what's a good setting on the texts

Guide to Borderline
  • How to figure out what a borderline means in texts;
  • Nevermind, it is not important: It really is important as fuck but I am afraid that you are not gonna get it and I won't be able to explain.
  • x
  • Ok. : I am pissed off to the point of one more wrong text and you are out of my life so quick that you are not even gonna notice it for a week.
  • x
  • Do you really think so?: Stop joking and tell me what you really think in honesty this is important.
  • x
  • I am fine: I feel shit like usual but to explain you that I usually dont feel good so that is my default setting is gonna take shit ton of time so I am lying.
  • x
  • No I am not mad, just a little hurt: I cried my eyes out and probably still crying and blaming myself for everything even though you are the asshole.
  • x
  • You don't have to: I would love it if you do the thing but I am scared that you secretly don't want to do it so I am giving you an escape. But please don't take it I will get sad.

Extra Headcanon/AU notes (for the curious): Inko isn’t aggressive nor is she all that intimidating, she just moms everyone. And that within itself has the makings of a terrifying individual.

She is also extremely determined when she wants to be? Bakugou thought she was just a typical, weak schoolgirl when they met as kids, but Inko was determined to make her stop smoking/getting into so many fights. It was downright terrifying what she could do when she had set her mind on something.

They didn’t really become friends until a couple years after they met, though. Bakugou doesn’t really have a good relationship with her parents, and after one particularly hostile spat, Inko just kinda… showed up at her door. She didn’t ask any questions, just knew, and they ditched school for four days to go up to Hokkaido and be happy.

Bakugou’s fearful respect of her is based on years of Inko somehow knowing everything and multiple cases of her calling/texting/msg-ing Bakugou just as she lights a cigarette or glares at some thugs, despite being nowhere in the vicinity. She is 99% certain that Inko has some sort of secondary psychic sense quirk that keeps her attuned to the people she cares about.

(Also, Bakugou really loves her son, but? She also REALLY wants to kick his ass, because Inko took such good care of her when they were younger and she feels entirely responsible for how her son acts towards Izuku. She probably sees Katsuki’s behavior as a reflection of her own and regrets/wishes she was a parent more like Inko, or something.)

Here’s something that will weird you out: The guy on the far right is a dwarf.

In Norse mythology there are two, possibly three, types of elves. Light elves, shadow elves (but not always), and dark elves. There’s no indication that any of them were good or evil, and it seems like they simply got their names from their shade and/or whether they could be in sunlight.

Dwarfs in the old texts aren’t much different from elves. They are described as being regular height, have pale skin, black hair and live underground because sunlight kills them. They’re great craftsmen, and can create not just magical weapons that kill every time they are swung, but also life of flesh and blood. What really sets them apart from elves is that they don’t have any women. They reproduce asexually by magically crafting more dwarfs (again, perfectly biological beings of flesh and blood). They are however not sexless as one story involves Freya sleeping with four of them.

This isn’t something I’ve stuck to in my own mythology art, but I thought it’d be fun for you to know.

What other witches do: cast circles, visualize, use expensive oils/herbs/crystals, set aside time for rituals/Gods

What I do: open the windows and blinds, set a stick on fire, scream “I aint get no sleep cuz of yall, yall ain’t get no sleep cuz of me” at spirits in my house, wave stick fire smoke in circles above my head, use a red dollar store pen to carve sigils into tea candle, throw salt at windows aka “little bitch gtfo my house boy bye”, uses 37493927 emojis in texts to significant otter for good vibes, cries on my dog to ward her and also bc she’s So Good, wines to Zeus about my Problems™, watches Friends with Aphrodite and laughs, whispers “please fix my car” to hephaestus and offers him a burnt match, stares pointedly at Hermes offerings and squints at tip jar

“You’re pregnant and he cheats on you” Pt. 4.1

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4.2

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

(a/n): I’m really happy everyone enjoyed this series so here is the fourth part, next will mark the end and I could really use more requests!

Masterlist | Ask

It wasn’t until 5 years later when you made your return to Seoul. After packing you left to go back to your hometown to stay with family for the meantime. Being a single mother of a now, 5 year old boy, wasn’t the hardest task in the book, but it also wasn’t the easiest, even with the aide of you parents at hand. You wanted to move back to Seoul for, one, new job opportunities and two, so you could re-connect with old friends. Hoseok is the first person you called to inform of your return and he spared no time showing up to your newly bought apartment to help you unpack.

Jihae was more than excited to meet Hobi. He was technically the uncle he never had so when there was a knock at the door he was quick to beat you to it, with his little hands trying so hard to turn the knob, which, failed miserably. You helped him and opened the door, being greeted with a Hobi’s signature smile.


Your three year old was quick to wrap his small form around Hoseok’s leg making you laugh. You moved over and picked up Jihae, stepping to the side for Hoseok to enter the apartment.

You walked over to the living room area then took the moment to greet Hoseok, setting the 5 year old down..”It’s been five years since we last saw each other in person hasn’t it?”

He chuckled and nodded looking around the apartment. “It has, and it’s been a hell of a lot different after you left.”

“We can catch up about that later, All I know is I am glad to be back.” You smiled then pulled your hair back in a tight pony-tail and picking up a box. “Anyways, Who’s ready to get to work around here~?”

Jihae was quick to reply, throwing his arms into the air.


The remainder of the day was mostly spent painting and un-boxing much of the stuff, but with a lot of hard-work on most of the rooms, and by most, the living room and both yours and Jihae’s room, was set, leaving the kitchen, bathroom, and spare room left to finish.

