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Ai Yazawa End-of-Book Notes 1-21

So at the end of every volume of NANA, Ai Yazawa has a brief paragraph about the manga or just some introspection about her life. They give great insight into the series and I think only a few are found on the scans of NANA online, so I thought I’d share them all!

Volume 1

The creator, Ai Yazawa, told us, “I created this story so that it could be enjoyed as a stand-alone and, at the same time, have a complete ending that could be connected to an ongoing series.  I hope you’ll look forward to the future of the two Nanas!”

Volume 2

A note from Ai Yazawa: “I had thought that if the two Nanas met each other, they would probably be constantly fighting, but they seem oddly friendly.  What’s up with that?!  It’s one of me (not so) seven wonders (ha-ha).”

Volume 3

Since childhood, the artists I’ve looked up to haven’t been writers and illustrators, but mostly musicians.  Music provides me the most emotional effect and excitement.  If there was no music, I don’t think my creative juices would boil.  Music is that important to my life.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 4

I realized one day that there are hit songs with the same names as the main female characters, NANA, JUNKO, and SACHIKO (the kanji for JUNKO is different, though).  It’s not that big a deal, but I sometimes just hum the melodies longingly.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 5

In the initial drafts, Nana’s band was a rockabilly band like the Stray Cats.  But due to various circumstances, I didn’t keep it that way.  But if they were rockabilly, Ren, Nobu and Shin would have had pompadours.  And Yasu too?

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 6

When I was a child, I used to take piano lessons.  Even after I stopped taking lessons, I bought sheet music I liked and continued playing.  I’ve had my hands full for several years now, but one of these days I’d like to learn how to play jazz piano, which I’ve wanted to do for years now.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 7

I had an opportunity to interview a group of professional musicians.  I showered them with questions, but they answered willingly, and it was very helpful.  I was having problems balancing the fictional world of manga-like simplicity and gorgeousness with a sense of reality.  But I realized again that what’s important is the humanity of the characters.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 8

When I was in high school, there was a cool girl in my class who was a lone wolf.  I was really into a foreign New Romantic-type band then, and when she asked me one day, “Do you want to go to their concert together?” I was overwhelmed.  My heart fluttered more than when I was with my boyfriend (☺).  Have you had a Hachiko experience like that?  - Ai Yazawa

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I was watching Planet Earth just now (for the bazillionth time? maybe I need to find a new show to watch this summer…) and was reminded about the glory that is the BLOOD PHEASANT. 

They don’t necessarily do anything badass (let’s be real, they are just fancy pheasants) but they look like they are covered in the blood of their enemies, which is pretty badass in its own right. 

It is just really important to me that you all gaze upon the majestic BLOOD PHEASANT and appreciate the fact that it is a real thing that exists. 

Page 50

I’m sorry Jazz, we both now both your parents don’t quite got the same level of restraint you do, but don’t worry they’re still being supes gentle UvU

Body and Soul
Billie Holiday
Body and Soul

What lies before me’s a future that’s stormy; a winter that’s gray and cold
Unless there’s magic, the end will be tragic and echo a tale that’s been told so often

My life revolves about you. What earthly good am I without you?
Oh, I tell you I mean it: I’m all for you body and soul


My only regrets are the moments when i doubted myself and took the safe route. Life is too short to waste time being unhappy.

Passive Aggressive

Part: one

Jasmine was used to all the Aladdin jokes and the flashes of cameras. She was used to all the rumours and the ill concealed jealousy that floated around online.

She was used to a lot of things that came with One Direction. Well, that came with dating Harry Styles of One Direction.

But there were a few things she wasn’t used to. Like drinking orange juice with juicy bits, and waking up to a bed without Harry beside her.

A one shot where Harry’s a bit of an asshole and all Jasmine really wants is for him to show her his world.

