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What’s behind door #1???

It’s Keith rockin’ some sweet red shades!

What’s behind door #2???

It’s the iconic dabbing Shiro!! How rare!!

Finally let’s wrap things up!! What could be behind door #3???

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ectobiologoof  where they gonna find them tho

america’s greatest unsolved: tops.

where did they go….

“We’re going to be parents....”

Request from anon: Love your writing!! Can you do one where y/n finds out she’s pregnant and is really scared and doesn’t know what to do? You can go from there! Thanks:)


“Babe, wake up.” I hear Sam’s voice muffled in my ear early in the morning. I felt myself being shaken, blinking until my vision became clear. “Good morning princess.” Sam’s face 3 inches away from mines, smiling. “What time is it?” I rubbed my eyes. “7:28 am.” Sam whispers. “Why are you waking me up 2 hours before I usually wake up?” I whined. “I have to get to the studio with some of the boys. I wanted to say bye.” “BYE!” I said, turning over, hugging the pillow he sleeps on as if it was him. “I’m sorry I woke you up. Can I get a kiss?” He walks to the other side of the bed, leaning into my face. I just lied there, trying to fall back asleep, “Fine.” He chuckles to himself, kissing my forehead, “I’ll see you later baby. I love you.” He gets up and closes the room door behind him. 

What felt like I was asleep for another 3 hours, I woke up to a pain in my stomach. It felt like a cramp pain as I groaned, curling up in a ball. My eyes opened wide in .2 seconds as i felt something coming up my throat. I ripped the blanket off of my legs, jumped out of bed, ran straight to the toilet, throwing up. I brushed my teeth right after, feeling a little sick walking out the bathroom, stumbling, grabbing my phone. “7:50?! Oh my god.” I ran my fingers in my hair, amazed that it hasn’t even been an hour since Sam left. I went into the kitchen to make myself some breakfast, my usual avocado toast with an egg on top. As I was spreading the avocado on the toast, I went back to the frying egg on the stove. Got a whiff of the egg smell and felt myself get sick again. I ran to the bathroom, throwing up for a second time today. “I guess I’m not feeling it today…” I said to myself, wiping my mouth. I finished cooking the egg, holding in my gags, put it on top of my toast, set it on the table and went back to bed to get more rest. 

“Y/N?!” I hear Sam yell, closing the front door. “Baby?” He walks into the room. “Have you been in bed all day?” He bends in front of my face. “Mmmmmmm…” I just respond. “Period cramps?” He asks. “Kind of.” “I saw your breakfast on the table too. Not hungry?” “I threw up at the smell of egg…” “Weird. Maybe you’re getting sick. Let me go warm up some water for tea and warm your cramp bean bag.” He kisses my cheek, leaving the room. “Yeah, maybe I’m just getting sick.” I say to myself. Moments later he returns with tea, water, medicine, and my cramps bag. “Mmmmm,” I said as he put the warm bag on my stomach. “Love you..” I say quietly. “I love you too.” He smiles. “I’ll tell the boys I won’t come back to the studio after lunch to take care of you.” He tries to walk away but I grab his arm, “No, it’s okay. I’ll just be in bed sleeping anyways. No need to stay here.” “Are you sure?” “Positive.” I lightly smiled. “Ok. I’m going to eat your breakfast, make a little salad, then leave. Call me if you need anything okay? Drink your tea too.” He caresses my face, walking out. 

An hour later, he comes back into the room, “Baby I’m leaving.” “Okay.” I faintly said. “I don’t want to leave you alone, so I called someone to keep you company. Taylor is here.” The door opens and Taylor skips into the room, jumping in bed next to me. “Bye lover boy. I’ll take good care of her, I promise.” Taylor says. “Bye Sam.” I waved off as he leaves the room and out the house. “So, what you got? Flu? Food poisoning? Cold?” She asks, always trying to get things out the way. “I don’t even knoooo-” I got up fast, running to the bathroom, throwing up again. “Food poisoning.” I heard her say, getting up from the bed, and accompanying me in the bathroom, holding my hair back. “What did you eat yesterday?” “Salads.” “Hmm, that’s it? Then it can’t be food poisoning…” Taylor stays silent, thinking of what I got. I finish throwing up, flushing the toilet, leaning my back against the tub, next to Taylor. “You know what sounds good right now?” I say with my eyes closed. “Pickles.” I open my eyes to look at Taylor and she gives me a weird look, “But you don’t like pickles.” “I know but for some reason, they sound good.” I shrugged. “Y/N, I’m going to ask you something that I need you to really think about.” She says carefully. 

“In the past few weeks, have you and Sam had sex…” “Yes. I don’t even need to think about that. Yes for a fact.” “No, OK, listen carefully now. I’m asking have you and Sam had Unprotected sex in the past few weeks.” “N-” I stopped myself from replying, thinking deeply about it. “Fuck.” I quietly said to myself. Taylor leaves the bathroom as I sit there thinking deeply, as she comes back. As we sat there for a few minutes, the door bell rings. Taylor and I go downstairs and in comes in Delany with a heavy bag. “Let’s do this.” She says. “Do what?” I say but they just drag me back upstairs without telling me. We stand there in my room as Delany hands me the bag. I slowly open it and find multiple pregnancy tests. “I’m supposed to take all of these? What is this cup for?!” I pulled it out of the bag. “You are going to pee in that cup so we can do all these tests at the same time. “I’m not going to do that!” “Do you know for SURE you are not pregnant?” I stayed silent at Taylor’s question. “You’re doing it.” She forces me into the bathroom. 