Hoseok stepped out of one of the rooms being worked on and sat down with a sigh. “It takes that long for a couple rooms? Its been 7 hours…!” He stifled a laugh, before leaning forward. “I would ask if you want to go out with the boys just for a little together but I feel as if it is to late for that.”

You shook your head. “Actually that would be great…!” You smiled getting up from your chair.

“Are you sure..?” He raised an eyebrow at you. “It is only 6, We don’t go to bed till 9.” You smiled. “Just give me time to get washed up..”

He nodded and texted the boys as you took Jihae in your arms to get him dressed. “Momma… Were going to meet Uncle Tae and Jin…?” You smiled and nodded. “And Jungkook, Jimin, and Namjoon..”

“What about daddy?”

It’s as if the color drained from your face. There’s the question you always wanted to avoid but you knew that it would pop up soon. Trying to find the right words you set your son down and smiled a bit sadly. “When the time comes I will tell you but now wouldn’t be good…”

“But I wanna know…!” You started to put his shoes on him. “Trust me… I will tell you but to much things are happening right now..”

He crossed his arms over his chest. “Did something happen between Mommy and Daddy…?” You sighed and nodded. “At your age, you wouldn’t be able to fully understand.” Your son pouted making you smile. It was scary how similar Jihae looked to his father. The dark brown, close to being black, hair, the chocolate brown eyes, Hell even the pout he did. You thought about why you used Yoongi’s surname for Jihae, not being able to think why. Your thoughts were interrupted when Hoseok knocked, leaning against the door frame.

“You ready?”

You nodded, Helping Jihae down before following Hobi. “Where are we going?”

“A little corner cafe where we can all kick back and relax.. Is that fine?”

You nodded. “Perfect~

Once arriving you found all the guys there, Sitting around in the couch area chatting away. You chuckled noticing how they changed a lot after a few years.You pushed the doors open to the cafe and made your way over, Taehyung immediately noticed your arrival and jumped up to tackle you in a hug. “Oh my god you’re back?!”

You laughed and nodded, The other quickly following along and hugging you as well. “Did Hoseok not tell you I was coming?”

Jungkook smiled, shaking his head. “He only told us he had something important to talk to us about..!” You shook my head and looked over to Hobi, he only shrugged while snickering.

A screech was heard from Tae as he noticed Jihae’s presence behind you. “Is that him..?!” He crouched down, smiling while Jihae slowly came from behind you and smiled shyly. “Awe cmon, You were so excited to meet them till now.. Why become shy?” You chuckled as he stood in front of Taehyung.

“I’m Jihae….”

“He looks just like…”  He looked over to me, shutting himself up before holding his hand out to Jihae. “Im Taehyung.”

The other 5 watched, smiling before introducing themselves as well.

The time went with all of you catching up and joking around until it came for the moment you had to leave because both you and Jihae were sleepy. So you said goodbye to all of them and took your leave, As soon as you stepped out you realized the ground was wet, taking note that it had rained so you picked Jihae up and wrapped him in your jacket so he would stay warm.

It wasn’t until you heard a gasp close by that you let the curiosity get to you and turned towards it, only to find out the gasp was because of you.

“Oh my god it actually is you…”

Part of you felt weak noticing the presence of someone who fucked up the entirety of your life, the one who messed it all up and called you disgusting names. You found yourself in front of her not knowing what to do at the moment.


You knew you should have been pissed at her but you had an agreement with yourself, even then all those feelings that you had towards her were faded and gone. You noticed she was at the point of tears and couldn’t look you in the eye. Had she felt bad..? She was mumbling a lot of nonsense you couldn’t make out. You just stared.

Her eyes trailed down to where Jihae, who was fast asleep on your shoulder. You shifted feet uncomfortably and watched her cautiously.

“I’m so sorry…” She bit down on her lip and you stood in silence for a bit letting it sink in that she had actually felt guilty. You had no clue what to say so you sighed and let whatever came to your mind first.

“You took everything away from me. My boyfriend, My happiness, an much more.” She flinched, choking back a cry. “You gained absolutely jack-shit for doing this.” She staggered a bit from you words only small apologies slipping out.

You stepped towards and looked her in the eye for once. “But that was 5 years ago. I forgave you when I made the choice to let any grudge go and that’s when I sat in a hospital bed with a baby cradled in my arms.”

She seemed to relax a bit at your words.

“It was fucked up, yes, but people learn from their mistakes and even if it’s really bad, some are meant to be forgiven.

She seemed shocked and you smiled a bit.

“Don’t get hung up on the past because of mistakes. I can see you have changed. Look to the future and forget what happened then and look at what is happening now..”

That’s when a man made his way out and over next to Jennie’s side, wrapping his arm around her waist with a confused look upon his face. She hugged him and cried into his chest so you took the chance to turn and walk off, your question about Yoongi being answered.

“Goodbye Jennie.”

The encounter with Jennie left you thinking about it longer then you should have. It had been four days since you were distracted by the sudden encounter that you hadn’t been paying attention and ran right into a stranger, dropping the four bags of groceries across the pavement. The stranger was quick to help you pick the items up, and when you looked up to thank the stranger, your eyes widened, and as if realizing too he staggered back.


You were, to say in the least, wanting to cry. Sudden Encounter #2 was the one encounter you definitely were not ready for. It made you want to run, and run away far but you managed to keep an act up. You had to stay strong for the sake of yourself and your kid. So you stood up and nodded your head slighly at him.


