what's gonna be next


I woke up thinkin of my father and what type of man he was
Would he be proud of me even tho my pride is dipped in love
I know I’m different,I know I live my life for another
I know I love a woman that says she can’t feel shit,so when I hear her the feelings go deeper then I tell her she the Realest
Compliments me so well,like the henny that give plenty reasons to prove to niggas that used To say I’ll never go there
Go where ? To that plateau that I’m steady reaching for
Give the Hood Quotables
Life lessons to live by
We the ones noticing
Living for money is one track for the mind
So you conquer then divide
What’s next how you gonna survive ?
In the middle of these four walls plottin my next decision So I’ll never fall off
Of course momma used to say everything will be okay
I’m gettin older can still bet my life on those words
Can I still maintain faith when I ain’t been coming out first
Never doubt a angel that’s how u end up being cursed
Or worse from birth you just destined for pain
Needles in your veins
Doctors constantly telling you that u near ya end game
That’s why I still pray
Even tho life is a bitch and God is a woman who’s answer
Will be “You should allready know”
Like I’m a mind reader
Like I knew my destiny before I started breathing
Like I ain’t hear my brother tell one of his friends that I was genius
That pressures the meanest
I lift it up and break record’s of my personal best
You’ll always think someone is better if u ain’t beleaving u next
It took a while to invest
In this love for myself that’s shinning brighter now
If my parents was a alive would they be proud

@alkja replied to your post: okay so Accidental Pirate Obi Wan is wonderful and…

Anakin is going to run to his soaps for advice on what to do when a charming scoundrel who you’re supposed to be enemies with is hitting on you (or maybe he hits on everyone? what if he’s not special? is he in a True Love or a tawdry seduction scenario? does he even care?) because soaps clearly hold the truths of the universe and it’s going to be hilarious.

Hahahahahaha oh, this is DELIGHTFUL. Anakin’s gonna be sitting there reviewing all his shows and all the romance novels we all know he reads while humming Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” to himself, desperately trying to figure out what’s going on and what his next move should be. 

Sheev’s gonna be pissed when he finds out Vader basically bailed out mid-mission to go watch soap operas because his target was too handsome and he was making Vader feel ways about things. 


Goryeo’s Best Dressed: Hae Soo as the King’s Woman

alec had to admit, when magnus casually mentioned that alec should show him a few things about archery on a sunny tuesday morning in the target range of the institute, alec had felt a kind of smug pride burn in his chest. the sunlight had been filtering through the windows, catching bits of dust and catching at the tips of magnus’s spiked up hair and he looked… breathtaking. but more than that there was this amused kind of darkness around his eyes as he said it so casually, while alec still had an arrow nocked.

“what do you say?” magnus had finished with, tipping his head to the side slightly, leaning against one of the pillars. and alec was pretty sure his grin was blinding as he eagerly responded.

“i’d love to.”

maybe if he hadn’t been so smug he would have seen the mirth twinkling in magnus’s eyes but instead his pride eclipsed him and he turned back to the target, letting his arrow fly. it hit dead center and at that moment he felt entirely invincible if he was honest with himself.

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Here’s Kingsglaive!Gladio.

Prompto | Luna

earlier this year i did extremely brief descriptions of the new/full moons just because but never shared so…

full moons

march 12th - healing but feels wronged
april 11th - change, change, change
may 10th - passionate and relationship-oriented
june 9th - childish
august 7th - condescending
september 6th - euphoric
october 5th - ostracizing
november 4th - love on the edge
december 3rd - destructive and nostalgic

new moons

march 27th - soulfully liberated, purpose oriented
april 26th - unknowingly demanding, unsure whats gonna happen next
may 25th - vastly abundant but suppressing, to act or not to act on opportunities
june 23rd - lonely, confused, risky
july 23rd - dramatic and blatantly erratic
august 21st - wising up
september 20th - communicative, a bit hazy
october 19th - ABSOLUTE MADNESS
november 18th - social justice
december 18th - cunning