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friend: whats so good about jojo lol

me, thinking: jojo’s bizarre adventure is a breath of fresh air. it has an amazing set of characters for each part, and all the characters are believable. the characters are deep and meaningful, and all go through real, human struggles. lots of characters go through some sort of trauma; and lots of them get through it and overcome it. the trauma of these characters isnt used as a plot point, rather a way to show how strong the character is, and how these traumas dont reduce these characters or weaken them. take a look at nearly half of the protagonists of part 5; most of them have dealt with abusive parents. and yet they overcome that, making them strong, independent characters. and they care. they care about eachother and have healthy relationships with one another. they showcase that despite being victims, despite being hurt, they can still be happy, they can still do fantastic things. they arent broken. secondly, none of the characters in any part are shota/lolicon. it is so very common to see some sort of young character in a series to be seen as “moe,” and they often get sexualized, despite being minors. in jojo’s bizarre adventure, however, there is not one minor that is overtly sexualized. i feel that this is important; pedophilia shouldn’t be normalized, and shows in which loli/shotacon is present is harmful. jojo steers clear from that toxic trope. there are scenes where a character who is a minor is in a situation that could be seen as sexual (ie, valentine advancing on lucy,) but that, instead of being portrayed as “hot,” is instead portrayed as creepy and wrong. oh, and the diversity!! there is a character for everyone in jojo. there are so many significant characters of color (muhammad avdol, enrico pucci, sandman, to name a few) and none are stereotyped. there are also openly lgbtq+ characters. in fact, probably the most recognizable character in all of jojo, dio brando, is canonly bisexual. two more characters, gelato and sorbet, are gay!! this is groundbreaking, not only because this wasn’t very common for a manga series in the 80’s-90’s, but because jojo is such a huge thing in japan. to have a series this big have multiple lgbtq+ characters is extraordinary. and the lgbtq+ characters aren’t even there just for fanservice! they are all well-written, thought out characters. there are no tropes for these characters. lastly, jojo has something for everyone. whether you’re into hardcore action animes with a dark mystery surrounding them, or a slice-of-life fan who likes more light-hearted plots, jojo fits everything. even if you arent a fan of really intense action animes, part 2 still brings you in with joseph joestar’s jokester attitude. and if you despise the slice-of-life genre, part 4 has enough mystery and action to make up for it. with spectacular diverse characters who are well thought out, the avoidance of toxic tropes, and the fantastic plot that reels you right in, i feel that jojo might just be one of the best series out there !!

me on the outside: big beefy macho men

Good Habits to Develop

1. Set yourself some daily goals. Keep them realistic and achievable. That will give direction – so you don’t fritter your time.

2. Read inspirational books and blogs; hang around people who are positive.

3. Stay in touch with what’s happening in the world. We’re not just islands – we are part of one another.

4. Make the effort to stay in touch. Just a “like” on facebook, or a brief text message, conveys to that person that they matter to you.

5. Invest some time in your appearance and health. We’re more confident when we look and feel our best.

6. Pay attention to your priorities. Do what’s most important, and not most urgent, first. (Note: If you never learn to prioritise then everything seems urgent – and that’s what runs your life!)

7. Smile. It makes people feel more positive towards you – and it tends to lift our mood, and enhance our feelings, too.

8. Tidy as you go. It’s easier to work, and you’ll feel a lot less stressed, if you’re working somewhere that’s devoid of clutter. Also, if you tidy as you go then it feels less overwhelming.

9. Include some margin in your life so you don’t feel so stressed, as unexpected things always eat away our time. Expect that to happen – and leave some extra time.

