what's cooler than bein cool

Shake it!

Original Request

Hiya, how are you on this magnificent day/night? I have no idea if youhave done an imagine similar to this and if you have I am sorry for wasting your time. Can you do one where the reader likes to dance wildly and draw monsters around the bunker when the boys are not home to keep it hidden. Then Sam/Dean/Cas, you decide, show up and they all try to figure out how to deal with the reader’s hobbies because one or more have a crush on the reader. Thank you so much, I love your work!

Warnings: None

Word Count: 922

Summary: Sam and Dean leave you to your own in the bunker to relax. The brothers and Cas return catching you dancing wildly alone. Dean x Reader.

Note: Okay, so the song I chose was Outkast – Hey ya! Because that is my jam when I’m home alone, and if you don’t shake it like a Polaroid picture then there’s something wrong with you aha.


It was one of those rare days. A look around the bunker didn’t show a group of guys frantically researching, fighting off enemies, or nursing wounds; instead, it was completely quiet. The last case had been hard for you; not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Innocent lives were lost, and you were torn up about it, feeling like it was your own fault. So Sam and Dean decided a little relaxation for you was in order. They took off for another case leaving you behind to do your own thing.

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