increasing popularity of somebody else that had been running in the past elections too: Lula, the big leader of PT - and they were right to, cause Lula would get elected finally in 2003 and reelected after, staying until 2011, and would hand pick his successor and get her elected: Dilma Rousseff, who would also get reelected. As you might have heard, she got impeached last year, leaving office to her vice president, Michel Temer, from… PMDB. 

For the past couple of decades, our political scenario pretty much got divided into PSDB and PT running against each other (and against a ton of minor parties that didn’t quite make it) in every election, with PT winning all of the ones mentioned above. But in any and all of the governments, deals had to be made to get - you guessed it - PMDB support. If there’s one thing you have to know about these last years of Brazil is that no one, no one can govern without PMDB. And the reason to that is on it’s historical basis: it’s basically the oldest and biggest party we got. So EVERYWHERE there’s someone from there, so they get plenty of space in government, they make most of congress, they make most of the senate, they make most of the local powers, etc. And like that, unelected, they got to the Presidency quite a few times. When I said before that they go wherever they want to, is because they’ll lean to whichever side can grant them power, and not even collectively - you can see some of them aligning to left wing politicians in some parts of the country while others get allied to right wing politicians in another part in the same election, since there are no rules against that. Today, since they hold the presidency and most of the other important roles, their main ally is PSDB, but a few years back they were the main supporters to PT, so, really, the rule should be “don’t trust them and expect anything and everything”. 

I think… this kinda covers the basics. Very basics. Roughly. It would be important for you to understand the whole Impeachment mess of the past couple of years. I have a couple of posts on that here and here and here and here and you can always go to my politics tag to search for more comments on everything. Idk, bring me objective questions or just what more you want to know after this so I can help more??? i’m really kinda lost on what to tell you and there’s sooo much to brazilian history that is important, but I think this post is way too long already x) I like telling the stories though, so ask away

The funding arrangement with HFA and the victory fund agreement was not illegal, but it sure looked unethical. If the fight had been fair, one campaign would not have control of the party before the voters had decided which one they wanted to lead. This was not a criminal act, but as I saw it, it compromised the party’s integrity.

I am so mad at them 

I understand it’s still not fully confirmed yet but they can’t say on the first day ‘WE ARE LITERALLY COMING TO BRAZIL’ then say in the live show there’s a 3% chance  they won’t come and then say in the trailer that they’ll ‘hopefully’ go to more places, you don’t get to do this. 

So if you‘re wondering what’s happening in Brazil right now...

Lots of things are happening, actually, and we might be entering the worst part of a political crisis that has been going on for two years. Things are complex and Brazil has a very complicated relationship between the media, politics and our people, but if you are not from Brazil and are very confused about all of our desperate meems right now:

  • In 2014, Dilma Roussef was democratically re-elected as president against Minas Gerais’ senator Aécio Neves in a very messy election;
  • Aécio and his peers never really accepted the results;
  • the right wing population (mostly rich or wannabe rich people) did many “protests” and the likes to impeach Dilma– who, mind you, did not commit any crimes;
  • In 2015, politicians used the people’s approval to impeach Dilma who, once again, did not commit any crimes (keep in mind, please, that she was a political prisoner during the Military Dictatorship period and was tortured);
  • for the coup to happen, politicians classified a move Dilma made as a crime, only to declassify it as a crime as soon as she was out;
  • VP Michel Temer assumed presidency and for a whole year he has been destroying all the social benefits and good things the previous PT (Workers Party) government has been making for 10 years;
  • among the changes, the most worrying one is the Welfare Reformation, that would, among other things, change retirement time from actual age to contribution time– and so, a person would have to start working at 16 to be able to retire at 60 years old, the current retirement age;
  • there’s also a Working Reform that would pretty much destroy our current worker’s code and allow companies to privatize all of their employees– and so, no more food aid, transportation aid, companies could fire employees whenever they want, and so on;
  • in the meanwhile, Brazilian Media keeps on a carnival of burning politicians after politicians with polemic whistleblowings– Brazilian right-wing consumes politicians as one would consume water, and once they served they purpose, they are thrown away;
  • they also have been for, what, years? trying to prove that former president Lula is an Evil Virus Of Satan without much evidence (keep in mind people believe in the media if the media says so);

So, what happened this week, on Wednesday?

  • JBS, the biggest meat producer of Brazil, whistleblowed that Michel Temer and Aécio Neves both received bribery from them, in national television;
  • now, keep in mind that anyone smart enough knows that Temer and Neves and pretty much all of them are corrupt– the problem is, Rede Globo, the big name in media and who has a power in this country I don’t think you can even begin understand, broadcasted it;
  • for months they avoided talking ill of Temer’s name and now they said, out loud, that the man is corrupt and can’t be trusted;
  • and so, the process of the Burning Of Michel Temer has begun and there is a very high chance he will be impeached too;

So, why is this bad?

