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OH also if anyone was wondering about charlie!! they drained his hematoma and he’s been super good about letting me give him his medicine and clean out his ears. bart keeps making jokes about his ear shriveling up tho which is Gross but charlie’s super happy bc every time he gets his antibiotic in his ear he gets a piece of ham so he doesnt care….

I blame the OPM Tumblr fandom for...

eventually dragging me down to shipping hell with Saitama x Genos like wtf I was happy with just friendship and familial ties but no I suddenly see shipping fanart and whoops there I go to the seventh circle of our hell and ooh Genos x Sonic actually looks cute no wait I shouldn’t ah wHAT THE FUCK LET’S SHIP IT

What I Love About The Yugioh Fandom Is That It’s The Only Fandom I Know Where Somebody Can Tell Me Their Favourite Character Is Bakura And I Still Can’t Be Entirely Sure Who They Mean.

Somebody Could Come To Me And Be Like “I Really Love That Bakura Guy With The White Hair And No Friends And The Really Angsty Backstory” And I’m Just Like


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