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Why did they now decided to give him a new name. The more Diabolik Lovers goes on theres so many things that start to make less and less sense. I contemplate about leaving this fandom.

I dunno…you shouldn’t take Rejet too seriously…like what are they gonna do next? Are they going to tell me Ruki’s real name is Justin Bieber?

im a baby im a big baby and i’m upset about hannibal and i can’t shut up about it

like??? i’m still so bothered by the things bryan fuller said lmao like “it’s not brokeback mountain” it seems to gross to me??????? i spent 2 days being really happy about the finale and all like yes my favourite ship is canon then i have to read bs like “including a kiss is fan service-y” and “will is straight” for the 100th time i am so angry at this that i thought to myself that i’m happy that the show is over because i couldn’t go thru another season of no homo!

but i’m also so fake!! bc i would watch another season nvm what like this show is my fave show for 3 years and it is so important to me and idk what i’m gonna do without another season next year and i’m so upset and all the cast is so great, and i met so many friends thru it and i’m so upset and bitter about all of this i’m just so sad

i want it to go on??????????????? but stop with this no homo shit every time i still want this show in my life i am pathetically over reacting to this i am just so sad idk

(pretends I didn’t spend the past few hours crying my eyes out over morty) you know, life sure is a wild ride. A real bag of chex mix. ya never know what piece you’re gonna pick out next, and I my friends have just picked out the big brown circle

I’ve been thinking about the Punk!Will and Pastel!Nico thing a lot and I’m mixed. On the one hand, I hate the idea of Punk!Will. I can’t see it in any way without having to change the core of who he is.

On the other hand, I love the idea of Pastel!Nico. I can just imagine him coming out of his depressed shell and finding a love of soft colours. Like, he’s still depressed, because tat shit just doesn’t go away, but little touches here and there. A blue scarf, a pink wristband, a purple belt. Things like that. Never full on pastel, but enough that he knows it’s there. It makes him feel good when he wears it, and he looks forward to what he’s gonna wear the next day.

Eventually he starts to pick out colours depending on his mood and Will starts to notice. Like, “oh, it’s a blue day”, and acts accordingly.

Oh no. Now I need to write it.

Okay. So. They just announced they added Rupert Grint to the Fan Expo lineup. And I sat in front of my computer silently screaming.

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What is life, honestly? I don’t how I’m gonna survive next weekend.

I’m gonna try and talk to my coworkers about it and they’re just not gonna care.

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In which, I am Stitch.

But next week, I’m meeting Tom Felton, the Phelps twins and Rupert Grint. And my coworkers will think there’s something wrong with me. But, don’t even care because

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I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or, who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people. I figure life’s a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it. You don’t know what hand you’re gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you… to make each day count.

roadtrips with jihoon would include
  • singing along to cheesy road trips songs
  • making you drive most of the way because he is too lazy
  • stopping by almost every tank station to buy candy
  • ‘’are we there yet?’’
  • ‘’wake me up when we’re there’’
  • feeding him while it was his turn to drive so he could stay awake
  • a lot of holding hands
  • you opening a window and sticking your head outside
  • jihoon being scared to death that you were gonna get your head cut off
  • ‘’take a left here- no no no, kEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE WHEEL’’
  • ‘’we’re gonna die, we’re gonna die’’
  • him watching you sleep peacefully on the passenger seat
  • stopping the car when it gets dark so you could cuddle on the backseat

get to know me meme | [1/10] favorite musiciands/bands: marina and the diamonds

I’m on a stage where i’m not sure where i’m gonna go next because one what you want to happen actually ends up happening is very satisfying gracefully but also create some space for you to do something else”

Hockey Luke (Chapter Nineteen)

this chapter is kind of short and maybe kinda boring and tbh i have no idea what it is but yes pls read and the next chapters gonna be wild oops #nospoilers

so please dont hate me anyway yeah bye

chapter one | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four | chapter five | chapter six | chapter seven |chapter eight | chapter nine | chapter ten | chapter eleven | chapter twelve | chapter thirteen | chapter fourteen | chapter fifteen | chapter sixteen | chapter seventeen | chapter eighteen


“Thanks a lot.”

“You very welcome.” I grinned up at Calum as we appeared next to me by my locker. He just gave me an unamused glare, rolling his eyes and crossing his arms over his chest. “What’s wrong with you?” I asked still an amused tone in my voice.

“The guys on the team teased me.” He grumbled, looking down at his feet. I raised my eyebrows in mock surprise, shutting my locker. “What happened?”

“It’s because of my nails that you painted. They made fun of me.” He muttered, starting to walk with me down the halls towards the exit. It was finally Friday (also the day of the game) but I wasn’t really sure if I was going to that.

“Aw Cal,” I cooed wrapping an arm around him. “I think you look great.” I said, looking at his hand. “I know right?” He said, making a smile perk up on my lips. “Y’know,” I said, smile growing. “You’re like their boss man, and you can like, control them so fuck ‘em.” I saw a smile starting to perk up on the corner of his lips as I spoke.