  • according to the law, since half of the mandate has already happened, in case something happens to the president and VP, the Congress will elect a new president through indirect elections;
  • it has happened before– president Fernando Collor was impeached in 1992 in a very, very similar way;
  • this is very worrisome because I can’t even begin to explain the nasty people that inhabit the Brazilian Congress but, trust me, there are a lot Trumps and Pences out there;
  • it is very likely that from the very beginning the plan was to make indirect elections happen in the first place;
  • whoever is elected, it will only get worse from here;

So, in conclusion:

  • the Real Coup has just begun;
  • we’re Fucked.
Dan and Phil’s TATINOF Livestream // 5.13.16

Dan’s in his totoro shirt and Phil’s in his Oscar’s Hotel

They’re in a hotel room

“Broad shoulders. I’m like Captain America” - Phil

It’s terribly laggy

They switched sides

They’re in Kentucky

Double (and slightly failed) YounNowception

Their internet has been awful

Their hotel is apparently really creepy

They went to Steak N Shake

“You just said the words funky and chunks in the same sentence”

They’ve been super busy

They want to complain that theaters don’t value internet speeds

“Missed you loads” -Dan

Dan likes the instagram update

They haven’t vlogged yet

“This guy”

Talked about their new video with Louise

Praying mantis head eating talk

Praying mantis kink shaming

New Pokemon discussion

Phil said Litten looks a bit like Dan

Phil gets Sun and Dan gets Moon

Phil sang the Totoro song

They’re not homesick yet

Phil almost fell off the bed

Dan misses his bed and PC and Phil misses knowing where he is

“Basically American. Hi guys I’m here in America.” -Phil (in an accent)

They’re loving the tour

Talked about Phil falling off the stage

It really hurt and he hurt his elbow and bum :(

Dan didn’t even notice he fell at first

“Civil War Brazil”

Dan didn’t fart during a meetup

“What happened to your rules about no opinions, Dan?”

Phil sang Hotline Bling

Dan’s favorite song on Drake’s new album is Feel No Ways

Talked about Creator Summit aka YouTube Illuminati 

They got reported for nudity again

Jacksepticeye gets the seal of nice

Phil cracked his phone more

Phil sang Grand Old Duke Of York

They looked up what Hunter was

They saw Civil War in Toronto and they loved it


Phil said Age of Ulton was “eh” and Dan agreed 

They forgot the capital of Canada

“Peng” “Daaaaan”

Phil’s fav Star Wars movie is either A New Hope or The Empire Strikes Back or The Force Awakens but Dan’s is Revenge of the Sith 

Phil got the room with the tv

Phil saw Judge Rinda with a giant dog

They appreciated the signs 

Don’t feel the need to bring signs bc they may block people

They said don’t wait outside bc sometimes they don’t leave until like 1am and they want you to be safe

Dan’s camo jumper

“I could just see a floating head” -Phil

Appaz it’s a pj top

Phil had to explain the floating head post to Dan

Phil “freaking loves” Applebee’s

They also went to Bob Evans and loved the bread

“Lean in lean in”

Phil was sitting on the charger and microwaved his bum

“23%” “Get Rekt”

Phil dumped his milkshake on the floor

They don’t have a tour dog

The Cupcake

“It’s my account I can say the s word” -Dan

“We’re in the backgrounds in a bunch of people’s vlogs” 

Rachel Ray/Roy 

They had to make tacos and drinks at creator summit

They were all put in different groups but somehow they were in the same group

They’re filming a new Undertale video today 

“Phil they’re not gonna kill you” “They’re gonna kill me!”

They couldn’t say Des Moines

“What’s MO”

Dan’s birthday show in Vegas 

They named someon’s cat Lit

Talked about unlucky things that happened today 

New Agar.io and Dil video soon 

“Phil’s quest for air con”

Phil cleaned up his milkshake mess

Phil did “YAS” cat

“I’ll be like Phil do you want a coffee and he’ll be like YAS”


Dan knows the whole “hey losers” video

Thomas Sanders also gets the seal of nice

“We’re now viners” -Phil

They named someone’s OG Log

Phil’s been okay with travel sickness

“Do you like the color copper?” “DO YOU LIKE THE COLOR COPPER?”