10. Take time for yourself as you need to relax, unwind, recover, and recharge your batteries.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: i can't believe people actually ship nancy with jonathan, because that completely goes against what the writers are trying to do. they set up your basic trope: good girl is trying to be #edgy and is dating your stereotypical "bad boy", and then this "nice guy" comes along and pays attention to her. listen, jonathan is great and all, but i don't trust pretentious creeps that like to take pictures of girls making out with their boyfriends in privacy without anyone's permission. jonathan also tried to put nancy in this box. "you were trying to be someone else." the writers totally destroyed the idea of nancy simply being that straight A student that wants to rebel. she's not dating steve, or drinking, or shooting guns because she thinks she's being "different". she's doing those things because THAT'S WHO SHE IS. you can get straight A's and want to do well in school while also partying and dating a hunk. speaking of the hunk, steve is actually wayyy better for her than jonathan (i mean i'd be happy if nancy decided not to be with anyone but let's be real i'm a total stevexnancy person) and here's why: he paid attention to her, like really noticed things about her. he didn't make fun of who she was in a condescending way, and he also supports her. like, yes, he's problematic in that he has shitty friends and horrible parents (from what we've heard) and while his initial decisions are rude and selfish, he becomes self-aware and tries to make it up to people. i.e., going to jonathan's to try and apologize and buying him a new camera, or coming to nancy to tell her he confessed to the police even though it got him in trouble, or telling his friends where to stick it and then going to help wash off the graffiti. in short, jonathan romanticized this version of nancy that wasn't really all of who she was and people paint him to be this great guy (would you trust a guy that took pictures of you without you knowing, and then only feeling guilty once you found out?) and steve is this beautiful work in progress that wants to understand how nancy works as a person. so basically the fact that the writers didn't leave nancy with jonathan means that they destroyed that basic story line where the "nice girl" leaves the "bad boy" for the "nice guy" and they did it in the best way possible without completely bashing any one character and i just really love this show.
Sherlock belongs to us now

Seriously, the writers essentially gave Sherlock William Scott Holmes to us. 

Moffat and Gatiss completed their part in his story, and set up each happy ending that we could want.  Now, it’s up to us all to make that happy ending into the story we all want to see.  No one’s end wasn’t real.  No lies were told.  All I Love You’s and texts and caresses gave us all exactly what we wanted and they were all as real as we want them to be.  Sherlock belongs to us now. 

Steven and Mark are finished telling the story they wanted to tell.  Now it’s our turn to continue that into whatever we wish.  Don’t talk yourself out of your happiness.  We all deserve our happy endings.


Extra Headcanon/AU notes (for the curious): Inko isn’t aggressive nor is she all that intimidating, she just moms everyone. And that within itself has the makings of a terrifying individual.

She is also extremely determined when she wants to be? Bakugou thought she was just a typical, weak schoolgirl when they met as kids, but Inko was determined to make her stop smoking/getting into so many fights. It was downright terrifying what she could do when she had set her mind on something.

They didn’t really become friends until a couple years after they met, though. Bakugou doesn’t really have a good relationship with her parents, and after one particularly hostile spat, Inko just kinda… showed up at her door. She didn’t ask any questions, just knew, and they ditched school for four days to go up to Hokkaido and be happy.

Bakugou’s fearful respect of her is based on years of Inko somehow knowing everything and multiple cases of her calling/texting/msg-ing Bakugou just as she lights a cigarette or glares at some thugs, despite being nowhere in the vicinity. She is 99% certain that Inko has some sort of secondary psychic sense quirk that keeps her attuned to the people she cares about.

(Also, Bakugou really loves her son, but? She also REALLY wants to kick his ass, because Inko took such good care of her when they were younger and she feels entirely responsible for how her son acts towards Izuku. She probably sees Katsuki’s behavior as a reflection of her own and regrets/wishes she was a parent more like Inko, or something.)

Okay so I must scream about this with someone, so here I am

KCon Mexico aaaahhhh I missed Monsta X so much ;; Everything was just everything, they got so much performance time it was so wonderful ;;

And the styling? wtf are people even allowed to look that good? Wonho’s bangs were up and it was such a blessing ;; Black waistcoat + jackets with personalised gold detailing; it was all so beautiful I wanted to cry

What else? How about their super cute Spanish? I.M’s weirdly-accented, unbelievably sexy English? Just set me on fire why don’t you

The performances. Rapper babies’ stage (they lit the place on fire), Trespass after so long and Hero too, and White Sugar? How dare they try to murder me with that one??? And then Kihyun performed Beautiful from the Goblin OST, the loveliest song with the loveliest voice and aah I don’t know how to control myself

(I would’ve dived firmly into the Kihyun lane if I.M was not extra rude with his facial expressions :)) 

Anyway so the short story is my life is over and I don’t know how I’ll manage to survive The Clan part 2.5, I really don’t. 

Thank you for staying with the blog! I’m sorry for any recent low-quality posts; I’ve gotten rather lazy since MX aren’t promoting, plus my children group ASTRO are doing a lot of things and I’m burned out from my classes too. I hope to bring you all the quality Monsta X content you’re here for in the near future ^^

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do you have a process for your latest graphic?or can explain how you did it?

