what's behind door number 3

anonymous asked:

On the show we know that Felicity is not gonna wait, and Emily has said she is not pining for Oliver. Now we know that he is not ready, but he will be eventually to have a life. What happens if she does not, can't try it again with him. I've done the losing the love of your life thing, and something I had to learn was let go. We've seen Felicity move on. When it gets to that moment should he let go, or just be alone. Every blog I've seen so far wants him alone. What should he do? Pine or let go

I’ll take what’s behind door number 3, Monty.

I want Oliver to fight. I want him to fight for Felicity. Sure, maybe at first she’ll be reluctant with her heart, not wanting to leave it open to be broken again. And yes, maybe she’ll think that she moved on, but the kind of love they have together, that EPIC kind of love, that never really goes away. It may dull and go to sleep after some time, but it never really dies. Even after death.

So when Oliver is finally ready to step up to the plate, I want him to show Felicity with every action that he is ready to fight for her. I want him to woo her. I want him to court her. I want him to flirt for his life. I want him to return to the intense eye-sex and casual-but-not-casual touches and words that will melt her insides. I want him to prove with every fiber of his being that he’s not going to let Felicity slip through his fingers, that he won’t let her be the one that got away. I want him to let his stubborn side loose, stubborn to prove that Felicity is IT for him, and prove to Felicity that he is IT for her. They belong together. They’re soulmates.

I have every confidence that they will be together. You know why? One simple reason.

It’s a story.

Real life is trickier. I have no doubt you went through something painful, and had to learn to let go. Real life is so much messier than stories. Heroes don’t always get the girl in real life. There isn’t a happy ending for everyone in real life. There’s a lot more pain and unresolved conflict in real life.

But, as much as I love getting lost in the story and these characters are real to me, at the end of the day, it is a story. A story that has writers, where someone outside of it has creative control. And these writers have been setting up Oliver and Felicity as THE love story of Arrow. And it’s EPIC. Life changing. Reverberating throughout the entire fanbase. It’s why our fandom is so big.

Knowing that it is a story should give you hope beyond measure, because in stories, the hero always gets the girl.

And for Oliver, that girl is Felicity.