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Hi @disastergirl​ ! It is I, your GF SS! Sorry it took so long to get this story out, but I really wanted it to be the best it could be. It wound up not getting smutty, but I’m sure you can see some implication that a little something-something went on over the weekend. Anyway, I hope you had a great Christmas, and that next year brings you all the happiness you deserve! :)

Again, a huge thank you to @ilovemesomekillianjones for being my beta!

Weekend Getaway

When Emma discovers her old friend-turned-rival is going on their alumni ski trip, she enlists Killian’s help to show her best frenemy that she’s not a complete screw up.

“Killian?” Emma nervously played with her napkin, as she waited for him to respond. Honestly, it was the worst place to ask him anything, what with the music being so loud, and the threat of Robin and David returning at any moment. But she needed to do this, needed his help. If anyone would help her out in a jam like this, it was her best friend, Killian Jones.

“Yes, love?” he asked, his attention half on her, half on the rum and coke he was drinking.

Maybe she should have waited until after he’d finished taking a drink, but the words just shot out of her mouth without a second thought. “I need you to marry me.”

The bartender shot them a dirty look when Killian started choking. Emma slapped his back a couple times, hoping she didn’t just kill her friend. “I’m sorry,” he coughed, “come again?” He waved the irritated bartender away, and started tending to the mess he’d made on the bar.

“Not…for real,” she said, realizing she should have made that part clear from the start. “But I need a cover…”

He interrupted, and she knew that he understood exactly what was going on. “Love, you’ve really got to stop this ridiculous competition with Regina.”

Well, it wasn’t a competition. Not really. Emma may have kissed Regina’s boyfriend in high school, (how was she to know Regina and Graham were secretly dating?) and inadvertently started World War III in the process. It may have ended with Regina calling her a few choice names, and wishing some pretty horrible things for her, before proceeding to ignore her for the remainder of their senior year. “Please?” she begged. “I can’t let her find out I’m a complete screw up.”

“You’re not a complete screw up,” he informed her.

Okay, maybe not, but that’s not how Regina would see it. “If she finds out I got knocked up, and dropped out of school-”

“To raise a beautiful little boy, who is the light of your life,” Killian interrupted again. He looked at her, as if waiting for her to argue that particular point. When she didn’t say a word, he continued. “So you dropped out of college. You’re a bloody deputy. I’d say you’re doing rather well for yourself.”

“She’ll have a field day anyway,” Emma mumbled. “It’s just for the weekend, Killian.” Their annual alumni ski trip was right around the corner, and this year, Regina Mills had decided to step away from her fancy life in France to make an appearance.

“Okay, love,” he agreed, “I suppose now we need to come up with a story?”

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Well, I predicted an early March birth with a mid March announcement. So I nearly got it right😉 Funny thing is, Hiddles got more of a mention than SH, and it being Mother's Day and all😂 Anyway, in more exciting news, I just got tickets to see David Tennant in Don Juan in Soho next month😁 Hope everyone's having a good weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all the mummy's. I'm treating my mum to a cinema date to see Beauty and the Beast☺ - 50/50 Anon.

I’m sooooo glad you noticed the same thing I did with regards to the Fail article 50/50 Anon.

In more interesting news, I’m GREEN WITH ENVY over your tickets to see David Tennant as Don Juan next month.  From what I’ve read and seen in pictures, it seems like you’re in for a great treat!!!

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Blog Recommendation Meme | status: closed


It’s been a seriously long time coming with this one. I have no idea why it took me so long to follow, but I’m glad I did! We’re still fairly new to one another, but what interaction I have had has been fantastic. I’ve seen other threads of theirs and their David/James is exceptionally well written — it’s obvious they take great care with their muses. 

I very much look forward to writing more with this mun, and making sweet, sweet angst harmony together :D

@captaindashingrapscallion / @despxratesouls

I’ve said this many times, I don’t follow many Killians for reasons (none of which are personal) but this is one of very few exceptions — and for good reason! So well written and cared for, really a treat to behold; I’m a little bit stupidly happy about the split!Killian thread, tbh. 

Their Brennan, though… let me tell you. I feel almost bad about how much abuse he’s taken from me like a champ. Heads up to all the Jones’, top notch dad right there. 


The real Victoria Smurfit. You will not find a more accurately represented Cruella De Vil — don’t even bother looking. Steph’s got everything you could ever want in one hot mess of a package. Grade A mun and muse. 

I thought I’d be more inflamed about this whole Wish!Robin storyline and Regina’s once again crumbling hope in a happy ending, but no. Like, yeah, I’m salty AF that she never gets what everyone else seems to get so easily, but that is nothing right now, compared the Killian & David’s Dad curve ball.

Seriously, show. I mean, I don’t ship Captain Swan so that’s not what I’m worried about (in that, I’m not against it, I’m indifferent. Basically I’m indifferent to any ship that doesn’t involve Regina and her happiness, anything else can happen peripherally and idgaf.) But why, why? did they have to do that to Killian? (side note: I ❤︎ Killian)

He has just come good, he’s just becoming the good pirate he wants to be, he’s got this good thing going on with Emma and a great blossoming bro-ship with David and they go and unnecessarily give him the guilt of having killed David’s father. WTF. Why is that even necessary?! Like, they have plenty of other bullshit going on, but that relationship was PURE AF. WHY ruin my favourite bros? Why? They already had Robin taken from them. (And that’s almost nearly as heartbreaking as Regina having Robin taken from her).

It’s not even fair. Now if Killian throws out the pages, August is gonna be all innocently like ‘but I gave them to you’ and Killian will be like ‘da fuq you did’ *side eye david nervously* and I’m gonna be so pissed if this becomes a ‘thing’ between them.