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musicalgemstones  asked:

What are the songs in your playlist? They sound nice. ^_^

Thank you! Glad you like it~

I hope you don’t mind me sharing this publicly since there were others asking about it too. I left the names blank on my playlist because it’s better if it’s a surprise haha

  1. Closer (Postmodern Jukebox Retro 50s Prom cover)
  2. Gogo no Parade (Suga Shikao)
  3. Moonlight Densetsu (All that Jazz cover)
  4. Go Go Maniac- K-On! (Jazz Cover)
  5. Lupin the Third Theme (Anime that Jazz cover)
  6. Can’t Sleep Love (Pentatonix)
  7. La La La x Latch medley (Pentatonix cover)
  8. One Summer’s Day- Spirited Away (Ghibli Jazz cover)
  9. Merry-go-round of Life- Howl’s Moving Castle (Joe Hisaishi)
  10. Rather Be (Pentatonix cover)
  11. Asymmetry (Suga Shikao)
  12. Usurahi Shinjuu-  Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (Megumi Hayashibara)
  13. Sofa (Suga Shikao)
  14. Sweet Soul Revue (Pizzicato Five)
  15. Cruel Angel’s Thesis- Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime that Jazz cover)
  16. Bunkasai Medley (Sakamichi no Apollon OST)
  17. Love Tribe (Jazztronik)
  18. Creep (Postmodern Jukebox Vintage cover)
  19. Lullaby of Birdland- Anime style (Sakamichi no Apollon OST)
  20. But Not For Me -Anime Style (Sakamichi no Apollon OST)
  21. Kono yubi tomare (Suga Shikao)
  22. One More Time, One More Chance- 5cm per second (Piano instrumental)
  23. Genesis of Aquarion (Anime that Jazz cover)
  24. Daze- Mekakucity Actors (Jazz cover)
  25. Habits (Postmodern Jukebox 1930’s Jazz Tove Lo cover)
  26. Bad 4 Us (Superfruit)
City of Stars

A/N Hey there! So wth Dragobete (AKA Romainian Valentines day) coming up, for some reason it has got me in a mood to write a few love stories to get everyone else in a lovey mood. So I was listeing to the La La Land musical? movie sound track (which I am in love with) and I decided to write a Lucifer Morningstar x Reader Imagine bassed off of two (well really one) of the songs which you can listen to here and here Hope you enjoy!

Pairings/ Characters: Lucifer Morningstar x Reader

Warnings: Nothing fam enjoy your fluff :)

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From the momment he saw her walk into Lux, Lucifer knew that there was something there. He felt, what he had heard humans refer to as a spark. Y/N was undeniably beautiful, though not in the traditional sense. She had a more artistic and precise beauty to her. And her voice sounded like the most beautiful musical instrument, soft and gentle. She had walked into Lux, her Y/H/C hair braided in a loose side braid, and a simple knee lenght dress. Compared to the rest of her friends, who dressed in attire Lucifer was all to familer with, Y/N stuck out like a sore thumb.

 Lucifer’s attention was immediatly drawn to her. He waved off the two women who has been fawning over him and made his way accross the loud club. As her friends left to get drinks, Lucifer alked up to her, his heart suddenly beating a million times faster. 

“Well hello there,” Lucifer said, “What may be your name, love?

“Oh hi,” she replied. “Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N. And you?”

“Lucifer Morningstar,” He replied. He glanced at the bar where her friends at gone, only to find them not there. Rather they were having the time of their lives with some random men on the dance floor.

“’Would you like to dance with me?” Lucifer blurted out. He quickly regained his compossure when he saw her shocked reaction. “I only meant.. well you’re alone here. Clubs like this are no fun when you’re alone.”

“Oh I m not alone, I am here with a couple of friends,” Y/N started. “They just went over there to…” She said point o the bar. She stopped when she realized they wern’t there. “Oh… well they are here. Somewhere. I don’t intend on staying.”

“Oh come one Y/N,” Lucifer said. He brought his arm arund her back and rested his hand on her shoulder gently guiding her to the dance floor. He pointed at her freinds. “Your friends are having the time of their life by the looks of it. Come on, just give me five minuetes to change your mind. Then you can decide?” he outstretched his hand, hoping she would take it.

