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The Fall (Part 2 to Kissing booth)

Pairing: Winter Soldier! Bucky x Reader

Warnings: /


S.H.I.E.L.D was gone. All you ever believed in and worked for was gone within days. You were there when S.H.I.E.L.D was founded almost 70 years ago and you where there when it got destroyed by the ones you thought of as dead. Hydra was back, no, they were never gone. They had grown and spread in the underground and no one had noticed.

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to do list | wen junhui

word count: 2203 

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You sighed as you finally arrived in Seoul, Korea. You were visiting and, hopefully, would gain a scholarship to a university there. With your mask covering your mouth and bags left in your new apartment, you made your way to a local café, hoping to fight the jet lag with caffeine. 

“Y/N?” A quiet whisper seemed to echo as you stood waiting after you ordered. You turned, only to see a person seemingly disguised. You squinted your eyes, trying to figure out who this guy was and why he knew your name. 

“Um?” You spoke. Your order was called and you nodded to the person, finding yourself at a table in the middle of the café. 

“You probably don’t remember me,” the guy spoke again. He sat in the seat across from you before removing his mask, snapback still covering his midnight black hair. “I’m Junhui — uh, Wen Junhui. We met when we were younger?”

Sudden flashes of a boy a little older than you showcased in your mind. His dark hair, smiles with crooked teeth and soft laugh reverberated in your thoughts and clouded your mind. You could remember every time you blushed when he smiled at you, but you brushed it off as a childhood crush. 

“Jun?” You whispered in awe. He grinned in response and you fought the urge to tackle him in a hug. You settled for smiling bashfully at him, slyly looking at the ways he’d changed and feeling your face heat up once you realized how handsome he’d become. 

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Tumblr - Girl (Part 6)

Tumblr – Girl (series)
Part 1
Part 5 
Part 7


Pairing: Misha Collins x reader
Summary: relationship goals?!
Word Count: 2.096
Warnings: panic attack, angst, depression, mental illness, self doubt, swearing, maybe implied rape, some fluff

Notes: it took me a while because of uni-issues to complete this part, but although I hope you will like it. If you want to be added to the tag-list, just shoot me a message. And if you want to give some feedback or comments, as well, just shoot me a message, I’m looking forward to some response!

Thanks once more to @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki for beta-reading and helping me to keep it up, when I have/had some down-times! You’re one freaking awesome, darling, thanks so much!

Enjoy Part 6!

Your POV

You let Jacob kiss you for a few moments, and then pulled away. “Jacob… I- I don’t know, if that’s a good…” but again he interrupted you “Y/N, I said you a thousand times that I’m here for you. I think it’s time for me to show you, to show you that I care, let me show it to you.” He said and held your face in his hands as he kissed you again. You let it happen. Let him kiss you, but you didn’t kiss back. You still weren’t sure if this was a good idea. After some moments Jacob looked at you. “See. It didn’t hurt, did it?” he softly strokes a strand of hair out of your face and looked into your eyes.

You stared at him for a few seconds, but then slowly shook your head unable to speak. With a growing smile on his face, he touched your cheek one more time, then just put his arm back around your shoulders and pulled you a bit closer to him. You didn’t do anything, because you didn’t want to lose him and to be honest it doesn’t feel that bad to cuddle a bit. Carefully you leaned your head against his shoulder and turned your eyes back to the TV-screen, but after that incident you couldn’t concentrate on the show anymore, thoughts running through your head, what did just happen?

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Insecurities: Legolas Imagine

Legolas imagine for anon


Word count: 750

Relationship: Legolas x reader

Anon asked: I saw an imagine in the tag that was the reader being Aragorn and Arwen’s youngest daughter, her being half-elf and half-human, and in love with Legolas, so can I request that please? :3 And just to give you like a little more detail for the plot, since she is only half-elf she’s very insecure because she thinks she’s no where near good enough for the Prince of Mirkwood.

A/N: Sorry this took so long to write, but I have had a lot to do in school this past two weeks, and I’m not that good with writing about elves… I hope this isn’t too bad though… Requests are still closed because I have a few more drabbles/imagines to write, but when they are done and uploaded, I’ll start taking requests again! And I hope that doesn’t take too long.