I didn’t record the process this time but I can try and give you an overview using one of the gifs ^^

So you wanna get the art you want to edit and cut out the character so you have no background/transparency.

Then once all that’s done, throw them into After Effects and set up how you want the scene to look.  So I place Kaneki in a good spot and start doing the lighting/coloring. Lighting/coloring is usually what I spend the longest on… trying to find colors I like is such a struggle for me.  I mostly smack on random gradients, color adjustments, and diff blending modes onto the character, onto the background, and the overall scene and see what works. Don’t forget that if you put text and shapes afterwards to light those as well.

Then do the animation/effects, export as a gif, and you’re all done! Well, with one of the gifs, at least


I realized I never really explained what the heck I am even rambling about.

Tyranny is an upcoming fantasy RPG video game. What makes it special:

  • It’s set in a sort of Bronze Age.
  • It’s not good-vs-evil, evil’s already won.
  • You’re one of the evil overlord’s Fatebinders (judge/executioners).
  • The companions are really cool and various, ladies in particular.
  • Allegedly there will be choices that really matter and a branching story.
  • Overlord Kyros isn’t just another for-the-evulz baddie.
  • No dwarves or elves (I think). But there are beast people.

Here’s a fancy trailer that covers the basic lore. 

Release date: November 10, 2016 - this Thursday.

I am so hyped. :O I absolutely adore games that make the player the badguy and force us to make morally ambiguous choices.

do you ever think about harry and louis’ routine when they’re apart like…they would be texting as much as they can, probably leaving voice messages on whatsapp when they know the other is going to be tied up for a few hours…they make sure to say goodnight and good morning to one another without fail no matter what the time difference…they probably set skype or facetime dates and stick to that time and sometimes they have long conversations and sometimes it gets dirty and sometimes they watch a movie or cook together…they share weird memes and random news events and they bring friends and family members into the conversation occasionally when they can…and they’re strong individuals who can spend time apart but they have a count down to when they will be reunited again anyway

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what skepta songs do you suggest for someone who wants to get into him? and album wise where do you think i should start? thanks :~)

ok so his WORST album is Microphone Champion. avoid it at all costs.

my fav songs by him are as followz!


-No Security


-Text Me Back

-English Breakfast

-Blow My Own Trumpet

-Nokia Charger Wire 

this is a feature but:

-Put That On My Set


and the best album to listen to to get to know his sound and him as a person is Konnichiwa. It’s really good.

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hi goldie! do you have any tips for someone who wants to start a legacy??

hello!!! ok so i have a few tips that are really random but i hope they help!!

  1. have a founder that you genuine enjoy playing. i started like three different legacies before i settled on the scotts and i love them!! but it helped that i loved silas from the beginning!
  2. pls do what u wanna do. dont try and play like anyone else cause it’ll get super boring and like a chore??? so yeah, play how u wanna play!
  3. this means that you dont HAVE to have a story! or it doesnt mean you HAVE to only post gameplay pics, or pics with text/no text. it’s totally up to you and how you wanna play! (personally if i set up a plot i would get so stressed and hate it! so i just take random pics lmao)
  4. i recommend using this mod and filling ur houses with that light. its so good. rly yellow lighting makes sims look awful! (lookin at u hospital lighting)
  5. i also rec turning off the plumbobs. i just think it looks more professional???? (type in ‘headlineeffects off’ into the cheat bar!)
  6. dont think u gotta follow the rules cause rules r made to be broken lol 
  7. also if u wanna play legit but dont want to wait ages for some moolah, go to the romance festival (if u have city living) and nab those dragonfruits cause those bad boys will give u major $$$ 
  8. also tech wise its a good idea to edit ur pics like. i think edited pictures look so nice!! it doesnt have 2 be serious. ive made a psd for most of my pictures so i use that all the time???? 
  9. idk have fun?? network? leave comments on other ppls legacies! these tips r bad but hopefully it helps u?
  10. basically do what u want hahah
Jealous (Mature)

From my fanfic Wrong Number, enjoy:

“So, what did you think of the video?”

I glanced up from my magazine and sucked in a breath, “It, um, it was good, yeah.” I nodded, before returning to reading - trying to avoid further questioning.

