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Omg literally exo is wild this year like first chen with the blonde hair and now chanyeol with bubble gum pink, is d.o gonna have purple highlights next or what



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songs to inspire you to dance like no one’s watching or sing like no one’s listening.

sex / the 1975 ; cool girl / tove lo ; don’t kill my vibe / sigrid ; thinkin bout you / frank ocean ; american teen / khalid ; slide / calvin harris ft. migos, frank ocean ; now or never / halsey ; the cure / lady gaga ; 1 night / mura masa ft charli xcx ; good girls / LANY ; snap out of it / arctic monkeys ; what’s it gonna be? / shura

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alec had to admit, when magnus casually mentioned that alec should show him a few things about archery on a sunny tuesday morning in the target range of the institute, alec had felt a kind of smug pride burn in his chest. the sunlight had been filtering through the windows, catching bits of dust and catching at the tips of magnus’s spiked up hair and he looked… breathtaking. but more than that there was this amused kind of darkness around his eyes as he said it so casually, while alec still had an arrow nocked.

“what do you say?” magnus had finished with, tipping his head to the side slightly, leaning against one of the pillars. and alec was pretty sure his grin was blinding as he eagerly responded.

“i’d love to.”

maybe if he hadn’t been so smug he would have seen the mirth twinkling in magnus’s eyes but instead his pride eclipsed him and he turned back to the target, letting his arrow fly. it hit dead center and at that moment he felt entirely invincible if he was honest with himself.

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Prompto | Luna

fluttering bright eyes, overalls, giggles, music in the car, woodchips at the park, sunshine, swingsets, swirly slides, blowing bubbles, scraped knees, bandaids, grass stains, zoo pals paper plates, sippy cups, car rides, jumbo coloring books, color coded crayons, stickers on everything, playdoh, washed hands, colorful utensils, plastic plates, full tummies, heavily loved stuffed animals, watching your favorite movie, footed pajamas, yawns, “I’m not tired"s, sleepy eyes, peaceful dreams

it’s choro’s month!! so I plan give Choro the love he deserves ♥♥