Enjoy! :)

You looked at your reflection in the mirror one more time. You were happy that you had your mother’s looks, and not your father’s. There was nothing wrong with your father, it was just that he was human, and your mother was an elf. You liked that you were more elf than human, but your human side was still showing, making you insecure since you were in love with a certain elf, or for that matter, the prince of Mirkwood, Legolas.   

Your grandfather, Elrond, had many times told you how stuff used to be before. Before the fellowship had gone out on the dangerous quest to Mordor, there had not been many visitors from other places in Middle-Earth, but now, you would have visitors more often from Mirkwood and The Shire. Today was one of those days. You were getting visitors from Mirkwood, Thranduil and his son Legolas and a couple of guards were coming to stay for a few days.

You liked having visitors. You got to see other people than the ones you were used to see every day. As you walked out of your room, you could hear the sound of horns signalizing that the visitors had arrived. You almost made a little jump of excitement, almost, but you managed to behave yourself. You were excited to see Legolas again, you were good friends and all, but you had always hoped for something more than just friendship.

You walked down the stairs to where dinner would be in just a few moments. Your mother and father were already there waiting for you. You walked over to the table and stood next to your mother waiting for the guests to come up to greet you.

When you have been eating for about twenty minutes, and heard a lot about everything that happened a long time ago; your father brought up a subject that you had not heard of before.

“So, about the wedding,” Aragorn started. Thranduil put his glass down on the table. Wait, what wedding? What is this? You thought to yourself.

“Yes?” Thranduil asked and Aragorn spoke again.

“I was thinking we could have it here in Rivendell, if you are alright with that?” he asked. Thranduil hesitated for a few seconds.

“Yes, I don’t see why not.” He said. You leaned over to your mother.

“What are they talking about?” you whispered as you took another bite of your salad.

“Your wedding.” She answered. You choked on your bite of salad, gaining the rest of the people’s attention around the table. You looked around you at everyone and felt embarrassed and all you wanted to do was to just disappear, hide under the table, but instead you excused yourself, got up from your chair and walked up to your room.

You sat down on your bed whilst your head felt like exploding. “My what? Who was I going to marry? What is actually going on right now?” was the questions that was racing through your mind. You did not get much time alone before you heard knocking on the door. You hesitated, but decided to answer.

“Yes?” you said while you were looking at the door, waiting for it to open, and when it did, your mother walked in.

“Why did you leave?” she asked. You looked up at her.

“Wedding?” was the only thing you said to her. She just looked at you. “When were you going to tell me about that?”

“Today, we hoped.” She said. She walked over to your bed and sat down next to you. You didn’t look at her anymore, you looked at the floor in front of your feet. For a few seconds you were just sitting there, with nothing to say.

“With who?” you asked after a long time.

“Legolas.” She said and gave you a little smile. What? You thought. “He is very fond of you and we know how you feel about him.” She continued. “We talked to Thranduil and Legolas, and Legolas came to us to ask for permission to marry you.” She said and smiled at you. You looked at her and felt butterflies in your stomach. “He loves you.” She said.

“Really? H-How? I’m half human… how could he love me?” you asked.

“Why would that matter? Why should he not love you because of that?”

“I don’t know…” you said.

When you walked back to the table you felt your cheeks heating up and your stomach once again filling with butterflies.    

Mardy Bum

A/N: Before you get mad at me, I can only say that I wanted to spoil and bby a friend. She’s too sweet to not get spoiled with love, she deserves it so shhhh. Domestic fluff is the best kind of fluff. Now go and smile, @avawhiteraven. Winters didn’t have time to revise it, but I don’t want to wait to post, so she’ll do it later

You moaned theatrically, surfing through the channels at the TV. The couch was too stiff, the blanket wasn’t warm enough and your head felt like it was going to explode. What happened to that Garfield cartoon? Ugh. Not to mention your running nose, which was already burning at its sides from the amount of times you’ve blown it. And dear god, there is nothing good on TV!

Wonderful you thought, hand falling and letting the controller slip from your grip to the floor. I’m going to die because of a cold and boredom. You honestly didn’t know which one was worse.

“I should take a picture of you right now.” You heard Connor’s voice coming from the kitchen. “You look like you have a terminal illness.” He was bowing over the counter, clearly preparing something, an amused smirk on his lips.

You snickered at his comment “Are you done there? I’m hungry.”

“What am I, your maid?” The man mumbled more to himself, making you giggle.

