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I was thinking: Magnus seems like one of those people who is very wonderful, but has spent most of his life having TERRIBLE taste when it comes to falling in love. Don’t we all have that friend, who is lovely and generous and kind and only falls in love with garbage jerks who hurt them?

I find myself wondering what it would have been like, to be one of the NYC warlocks, finding out that the leader of your people has ALLEGEDLY fallen in love with a Shadowhunter. “Maybe one of the kind of okay ones, who are nicer to downworlders, and unrelated to the more genocidal types?” Nope, the oldest Lightwood boy, scion of two Circle members. Hey, that’s terrible news! What’s that? This Lightwood person was very recently closeted and angry about it, and almost got arranged married to a lady Shadowhunter for political dynasty reasons? Even worse! Oh, and his best friend and weird tattoo soul partner is the dude who tried to implement mandatory chipping of all Downworlders so the Clave could track their every movement? NOPE NOPE NOPE

Everyone must have been having panicked conversations at Catarina’s apartment, trying to figure out what to do. Should they stage an intervention? Because OBVIOUSLY dating a Shadowhunter is a terrible idea anyway, but THIS one? Basically a cry for help! They all probably assumed that Alec was using Magnus the way that Camille used to— for money, for power, for magic for sex, for leverage, in order to piss other people off, depending on the day. If the majority of your interactions with Shadowhunters have involved egregious violations of your civil rights and/or murder, it probably wouldn’t be such a leap to assume that Alec was in it for HIMSELF and Magnus must be too lovesick to notice.

This is why a S3 where Alec gets to know the whole warlock extended family would be GREAT. Because they would expect him to be all authoritarian and sneering and obsessed with bloodlines, and instead he’s awkward and easily embarrassed and he looks at Magnus like he hung the moon. Half the time, when it’s a social event, he ends up retreating to a quiet room to play Apples to Apples with Madzie. If you stop by Magnus’s loft for morning meetings about warlock business, there is a 98% chance that Alec is either still asleep in Magnus’s bed wearing an ancient Carebears shirt (an inside joke that neither of them will explain) or he’s making big pots of coffee and putting out a plate of assorted cronuts before sinking down beside Magnus and curling into his side.

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Probably nobody noticed it, but long time ago I stopped using tumblr. Recently I decided to come back or that’s what I thought, but since the first three chapters of TSM have been released, I realized this fandom isn’t the fandom I used to like anymore.

I guess you’ll know why. Because almost everyone is hating on the ship I like, callmara, and writing shitty posts about it.

WTF are you thinking? Where are the people that liked sharing theories, headcanons, fanarts, fanfics, etc… AND RESPECTED what other people liked? Since when this small fandom has become just a bunch of people that only care about ships? Lately, I’ve watched Voltron and when I saw how was its fandom or a part of it I thought “Luckily, the fandom of MG isn’t like this one”. It seems like I was wrong.

I have read plenty posts saying some kind of stuff about callmara and characters in general, and this is what I think:

- Some people comment it’s understandable the mayority of the fandom is angry because “authors gave many hints about calron and it can be considered queerbating”. 

First of all, it can’t be queerbaiting. As far as I know, for it to be queerbaiting one or both characters have to be part of lgtb+. And the sexuality of the characters hasn’t be confirmed. NOTHING HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. You can’t accuse the authors (authors that have plenty lgtb+ representation on their other books) of doing queerbating just because you are pretty sure a character is gay. This is just an excuse to be able to be a jerk bc some people think the ship they like isn’t going to be canon.

(And anyway, even if Aaron’s revealed as gay, what does that have to do with callmara? The fact he’d be gay wouldn’t mean he was going to end up with Call. And for those who critizice callmara for being “an hetero couple”, although they are a boy and a girl, it doesn’t mean they both are straight.)

Second thing: “The authors gave many hints about calron”. Oh, excuse me, do you think your ship is the only one who has hints? Because if I start writing all the hints about callmara on the books, I’ll need another post. And even when there’re a lot of hints about my ship, I don’t mistalk about others’. If calron ends up canon, I won’t say “Damn this ship is so bad” bc I know what respect is about. So yeah, this is another excuse.

Third thing: it doesn’t matter all the hints authors gave about any ship. THIS is THEIR SERIES. They can do whatever they want with it. Give hints about any couple, make Call end up with no one, kill everyone, etc. And you know why? BC IT’S THEIR RIGHT SINCE THESE ARE THEIR BOOKS AND CHARACTERS, NOT YOURS. And YOU are HATING real people just because they are writing what they want about fictional characters instead of what YOU want. Here’s a secret: writters write because they like and want to, not to fulfill your wishes.