To tell you the truth, I was beyond jealous. I found myself having to leave the set all the time, claiming I was having an upset stomach or a last minute business meeting because I physically couldn’t stand there and watch my boyfriend practically have dry sex with a woman 100x times more attractive than I without wanted to personally tear her off of him myself.

“Really? You don’t sound convincing.” He said, sitting beside me. “It was good, Justin. I told you.” I snapped, wanting to get off of the topic.

The scenes were burned into the back of my brain to the point where I just couldn’t unsee them, I could actually feel myself getting hot with anger.

“Are you jealous?” He teased.

I glanced at him with the blankest expression I could possibly create before rolling my eyes and grabbing my phone. “Aw, you were!” He exclaimed, a grin on his face.

“Don’t, I’m not in the mood.”

“Sofia was jealous!” Justin sung, making my patience wear thin.

Getting down on my knees, I grabbed the top of Justin’s jeans, pulling them down quickly. “B-babe, what are you doing?”

I didn’t respond. Palming him over his briefs for a minute or two, I watched as his hips stirred and his now apparent hard on grew. I wanted to show Justin that he was mine and that he would have no qualms about dating me - Xenia was going to be out of his mind. It pissed me off that he was practically getting off over her on his Ryan Seacrest interview, I was going to make him think twice.

Tugging his Calvins down until they pooled around his ankles, his evident arousal stood to full attention. He glanced down at me, awaiting my next move. Grasping him in my hand, I made slow movements, I wanted to tease him until it was unbearable.

Dragging my tongue along the length of it, he let out a grunt, his hips bucking upward.

Rolling my eyes at his impatience, I took only the tip into my mouth, continuing my hand movements. Justin attempted to seek further depth but I sent him a look as if to say “don’t bother”. I was planning on having him physically shaking before I gave in.

“Baby, p-please.”

I ignored him and continued to suck only the tip, my hands quickening and then making one slow tug, before resuming that rhythm. Yes, the tip was sensitive - did I care? Nope.

Justin’s eyes were screwed shut as he let out strangled moans, bucking his hips and fidgeting to try and get some friction elsewhere.

“T-too sens-sitiv-ve, ba-by please.” He managed to get out. I watched as his abs clenched and unclenched, his brow riddled with sweat and Justin himself being short of breath to the point where he couldn’t even form coherent sentences.

Giving in, I relaxed my jaw and took him in as far as I could, receiving a sigh from Justin. His hips refused to stay still, so I held him in place, returning to my work, hands-free.

Feeling him twitch in my mouth, I knew he was close. Letting my hands go, I glanced up at him and he knew what I meant. Holding my hair, he fucked my mouth. Groaning and grunting, I watched Justin as his eyes closed and mouth hung open. It was a sight I would never get over, he was too hot for my own good.

Letting out a loud grunt, his hips stiffened and he released himself into my mouth. Taking it all in, I gave his head one last kiss before getting up. Justin sat sprawled across the couch, his forearm covering his eyes as his chest rose and fell rapidly.

“W-what was that for?” He panted.

“Just making sure you know who you come home to.” I replied simply, before making my way to the bathroom to freshen up.

Ya know tbh honest if i ever do get hurt playing Pokemon Go I will absolutely refuse to say I was playing. I’ll say I was hiking, taking a walk and texting, whatever. But im getting sick of these news stories blaming Pokemon for people getting hurt.

Guess what.
Outdoors isnt 100% safe. But you dont see articles saying that hiking is a plague on the nation and causing people to get hurt. Even though if you look up tips about hiking most of the tips are about staying safe and how to treat injuries.

People just want to make this about Pokemon cause they cant stand that we are having fun. They are saying “Stop having fun and be miserable like the rest of us adults”

Y'know, something’s just occurred to me in regard to the Old West AU @chiauve‘s working on. We’re all assuming that because it takes place in an old era, that means that the characters can’t be cyborgs because that technology shouldn’t exist yet. But have you ever seen the movie “Cowboys & Aliens”?

What if they got abducted and turned into cyborgs by extraterrestrial people? (They don’t even have to be space aliens; they could be time travelers or whatever.) Back at that period in time, the concept of a person being filled with machinery would be far, far more alarming and not-well-understood than it is in our own era, right? If people found out about the nature of the cyborgs’ powers, they might be like, “How can you be alive like that?! What are you?! This is devil’s work!!”

