what'chu like


Artist- Da Brat Feat. Tyrese

Title- What'chu Like





“What do you like?
A whole lot of foreplay
Right before you get it started
What do you like?
Me on top
You on the bottom, tight body
What do you like?
Somebody that can make you say
Wow, know how to all night long”

anonymous asked:

So that's why Luna has a badonkadonk? Because you drew it and liked it? What'chu trying to say, Ego? D:

fff well my Luna is partly modeled off of Genevieve Goings, who has a classic hourglass figure, and then she kind of got exaggerated from there! I wanted her curvy, to contrast with Celestia’s angular figure. on that same note, my Cadance started out similar to Luna but has become a bit more pear-shaped, and Twilight is just kind of a rectangle with legs.

with a lot of my humanizations I’ll draw them a lot of different ways until they settle into something approaching consistency! the first time I drew the princesses humanized they looked almost completely different than I draw them now. :U although I think they always had the greek-statue noses because I like those noses (in retrospect Disney’s Hercules was actually a pretty big artistic influence on me as a kid, maaaybe it was the sparkles).