Phil got sick at Universal and threw up in the toilet at Dr. Seuss Land

The Niagara Falls ride was impromptu and they loved it

“Incredibly moist”

“It would be Applebee’s according to you” Dan to Phil about the 7 wonders of the world to 

“Take your laptop to the toilet” -Phil when someone said they had to pee

“Enter me Thom Yorke” -Dan

“I’m sure we can arrange that at some point” -Phil 

Talked about the border conversation

Simultaneous endings 

“You’re all beautiful individuals who deserve happiness in your life”

They’ll do another when they have time/working wifi

.Hey! Since the south american qualifiers are a mess rn since Colombia lost this is a quick guide to what can happen. 

It’s important to notice that Brazil is already qualified and no one can take the top of the table from us so everyone is fighting for the last 3 automatic spots and the 5th place that will get you to play offfs;

Uruguay is honestly basically in too, maybe not in the 2th place but it will be almost impossible to get them out so with all of those scenarios im working with that idea that they will win against Bolivia (Who is already out, just like Venezuela, Ecuador and Paraguai) and so there are 3 places left to fill.

The games that can change everything are Brazil vs Chile, Argentina vs Ecuador and Peru vs Bolivia. Diferent results will get you diferent qualified teams.

It’s also important to remember that the ONLY scenario where Argentina can get away with a draw is if Peru loses, any other thing likely gets them out. Peru’s numbers are better.

In case all of them draw their games then Chile and Colombia (27 points) get the automatic spots with Peru going to play offs and Argentina staying out (Peru has better numbers and a draw is more likely not enough to give Arg a numeric vantage). This also happens if Chile ties and both lose or Chile wins and both tie.

If Chile wins, Argentina win and Peru loses, then Chile and Colombia get the automatic spots (29 points), Argentina goes to play offs (28 points) and Peru stays out (25 points)

If they all win then Chile (29 points) get the automatic spot and Argentina and Peru will one get the other spot and the other play offs (28 points), while Colombia (26 points) stays out.

If Chile wins, Argentina loses and Peru wins then Chile and Peru get the automatic spots (29 and 28 points), Colombia goes to play offs (26 points) and Argentina stay out (25 points)

In case Chile ties, and both Argentina and Peru win then Colombia stays out (26 points), Argentina and Peru get automatic spots (28 points each) and Chile goes to play offs (27 points). 

In case Chile ties, Argentina loses and Peru wins, then Chile and Peru get automatic spots (27 and 28 points), Colombia gets the play offs (26) and Argentina stays out (25 points).

If Chile ties, Argentina wins and Peru loses, then Colombia and Argentina get the automatic pots (29 and 28 points), Chile goes to play offs (27 points) and Peru stays out (25 points)

In case Chile loses and both win, then they ge the automatic spots (28 points), and i honestly don’t know if it’s Chile or Colombia who get the 5th since both will have the same points (26) 

If Chile loses, Argentina loses and Peru wins, Peru get’s the automatic spot (28 points) while Chile and Colombia (26 points) will get the other spot and the play offs, and Argentina stays out (25 points)

If chile loses, Argentina wins and Peru loses then Colombia and Argentina get the automatic spots (29 and 28 points), Chile goes to play offs (26 points) and Peru stay out (25 points).

There are maybe some missing things and maybe some of them are wrong but i think it’s basically this? There is a lot of things that can happen honestly


gmw aus:
↳ kill the boy band by goldy moldavsky

isadora smackle could never explain her love for MMFB, because when you say you love a boy band, well people look at you a little… strange. they think you’re just another crazy fangirl. but when only a few weeks after her dad’s death she found a video of zay babineaux, her favorite of MMFB, saying in the camera, “happiness isn’t always easy, but it is a priority,” well, it felt like he was talking right to her. ever since then, isadora smackle has been in love with zay, and of course, the MMFB. but she didn’t expect what would happen next…

maya hart had always been popular. people couldn’t help but watch her. so why did she choose to be friends with isadora smackle? that was easy. she came to school wearing a zay babineaux shirt, and maya had an inkling she’d met a fellow MMFB fan. for a while, they were best friends - like no other. until maya went to their concert in brazil. isadora still doesn’t know what happened there, but since then, something had changed in maya. something that changed everything forever, for millions of people…

isadora never really understood if missy bradford was an MMFB fan or not. she’d certainly dedicated enough of her life to them, that was for sure, but beyond that? missy bradford ran the most popular MMFB fan page on the internet. her specialties were sending death threats to the boys’ girlfriends, and finding out where the boys were, and where their secrets hid. of course, after what happened next, to reveal their secret, she would have to reveal her own…

riley matthews never really grew up. she had parents who gave her everything she could have possibly wanted, including a hotel room in the same hotel the MMFB were the night before one of their biggest concerts ever. but the girls never ended up attending that concert. riley couldn’t control what she’d do when she saw farkle minkus, her favorite of the MMFB. so what he was the biggest flop of the group? so what nobody ever looked at her with that much hatred when his blindfold came off? and so what that nobody really believed her when she said she didn’t kill him?