…Maybe. I don’t have too much experience writing the Old West. I just think it’s another opportunity for angst if you want it. The cyborgs being at a complete loss as to what has happened to them and knowing nothing about the foreign materials their bodies now contain (they aren’t experienced like how Black Ghost trained them in the original universe), and no one can - or is willing to - help them. Until they meet Gilmore. I don’t know what his story would be, for him to know how to work on them… Unless he’s an alien/time traveler, too. Not sure how I feel about that. ¯\_(: /)_/¯ Or maybe he could be an investigator that has seen this kind of thing happen before?

so did eliza and alycia discuss bitanic as an actual thing or what

how is that brought up in conversation?

eliza: so you know i play a bisexual character?
alycia: …yeah?
eliza: and you play my lesbian possible love interest?
alycia: I mean I’m on the same set, so…
eliza: we should totally do a remake of the Titanic!
alycia: …
eliza: but like, a bisexual/lesbian remake. Of the Titanic… The Bitanic.
alycia: …
eliza: … Right? Good idea, right?
alycia: … Who would I play?
eliza: you’d be the rose to my jack(ie)!
alycia: …
alycia: alright, deal.

Supermarket dinosaurs.

Good morning.

Today I was at the supermarket with my parents, but I lost them for a while. When I found them, they were in the toy department, and my mother turned to me and showed me a set of toy plastic dinosaurs.

“Look what I found for you.”

I’m 18 and I have a 6 year old brother. And my parents buy toy dinosaurs for me.

Looking forward for playing with dinos,

K (170319)

Today I was supposed to have a POT date. He seemed normal and down to earth. We talked for a day and a half and I asked if he’d like to get dinner. He looks very similar to my first SD who was a total babe so I was all in. He agreed to a per meet range of $700-$1000 as I suggested and asked which hotel he should stay at since he was coming in from about two hours away to see me. He said he was very visual and I was at the mall that day so I figured I’d pick up something he’d like and asked his opinion of what kind of lingerie to get. I picked up a cute white set from VS. He asked what I ended up getting that evening and I sent him a picture and he said he loved that I was into dressing up. The next morning he sent me a good morning text and wished me a good day. That night was the night before we were supposed to meet so I asked about firming up plans. I didn’t get a response but it was kind of late. The next morning around 10 I asked him if he changed his mind or needed to reschedule. NO RESPONSE. Easy come easy go.

HOWEVER. I was supposed to have another POT date tomorrow. Last night I felt a cold sore coming on and have been avoiding it like the plague doing everything to stop it. It’s very minor but the man I’m meeting is married and I didn’t want to kiss him and get him in trouble. I was stressed about what to tell him because putting off dates seems flakey. But he texted me this evening and said he got a cold and was happy to reschedule our first date so he didn’t get me sick. I said it was no problem and suggested any time next week to his convenience. This is what he responded with 😊 so as shitty as some men on the site can be, there are also some hidden gems to be found.

A Fair Day (Woozi smut)

Asked: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a cute Woozi one shot? Like maybe being at an amusement park or fair? I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 💕 (Can also be a smut if you like! Omg I’m horrible I’m sorry. I’ll just go. 😂)

Member(s): Woozi x reader

Genre: smut

Warning(s): smut ahead, denied orgasm

Word count: 1165

It has been a while since you’ve seen your good friend, Woozi, and today was finally a day you two would meet up again. You both talked over text and decided on meeting up at the amusement park that was set up over the weekend. It was fairly close to both of your houses – actually, it was smack-dab in the middle of your houses. It was a bit of a walk though, because your brother took the only car, but either way you were excited, (although you thought pretty much every ride was scary. But you would never tell anyone that.)

Getting to the amusement park was a roller coaster in itself; people ran red lights while you crossed the road, some woman let her little kids run loose and yelled at you when they almost ran straight into you… This day just wasn’t off to the best start. 

“Jeez.. what’s up with everyone today,” you whispered to yourself. But you were finally there. You reached the amusement park at the exact time you agreed on meeting there. 

As you looked around for him, you noticed something. Something… new. You were nervous. Your hands were a little sweaty and you were constantly checking your appearance in every reflective surface you saw yourself in, not to mention fixing your appearance as well. Nervous for seeing Woozi again, why? 