And then luck wasn’t so much on your side when you heard the yell of your son, Hoseok close behind him.

Mommy returned uncle Hobi…!

 You looked up to Yoongi watching his reaction as he went pale and looked like he had just seen death. You knew exactly what he was thinking.

You really wanted this to be a dream


anonymous asked:

Hi Beast! Do you know any good websites for story/plot charting?

I had to do some research for this question! Look at you guys, making me dig through the bowels of the earth.

Hiveword - Requires you to create an account, but it’s free; allows you to make lists for your characters and their descriptions, list out your plot/story flow, has a built-in name generator and more

Read-Write-Think - Though this one seems to be geared toward younger kids, don’t be fooled - it has different charts that allow you to type out your plot, characters, setting, and resolution via visual maps; the only drawback is that it’s somewhat too simplistic, and doesn’t account for overly complex plots but it’s good for mapping out all the base information needed to plan your story

Scrapple - An app for PCs and Macs that is basically a combination between a mind map and a basic text-editing software, but geared specifically toward writers (if you don’t know what a mind map is, here’s a helpful article); the downside is that it’s $15, but there’s a free trial version available on the linked site

LitLift - Free site (with account registration) that allows you to organize your stories, characters, and plots (similar to Scrapple); also has sharing capabilities so that you can share your story within the site - you can also browse other peoples’ stories if they’ve been shared

Scrivener - Another app for PCs and Macs; like a more advanced version of Microsoft Word, except that it gives you an outliner to list out your ideas/plots/etc, ‘index cards’ to keep your ideas organized, ‘scrivenings’ - which basically function as tabs to switch between manuscripts, and a lot more; downside is that it’s $45, but once again there’s a free trial available on the linked site

Storyplanner - Site that has lists of resources where you can select from novel/short story, screenplay, or nonfiction and it asks you further questions in detail about your story; great for getting all your ideas out in one go (I look at it as sort of a ‘quizilla’ for your story, except it’s not full on Mary Sues and sadness); the site is free to use, but there is a premium edition, though you don’t really need it (you can just copy your answers to your nearest document)

Hemingway - Though this one is more useful for editing rather than planning, this in-browser site that allows you to either write right in the browser or copy/paste text into the window; points out any writing errors, repeated syntax, long-ass sentences, and all kinds of other helpful editing advice; there’s also a desktop version available for download

If anyone finds anything else that’s helpful, feel free to add it!

pidge: hey, coran, you know how, when lance asked if we had a siren, you said we could record one and broadcast it with the castle’s speakers?

coran: oh, yes! i remember that. it’s such a shame we never got around to it. i would’ve liked to have done it!

pidge: yeah, uh, me too, only not the siren noise lance had in mind.

coran: well, we can still record something and broadcast it out! like the “space cops on space patrol,” as lance said. in fact, you can be the one recording!

pidge: okay, thanks so much coran. it really means a lot to me.


allura: we’ve received a distress call from a planet. we must get there quickly.

pidge: wait, allura, can you, uh…put on the siren coran and i set up?

allura: [somewhat confused] i - sure…? [plays the siren]

[pidge yelling “I’M GAY!” broadcasts all throughout space]

pidge: thanks

Misguided Texts Part 2 // A Dylan O’Brien Smut

Part One

Relationship: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Oral (Male on Female), Overstimulation, Multiple Orgasms, Fingering, Public Sexish, and Swearing.

Word Count: 3,311

Song: Earned it by The Weeknd 

A/N: After the overwhelming amount of requests, here you have it y’all! I hope you guys like this, it’s very explicit and detailed much like part one. Also, thank you to @stilinski-jpeg for proofreading this. 

PSA: Here’s the black widow scene playing out in case you’re confused.

Two weeks. It’s been two weeks since the hotel room incident and Dylan hasn’t done a single thing about it. My phone has never received another text from him nor did he ever talk about it with me again. The topic was completely avoided when we were together, but I certainly didn’t miss the other signs he was giving me. What with the knowing glances, the winks, the smirks, the lingering touches on my arm that aren’t necessary, the way he stares at my lips whenever I talk to him as he licks his own. I knew exactly what he was doing…

Dylan was fucking teasing me. And the worst part? It’s actually working.

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do you know another reason why im so happy harry worked with nolan? nolan met his wife emma thomas at uni when he was 19. she produced all of his movies (and is on set a lot - there are tons of pics of harry with her and nolan together), they have a production company together. they have 4 kids and are very reserved about their private life. this year they’ll celebrate 20 years of marriage and 28 years together. look at them at the premiere yesterday:

that’s what an industry power couple looks like

Mirror For The Sun - Part 7: The Grand Tetons

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 6 - Part 8 

Summary: (Bucky POV) Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other.

Warnings: swearing, super mild smoot (it’s not really even smut)

Word Count: 4501

Author’s Note: This part is way too damn long. I really just like the ending. But I also couldn’t figure out what I wanted to cut so you’re getting all of it.

Originally posted by annutystan

As we climb back to the car, Y/N has slipped off of Sam’s shoulders and shoved past him, nearly running up the trail, farther away from Sam. And from me. When we make it to the top of the trail and the edge of the parking lot, Steve looks to me with a shocked and unsure shrug, lifting his hands up in question. She barely speaks to anyone, only muttering a disgruntled, “Trunk, please” to Steve.

