what's depressing is that no one i know irl watches the same shows as me

the ‘no longer human’ (2010) that you probably haven’t seen (and nakahara chuuya’s significant role in dazai osamu’s life)

You read that right. ‘Ningen shikkaku’, or as we know it, ‘No Longer Human’ had a movie that came out on 2010, directed by Genjiro Arato and starring Toma Ikuta as Oba Yozo (and to a lesser extent, Dazai Osamu). 

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Genocide: Asgore, Toriel and Papyrus(Personality analysis. I owe it to them )

Would be disrespectful to the characters doing this route with nothing to take away from it. (I hope this will be my last and that I don’t have the resolve to continue)

TLDR: You can feel Asgore’s pain when it comes to killing full force.

You completely break Toriel’s world views and core personality, forcing her to realise just what exactly Asgore has to face in the most unpleasant way possible.

Papyrus is neither dumb nor a loser. Guy’s smart,wise and positive, just a ditz. Easily the strongest emotionally.

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92 Truths

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L A S T …

Admin Baka: Coffee
Admin SM: Water.
Admin Kit: Tea.

Admin Baka: Work
Admin SM: Admin Baka.
Admin Kit: No one calls me.

Admin Baka: My friend.
Admin SM: Forced Love.
Admin Kit: My lovely bank informing me about my balance for the week– not something I liked receiving.

Admin Baka: Ed Sheeran - Photograph 
Admin SM: Admin Baka’s version of Secret by OneRepublic.
Admin Kit: Omg I kind of don’t want to admit this but The Feeling by Justin Bieber ft. Halsey because this album of his is AMAZING.

Admin Baka: I don’t remember. :/ 
Admin SM: When I was watching Naruto Shippudden.
Admin Kit: Teared up at Mockingjay Pt 2.

H A V E Y O U E V E R …

Admin Baka: ??? 
Admin SM: No idea what this question is even about.
Admin Kit: Someone twice, maybe? I dated Tom Hiddleston twice. In two different dreams.

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Ok people prepare yourself for a rant.

Now I get it, you love that famous person. If you follow me, likelihood is, I love that famous person too. Notice a key word there PERSON. They’re a human like me and you (I usually joke about being human but I’m deadly serious atm, so all joking aside).

Dan Howell, he’s a great person isn’t he, he’s talented, beautiful and has a great personality. He chose to take videos of himself talking to a camera for a while for other people entertainment. For your entertainment. What do you do in return? Like his videos? Tell other people to watch them too? Comment on his videos? Retweet every tweet? Join him on every you now? Tip him so much every you now? Great! All those things are amazing, don’t stop!! But don’t take it too far. Dan is still human, he still has the right to privacy and freedom. He may laugh at some thing you post on Twitter and tumblr and in the comments of his videos to the camera but you don’t know what is happening inside, he could be hurting inside. You don’t know his actual emotions. See that hate you find sometimes? Yeah, they’ll all probably find that hate too.

Phil Lester? Yeah, well I see that many of you say he’s not as talented as Dan. Well if you say that please leave the Phandom. I’m not even kidding. If you hate on Phil, it hurts Dan. He even said so himself. Why would you hate on one person but love and adore and basically worship the person that they spend most of their time with. I’m surprised that either of them continue to put up with your shit. Phil Lester is underappreciated and I know you’ve all heard it so much but it’s so important that you realise this. Certain types of humour appeal to certain types of people. Just because Dan’s humour appeals to you more than Phil’s does doesn’t mean to say that Phil isnt talented in fact it means that he is talented you just dont appreaciate his talent and time and effort he puts into everything. And it doesn’t mean that Dan’s humour is more appreciate because a lot of people who subscribe to Phil won’t subscribe to dan because Dan’s humour isn’t their personal favourite type. So please stop and think before you post that hate. Phil is an extraordinary person and every time you give him hate, I want to pluck your eyes out more and more. So please don’t tempt me. Also if you devote a blog to dan and hate on Phil please leave. You may like Dan’s videos more but don’t give Phil hate.

5sos. I’m sure many of you have heard of them. Well a friend just sent me a picture of someone showing their concern for the group’s members over instagram. I see exactly where they’re coming from. You 5sos fans, fangirl over them ok fine. Do that. I’m a fangirl over them too. But don’t deprive them of their freedom. As I said with Dan and phil as well, each and every single one of the members of 5sos are people. They are all humans that deserve to be treated with respect. They became part of a band, knowing fine well that if they became famous then they’d have to give up a lot of what they had. But that doesn’t mean you take advantage of that. They gave up certain things to entertain us and hopefully make us happy at the same time as being happy themself. The least we can do in return is allow them to do simple things like walk down the street without getting screamed at by a bunch of crazed fans that look like they’d be better suited to live in a mental institute rather than on the streets waiting at every corner to see them. Look, I get it, you love them. So do I. And I ache inside knowing that I’ll probably never get to see them irl because of a bunch of fangirls who won’t leave them alone enough for them to be happy enough to meet their fans willingly and regularly and talk to us as though we’ve known each other for years.

Ok so I know you all have your different opinions on ash and his relationship with bryana and how loads of you hold a grudge against her because of something she did 4 years ago that most of the fandom don’t have a clue about but come on. Look at them together, she clearly makes ash happy, why Cant you lot just accept that he was able to get over this grudge (if it even exists) and maybe get over it yourself. Surely if she makes him happy, that should make you happy if you really love him that much.

And Luke well can you please just give him space. STOP SAYING THAT HES YOURS AND ONLY YOURS AND MEANINGN IT WITH EVERY OUNCE OF ENERGY THAT IS LEFT IN YOU. I know that I say that a famous person is my child but I know that that’s not true. And every person who actually knows me will also know that I just say that ironically. I do not feel like a certain person belongs to me. Once again, slavery was made illegal (quite rightfully) in the year 1833. You can not legally own someone. Even if you are actually married to them, you cannot say that they’re yours. You have no idea what that makes them feel like. For all you know that could make them feel worthless and as tho the only reason theyre in the position they are is to please you and that should never be the case. This is their life, not yours, let them be happy in the one life they have on earth. After all “yolo” right??

Michael. Srsly, yes he has interesting hair colours but that gives you no right to make fun of him because of it. His hair, his life, his decision. When your name is Michael Clifford and you are in 5sos and you have been Michael clifford your whole life, then you can comment on his hair and make little whitty remarks about it all you like.

And Cal. Stop saying that he’s sad and depressed and everything just because there was 0.000001 second of a concert that he didn’t smile. Tell me, do you always smile when you’re happy? If you’re being honest with everyone including yourself you know the answer to that is no. And anyway even if he isn’t happy 100% of the time, that’s totally ok. Sure, we’d all prefer he wasn’t ever sad but he’s still a human, he can be weak sometimes, like everyone else. So leave him be, let him have moments when he’s sad and needs to express it. Isn’t it society that says “don’t bottle it all up” after all?

Not only that. They’ve just given us all a new single and a music video for that single and they did a countdown every day on 5sos on the wall and all some people can do is complain and ask for more. Do you know what, they are human, like you and me, they get tired, they need rest. You may seem them as your knight in shining armour or your superhero but even knights and superheros need rest. Give them a break people.

Now ok, I get it, not all of you are like that, I know that a lot of you do give famous people the respect they are due but there are still people out there who don’t. I’m sorry for taking this out in you and I’m sorry for taking up room on your dash but please consider what you say about someone before you say it especially if it’s online because it can be so easy to find things about yourself online if you’re famous. Please be considerate. Thank you. Sorry again. Xx