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Anthropofagia — cultural cannibalism — is a concept based on an essay published by the poet and father of Brazilian modernism, Oswald de Andrade. A passage from that “Manifesto Antropofagico” reads:

“Only cannibalism unites us. Socially. Economically. Philosophically. The unique law of the world. The masked expression of all individualism and collective movement.”

Brazilian “percussionista” Cyro Baptista has applied this philosophy to create ingenious music for more than five decades.

“Everything that comes from outside,” he says. “We eat and we digest and regurgitate and eat again and again and again. That’s what happened in Brazil, and now that’s what happened with all of us, no? Like we all eating each other. We have Facebook, the tweet — all of that is a food plate.”

Musical Cannibalism With Cyro Baptista

Video: NPR Music

Bangtan arrived in Brazil safely ❤️

despite what happened, i know some armys were sad bc they couldn’t see them at the airport, knowing this was their only chance (considering most can’t attend the concert), it was the right thing to do, they left from another exit that wasn’t crowded, and got to their hotel safely, this was the common security procedures considering how famous bangtan are here, there was 2000+ armys at the airport waiting to see them, unfortunately they didn’t, but it was for the best, so now they can rest. They now have a concert here tomorrow (March 19) and another one on Monday (March 20). I hope everyone attending enjoy ❤️🇧🇷.

10 things every American should do to know Latín America

1. Get to know its geography: South America and México are certainly not the same thing, yet Latin America and México are.
2. Read latin american newspapers.
3. Read our countries’ history. Regardless of your political views, open your mind to countries that work way different than yours.
4. Get to know our countries’ political situations. You don’t have to be able to name every president by heart, but at least be informed about current issues. Do you know what’s happening in Brazil? Heard about the missing people in México? Ecuadors earthquake? Read!
5. Delete all stereotypes you have in mind about latinos. Really, most of the time they limit your view on us.
6. Read latin american literature. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mario Vargas Llosa, Julio Cortázar, Jorge Luis Borges, Eduardo Galeano, Alfonsina Storni and so many more! Research.
7. Listen to latin american music. Not everything is Shakira or some girl singing half-english-half-spanishcatchysongs. I’m argentinian and our local rock'n roll is simply amazing. Also, brazilian music is really amazing, as well as many other countries’ music. The internet is your ally. Or just listen to Shakira’s first 3 albums, at least.
8. Get yourself into our economical situation. It’s pretty fucked up tbh, but get your own conclusions
9. Learn some spanish and portuguese. Most bilingual latín american people are pretty good at english, so make your effort to learn our languages.
10. Travel to Latin America. I can assure you that our culture is so rich and so varied. It’s your continent too: enjoy it. And learn to love and respect it.


I went to BTS concert yesterday in São Paulo and… it was amazing! I cried like a child! I don’t have lungs anymore and my feet are killing me but it was all worth it! They spoke in portuguese!! And now kard just said that they’re going to drop a exclusive brazilian album like whaaat??!! IDK what happened for them to invest so much in Brazil, but I’m taking all in!!

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im kinda late but what happened in brazil ?? sorry

basically a lot of fans went to see bts at the airport but security thought it was safer for them to go out a different exit so the fans didnt get to see them

Like, I want to blog about what’s happening in Brazil but it’s so awful and surreal even. I can’t find the words. The ministries of Culture, Agrarian Development, Science and Technology, Women, Racial Equality and Human Rights have all been eliminated. That was one of the first things the junta did. Like, what they’re doing is so blatant and it parallels 64 so eerily. Never did I imagine we’d see this again, that my grandparents would have to live this again.

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I am confused, what happened in the airport in Brazil?

A LOT Brazil ARMYs came to the airport to greet BTS. I mean like thousands, but security made BTS go through the other exit because they weren’t expecting that many people. So they all stood there and waited for hours for no reason. 😕 Fans were really upset and crying and it was just really sad

A pretty fucking long text about white men wrecking havoc on Brazilian politics

NOW NOW MY FRIENDS, MY COMRADES, WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING IN BRAZIL AND WHY ARE WE FREAKING OUT (at least, some of us, who are actually interested in politcs in this god damn country).

it’s kind of hard to imagine, but i’ll give it a go: Brazil’s a pretty fucking big country, stretching over almost the entire south area of the American continent. SO yeah, it’s hard to get everyone to agree and converge to one single political opinion.

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A Sad Day

I’m making a post about what happened today in Brazil because it is quite horrible and bizarre.

Today our politicians voted the impeachment process to remove Dilma from the presidency.

What happens is that Dilma is not proved guilty and there weren’t investigations to prove if she is involved in corruption. Resuming: most politicians want to retire her without reasons.

Most of Brazilian politicians that voted yes for the impeachment are involved in corruption or even worse: slave work, homophobic attitudes, racism or even OPENLY SUPPORTS torture. They are a reflex of our retrograde society and represent big companies that profit from labor exploitation. 

And most people who celebrates it are manipulated by the media or are “good citizens” just like Donald Trump or our famous Jair Bolsonaro.

Our country never experienced long periods of democracy. Today we saw the consequences of the military dictatorship. Today was a sad day for Brazil, a sad day for democracy and a sad day for human rights.


I’ve been trying to explain to you all what is happening here in Brazil. It’s pretty hard to explain to a foreigner our messy laws and politics, but I just found an amazing video that explains everything.

This is pretty serious and EVERYONE should watch this. 

Brazil Is Crashing And Everyone Should Take Notice

The chart above shows the Brazilian ETF EWZ. It just recently closed at its lowest level since 2005. Brazilian equities are now one of the worst performing assets of the year – down about 20% when denominated in U.S. dollars. 

So what exactly is happening? One big problem is the global demand for Brazil’s goods. It’s slowing down. They’re a large exporter of sugar, coffee, ore and oil. But all of the above assets are down 20% over the last year. It’s crumbling Brazil’s economy.

The once poster child of emerging market growth and prosperity is facing an impending crisis. It’s time to start watching this.