What/If - 2019

so, i watched this last week and gave myself a few days to think about it a bit more before i decided to write about it and to be honest, i still think it’s shite.  i also don’t want to get into a habit of reviewing shows because there’s too much detail to include.

this is one of those cheap, foreign fruit juices that you can’t quite put your finger on.  what the fuck is this, because it’s actually not bad.  i recognise this flavour, but what it is - apple, mango?  fuck knows.  then by the time you’ve reached the bottom, you’ve come to your senses.  you spent £3 on a cheap, RedBull-sized can with fuck all in it, except a shit tone of cheap, fake sugar and lot of cancerous chemicals that convinced you ever so slightly that you may have actually enjoyed this if it were the actual drink it had you thinking it was.  know what i mean?

anyway.  the story in itself is a slow-burner.  you have to watch the entire thing to understand where it’s going, just in case you think it’s shite and want to turn it off.  it has you curious (not gripped, curious) to see what happens in the next episode.  although it is slow in pace, the story does try its best to pull you in as immediately as the end of the first episode and although a lot of shows nowadays have great ideas at first, they end up stalling and using filler content through a few episodes to help reach the ‘big’ season conclusion, this one does well to have little and each episode is written well.  

the story revolves around and explores the lives of main three characters, mostly.  lisa (Jane Levy), a scientist at the helm of a startup company looking for investors, her husband sean (Blake Jenner) with a bit of a dodgy past and the multi-billionaire anne (Renee Zellwegger) who fucks their lives up - in a nutshell.  there are a few other characters who take center stage for a brief period.  lisa’s brother and his boyfriend.  sean’s best mate and his wife, who’s having an affair with her psycho bit on the side and lisa’s best mate.  
like i said, filler content sprinkled about each episode that takes the intensity away from the main story, taking a stab at “opening up the world” to much wider content and side story, but at times can feel tiring and irrelevant

it’s not the worst i’ve ever seen and it’s kinda decent.
just don’t expect to be blown away by something unique.