Y/N thought for a second, looking at her friends as they laughed and smiled, dancing with men and women that they didn’t even know. And they were having the time of their lives. She smiled softly and took Lucifers hand.

“Fine but only 5 mineutes.” Y/N said.

“Works for me,” Lucifer said as he guided her to the floor.

Even though it was only supposed to be just 5 minetes , it quickly turned into 10. Then 30. Then 1 hour. As time went by Lucifer and Y/N lost count of how long they danced and talked and laughed. By the time they had finished, mainly out of exhaustion, a good bulk of the crowd including Y/N’s friends had gone home for the evening. 

“So, you’re a Jazz player then?” Lucifer asked her as she took another sip of her water. 

“Yep,” Y/N replied. “I have loved Jazz from the momment my father who by the way played trumpet at a local Jazz club, introduced me to it. I just sort of fell in love with it. The smoothness and the feel of it. Everything about it.”

“I see.” Lucifer said. “So you play trumpet as well I assume?”

“No. Actually I play piano.” Y/N replied. “My mouth is apparently to small to play trumpet. But thats okay. I always prefered Piano anyways.” She tookanother drink of her water.

“So what about you, Mr. Morningstar. Is this all you do?” Y/N asked gesturing to the night club around them.

“No,” Lucifer said. “Actually I work with the LAPD. I am a civilian consultent.”

“Hmm, sounds interesting.” Y/N replied. “Have you caught lots of crimminals?”

“Yes and punished them accordingly.” Lucifer said proudly.

“Ok, I’m going to assume that means you just put them behind bars.” Y/N said. She glanced at her smal watch and almost jumped out of her seat.

“Oh shit! Is it really 3 AM?” Y/N exclaimed. She got up quickly and finished her water. “I’ve got to get home. I have an audition in 6 hours. It was lovely meeting you, Lucifer.”

“Agreed, we should do this again.” Lucifer said with a small smile. 

Y/N blushed softly. She then took out a small piece of paper and wrote down her number and handed it to him. “Whenever convient, give me a call.” she said with a small. The she ran out of the doors of Lux, leaving Lucifers heart soaring.

He sighed contently and had a few of his workers close up Lux as he made his way up to the penthouse. He leaned over the railing of the balcomny and stared into the night sky, which was only illuminated by stars. He stared at the small paper in his hands, a small smile playing at his lips.

Here in his hands, he had a chance at something. Something meaningful and perhaps even wonderful. However he was not a fan of heart break and wasn’t exactly boyfriend material. So why bother? Why was he still holding on to her number when he could easily let it go and move on with his life.

He lookd up to the city and began to whistle to him self, playing with the paper in his hands. Looking put to the city, he sang to himself:

“City of stars

Are you shining just for me?

City of stars

There is so much that I can’t see

Who knows?

Is this the start of something wonerful and new?

Or one more dream that I can not make true?”

He looked at her number and decided she was worth the risk. He entered her number into his phone, sent her a quick text and allowed the wind to take the small paper out of his hands and into the Los Angeles skyline.


That was a year ago. Since then Y/N and Lucifer’s love had deepened and truely sprouted into something wonderful and new. Y/N life had never been better after Lucifer had texted her that night asking when she would be able to see him again.

 Her heart felt like it was soaring high above everyone and everything else, as if nothing to take down this love. Date after date, night after, her and Lucifer grew into something far more deeper and intimate than just love. There was something else there. Something neither of them could pin.

By the time they had been dating for 8 months, Y/N had asked Lucifer who he really was, as she didn’t really believe any parent would name their son Lucifer. And he had trusted her. Enough to show her his true form. And although the initial shock had taken time to get over and understand, it didn’tchange the way Y/N felt about him.