missy, maya, riley, and isadora all met by chance. isadora and maya were faces in the cafeteria, missy and riley were usernames online. and when they all got together to see the MMFB, nobody knew what maya had planned. and even then, maya didn’t know it would go that far. from that night on, lucas, zay, and josh’s lives were forever changed. and farkle? by the end of that night, well… farkle was dead. and any one of these girls could have done it. 

everyone i know is a traveller, or an aspiring traveller at least. all back-packs and long hikes, half years working their way through europe, bodies gone brown from sun. i’m not much of a traveller. too easily bored. what’s interesting about architecture? i’d rather a body to move into. sometimes i think i write pretentious. i don’t mean to; i suppose it’s just what happens. but what i mean is, you know when people go to brazil or greece or nepal or venice? and then of course an album pops up on facebook titled ‘venice’. imagine that, but with people instead. ‘nora’ and then a hundred photographs of her messy bun, hair coming loose at the nape of her neck. ‘harry’ and then all these close-ups of beard stubble.
—  conversations to remember
Peter Parker x Stark Reader  So Your a Stark Pt.3

Originally posted by prettystucky

Peter’s P.O.V

Y/N and I decided to watch (insert favorite movie). We didn’t say a thing once the move started but for some reason my spider senses we’re going off. I looked at Y/N and she just blankly stared at the TV. I don’t think there is any real danger but there must be something going on with Y/N. She looks deep in though like she is deciding between life and death.

“Hey you ok there Y/N?”

“Yea….*sigh* No…. I don’t know”

“You wanna talk about it”

“Well Tony has been great you know trying to be a dad and all , it’s just that I feel that after I move in with him he will just toss me to the curve. I feel like he’s just putting on a good show for my grandparents , and then he will make him look good for the press and I just feel like he doesn’t actually care about me, that he only care how will I can boost up his image. I mean…… *sigh* Sorry I should stop. This isn’t your problem”

“ No it’s ok really. Do you really feel like Mr. Stark will do something like that I mean he has been spending so much time to get to know you for you. Most dad who find out that they have had a secret daughter usually freak out or go back into hiding. He wants to spend time with you I mean he missed so much already.”

I don’t know why but I started to record our conversation on my new watch Mr.Stark gave me but I feel like he needs to know how she feels about having him in her life.

“Listen if Mr.Stark didn’t care about you he wouldn’t be trying so hard to be in your life. I mean he wanted to take you to school and pick you up today. He wants to make up every year he’s missed, I mean who wouldn’t you’re amazing Y/N”

“You really think I’m amazing Pete?”

“ Yea I do. Not to ruin the moment and all but you should call Mr.Stark and tell him where you are it 9:00pm right now “

“Yea wouldn’t want him to kill you spiderling”


You got off Peters bed and went too grab your phone from your backpack next to the door. You just got you phone out when you turn back to Peter and see him all in shock.

“H-How… Where did you hear that from?”

“Come on Pete my dad is Tony Stark you really think I just thought you were one of this interns.”

“ What are you talking about I’m just his intern.”

“ Ok whatever you say Bug Boy……Hey dad …. Yea I know….. Time just flow by so fast….. What do you mean you’re not here where are you?…… Why are you in Brazil?….yea I’ll ask … yea see you later”

“ What happened? Why is he in Brazil?”

“ He said Avenger stuff and he wanted me to ask if it’s ok that I stay the night and that he will pick me up in the morning”

“ Umm yea I don’t think May would mind you know she loves you.”

“Thanks Pete… umm can I borrow a shirt please?”

“ Yea you can pick whichever one you want. I gonna call May and tell her what’s going on I’ll be back.”

The next morning

“So you’re telling me this is how they would sleep when her mother would let her sleep over? Don’t you think this is a bad thing?”

“Calm down Mr.Stark nothing has ever happened. I mean look at the they look so cute. You know I have always taken a picture of them whenever they would sleep over I have all of them plus some more of them when they were growing up, If you ever want to see them. Well see Y/N growing up.”

“ I would like that May thank you very much, why don’t you get them and I’ll wake her up and get her ready to go.”

“No let them sleep I can show you some videos I have from Y/N 6th birthday”

“Umm okay and are you sure they’re ok like this?”

“Yes they are, now come on I want to show you how Y/C/E her eyes we're”