“So are you going to go home first or straight to the game?” Cal asked me, changing the subject. “Uhm,” I hesitated, not really sure how to tell him that I had no desire to go at all. “I don’t know Cal…” I trailed off. “Y/N,” Calum whined, tugging at my arm. “Are you not going?”

“I,” I stuttered, “I don’t know.” He gave me a look. “Please Y/N? It’s kind of a big game. Please?” He pleased, jutting his bottom lip out in a pout. “Cal,”

“I know that there’s like a million people that you don’t want to see there.” He cut you off. “But please? You don’t have to even talk to anyone. I promise that you can stick with me the entire night.” He said, and I was tempted to say yes.

“Fine.” I muttered, smile threatening to break out on my lips when I saw his face light up. “But let me go home first.” I said, as he wrapped his arms around me, thanking me a million times. “Yay!” He exclaimed, telling me that he’d meet me at the rink because he had to get there right away.

So I went home, mentally preparing myself for the game. Maybe I was thinking too much about this, because I was probably just going to sit on the bleachers and watch the game, maybe yell out a few things as they played and cheer for whoever won. Actually no, I was only going to cheer if my team won because there was no way in hell I was going to cheer to Mark’s team.

So I headed to the rink, letting my parents know that I was going to watch the game and that there was an eighty percent chance that I wouldn’t be home for dinner. They were used to me being out with the hockey team, and it’s not like my family minded since all of them were big hockey enthusiasts.

There were already a number of people at the rink; friends and some family always came to the games. I knew there was no chance that I was going to be seeing Calum before the game, so I simply headed over to the entrance of the bleachers. I always sat in the box with the coach, since I had special connections with the team. The coach did consider me the assistant after all.

Before I had a chance to get to my spot, I heard Calum’s familiar voice calling my name. “I thought that you bailed out!” He exclaimed, running over to hug me once again. “Jesus Cal,” I laughed, pushing him off. “Why would I bail out?”

“I don’t know.” He shrugged, letting me go. “I’m kinda nervous.” He confessed, without a single pause of silence. “You know that if we lose we get kicked out, right?”

“You’ll do great Cal.” I assured, giving him a soothingly (at least I hoped it was soothing) arm pat. “You’re like the best player on the team.” He scoffed at my words. “You know that Hemmings told me that you said the same thing to him.”

“What?” I asked, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. “I mean,” Calum continued speaking. “I know that you guys were like together at some point or something and I know that I’m not supposed to talk about it.” What the hell was he on about. “And you probably said it because you wanted him to stick it to you or something-”

“Cal!” I exclaimed, slapping his arm. “Sorry, sorry.” Calum laughed. “I’m just nervous. I’ll shut up now. But seriously, your little boyfriend looks all sulky. You should like, make out with him a bit.”

I wanted to remind him that this wasn’t my favorite subject but I felt bad because I’m sure Calum was sick about hearing about this. “I already did.” Was all I said. “What?” His eyebrows raised in confusion. “I already made out with him a little.”

“Y/N!” He exclaimed, eyes wide. “You never told me! When?” He was starting to draw attention to us with his loud exclamations. “A few nights ago. Here actually. At the rink.”

“Did he bang you against the lockers or something? I’m sorry.” He said, before I could yell at him again. “I’ll shut up. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. But seriously, you do you. Make out with him all you want. I should go, I need to stretch.”

“Good luck.” I smiled at him, watching him walk through the doors to the changing rooms. As soon as I saw him walk away, it was like someone another person was supposed to pop up. Because at that moment Mark seemed to appear out of thin air. “Hey, I thought I’d see you here.” He smiled. Why was he being so cheery.

“Are you still with blondie?” He asked, not eve giving me a chance to speak up. “Why do you care?” Was all I decided to say. “Just wondering.” He shrugged. “I don’t know. I was thinking about last year, and about you and me. I don’t know.”

I stopped him there. “Not happening.”

I almost wanted to laugh out loud. What the hell was his problem. Seriously, it was like there couldn’t be a single simple thing in my life. “Seriously, just like. Walk away.” I made little waving motions with my hands. “Okay, okay.” He raised his hands in defense.

And like I said before, everything seemed to be on cue. Because next I saw Luke. Mark was still standing in front of me. He saw the both of us as he walked past, towards the changing room where Calum had previously disappeared into. I found myself watching him walk by, like he had me in a trance. His eyebrows knotted together, look of confusion lacing his face.

I looked away, still surprised to see Mark standing in front of me. “I would say it was great to see you again. But that would be a very big lie, and don’t really like lying a lot. And I would say good luck for the game, but I really hope you lose.”

God, Calum better be happy that I had come. The game hadn’t even started yet, and I already felt a headache starting to form.