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Will It Be Alright? [Jin Angst]

Genre: A whole bathtub with heartbreaking. And 3 bathtubs with tears. And 100 bathtubs with our shoulder princess  

It might not be alright, it might not go as you want. But keep in mind that not everything is supposed to be perfect, not everything is supposed to work out. Life is a long journey with ups and sowns. Don’t expect a perfect life without mistakes. - @bangtanboysoneshots7 

You didn’t believe your own eyes, you didn’t believe what the hell was happening right in front of your watery eyes.

You thought it would be a perfect day together, spending some time alone, eating good food, watch him practice and then go home together. It was supposed to be perfect. It was supposed to be a good day.

You wanted to make him happy, you wanted to make him feel more relaxed and not stressed over things too much. You wanted the day to be as lovely and amazing as possible.

Maybe it was too much to ask for, maybe it was too much to expect from him, from an idol with a busy schedule. Maybe you shouldn’t come there at all. Maybe you should’ve just stayed home like always and wait for him.

But you wanted to surprise him. You wanted to make it special since he deserved it. But why did it turn out like this? Was it fated? Was it supposed to happen? Was this your destiny?

It feelt like your lungs were failing, your heart was breaking and your head was spinning. Seeing him with another girl you never thought about him being with broke you apart. The world felt like it collapsed right in front of you.

“Jin” his name left your lips like it was the last word before you took your last breath.

His eyes was big when he saw you, standing there with a bag of food for him. Your best friend was smirking, like she knew this would happen.  Like she was planning all of this, because the truth is, she was. She wanted to ruin your perfect life, your perfect relationship. But what did she know? Nothing was perfect. Not now, not ever.

“Y/N- it’s-it’s not what it looks like” Jin said running to your side, grabbing your cold hand in his warm ones. It felt great to feel his warm skin against yours. But at the same time, you felt disgusted. His hands were touching her minutes ago. They were touching every part of her skin, like he used to touch you.

It’s not…? It’s not what it looks like? Then what does it looks like, Jin? Can you explain that for me? Because I saw everything! I fúcking saw everything and you just have to lie about it right up in my face like I’m pathetic and blind?!” you shouted at him while tears ran down your slightly pink cheeks.

You saw her leaving but your attention was back to him as fast as the door closed. He wasn’t looking at you, he was looking down.

“Please explain what this is if it isn’t what is looks like, please.” you weren’t calm, your head was exploding with questions.

Why did he do that? Why did he throw away a 2 years long relationship like it meant nothing? Did it even mean anything to him at all? Or were you just one of his jokes. One of his stupid girls that everyone kept telling you that you were. Because you seriously felt like one.

Kim Seokjin, answer my damn question! Do you even know what the fúck you were doing? You were touching her, touching her body! Kissing her lips, like an animal. Like you were in love and wanted her more than anything! Do you know how I feel? Do you?!”

You were hitting his hard chest with your fists, hard. As hard as you could. But it didn’t help. You still felt the pain. The pain was still there, it still hurt. Your heart was still clenching, it was still pounding painfully fast.

“I won’t deny, I did it because I was angry. I was jealous, I was tired, I was mad, crazy, frustrated and so fúcking in love with you, Y/N! Do you know that? Do you think about my feelings? Do you know how I feel when I see you with Park Jimin?” he was talking fast, using his body as he talked to show you how he felt.

His chest was rising and falling up and down. His breathing got heavier and his eyes were red and watery. You never expected him to look this angry, but you didn’t have time to think about it that much because you realized what he just said. Bullshits.

“And you decide to cheat because I hang out with my best friend since my childhood? How low do you think of me? Do you think of me like that? Do you seriously think of me like that, Jin?” you asked him and wiped away your tears that didn’t want to stop.

“I don’t know, Y/N! The only thing I know is that my girlfriend is having a more than friends relationship with her so called best friend! And you know what’s more disgusting? He’s my friend too! We work together! We see each other all the time! I have to talk to him even if the only thing I want to do is punch him! Do you understand what it feels like?”

You let out a humorless chuckle and shook your head.

More than just friends you said? You sure about that?

“What? So now you’re denying it too? I can’t believe you, Y/N. It’s so obvious. Yet you’re trying to get away?” he asked you.