- Some people is saying the fact people aren’t despising Tamara bc she is “on the way of calron” is something to be proud of.

IT ISN’T. It is how it should be. A character, a damn fictional character, isn’t guilty of anything. Even if Tamara liked Call, she wouldn’t be on calron’s way. If they ended up together it would be “Call’s fault” bc he is the one who accepted to be with her. And nobody is talking bad about Call. Because he is part of calron.

- “Callmara is a ship with zero chemistry.” “They don’t fit well” “It is a bad ship”

Oh thank u for telling me. I don’t have my own opinion and point of view. Now you, the supreme god of ships, have said they have zero chemistry, I know it is true. Because of course, what you think is absolutely right and the reaiming fandom (and who knows, maybe even the authors) doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

It’s a relief you said so. I was shipping a couple with no future bc I am that kind of person who like a ship just bc they are straight, not ‘cause I do see chemistry between the characters, that they worry about each other, that they could work out together, etc. Nah, it must be how you say *please notice my sarcasm*

- And the funniest part. I’ve had an account on tumblr since three long years, and I’ve seen a lot of the members of MG fandom reblog those posts that claim “Let people ship whatever they want, respect other people’s ship, etc”. And now, those users are the same ones that reblog post that despise callmara (that it’s other people’s ship).

And they don’t do or say anything. Why? Because it isn’t the ship you like? Because you are angry about your own ship? How can you be so hypocrite?

If one day I copy one of those posts full of hate, and change the name callmara for calron, in less of a minute a lot of people would be telling me to respect the ship, that I am an homophobe (and I’m not. If the couple I like about this series is formed by a boy and a girl, and I’m saying I don’t support the behavior of this fandom, it doesn’t mean I’m homophobic), and more stuff like that.

Instead, you don’t say anything when some people do that, or when they say they are “anti-calimari” or similar shit.


I’ve been expecting for TSM a whole year, and right now, when I should be feeling happy, I just feel dissapointed and angry for how people behave on tumblr. I will stop using this account again and probably definitely bc it isn’t worth to be on tumblr just to see… all this. And I’ll do it pityingly, since I wanted to share fanarts and theories (the reason I came back).

I know many people will say I’m wrong, that this behavior is absolutely fair, that I’m the one who is being rude, etc., after I post this, but I don’t care. Anyway, I already have seen what are you made of.

I guess we have become one of those toxic fandoms where you can step on other people freely, as far as you are part of a majority.

I know this is full of mistakes, but it is a long post and I think it is understandable anyway

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u really love ayato....

Whenever I get someone into Tokyo Ghoul I’m like this proud little Mama because my friends go from “why tf do you like this asshole” to “omg ayato-kun is so sweet???” and I’m just like YES 

  • tony stark: hey kid drop your whole life, schooling, family, everything, to address the press n train with me ok
  • peter parker: idk,, that seems kind of, dumb
  • tony stark: . .. .
  • peter parker: imma have to pass on that
  • tony stark: Yes That Is Exactly What I Too, Thought. I Also Think That Would Be Dumb HaHa Ha Good

❝Life is tough, my darling. But so are you.❞ - S.L.

dunkirk is the kind of film you sit on after you see it. at first you’re like, yeah that was a good film. it was a different kind of war movie. then you leave the theater and you start thinking about it, all your favorite moments, the ones that made you bite your nails off. you think about the message and what christopher nolan is really trying to get across with the way he directed it. and then you realize that it’s actually sort of spectacular. because you were in the film. you weren’t just hearing a bunch of dialogue, knowing what someone was going to do next. you were basically living it. between the music and the acting, you were feeling what they were feeling. long story short, if you were unsure of dunkirk at first: sit on it. i guarantee you’ll see the beauty in it. 


Hat is their thimble

i’m sorry i’m dorky af, (i’m a Little scared is it safe to come out?) well i been kinda on both sides with this Whole will they, won’t they. 

and i had this forgotten thought, since the  scene with the Daughters of Aku reaction to the deers, and them being isolated since birth, that maybe intimacy is not something Ashi would know alot about, or at least not understand it at first, like the naked scene(that was gold) i just think it could’ve been a fun personality trait

and have this one too

So sorry i live for Peter pan references *flies away in shame lol bye

I made a BnHA oc because everyone else was doing it and holy shit a manga I actually liked enough to read all the way through?? (please protect All Might)

She discovered her quirk when she fell out of a tree as a kid, got a concussion, turned into a giant red porcupine thing, and went on a dizzy rampage before passing out on top of a building.

Her super strength/speed/climbing ability exist in both human and beast forms, but if she’s messed up enough to approach MAX LEVEL she’ll for sure be in beast form. When completely sober and well rested, her physical abilities are no more impressive than your average human teenager.