 Lucifer also revealed hat Mazikeen, his bartebder who goes by Maze was actually a demon and Ammenadiel was his brother and an angel. And Charlotte Richards, an attoerny Y/N disliked heavily was actually lucifers mother AKA the mother of all creation. And yet. she had taken all of this infomation in rather well. After that, there was a whole new level of trust between them. One that would be hard to break and even harder to mend if broken.

Y/N walked into Lux, her music bag slung over her shoulder and her Y/H/C hair up in a messy bun. Maze was cleaning the counter behind the bar. Y/N approached her, setting her bag in one of the chairs. 

“Hey Maze,” Y/N greated. “Didn’t expect to see you here. I thpoight you had moved in with Chole last month?”

“I did. Just felt like coming back. Couldn’t stand being around that tiny human any longer.” Maze replied. Y/N nodded, sensing Maze’s dislike for children.

“Oh, Lucifer asked you to meet him in the penthouse. Said he needed to show you something up there.” Maze informed her. 

Y/N was slightly confused but went along with it. She picked up her music bag and began making her way up to the penthouse, bidding Maze goodbye as she did so.

Originally posted by mametupa

With a pleasent ding the elevator opened, revealing Lucifer sitting at his piano playing a lovely tune. Y/N smiled and watched him for a second. She had always loved watching him play. He just seemed so at peace with everything around him, as if the rest of the world just faded away.

Y/N walked up to him and wraped her arms around his waist and rested her chin on his shoulder as he continued to play. She gave him a soft kiss on the cheek and watched his hands dance on the piano keys.

“I haven’t heard that one before.” Y/N said.

“That’s because I have been writting it for you,” Lucifer replied. Y/N raised her eyebrow. She slid next him on the piano bench at the high end.

“Show me then,” Y/N asked.

“Well I’m not done yet love,” Lucifer Morningstar. 

“Then I’ll help you finish it.” Y/N told him. Lucifer smiled and began to play the tune again. 

“City of stars

Are you shing just for me? 

City of stars

There’s so much that I can’t see

Who knows?

I felt it from the first embrace I shared with you” Lucifer sang stopping on a high, as if to invite her to play. Y/N didnt deny the invitation and began to play on the high end.

“That now our dreams they’ve finally come true.

City of stars 

Just one thing everybody wants

There in the bars

And through the smoke screens of the 

Crowded resturants

It’s love

Yes all we’re looking for is love

From someone else.” Y/n looked to Lucifer, letting him know it was his turn to sing.

“A rush,” He sang

‘A glance,” She countered

‘A touch” 

‘A dance”  They both shared a looked as they played a little louder and cresendoded into the next verse as Lucifers vocals took over, with Y/N joing in where she could..

‘A look in sombody’s eyes

To light up the skies

To open the world and send it reeling

A voice that says I’ll be here and you’ll be alright

I don’t care if I know 

Just where I will go 

Cause all that I need is this crazy feeling

A rat-tat-tat on my heart.” They finished together. 

“Think I wanted to stay,” Lucifer sang as he went back to the original begining melody, Y/N getting off the piano to let him finish it out.

City of stars

Are you shining just for me?

City of stars” He sang as he added a trill to the higher note, giving her the last word. Y/N smiled and looked him the eye. 

“You’ve never shined so brightly.” Y/N finished softly.

Lucifer finished the song and looked at her. “So? Did you like it?”

“I loved it,” Y/N said. Lucifer leaned in and stole a soft but passionate kiss.

“Happy anniversary love,” He said.

‘Happy anniversary Lucifer.”

Here, have a Jack- and Jazz-centric almost-reveal Danny Phantom ficlet, focused on Phantom’s capture.

“Dad, no!” Jazz screamed.

Jack Fenton jumped and turned, but the damage was already done; the Fenton Bazooka’s trajectory had altered when she’d startled him, and instead of stopping him from shooting, she’d corrected his aim.