“We’ve known each other for years, we’re like… This close,” you think to yourself as you cross your fingers together. You took a deep breath to calm down. As you looked up, there he was. Your mind said you needed another couple seconds to calm yourself, but your body thought differently as you shouted, “Hey! Woozi!”

He looked at you and smiled, but you could sense that he was a little nervous, too. He came up and engulfed you in a hug, and you squeezed him tight in return. 

“y/n! I missed you!” You both pulled apart. 

“Aw Woozi, I’ve missed you too,” you said as you both smiled. “I um.. I already bought us some tickets for the rides and stuff,” he said. He always does this kind of thing. 

“You know you didn’t have to, Jihoon, but thank you sooo much,” you said ask you kissed his cheek. This wasn’t anything new though, you guys always showed affection for each other. What was new, was the blush on his cheeks. Or maybe it just looked like it, from all the colourful lights around you. You didn’t really have time to think about it as he grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the “Maddening Maze of Mirrors” as it was called. 

 This was the only thing you enjoyed at amusement parks, sure mirror mazes are a little confusing but you were good at them. “The trick is to just watch the floor,” you reminded him. “My trick is to just follow you,” he stated and squeezed your hand a little tighter. You felt the warmth of his touch travel through your body. 

You like this boy.

Well, you knew that. But he doesn’t know. 

And you won’t tell him, because he doesn’t like you back.  


As you were maneuvering through the maze, you looked up for a second and bumped right into a piece of glass, Woozi soon bumping right into you full-on. You were pretty sure you felt a bit of a bulge when that happened but..“Just ignore it, y/n,” you thought to yourself. 

“Oh my gosh are you okay?” He asked. You just blushed and nodded, continuing on. As you reached for the hand you previously dropped, you briefly brushed against his – yeah, it was his bulge. He didn’t seem to mind though, in fact, it seemed like he kind of wanted more than just a brief touch.

“And we.. are..” One last turn of your body and you declared, “..out!” That maze took a little longer than usual for you to solve. “I think the master is losing her touch a little,” said the boy. “The master’s touch is just fine, thank you very much,” you retorted. He smirked. 

“Hey I’m kind of thirsty, wanna get lemonade and fries or something?” He asked. “You know I will always be down for lemonade and fries,” you responded. “I know,” he chuckles, “why did I even bother asking?” 

 You were swinging your hands back and forth as you walked to the small nearby restaurant that was also set up. After purchasing the food together, you sat beside each other in one of the booths. You definitely noticed he was having a little trouble down there. 

“So how is everything at home? How’s Lizzy?” You asked, never forgetting about the snake he named Lizzy because he thought it was a lizard that “just hasn’t grown arms or legs yet.” He chuckled. “Just fine, just fine. How’s Lily?” He asked, also not forgetting that you gave your male pitbull a “cute girl’s” name because you thought he was a female pug when he was tiny. You had just picked up another one of your fries, but extended your hand out to playfully hit him at that comeback. As you hit his chest, your fry dropped onto his pants. 

“Oh sorry,” you said as you reached to pick it up. He didn’t notice you were already reaching for it, and removed it himself, only to let your hand touch his bulge instead. You were surprised, and went to move your hand away, but he grabbed hold of your wrist. You looked over at him, and he was only biting his lip. He moved your hand onto his erection, and looked at you in a way that said he wanted this. He wanted you to play with him. Sure, it was a little awkward but.. well, you wanted to. 

So you did. At an amusement park, under the table, you began to palm him. 

He was already squirming in his seat, oh boy he sure wanted this. You began playing with the waistband of his pants, and his boxers, wasting no time getting straight to work. You felt his skin on yours, something you personally have been waiting for for a while. The pre-cum on his tip was spread around with your thumb onto his length, and he groaned as you began stroking him. A couple of other people eating glanced your way, but didn’t really seem to notice, or care, what was going on as they looked away. 

You continued stroking him, and bent down only once to give him a big lick from base to tip. He groaned and mumbled, “I- ah- I’m cl-close,” and you knew this was your time to stop. Just as he was about to reach his climax, you stopped. You fixed his clothing that you messed up, and went to give him a kiss that he so greedily took over. He opened up his mouth, breathing hard and stated, “You’re going to pay for that later.”

// Thank you for requesting ☺️