I feel my heart pounding in my chest, feeling like it is ready to rip out of my body. I take a deep breath, grab the cup and peed in the cup. Gross. Once I was done, I took out all the tests, putting my pee on each stick. 10 fucking sticks. Good thing I had enough pee. Once I was done, I set them all on the sink as I sat on the tub waiting. It was supposed to be done after 2 minutes. But I waited 5 minutes because I just didn’t want to see the results. “Please don’t be pregnant. Please don’t be pregnant…” I kept repeating to myself as I got up to look at all the tests. I closed my eyes as I stood above the sink, looked down, and opened my eyes. I felt every emotion in my body, leave as I felt emotionless. 10 positive pregnancy tests. A knock on the door makes me jump, “Y/N? Did you do it?” Delany’s voice echoes in the bathroom. “Y-yeah.. Yeah I did.” I said, unlocking the door. As they open the door, they stood at my sides, looking at the tests. “Woah,” They said at the same time, looking at me. “Let’s sit you down before you fall on the floor.” Taylor pushes me to the bed as I sat there staring into space.

“W-what am I going to do?” I whispered. “What did you say sweetie?” Delany and Taylor look at me. “I don’t know what to do.” I whispered. “I can’t be a mom yet. Sam can’t be a dad yet.. We can’t be parents yet.. We-we’re not ready….. We’re going to be parents...” I say shitless scared. “Oh honey, I know you’re scared right now but you need to talk this out with Sam. Figure this out with him. You are NOT alone on this okay? We are here with you. And so is Sam. And so are the rest of the boys.” Taylor rubs my back and suddenly I hear the front door close. “We love you but we can not be here when you tell him. This is you and him time okay. Call us if you need anything.” They both hug me, walking down the stairs. “She’s fine.” I heard Taylor’s voice from downstairs. “She’s upstairs. She wants to talk to you.” “Thanks girls.” He says, the front door opening and closing, and footsteps coming up the stairs. 

“Hi baby.” His smile so big. “It’s good to see you up and better.” He kisses my forehead, sitting right next to me. “They said you wanted to talk? What about?” His eyes piercing my soul. I close my eyes, “What? What do you want to talk about?” The sound of his voice changing. “What is it Y/N? Just tell me…” “I-I can’t say it..” I felt my eye watering. “Huh? What’s going on?” “G-go into the bathroom.” I pointed and he anxiously makes his way to the bathroom. I see his body stop in front of the sink looking down. He stands there for a minute before looking out the door, “Yo-you’re pregnant? Really?” His face as emotionless as mines. I just nod. He makes his way next to me, silent also. We sit there in silence for 10 minutes. He then grabs my hand, rubbing his thumb on mines and I turn to him, “We can’t get an abortion.” His voice cracks. “I know baby, I know.” I cup his face, wiping that lone tear falling down his cheek. “We’re going to be parents…..” He whispers, grabbing my hand again, kissing it. 

“What are we going to do?” I asked scared. “I don’t know Y/N, I don’t know..” He replies quietly. “A-are we ready for a kid?” He asks me. I just shrug, a few tear drops falling, “I don’t know… But whether we are ready or not, we’re going to be parents….” I try to laugh it off. “We’re going to be parents..” Sam repeated..

[There will be no continuation to this imagine] 

(I feel as if I wrote something so similar to this that I did not have a very broad imagination with this. So sorry.) 

999 New Bad Ending (iOS ver.)

Big spoilers for both DS and iOS versions of the game. Takes place after going through Door 3 after taking either Door 4 or 5.

Summary: After leaving door 3 and returning to the hospital room, Junpei gets slapped by Lotus for leaving her and Clover. Clover sees what was behind door 3 and runs off. Junpei tries to follow her. Then…

[Read on for screens of new ending.]

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You Hate Each Other-Niall (Mini Series) Part 2

Part 1 here! 

      Your POV: 

        You woke up and smiled as you breathed in Darragh’s usual scent and trailed your fingers up his arm to his face, pinching his nose and trailing your fingers around his jaw. 

     ”Stoooppp,” he drew the word out, a smile in his voice. 

   ”Wake up, I have to pee.” you smiled and flipped around to face him. 

   ”Ugh…hurry up,” he rolled his eyes before kissing your lips and removing his arms from around your waist. 

    You skipped down the hallway and smiled as you checked in on the boys in the living room, Zayn and Liam were on the floor whilst Louis had taken the bean bag and Harry the couch but you couldn’t see Niall anywhere. After last night he went into the bathroom and after that you went back to bed, taking Darragh with you to calm him down. 