Jazz was out of breath even before the tiny body dropped out of the sky like a stone, but she kept running long after it crashed into the fountain. She stumbled down the grassy knoll to the path, using gravity to keep her feet moving even as the stitch in her side burned. She had to…had to get….

“Jazzy-pants, what’s gotten into you?” Jack asked as she careened past. He reached out to catch her arm, and she couldn’t evade him quickly enough. She sagged forward, but he held her upright. “You’re not carrying a weapon.”

She didn’t need a weapon. She just needed to get to Danny. She tried to break her father’s grip, but he wasn’t about to let her go. He might want his children to be interested in ghost hunting, but he also wanted them to be safe.

She wasn’t sure if she wanted to laugh or weep at the irony of that.

“Just stay behind me,” he said, pulling her back. “You don’t want to give the ghost any more opportunities to trick you than it already has.”

Than he already has. But it wasn’t the time for that argument. Not now. “Dad—” Her voice cracked as he pulled out the Fenton Ecto-Cuffs. “Dad, you can’t.”

“Nonsense! I just need to slap these babies on that ghost before it recovers enough to fight back.” He brandished the handcuffs and grinned at her.

And then he ignored her protests as he turned to capture his own son, her brother, just because he thought she was misguided in her belief that Phantom was the good guy.

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Requested: no

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Series: The Purpose of Love - Bittersweet Generation

Description: Y/N accidently spills her biggest secret to a well-known stranger and it ends up getting a bit heated than intended.

The TV was on. Muted, but it was turned on. It was the first thing Calum had done as soon as you had walked into the room with your friend. He had turned on the TV and muted it as if no one were actually going to look at the giant screen. And no one did. Everyone started to talk, instantly.

It was a funny scene if you thought about it. Five people seated around a coffee table with snacks and a muted TV. Three of those people were famous - Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford - and the fourth of those five was your out-going friend who seemed to know everyone in the city of Los Angeles.

And then there were you. The quiet, anti-social and smart girl. The girl who liked the rain more than the sun, the girl who liked the book more than the movie, the girl who liked the calls more than the texts. That girl was you.

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Crack Our Broken Records

I, an artist, wrote something for the 13th Dannyversary, and by wrote something I mean I’ve had this sitting in my docs for half a year and decided it was time to finish it

The alternate title is “Family Takes Four Thousand Words to Start a Conversation and They Don’t Even Finish it by the end” but that’s a little too long

Also there’s some really vague and small headcanons thrown in here but just a heads up.

read it on FFN l AO3


The man in question hummed noncommittally at his wife, much more focused on the mess of wires and metal seated on the table beneath his hands.


His fingers slipped on the slick metal, the wires falling from his hands and connecting in a shower of sparks. Dropping his head into his hands, Jack groaned. Maddie shifted her frying pan between her hands, allowing her to reach over to her husband.

“Jack, honey, give it a rest. You need to take a break.”

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“Now, you can think what you like about the art of jazz – quite frankly, I don’t really care what you think, because jazz is a thing so wonderful that if anybody doesn’t rave about it, all you can feel for them is pity: not that I’m making out I really understand it all – I mean, certain LPs leave me speechless.” - Colin MacInnes, Absolute Beginners. Book cover by Peter Blake

*quiet jazz hands*

Not everyone is going to like/dislike the same thing as you. That’s perfectly fine and normal. There isn’t any reason to lecture them about it and that will probably just make them disagree with you more.

*Slightly louder jazz hands*

Don’t pick fights with or send anon hate to someone for not agreeing with you. People will generally tag stuff if you ask them. If they won’t, unfollow/block features work.

*Very soft jazz hands*

Difference in opinions are what make fandoms fun. Talking politely about differing opinions can be fun, but don’t try to force conversations. If someone doesn’t want to talk, that’s fine. Just leave them alone.

*Stops jazz hands and touches ur hand if ur okay with that.*

Please be kind and leave people who want to be left alone, alone. Tag your ship/character hate, ask other people to tag, and block as needed. I love you. Be safe and make fandoms and Tumblr safe for others as well.

