what's good nyc!

They say that the heart wants what it wants, or maybe that’s just something I heard on Spotify the other day.

Regardless, sometimes the heart really influences you into making decisions that are based on too many feelings and not grounded on anything well thought out, perhaps not even grounded in facts for those who tend to think their feelings are (false) indicators of truths. The brain, on the other hand, sometimes overthinks and constantly goes over scenarios in potentially destructive ruminative ways.

I’m more guilty of acting with my head too much so I’m now trying to become more aware of my gut, that kind of instinctual drive that is based on the culmination of everything I know and feel.

Don’t confuse that with your stomach though. Gluttony can definitely override your heart and brain sometimes. Earlier, I wanted some popcorn chicken, and then I even went inside a takeout to look at the menu until I came to my senses and told myself how my MyFitnessPal entry for the day will be in the red if I consumed something so greasy and crunchy and delectable and…

Err…anyway, I walked out that store feeling like a winner, but ever since you’ve been out of my life, things haven’t been the same.