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“I think it’s the Aurora Borealis. It happens in the Arctic, when the solar energy hits the magnetosphere. They say it’s the most beautiful thing on Earth.

So, I’m playing Junkstein’s Revenge (normal, not that endless stuff ;-;) when something hit me. Junkrat (Junkenstein) comes right after Symmetra (The Summoner) when she dies. 


Is this some sort of hint, ladies and gentlemen!? To Symmrat?! 

Just imagine her die and Junkrat is like, “I’ll avenge you, love!” and then starts going crazy with the bombs that are constantly hitting us. And here’s the strangest part, when Mercy comes in for the rez, Sym never comes back. And Junkrat is still firing at us, almost as if that’s the only thing he could do: try to kill us to avenge her. She’s gone. 

Then if the players kill him last, the line that Reinhardt says about him giving one final laugh, as if the fight no longer mattered and though we win, he wins by reuniting with Sym wherever they both end up. 

And can someone ask Blizzard on their formats about Sym’s story in this universe? How did she get..well…summoned? Is she with the Witch of the Wilds as a servant or did Junkenstein call her to help? After all, his army had grown from what we knew…

Idk, guys, but why just add Sym to this? Why not add Mei as well to represent someone that we’ve deemed to be ‘evil’ in the community? Or have another character have their skin and add them in. They only chose Sym and we don’t have a story for her character as the Summoner…

These are questions that must be asked, people! I would love to know, even if Symmrat will never be confirmed ;-;

I hope everyone looking forward to reading the upcoming chapter of Contrasts understands that I approach canon with a very… laissez-faire attitude. 

I wrote the majority of the plot for this comic when the EU was still around and everything in Star Wars canon was a disaster. Also I personally feel that what I want out of this comic isn’t to follow the plot of the franchise as closely as possible but instead to capture what Star Wars feels like, at least to me. 

Plus, I don’t wanna spend too much time trying to parse and then stick together the skirmish timeline in relation to the dramatic plot points in both the show and what I’m writing in the fancomic.

Anyways what I’m saying is that… 

*talking out of my ass* 

Literalism is the death of art?


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