what's become of my life


shower sharing, yes?


Ive been doing Supernatural photo ops for a long time now. Five years actually and i usually dont ever get nervous anymore but doing this jensen misha op made me so freaking nervous cause i literally was going have to drop my pants in a room full of people especially Jensen and misha and chris.

  I told iamalive volunteer worker what i was doing and she helped keep me calm so thank you sorry i didnt catch her name.  I was so anticipating their reaction i had no idea what they do.  I dropped my pants and misha broke out with YEAH and kind of waggled his eyebrows at me like he was impressed.  Jensen immediately facepalmed and omg i got same reaction out of him that i got out of Richard ears ago doing the infamous unicorn op. A OMG what has my life become type reaction. LOL

I swear, no matter what I do I still end up fucking up my relationships and friendships with other people.
—  Why the hell do they keep giving me more chances?….I wouldn’t.

the cuck comics is hilariously terrible and i’m still not over it but what’s not hilarious about it is the part that she kinda pays lip service to the racism surrounding cuckolding, distances the characters (and potentially interested readers) from it and just moves on.
like hey… it’s not a coincidence that kink was adopted by the alt-right as an insult against progressive (non-black) men. and i’m saying alt-right rather than white supremacist because they includes MRAs and the rest of the unapologetically misogynist crowd. the point of the insult is this: this white man is a loser that allows a figurative black man to steal his woman. the white man’s masculinity is diminished by his letting a black man have the prize. it’s the perfect intersection of dehumanizing misogyny, toxic masculinity and racism. yet what erika moen has to say about this is “btw some of the porn is racist! sorry this comic is so white~” like get the fuck out.
also there’s the side note saying “haha we’re human beings not sex workers! (oh but you shouldnt treat sex workers like human beings too)” which i don’t think i need elaborate on lol. this person clearly doesn’t know about the eraser tool. and that she’s publishing this in the name of sex education is disgusting as she clearly doesn’t care to choose her words carefully on such a complex topic