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Live Young, Die Fast (1/?)

for queseraawesome, please enjoy my first-ever foray into rvb fic

In a different world, a different time, South receives the Epsilon AI.

South, you don’t know why they gave you Epsilon, but once he’s razed through the field of your mind, you came to understand it as just another way of the world giving you the middle-finger salute.

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ugh can i just say

i find it so frustrating when the audience knows a lot more about what’s happening on a show than the characters who are going through it

it just takes away a bit of the excitement to keep watching when you’re not waiting to understand what happening but instead to see how they’re going to deal with it until they figure everything out

it’s like tv shows that show you the scene of a crime in the beginning and then show the investigation for the rest of the episode. to me it’s so much more interesting when you have no idea what actually happened and you’re thrilled to find out along with the characters

for starters, they’re going to fuck up and you’re just gonna sit there and eyeroll since you’ve known all along that their assumptions were wrong

not to mention that, in long-term storylines, plenty of fans will end up judging a characters’ actions based on the knowledge only the audience has, instead of looking at it through the character’s point of view and think about how you’d expect them to react in the situation with what they’ve got, even though it’s inevitable you’ll be be somewhat biased because you do have that knowledge.

basically, as much as it’s frustrating to have to wait to get information and answers, i find that much more interesting than watching to count how many mistakes the characters will make based on wrong assumptions until they figure out what’s really happening.

This is just awesome.

foxtv please renew The Mindy Project!

They’ve managed to make couplehood interesting after the “will they won’t they” tension is over. And now they’re turning pregnancy into something we’ve never really seen before on TV. Can you only imagine what they’re gonna do with a baby next year???

Thanks juliet-sans-romeo for the link!!!

neonkid53 asked:

Y did u stop playing tuboe dismount and whats the next series your gana play

It got boring.

I never know what the next series im gonna play is. I start lots of new series all the time

anonymous asked:

Everyday I see all These Feminist posts on tumblr and I think: "Yeah. Thats exactly what it is. I'm gonna use this point in my next Argument with a boy." the next day I try to stand up to all my guyfriends but I can't stand my Point. I say something and they turn it down. They say I shouldnt break my pretty head about something so difficult. And the worst thing is, that I do it. I Keep quite. But I'm tired of crying in my bed at the end of the day and curse myself for being their Little princess

Huh, you know I was at a party once. I did get a little drunk just a little. And then I got into argument with some fucked up sexist, homophobic shit dick and i punched him in the face and apparently I spilled vodka at him and yelled at him for like half an hour and he avoided me the  whole night. 
Your guyfriends are piece of shit. You are amazing girl you should teach you friends about feminism and impostant things like that :) you goo gurl. Try and learn how to speak with confidence. Good god I can’t speak with confidence it was just a little alcohol that kinda helped me, but don’t get drunk bc of that. Stay cool.

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Hey! I'm so loving the show and just wanted to say a thanks for making such consistently good telly. I haven't been this excited for a superhero based show in a while, and can't wait to see what's gonna be going down next in arrow! And I'm only realising now that this is less of a question and more gushing praise

I’ll take it!  Thank you for the kind words!




#this is sort of a bonus #because this might be my favorite part of dialogue in this fucking beautiful sequence #because #he just got kissed by the girl of his dreams #its probably nothing how he pictured it #yet more than he could have ever hoped for #because all the feelings he ever hoped would be there #were there #but most importantly #he is STILL in awe of her #he just compliments her #as he always has #as he finds her amazing #but this time its different #because she’s actually listening #and her reaction to it is beautiful #making her also suddenly see him in a different light #dont talk to me anymore

UNUSUAL HOARD commission for ranakanth of their oc, who im told is pretty skilled in crafting jewelry