Once we’ve changed into dry clothes, Y/N tosses her now useless phone haphazardly into the trunk and grabs for her dated Atlas before slipping into the car without a word. She doesn’t move closer to me, she doesn’t look up from her Atlas. Goddamn it. She’s so upset. “Go left,” she instructs with a heavy sigh as she flips through the pages until she finds the map for South Dakota. She traces over an already marked road until it reaches the end of the page, before moving quickly over to Wyoming.

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The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Five- Dean x Reader

The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Five

Summary: Dean finds out you’re a virgin and begins to try to charm his way into your pants. Little does he know he’s about to fall in love.
Word Count: 2,050
Warnings: Sexual Content.  Language.

Originally posted by thejabberwock


I’m so addicted to all the things you do
When you’re rollin’ round with me in between the sheets
Oh the sounds you make, with every breath you take
It’s unlike anything, when you’re lovin’ me…
From Addicted by Saving Abel

You spent the next hour pretending that Dean hadn’t said anything.   The idea that he would say something like that was too much for your brain to process. You didn’t know if he meant it but you weren’t sure why he would say it with such passion if he didn’t  The feelings bubbling up in you were the most confused you had felt since your crush on Ben Harris in third grade.  You had ended up with a scraped knee and a broken heart from that one.  

You chewed your lip as you watched Dean nursing his beer across the table.  You had abandoned the thought of the game when all that shit with that asshole had gone down.  You had suggested to Dean about leaving but he had dismissed the idea. He told you that he wanted to spend the that time with you.  You had ordered several shots and downed them all at once at the news.  

Your attention was shifted from your thoughts when you felt the tickle from the buckle on your garter belt.  You had moved in your seat and it brushed along your thigh.  The feeling made your skin crawl, so you stood up to reattach it and felt glad Dean had chosen a dark corner of the bar. You placed your foot in your chair and pushed your skirt up so you could inspect what was happening.  You found that one of the front buckles was loose and you rolled your eyes in annoyance.  Once it was reattached, you leaned down and smoothed your hands over your stocking.

Dean sat with his beer pressed to his lips as he watched you.  When your hands graced over your thighs, he had all he could take and stood up abruptly.  Your head snapped to him in a second and you were met with his hands suddenly on your shoulders.  He turned you around and swept his hands under your thighs.  Lifting you with easy, he brought you to sit on the table.  You hadn’t protested as you were shocked from the sudden display.  Your eyes had widen to an impossible size as you stared up at him.  His eyes were blown wide open and you could feel the lust radiate through him.   A lump formed in your throat and it went down painfully.  

“Dean?”  You managed to whisper.  

The only answer you received was Dean’s hands pulling apart your thighs.  He stood between them and shift your hips so that you were pressed to him.  His harden cock pressed harshly into your pelvic bone and you let out a low moan.  Your brain felt dizzy and fogged over.  You reached up and caught him by the belt loops in order to press him closer.  Never in your life had you felt so sincerely desired and it made you want him to bend you over that table.

“Dean…”  You whispered again as you tilted your head up to him.  He was looking at you adoringly and you felt yourself fluster under his gaze.  The man was making you feel like you were the only woman in the world.  His hand caught your chin as he laid little kisses along your jaw.  They were so light that it felt like a caress from the wind.   He moved up your jawline until he rested his lips against the shell of your ear.  You giggled as his hot breath tickled you there.

“I swear to God, Y/N.  If I wasn’t trying to take this slow for your sake…  I’d rip those red panties down and have you on this table.  I’d have you screaming my name for this whole bar to hear.” He breathed against you.

A moan slipped from you as a pooling of desire snaked its way down to your aching core.  Your slickness built in your panties and you could feel the fabric becoming soaked.  You whined low in your throat when Dean ever so slightly bumped your sensitive sex.  

“Deeaaaannnnnnn.”  You groaned as you pulled him closer.  Your hips lifting to grind yourself against him.  Dean’s eyes lulled back in his head as the friction from your movements cause his cock to twitch.  

“Fuck.”  He hissed through his teeth as you continued to buck against him.  Your clit was bumping against his hard on as you moved desperately.  The feeling building in you was foreign and it made you want to scream.  You bit the inside of your cheek to keep yourself quiet and snapped your hips up one last time.  This wasn’t the place to cream your panties and bring all the attention to yourself.   

“Dean….”  You sighed before gently pushing him away.   “This isn’t the time or the place.”

Dean groaned as he stepped back to look at you.  The view of just how wet you had gotten as your legs were laying open for him made a shudder rip through him.  

“God damn, Y/N.  How the fuck can you be real?  Cute, funny, smart, sexy, and tough as hell.”  He rumbled almost too low for you to hear.  For the second time that night, Dean shocked you into complete silence.  You quickly slipped off the table as you excused yourself to the restroom.   You’re heart pounding in your ears as you flung the door to restroom open.  

Darting into the free stall, you slammed the door closed and locked it.  You clutched your hand to your chest and pressed yourself up against the cool metal.   What the hell was going on between you and Dean?  You were beyond perplexed at your own feelings.  Your heart squeezed painfully in your chest as his words danced their way through your head.  Did he really have feelings for you?  Was this all just a ploy to get you in bed?  Knowing Dean, it was the latter.  

You frowned at yourself and sighed.  That wasn’t fair.  Dean was a nice guy and he cared about your feelings.  Sure, he had been flirting with you and that display just a moment ago was something.  You knew deep down that he would never use his feelings for you as a way to get into your pants.  He was a broken wreck of a man, but he wasn’t a monster.  So maybe.  Just maybe.  He did have feelings for you.