“If that’s what you think of me, if that’s what you’ve been thinking of your own girlfriend. If that’s it. Let’s break up. Let’s end things” you said, surprised by how confident you sounded. You thought you were going to fall down, but you didn’t. You held it inside. You didn’t need to show your weakness for him.

“So you can go to him? You’re breaking up with me so you can go to him?! I knew it, I fúcking knew it! I HATE YOU”, as soon as those three words left his lips, you felt like your world collapsed right in front of you.

You felt his shoulder bumped into yours as he stormed out of the practice room, kicking the door as he left.

Could you describe your feelings? Could you describe how you felt at that moment? Could you see back to the moment he said the sentence? Do you even want to think about it?

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. 

How could love change to hate in just a matter of second. How could a world turn upside down in such a short period. How could kisses and touches turn into screams. How could a misunderstanding turn into this?

You heard the door to practice room open and quickly wiped away your tears once again.

“Y/N” you heard the boys say. You didn’t turn around, because you didn’t have the courage to see them yet. What if they trusted Jin and would look at you disgusted. Of course they trusted Jin more, they all were like real brothers

“Y/N, turn around” it was Jimin, your best friend. You have known him since forever, he was like your brother. But even him, you couldn’t turn around for him. It was embarrassing enough for you to stand there with food on the floor and sobbing like crazy. You didn’t want them to see you like this too, destroyed because of him.

You felt hands being placed on your shoulders and in the next second, you were tightly wrapped in arms. They all hugged you and said comforting words, saying that everything will be alright. That the truth will come out in the end. That Jin will regret it. That you shouldn’t cry. That you were better than a crying baby.

It was in their arms that you let yourself fall. You let yourself fall down. You let your feelings out, you let your tears run down freely without worrying, because you had your friends. You had people that cared. You had people that trusted you.

Everything will be alright” they whispered.

But will it? Will everything be alright?


So anywaaaays, I hope you guys liked it and if you do, click the heart button and you know what I will do. I’ll love you always and forever <3

So this was very angsty, like a lot of angst. Jin is not like this irl, but I had an idea and I wanted to write about Jin since it’s almost his birthday *wooooooooohoooooo* 

Talking about his birthday, I’ll probably post about Jin veryyyy much, drabbles and one shots and photos and everything that have to do with shoulder hyung next week, until the day after his birthday<3

So if you want or have any ideas, please leave a request and I’ll try to answer as soon as I can. I’ll have 2 tests and 3 assignments to write next week though :( But I’ll try my best! 

Want a part 2? Let me know!

I’ll see you soon, mwah ~

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Request: Juice’s angel (Part 2) - The End

Request: I’m a VS model and the club need my help and they are shock to see me as a grown women and Juice tells me his feeling. 

More SOA drama? Here we go… 

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: violence


Originally posted by batmaun

You saw the confusion in Dan’s face and ignored your feelings, smiling and getting up to greet him.

“Dan!”, you opened your arms, pulling him to them. “Oh so much time! Thank you for being here. Juan really needs your help”

The photographer smiled, but it didn’t showed a lot of confidence. He sat in front of you and looked at Juice, raising an eyebrow.

“Is this your friend?”, he asked, finally getting comfortable. You nodded, smiling too, a faked one, but that seemed to convince Dan. “Son, you will be a fine model, I tell you that. Well, you need a little help, of course… Are these tattoos real? The ones in your head? You know, the bad boy look is a thing these days, but eventually you might consider remove them, to… Get more serious works and…”

Dan didn’t have time to say more, Jax Teller sat next to him, a smirk on his lips. The photographer looked at you, surprised.

“Is this another friend?”, he asked, trying to hide his fear. “Are you trying the model career too?”

“No”, Jax said. “But I do want some photos from you”

Dan looked at you, your smile had disappeared and you turned your attention to the, now cold, cup of tea. You heard the man sighed and try to get up, but Jax held him seated on his chair.

“We have a friend in common Dan”, Jax said. “A politician…”

“Oh shit!”, Dan whined. “I knew it, I knew that the those cars on my street where not my imagination. Blondie, you don’t know who you are messing with. He might have a gun pointed to your head, right…”

It was like Dan had said the magical words. The restaurant’s window exploded, glass flying everywhere. You felt a strong arm pull you to the floor as you tried to protect yourself. You heard screams and more shots. You felt like your head would explode too, barely hearing what Juice was saying. He lifted you and took you outside. You glanced the Sons around you and the confusion of people running to the street.