*Final jazz hands*

We’re all just here to have fun, friends. Please have fun and let others have fun.


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Yandere Tfa Prowl Headcanons?

knockin out two birbs /w one stone here. thirsty 4 Ninja


- He’s(luckily on your end)less likely to harm you. Prowl is undeniably careful when it comes to approaching the bot/human/etc he’s obsessed with, especially during the process of courting. He’s generally traditional about leading you to become his permanent lover.

- Prowl is more about manipulation than he is flat-out kidnapping you. He’ll lovingly hold you to his chassis and proclaim his love to you, while within his thoughts, he’s eliminating any threats to your relationship. Friends that are getting way too friendly, admirers of many different kinds, and anyone else that could possibly get between you both. Dead in the most brutal possible ways.

- Despite that, he seems like a very genuine and loving partner. Will never touch you intimately(kisses, hugs, etc(wink)) without your complete consent, and is very loving in the way he speaks toward you. A complete gentleman. 

- Despite that, he’s not above displaying dominance over you if necessary. To him, you’re like a mate to an animal; his lifeline and happiness as well as his property. If another tries to approach you with interest in replacing him, then he will not be afraid to fight them, or kill them. Say some unlucky decepticon decides you’re rather cute for a human? Dead within a couple hours. Unable to find most of it’s corpse other than a few random splotches of fresh energon. You remain unaware all the same.

- You could spend your whole life with Prowl(or the rest of his) and never find out about what he’s done to keep others away from you. 


- He’s the “chill” yandere type. No matter how much you could try, there’s not a single thing about him that would give away his thought process. But it’s just as nasty(if not, nastier) than any other’s thoughts. While he may be tamer around you than other yanderes would be, he’s just as dangerous to others.

- It’s easy for Jazz to befriend you. You’re drawn in by his chill, happy personality, as well as his taste in music. He’s a friendly guy! What’s not to like about him?

- Once you’re both actually in a relationship, though, you can see the more possessive side of Jazz. He’s generally overprotective in most situations, even in ones that don’t have you in dangerous situations. At first, it was a simple protective papa bear boyfriend, but after a while it gets smothering. You’re concerned for Jazz, and how he’s been acting, but you haven’t been able to properly speak with him about it. He always seems to change the subject last second; like he knows exactly how you’re feeling and wants to avoid it as long as possible.

- He’s got a thing for how comfortable you are to cuddle. He’ll pull you into random, spontaneous affection often, and tends to nip and nuzzle you whenever you’re leaning against him. It’s… actually kind of sweet? Even though he tends to leave a few marks whenever he nibbles at you.

- It’s more unhealthy than it is yandere, if you’re both in a relationship. If not? 

You, uh… better not introduce Jazz to any close friends.

Danny Phantom fandom-CALM THE HELL DOWN

Ok so I just finished watching the new video that Butch put up about the characters being aged up part 2,and while there were somethings I didn’t agree with I was happy to see another what if? Danny phantom video. So I go on Tumblr and y'all all screaming about how jazz is working in a lab and should have gone to Harvard and that Danny’s mom is too extreme. ????? Guys they.are.SKETCHES AND IDEAS no one said they were canon no one said they were the final projects. While making the show Butch obviously had editors and other people to help him create the show, the videos are coming directly from what he thought without anyone else. Relax they are just ideas. Ps Jazz would be 27 that means she could have easily gone to Harvard got her degree and decided to still help fight ghosts instead. You know cause people change there minds.

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My Best Girl Jazz Fenton

Or at least I’d say she’s probably my favorite human character.

My Brother’s Keeper is easily one of my favorite episodes, and part of that has to do with the contrast between Jazz and Spectra and what interesting foils they can be for each other.

Warning this one actually did get very image heavy because I love Jazz.