Then there was you….

Did you have feelings for him?  You had spent the last few days trying to get a little revenge, but you had never stopped to think what that meant.  You knew that you were afraid to lose him as a friend.  That was the most profound feel swirling in you, but then something else was there.  Something new and frightening.  A feeling you had sworn off long before you had met Dean.  You chewed your lip and racked your brain about what to do.   Your thoughts shot back to the pool game and the desperate need for Dean to just give up his pursuit of you.  You just wanted things to go back to the way they were.  

You didn’t bother to return to the table.  Instead, you set up a new game of pool for you and Dean.  Pulling your phone out of your purse-you shot him a text to come and join you.  A few minutes later, he was standing beside you looking so damn good you could devour him.  His cheeks were flushed and he looked like he was breathing heavily.  Your eyes widen when you realized what he had just done.  The desire that knifed through you was almost too much for you to keep your composure.  The thought of Dean cumming while thinking of you was enough to make you not be able to sit right for a week.  

You bite the inside of your cheek again.  A painful reminder to keep yourself grounded in reality.  
This wasn’t going to happen.  You and Dean could never be anything more than friends.  His heart depended on it.

“Ok…  So I thought we could pay for real this time…  Same stakes… You know if we actually get to play.”  You said with a frown at the horrible memory of that asshole from earlier in the night.

Dean shot you a look before nodding in agreement.  He didn’t know what to make of you.  The idea of you being hot and cold was an understatement.  One minute you were burning hot and then next you were freezing cold.   Neither his heart or his cock knew what the fuck to do.

Half an hour later, you were eyeing up the eight ball and you couldn’t have felt happier.  There was no way you could miss such an easy shot.  With great care, you called the shot and it rolled triumphantly into the pocket.  You jumped for joy as your hands came over head in excitement.  You never got tired of winning at pool.

“Yes!”  You cried fist pumped. “I won.  Now you have to stay here with me a few more days.”  You said in a sing songy voice.  Your eyes were lit up like every star on a clear night.  This was the ticket to getting your friend back.  Dean would realize after a few days with you just what a bore you were and things would go back to the natural order.  You being a lone wolf virgin and him being a sex god.  In your excitement, you hadn’t noticed the way Dean’s eyes danced with a softness that he rarely displayed.   The man could admit that he was head over heels for you.

“Best fucking few days of my life.”  He mumbled as he smiled inwardly.  You didn’t know what was coming your way.  He was about to show you that everything you thought was right was wrong.  You did belong with him even if you didn’t know it yet.   The two of you spent the next few hours just goofing off at the bar.  There was no flirting or sexual deviance.  Just two people sharing their lives.

“Come on Dean.  My feet are killing me and my ass is cold.”  You said as you looked at your phone.  It read 1 a.m. and you groaned.   Dean chuckled at you and grabbed your hand.  The trip back to the motel was silent and still.  You didn’t know what to say to him except that you really wanted for him to understand why you needed him to stay.

“Dean, you don’t have to stay a few days.  I know you and Sam are busy.”  You hummed as you looked through the window.  The stars passed by in a swirl of white light.

Dean glanced over at you before answering you.  He wanted to stay but only if he got a chance to make you his.

“No.  I already told Sammy.  He’s fine without me.  Probably happier even.”  He said with a low chuckle.   You turned to give him an inquisitive look.  

“Sammy needs you Dean. That’s obvious to everyone.”  You said flatly.  Dean and his brother were a close as anyone could be and that was just how it was.  You admire the bond between the brothers.

“What about you?  Do you need me?”  He asked unexpectedly.   His eyes never left the road but you could tell by the way his body braced itself- he was expecting an answer.  You half wanted to just pretend that you didn’t hear, but you couldn’t do it.  Dean didn’t deserve that.

“Dean. I do need you. I couldn’t take losing your friendship.”  You mumbled in reply.  Your eyes had returned to the stars and in that moment you wished you could be among them.

“I’m not talking about friends sweetheart.”  He rumbled lowly.  His right hand slipping from the steering wheel and onto your upper thigh.  He gave it a squeeze and you felt yourself sigh.  You turned quickly and grabbed his hand.  

“Dean…  I can’t lose you.  I won’t lose you.  Not to something as silly as sex.”  You whispered as tears prickled at the corner of your eyes.

“You’d never lose me, Y/N.  If it was just about sex then I would have already taken what I wanted.  This is different.  I want something more.”  

AN:   :D  Hope you enjoyed the update.  Please let me know what you think and I’ll be back Friday with a new chapter.  Does this feel forced?  Is this a good pace for their feelings.  And the humor and flirting war isn’t over yet!

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How I Top My Literature Class!

For me, studying isn’t at all something I do to memorise the information covered in my classes. I study to understand and, most importantly, practice making analyses.

I should stress now, if you get anything at all from this post get this:

be different.

and no. I don’t mean that in the cliche feel good way. If your essay or assignment is the same or similar to everyone else’s then you’re not going to do well. Would you want to read the same thing just worded differently 50 times? No? Neither does your teacher. If you can give them a break from the ordinary, they’ll thank you for it in your marks - it will set you apart. Take it from someone who tops their literature and journalism classes.

This is how you do that:

1. When I’m reading a text or learning about an event I write down questions. Not who, what, when, or where questions though - why and how are the important ones. Answer these after class and try to form your own unique thoughts and ideas in regards to them. Make sure to write a decent paragraph at least and use this as an opportunity to practice writing formally. The more questions you answer, the clearer and stronger your own arguments will become.

