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You taught me to be a strong Latina woman. To be bigger than the world was ever gonna give me permission to be. And I have. You taught me not just to exist because I’m worth so much more than that.

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What happened at Sirius hits? I was asleep xxx

basically the interviewers were rude and invasive as fuck.. they literally didn’t talk about music… they forced him to talk about jay in which he replied that he was uncomfortable with that topic then the interviewers replied with “oh but your fans love you” like it’s supposed to make him feel better????? his mum literally passed away like how insensitive are you. then the other interviewer had the audacitiy to ask louis to promote her song on a show where she was supposed to talk about HIS FUCKING SINGLE. they also basically ignored steve aoki and barely asked him any questions. what made it 500% worse was that people started going on insta to tell michael yo he was so rude and gross but then he deleted said comments and still has not apologized for his disgusting behavior

also louis took a pic with a middle finger up to the sirius logo which SAME.

starting comics: should.. should i read this too? the recommended list is already too long but i want to be Well Versed™ among the fellas

sooner than you’d think: fuck this issue and fuck that issue too and that writer can go suck three entire asses did the artist even TRY i don’t care it will all be retconned anyway here’s my version of how the characters should be portrayed they have traits from three different earths

Alec is so dead. We all are.

I have no words. I’m just shook. The cat eyes are wonderful and I can’t wait to see them shine in the show. This whole look is just so fucking good. Every part of it. At first I was sceptical about this goatee but damn, it does things to me now. And photo was unlocked in less than 20 minutes???

The fact, that I’d die for Magnus Bane is one thing, but the fact, that I’d die for Harry Shum Jr. as well is another one. I bet he wasn’t expecting it to be unlocked so fast and it just shows how much we love and appreciate something/someone he pours in his whole heart and soul. Harry is incredible as Magnus. Harry is Magnus. I want to give him every single damn award for his acting. Step Up, Glee, Mom’s Night Out, Crouching Tiger, White Frog, Single by 30… - all of this never gave him as amazing chance to show off as Shadowhunters. I’m close to tears just thinking about it. He should be more appreciated. If there’re people, who somehow judge his acting skills but never saw him as Magnus, I want them to hear me clearly: Harry Shum Jr. is an amazing, taletned actor who truly becomes his character while shooting. There’s no Harry left, when he plays Magnus. Not his voice, not his body language, not even his looks. Just pure Magnus Bane. That’s what good acting means. He deserves all the love; it’s sad that he gets hate too.

But anyways. I love it. I love Magnus. I love Harry. I’m dead and tomorrow I’m gonna see Alec’s poster from afterlife and then come back again on 2nd January.

Drew a highschool au of a young lena luthor laughing adoringly at a young dork Kara Danvers who can’t help but grin at the sound of Lena’s laughter