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anonymous asked:

Holy shit i love ur groupchat text thing omfg u should do like instagram posts+captions+comments :-))) just a suggestion

Caption on @remlupins photo: ‘Lupin! Lupin take a photo of me, I look cool as fuck in this jacket!’ - @seriousblack before falling off the wall and ripping the jacket

jampotter: @seriousblack that’s my jacket

seriousblack: sure thing raspberry


lilevans: alright boysenberry

jampotter: I can’t believe I’m dating you

petepettigrew: neither can anyone else

Caption on @jampotters photo: Lily took my glasses

remlupin: you know you used to take cute pictures @seriousblack while he wasn’t looking. Sirius, you’ve been replaced.

seriousblack: I can’t believe this

seriousblack: @jampotter thought we had something

jampotter: we do

jampotter: I never meant to hurt you

seriousblack: TO LATE

lilevans: what have I come between

Caption on @petepettigrews video: james got drunk and tried to climb a traffic light

seriousblack: I like the fact that evans says she’s ‘holding it so it won’t fall’

lilevans: I’d do the same for you sirius

seriousblack: did you hear that @jampotter lily is leaving you for me

jampotter: knew it

lilevans: its true james. Your ego just isn’t big enough for me, I gotta go BIGGER

seriousblack: is ego code for something else

remlupin: Sirius, this may surprise you, but not everything is about your dick

seriousblack: @remlupin WHAT

Caption on @jampotters photo: this is what it looks like when you drop a glass and your girlfriend rearranges the pieces into her name because she’s four year’s old

lilevans: ill have you know I’m seventeen, strawberry

petepettigrew: she’s right rhubarb

remlupin: what kind of jam doesn’t even know his own girlfriends age

lilevans: you should be ashamed gooseberry

jampotter: I want to die


seriousblack: HOW DID YOU FIND THESE

petepettigrew: sirius….. u have been a jazz man……… all this time…… the punk rock was an act


remlupin: a punk rock with jazz cds

seriouslyblack: LUPIN I’M SUEING

Caption on @remlupins photo: @lilevans and @seriousblack having an argument about how to spell symphony

seriousblack: I KNEW IT HAD A Y IN IT

lilevans: I already paid you the £20 stop going on about it


Caption on @lilevans photo: I love him I think

seriousblack: uhh evans, you’ve posted a photo of james and not of me. clearly a mistake.

jampotter: @seriousblack could you let me have one thing

jampotter: @lilevans I love you back

Caption on @seriousblacks photo: Happy Birthday Lupin. You’re alright, I guess.

remlupin: you used perfect grammar in that sentence

remlupin: you do care

seriousblack: barely

Caption on @lilevans photo: pete and james crying last night after remus stepped on a worm

jampotter: lily you left out the part where we were pissed off our asses

lilevans: did I??? so now everyone will think you’re both idiots because they don’t have the context??? Silly me. sorry plum.

jampotter: this is cyber bullying

Caption on @petepettigrews video: just in case anyone wanted to know what sirius thought a grilled cheese was until three hours ago

jampotter: I can’t believe you didn’t know

jampotter: I let you into my home

seriousblack: I said I was sorry

remlupin: you can never come back from this

seriousblack: I know @jampotter changed my contact name to traitor

Caption on @jampotters video: what happens when we leave pete alone in science

petepettigrew: I didn’t know you meant the solution on my left not yours!!!!

lilevans: potter why are you complaining we got a half day

remlupin: because we were suspended

lilevans: @remlupin has anyone ever told you you’re a downer

seriousblack: constantly but he never believes me

lilevans: really?? But you’re so reliable????

seriouslyblack: you know I feel like you’re kidding

lilevans: me???? sarcastic?????????? Never

Caption on @seriousblacks photo: HE DRESSED UP AS A JAM JAR FOR HALLOWEEN I HATE HIM

remlupin: @jampotter the joke isn’t as fun if you embrace it

jampotter: @remlupin to late. Sirius you left out the part where @lilevans went as toast

lilevans: @jampotter we’ve peaked as a couple

jampotter: true