2. Google Scholar is your new best friend! I use this for all of my assignments and my teachers always applaud my use of supporting references and sources. Just type in the text or the event and a tonne of formal essays, books, and theses will appear! They’re often incredibly long so I usually only read the introductions and conclusions of a few. AND they use lots of references themselves, so reading introduction will often give you up to ten other people to reference!

It will also give you a range of differing perceptions and analyses of the text or event which you can use to expand your initial perceptions and analyses! Or, they may bring completely new concepts to your intention!

3. This is the fun part, I promise!! Now that you’ve got a tonne of background knowledge you’re good to go! If you know what type of assignment you have I highly recommend polishing what you’ve learnt through that format. 

If you have to write an essay, then sum up the idea you want to follow, and explore it through an essay like piece of writing  - this will, unless you change your mind on what you want to do it on, become a draft for your assignment! 

Bring together all of the information, references, and thoughts you have. Initially you’ll be chopping and changing a lot as your ideas evolve into more specific ones but you’ll quickly find your flow. Once you do, it will be incredibly relieving because not only do you understand the text; you know exactly what you want to say about it.

And that, is incredibly important - it will show maturity and intelligence because your work won’t be scattered or off-topic at all - it will be what you want it to be.

I hope this was helpful!! This way of working opens up a whole bunch of pathways to take for each assignment so it kind of forces it to be interesting - for me at least! ((:

I’ll be making a similar post for maths soon so stay tuned!!
V Route - Requirements + What you get after you start his route

Basically, you need to have saved up 300HG to unlock the new content, I was really close to the limit, like I was lucky I didn’t fall into the temptation to buy random other things.

What you get from the story:

- 11 days worth of new content

- 80 CGs

- 7 endings: probably with the same mind set as for the others, 1 good ending, 1 normal and the rest are various bad ones.

- phone calls to V (yes, you may call him)

- V’s profile

- new rings and text tones

- surprises (already one I am sharing in the spoilers)

Now for some spoiler bits ^o^ 

No worries, it’s just for the opening sequence, nothing about V’s route per se. 

Oh, yeah! Please DON’T SKIP THE INTRO PART!!!

You would miss out on tasty bits!!!!

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“Can I be him?”

Not everybody should know about the fact that you’re a Kingsman agent, especially your family. In their eyes, you’re a tailor and do nothing but wasting your time. Tired of the attempts of your mother to make you settle down with a guy, who is up to your economic standards, you may just have to fake it…

Warning: a bit of ‘casual’ swearing
Eggsy Unwin x Reader
Part ONE of ‘Can I be him?’ - Series

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Come Clean - Part 3 (Final)

Summary: The reader catches Jensen snooping through her phone. 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader 

Word Count: 3,262

Part 1 Part 2

“What the hell was that, Jensen? Tell me now.” Danneel demands angrily narrowing her eyes.

“Um…she…well…I’ll be right back, ok?”


“Just give me a minute! I have to talk to Jared.” Jensen bolts to his costar’s trailer without waiting for a reply.

“What’s up?” Jared asks when Jensen bursts through his door like a mad man.

“What did Y/N say?”

“About what?”

“Don’t fuck with me right now, Padalecki.” Jensen growls surprising them both.

“I really don’t wanna be in the middle of this, man.” Jared sighs running a hand through his long chestnut hair.

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anonymous asked:

Can you recommend anything that requires players to draw on relatively off-beat skills? That is, something outside of the usual mix of strategy, politics, social and narrative focus that tabletop RPGs normally have.

How about bullshitting?

The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Told in the form of a New Style of Game termed Role-Play, by Baron Munchausen, the Third Edition, Considerably enlarged by the Baron’s own hand, with many remarkable stories and advice to his readers

It’s based on the 1785 novel, not the Terry Gilliam film, though you’ll get by easily if you’re only familiar with the latter. It’s not the easiest read; the text is written entirely in character as the good Baron, and is thus prone to ramble, pontificate, and go off on bizarre tangents at the drop of a hat. If you can muddle your way through, however, there’s a fascinating little game in there - and in any event, becoming accustomed to the eccentricities of the text is good practice for the mode of speech required in play.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen is a storytelling game in the most literal sense: play begins with the host (GM) turning to the player to her right and opening with something like the following:

Most honoured and noble Prince, if you could refrain momentarily from the gracious attentions you are paying to my sister, mayhap you might satisfy our curiosity on the matter of how it was that you escaped from the prison of Akkra after you had been burned at the stake there two days earlier?

That player is then obliged to improvise - entirely on the spot - the details of the requested adventure. (An appendix of some two hundred such story seeds is provided if the host can’t think of one.) At any time, however, any other player can wager a coin to interrupt with an objection or correction to the details of the story; the speaker may then incorporate the twist into her narrative, or else wager a coin of her own to reject it with a stern insult to the interrupting party (the insult is mandatory). This goes back and forth until either the story is complete, or two parties reach an impasse, at which point the matter must be resolved with a duel. The text is very clear that this means an actual duel - the kind with swords and pistols - though several less lethal alternatives are provided for the benefit of children and cowards.

(For those whose improv skills aren’t so hot, players are explicitly encouraged to exploit the interruption rules to throw lifelines to floundering storytellers, so in practice the game can be as collaborative as you like - you’re not going to be up there on your own, provided you’re not playing with jerks!)

