what youve done


“Sleep well, my friend
There will be another moment we’ll meet again
Just let it go
Sleep well, goodnight
You’re something to remember
I wish that you were here by my side”

- Everything’s an illusion / Mayday Parade

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A quiet breakfast of green goo in the castle, when suddenly...

Lance: Bacon.
Coran: What?
Lance: I miss bacon
[Hunk begins to sob.]
Pidge: Dammit, Lance
Shiro: Language, Pidge!
Allura: Who is bacon?
Keith: No, bacon is a food.
Hunk: A glorious amazing and delicious food that tastes like heaven!!
Shiro: Hunk stop crying. You’ll be okay.
Hunk: I can’t help it! I

2. fleeting goodbyes and hasty kisses

Im Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Fluff(?)

Author’s Note: Second in the series inspired by this post. More Jaebum feels from my own mind, but is that even surprising anymore? 

First in the series: 1. sweet raspberry lemonade in the summer

terrible moodboard made by yours truly, in an extreme rush so please forgive me

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