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Max-  This place is the best, Victoria’s my girlfriend, Warren fucked off, David’s a bus driver instead of a security guard and Chloe’s finally happy =). I mean it’s perfect

Victoria - I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’m glad that you’re here too…….

Max - You know, this is so great that I should take a picture for the occasion 

‘looks around’ 

Max - Victoria………

Victoria - Yes Maxine ?

Max- Where’s my camera ?

Victoria ? Camera ? Why would you have a camera ? You hate photography 

Max- Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! GET ME OUT OF THIS CRAZY DIMENSION !!! ‘falls into fetal position’


Happy birthday, Errol Flynn! | 20th June 1909 - 14th October 1959

Now my name was simply associated with sex. I was a male Mae West, as it were. Me, Errol Leslie Thompson Flynn, son of the respectable biologist, student of Darwin, lover of culture - and nothing that I had wanted had happened. Instead I was in a swamp of Flynn jokes, dirty stories, snide innuendoes.’ - Errol Flynn

‘He was a charming and magnetic man, but so tormented. I don’t know what about.’ - Olivia de Havilland

The great thing about Errol was - you always knew precisely where you stood with him, because he always let you down. He let himself down too…’ - David Niven


quinn james in every episode

↳7.02 What Are You Willing to Lose ♔ “One night in New York, I went to go see Spring Lake with some friends. And after, we took the subway to this ridiculous open mic night in Brooklyn. And we watched these horrible performers who for whatever reason had to get on stage and be seen and heard. And as I’m watching them, I’m thinking that I understand them. You know, they were messy and unsure and maybe a little confused but…but they were doing what they needed to do. You know, what their hearts needed them to do. And then David called my cell phone and I didn’t want to answer. You know there was a time when he would’ve been sitting right there and I would have loved that. But he hasn’t been that guy in a while. You guys are great together, you were really happy. And then one day we weren’t. And I know there’s supposed to be some big important reason why, but there’s not. It’s just a feeling that I have that this isn’t what I want for the rest of my life.″


“I don’t know where I’m going but I promise I won’t bore you." 

Today is the birthday of a person who continues to inspire me each and every day of my life. His music, his originality and himself shows me that no matter what character he may impersonate on stage, he will always be David Robert Jones, the man who stole our hearts.

Happy birthday my love, I hope you have a great one. 

Rossi: All right, fine. I’m a decent poker player, but I can’t promise that I can stay in the game long enough to–
Prentiss: You know what, I bet you’re a great poker player, but what if we sent in Reid?
Reid: I am banned from casinos in Las Vegas, Laughlin, and Pahrump because of my card-counting ability.
Rossi: I know I’m not a genius like Boy Wonder here, but poker is not black jack. It’s about bluffing, reading human nature, head games. It’s not math.
Reid: That’s not entirely accurate. There actually is a mathematical equation for knowing when to raise and when to fold. If P represents the size of the pot at the time of play, the P times N minus 1 with N representing the estimated number of players at the final round of betting–
Rossi: Ok, fine, I surrender! Just try not to lose all of my money.
—  David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Spencer Reid. Season 7 Episode 13. Final Criminal Minds quote of the day for 2014!

“Every single player gave everything on the pitch and it is a great result for Paris the city and Paris the club. We deserved it and even in the last minute we tried to play football.”
“This is what can be achieved when the team has this feeling. When you can look each other in the eye and say, ‘We can do this, let’s believe until the end.”
“I’m sorry for the emotion I showed [after scoring the goal]. It was difficult for me because I was so happy to win but I was also so happy at Chelsea. All the supporters and every single person in the club tried to help me from my first day at Chelsea to the last day.
"We will try and win the [UEFA] Champions League but we know there is a long way to go and we will try and keep our feet on the floor.”

Happy Sigh from the Front Row

I had the great pleasure and nearly unbelievable opportunity to go see David Tennant tonight, for free, as part of the Screen Actors Guild Conversations on Broadway series.  All credit and love must go to @fomagranfalloon, who told me about the event in the first place.  I was so excited, but kept thinking that something was going to fall through or that it was all a crazy dream…

In the front row. For two hours.

Below the cut is a collection of what I was able to remember on my subway ride home, but ask me questions to jog my memory!  I can probably remember more!

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i’m nothing but happy over david bowie now, looking back on the mid 70s im so happy he lived through that and died old with a fricking goodbye album and a seemingly great personal life like. what a life what a career

Just A Fantasy

David and Rachel had been dating for some time now after the curse had been broken, they were happy together and always had a great time no matter what. Surprisingly to him she was the wild and crazy one in bed, and he loved that about her. Everytime was a new and wild adventure, she had always been the one to try out new kinks and ways of having fun in the bedroom. But Charming had something he was hiding at his house, they had only gone to her place because he was afraid to show her what he liked and wanted to try with her.

Today though was going to be the day that he was going to show her and come clean with her about his secret want, his fantasy. He had called her over to his place when she was ready and he would show her. He had been all pins and needles waiting for her to come that he nearly jumped though the ceiling when she knocked on his door. “Hey sweetheart.” he said with a smile as he answered the door and let her in. xxslavecowxx

what happened in 2005
  • Bowie: alright guys I was sick but listen I still make music, don't worry! So happy to be back on track!
  • fans: great! release it!
  • Bowie: *releases "(She Can) Do That"
  • fans: srsly Bowie wtf old man
  • Bowie: You ungrateful fuckers
  • fans: hoe
  • Bowie: y'all gonna pay
  • fans: don't do it
  • Bowie: *retires (temporarily)*