As you may have gathered, you gain coins by accepting and incorporating complications into your stories, and lose coins by rejecting them. Winning isn’t a simple matter of reaching the highest total, however. You see, you don’t get to keep your coins; at the end of the session, each player passes all of the coins she’s won to whichever other player she thinks told the best story. It’s only after this exchange that the coins are totaled and a winner is determined - in effect, what you’re accumulating by accepting wagers isn’t points, but votes.

The text is rounded out with several alternative settings, rules for playing with small children, a Rashomon-like variant in which players compete to determine the truth of an event in which they all ostensibly participated (and each remembers differently), and also, for no particular reason, a tabletop implementation of Mornington Crescent. All in all, it’s a very dense 150 pages - lots of good stuff in there, if you can prise it out of the occasionally impenetrable prose.

flirty, caring friend tom

by not-so-popular demand, I give you, flirty, caring, borderline fuckboy friend tom

pls send me compliments and stuff bc I need Constant Validation™

  • tom’s definitely very flirty all the time like it doesn’t matter the situation he just always is flirting with you
  • and you lowkey love it but you’ll never tell him
  • but you never stop him either so he knows you like it
  • he comes over without any warning
    like he literally doesn’t knock
  • one day you got out of the shower and walked in the living room in a towel to find tom sitting on the couch
  • “my dreams are finally coming true.” he smiles at you all cheeky and winks at you and you just roll your eyes and grab your laundry from the dryer
  • you’re wearing tight jeans and tom groans a little behind you and when you turn around to look at him he’s biting his lip
  • you’re sitting on the couch together watching tv and he just looks at you for a second and you ask him what’s wrong and he’s just like “you know being friends with you is really hard, i mean have you seen how attractive you are? of course you have, you see yourself everyday, but i mean like look at you! you’re so damn beautiful, how has nobody snatched you up yet?”
  • “i’m not sure, tom.” you laugh
  • “oh yeah that’s right, i’ve been trying.”
  • you push him but he barely moves away from you in fact he hold you closer, nuzzling his head in your neck
  • “what the hell, y/n you always smell so good.”
  • he always makes a comment about how good you look no matter where you are
  • you visited him on set one day while he was filming spider-man: homecoming and he was in the suit
  • “you know they made this suit just for me, wanna know what it’s made of?”
  • “what?” you roll your eyes already knowing the answer was going to be something cocky
  • “…boyfriend material.” and he giggles a little and you blush bc he for real is boyfriend material
  • he snapchats you all the time, like it’s his favorite form of communication he will barely text you bc he’d rather see your face
  • always having an excuse to stay over at your house
  • “but your couch is comfier than mine”
  • and one night tom and you watched a scary movie before bed biggest mistake ever and you were scared to sleep alone, so you asked tom to sleep in the bed with you and he jumped at the chance
  • “but, one issue, i can’t have you wearing all these clothes, because how can i comfortably cuddle with someone who’s wearing so much clothing”
  • “can you carry me?” you ask as tom stands from the couch and he groans
  • “you’re too lazy to walk to your room?” he pauses and just looks at you and he rolls his eyes. “fine, you’re not much to carry anyways.”
  • he lays you down on your bed over the covers and he leans over you for a second and then goes “i’m gonna go raid your fridge for a second, so you get ready and cozy for bed, and i’ll be back” he leaves the room in a rush but then pops his head back in the doorway and is like “don’t miss me too much.” and winks which makes you bLUSH SM
  • he comes back with a sandwich and a gatorade to see you haven’t moved
  • “seriously? you’re too lazy to get undressed? guess i’ll have to undress you myself then.” he laughs a little and wiggles his eyebrows.
  • he takes off your shirt and winks at you cheekily, “nice bra” he says as he eyes your bright blue bra with a pink bow in the middle and you roll your eyes again but you also feel your face heat up
  • “how do you get these pants on? they’re so tight.” he laughs as he struggles to peal the jeans from your legs.
  • “you know this is the life, just eating a sandwich with a pretty girl laying in bed, what more could i ask for?” he laughs laying next to you in bed, eating the food he made himself.
  • after he finishes eating, he curls up next to you and nuzzles his face in your neck and you just smile bc tom feels so nice with his arms around you
  • after a while, tom thinks that you’re sleeping and says, “whoever ends up with you, darling, is one lucky man you know that? obviously i hope it’s me, but even if it isn’t, i just want you to remember not to put up with anyone’s shit. you’re too amazing for anyone to treat you otherwise. you deserve to be treated like a damn princess.” he kisses your shoulder
  • you’re not asleep
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Help You ; Taron Egerton

summary: simply just fantasizing about your boyfriend whilst waiting for him to come home, and him helping you out once he sees what you’ve been doing + this is SMUT, so beware

A/N: i’ve been so sad i decided to compensate by writing… pls enjoy this blurb

You’ve been staring at the screen of your phone for too long already enough that has been starting to distress your vision already. For the whole day you have been glaring at the text messages that had been going on between the both of your boyfriend and you, but this one certain message clearly had gotten all of your attention.

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He got hot!

pairing: Sebastian Stan X reader

plot: You watch the new trailer for spider man homecoming and start fangirling and ranting how hot tom looked in the shirtless scene to your boyfriend Sebastian stan.

warning: swearing 

a/n: I dunno if anyone reads this, but I will take my chances I was supposed to write this back when the trailer was dropped but like you can see I didn’t. I’m sorry if this sucks im very pleased with it. 

tags: (i tagged whoever wanted me to post this) @niallandsebastianaremylife @nataliehasgrace @sebstan01 @brokenbbarnes @dairyfarmher9 @sebatianstanisbae @gunsmoke-blu @crazy-rafe-madler @scamandaaaamn

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*gif seb proving he is hot too*

“Staying home and being bored all day check,” you said as threw your bouncy ball in the air and cached it only to repeat the actions once again.