     You opened the door to the bathroom and sighed once you realized that your hair wasn’t as messy as you thought it would be and you had managed to get 98% of the eyeliner off of your eyes before bed last night. 

     After finishing up you washed your hands and decided to return to bed with Darragh because it was only 9 AM. 

     ”You didn’t have to do that you know,” Niall’s voice spoke from behind you as you walked back down the hall. 

     ”Jesus you scared me,” you placed a hand on your chest before turning around to face him. 

   ”Darragh and I have fought before, and I didn’t need you to pull him off of me.” he narrowed his eyes before running a hand through his already messed up hair. 

    “Erm…alright, I’m sorry for saving your face from being destroyed? Look I just didn’t want any blood on my nice oak floors ok, next time I’ll do you a favor and let him bash your nose in.” you snapped before stalking back into the room and jumping back in bed. 

     ”Everything alright?” Darragh asked as he looped one leg through yours and placed his arms around you.

    “Your idiot best friend is being an arsehole,” you mumbled whilst staring at the painting on the wall. 

    “I know…” he sighed, “He’ll grow to like you with time though I promise, he isn’t all bad.” he kissed your shoulder before falling back asleep, you following soon after. 


      At around 11:30 you woke up again and this time Darragh actually put clothes on and walked with you to the kitchen. 

    “I’m starving…anybody else hungry?” you asked as the boys all sat at the bar. 

    “Pancakes,” Liam suggested whilst wiping sleep from his eyes. You nodded in agreement and noticed Niall scrunching up his nose. Over the past couple of years, you noticed that Niall liked eggs with his breakfast, scrambled preferably and even though you disliked him, you felt bad for him. Having your ‘casual boyfriend’ beat the shit out of him wasn’t something you were proud of, so reluctantly you pulled out a few eggs from the fridge. 

      As you dished out the last of the pancakes you felt Darragh hug you from behind and kiss your cheek, you smiled. 

     ”Is that for me?” Darragh smiled back before nodding towards the eggs, 

     ”Umm, no…” you responded, leaving it at that, he shrugged and took a plate for himself whilst you served the plates to the rest of the boys. 

     ”Erm…here,” you thrust the plate of eggs in Niall’s direction whilst the rest of the boys were fighting over how much syrup everyone got. 

   ”I didn’t ask for eggs,” he mumbled back, you rolled your eyes 

    “I know, just take the damn eggs before I throw them away.” you replied, pushing them into his hands.  

   ”Boys boys! I have more syrup in the cupboard you know…” you trailed off before Louis and Zayn looked at each other once before running towards the cabinet. 

     You scoffed before taking some of the syrup from Darragh and winking as your spread it on your pancakes. 

      “Thanks for letting us stay (Y/N),” Zayn smiled before giving you a hug. 

   ”Of course, anytime guys” you smiled at all of them, Darragh was in the foyer looking for his keys with Niall and the rest of the guys were leaving. 

    “Oh right! There’s a party tomorrow night for Eleanor’s graduation if you want to come, Louis’s inviting loads of people.” Liam smiled, and Lou turned around. 

    “Is that alright Lou?” you asked, he nodded eagerly. 

   ”Hell yeah, El will be ecstatic to see you again.” he smiled before taking his phone out and punching something in. 

    “Cool, see you guys later.” you shut the door before turning around and sighing as Darragh lifted up the bean bag chair. 

    “Darragh, they’re probably in the bedroom, did you check where you left your pants?” you asked, he shook his head, his eyes widening before he made his way back to the bedroom.  

    “I really don’t understand him,” Niall shook his head, you looked at him and caught him eyeing your body distastefully. You crossed your arms and rolled your eyes before walking into the bedroom with Darragh. 

    “Darragh what-” you were cut off by him shutting the door, 

   ”Shh, I have the keys I just needed to talk to you,” he replied. 

   ”Ok…what’s wrong?” you asked, he sighed and sat on the bed. 

     ”You made eggs for him…I know you guys have this whole ‘we hate each other’ thing going on but…if you like him I don’t have a problem with it, it’s just that I want you to tell me.” You looked at him for a moment before laughing and laughing some more. 

     After a bit he’d had enough and pulled you onto the bed with him, having him straddle you. 

    “Darragh…if I liked Niall, it would probably be the end of the world or something, I made Niall eggs because I felt bad for him, that’s all. What you and I have isn’t exclusive and I like that about you, we’re friends and sometimes we have benefits but it’s casual. You’re cute Darragh, I like this jealous side,” you smiled playfully as he rolled his eyes. 

    “Shut up before I end up staying another night,” he chuckled before patting your thigh. You rolled off of him and laid down on the bed, 

     ”Aren’t you going to see me out?” Darragh asked, and you sighed, 

    “I think you know where the door is,” you pretended to be uninterested before he stalked over to you playfully and started to tickle you. 

    “Ok ok! C’mon then, let’s go.” you winked and walked out of the bedroom. 

    “It’s about time,” Niall glared at the two of you before walking over to the door and throwing it open. 

      “Bye,” you kissed Darragh and closed the door behind him. Well…what an eventful morning. 

 Part 3 get’s a bit intense! ;) Byee! xx

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