“What are you doing?” a voice came from nowhere. You looked around to find the source of the all so familiar voice, the only you saw other than your reflection in the mirror was a picture of you and your boyfriend Sebastian’s picture.

“Y/n, I’m talking you” you looked at the picture. “Is the picture talking to me?” You whispered.

“Oh, hell nah imma go get the salt” you jumped out of your bed when you bumped into something hard and big.

‘Now that sounds wrong’ you mentally cringed at the dirty thought.

You looked straight ahead and saw that you were in someone’s cleavage. “Well this is something” a loud laughter was heard. Looking up you saw Sebastian.

“It’s usually the opposite, but this is nice too” Sebastian smiled and leaned in to kiss your head.

“You smell” you whined, Sebastian smiled and grazed his hand on your cheek.

“Perks of going to the gym" he passed by you to get a towel so he can go get clean. “By the way, you watch wayy too much supernatural it’s its un-natural” he looked at you to see your unamused reaction to his horrible attempt at a  joke. 

“Sebastian” “Yes?” “Shut the fuck up!” He smiled as he walked to the bathroom and shouting an ‘I love you too’.

 You sat on your bed thinking about what to do you heard a buzz which was coming from your phone. It was a notification from Marvel saying that the new Spider-Man trailer was finally out. 

You’ve waited a long time for this and now it was finally here. You were surprised that Tom didn’t text you yet telling you to check it out.

 You met Tom in the set of Civil-War and became good friends. And since your favorite superhero is Spider-Man you and Tom(mostly you) had a lot of fun making Sebastian a bit jealous. Which is why Sebastian started to roast him. 

Turning on your laptop you went on YouTube to start the video. It’s was already number one in the charts and the reviews were just unbelievable. 

“Is that Tom?” Sebastian asked. His wet hair dripping on the floor as he walked towards you. “Yeah, his trailer came out. Wanna see it with me?” You asked in a cheery tone. Sebastian laughed at your childish behavior “sure,” he sat right next to you as you played the short video. 

“Whoa!” Your eyes were wide as you looked at Sebastian “THAT WAS AWSOME!” you praised. Sebastian laughed once again “ meh it’s ok I guess,” he told you. “Ok? Just ok?” You looked at him “it was amazing! I am so proud of him. He gonna be the best Spider-Man, no he IS the best Spider-Man” you praised Tom some more. "Y/n you just watched 5 seconds of the trailer, why don’t you watch the whole thing then decide what you think about it?“ You agreed and continued to watch the video.

 Your jaw dropped at the scene when Peter was in his room and his spider suit came off. You knew he was really lean but didn’t know that he was like this. Which was nice? But weird at the same time because you considered him as a brother of some sort even though he isn’t much younger than you. You couldn’t think of him as any other way. 

"Shit he got hot,” you told Sebastian. Sebastian looked at you with a raised eyebrow “you find him hot?” grinning you looked at Sebastian and continued to praise Tom about his body and how 'hot’ he was.

 Sebastian face formed into disgust since he knew how you felt about Tom. “But babe he’s younger than you?” He whined “and your older than me what the difference sebby?” You asked. 

God, you loved teasing him. The day went by Sebastian whining like a 5-year-old and you constantly teasing him at any moment of the day. You guys would be eating and you would just bring up the subject about Tom’s abs.

 "Hey, Seb?“ You poked his bicep "hm” he hummed “you know who’s super hot like really hot?” Sebastian rolled his eyes in annoyance “Let me guess Tom Hoeland” he said proud and of his pun. “What no he’s like my brother” you defended “and it’s Holland”. 

“Ok, then who is so hot?” He turned to look at you better. Smirking you turned around to face him and leaned over to whisper in his ear “Peter Parker” you grinned. You started to laugh when you saw Sebastian’s face, he looked at pissed it made you laugh. “I’m just kidding babe,” you hugged him “ it’s you, you are the super hot guy”. He smiled at you and gave you kiss on the cheek. “But you know who else is hot” before you can say anything else Sebastian picked you up and took to your shared room, “I think he had enough of hot guys for one day”.

Do You Want Me or Not?

Summary: Your’s and Bucky’s relationship is kept a secret, although it made the sex incredibly hot, not being able to hold your hand or taking you out on public dates took a toll on Bucky.

Warnings: angst, light smut (fingers and oral -reader receiving-)

A/N: I just really wanted to write a super angsty fic. I hope you enjoy it! Not my best fic but this has been sitting unfinished in my drafts for months now and I really wanted to finish it and get it out there. Not every fic is perfect and I accept that, I hope you guys do, too :)

The bass of the music shook the walls of the tower as people danced and drank, grinding on each other while swooning over the Avengers. Sam’s birthday party was in full swing and instead out enjoying the festivities you were stuck in your bedroom with Bucky. For once, you wished you were anywhere but there. You were having a fight.

Bucky had spent the first half of the party watching your entanglement with one of Sam’s friend, Alex. Bucky watched as the two of you danced, hugged, held hands, and occasionally snuggle on the couch. Bucky finally snapped when Alex dropped his head down and placed a tender kiss on your lips.

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