“Y/N…Y/N, please, look at me… Y/N!”, you finally focused on Juice in front of you and saw the helmet he was handing. “We have to go”

“Dan…”, you mumbled and started to cry when Juice shook his head. Dan hadn’t make it. You wanted to go back to the restaurant, see his body with your own eyes, but Juice held you again, begging for you to go with him.

You nodded and he hopped on his bike. You did the same, hugging him tight as he ran away from that place. You were conscious of the other bikes, but barely noticed the streets, only opening your eyes when you felt Juice stop. You were back at your apartment.

“Stay here”, you heard Jax say before run through the space where the building’s door used to be. Now there was only broken glass on the floor.

“Jesus!”, you covered your mouth and stumbled on your own feet. Juice wrapped his arms around you, not letting you fall.

“Breathe baby, just breathe”, he was whispering in your ear, running his fingers through your hair. You calmed down, letting Juice hug you until Tig walked out of the building, telling you to go upstairs.

You entered in the apartment, followed close by Juice. The place was a mess. Pillows everywhere, more broken glass on the floor and drawers open. You looked at Jax and sighed, shaking your head in disbelief.

“Who? Who is this person?”, you asked.

“It’s better for you not to know”, Clay mumbled, walking around, looking at the broken things. “And it would be good if you pack your bags, fast”

“What?”, you were shocked. You knew how Samcro worked, but you couldn’t leave LA like that.

“Sis…”, Jax walked towards you. “You have to come with us. They, whoever they are, already know about you. We can’t risk let you here, not even with a Son to protect you. You have to go to Charming, at least until we solve this”

You closed your eyes, pinching your nose, trying not to freak out. When you opened them again, everybody was looking at you, waiting. You sighed and turned around, walking to your bedroom.

“Just give a minute…”, you raised your hand and closed the door behind you.


Jax was right, you couldn’t stay in LA. This person had broken into your apartment and shot against you in a restaurant. Dan… Dan got killed. You grabbed the bags you had in the closet and started to gather the most important things. You didn’t have time to leave a note or call your friends, you would have to do that after arrive in Charming.

Charming… You hand’t been there in years and now you were going back. Your bags were in the van and you were in the passenger seat, waiting for the prospect who would drive it. The door opened and you turned your head to face him, getting surprised when you saw Juice there.

“Where is the prospect?”, you asked.

“With my bike”, he said turning the van on. “Don’t worry Y/N, I’m here”

You stared at each other for a while. You saw his worried eyes and remembered the talk on the restaurant earlier.

“Juice…”, you started, but he closed his eyes, shaking his head.

“We can talk later”, he whispered, turning on his seat to look at the street. His brothers were already ready to leave. “You should get some sleep now. Don’t worry, we will be in Charming before you notice it”

You felt the van move and whispered an “okay”, before turned to look through the window again. You looked at the road for a while, before feel your eyelids getting heavy, diving into sleep.


You woke up before the group arrive in Charming, the awkward silence in the van following you until the TM. The van stopped and you got out, looking around. You heard her before see her, being wrapped in her arms.

“I can’t believe!”, Gemma screamed and hugged you tight. “I missed you girl, I missed you so much”

“I missed you too Gem”, you hugged her back, smelling the cigarettes she was smoking earlier. “Where is Luann?”

“I’ll call her right now”, Gemma smiled, looking at the boys leaving their bikes. “I bet you have a lot to tell right?”

“You have no idea”, you sighed, letting Gemma guide you to the clubhouse.

“You can tell me later”, she smiled. “I bet all you want it a shower right now”


Gemma gave you clean towels and let you alone in the dorm. You took your time under the shower and thanked for the clean clothes. You didn’t want to face the club, but there was no escape, so you looked at the mirror once more and opened the door. You would leave but there was a person blocking your way. Juice.

“Hi”, he said, clearly embarrassed. “I was about to knock… Can we… Can we talk?”

“Hm… Sure…”, you stepped aside and Juice followed you inside the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

“I’m sorry”, he started, hands on his pockets. “I’m sorry for your friend, for involve you in this… I don’t know what else to say, but… You can count on me”

“Thank you”, you said. You stared at each other in silence. Was that the awkward moment where you would talk about your feelings for each other?

“Sure…”, he finally said, turning around to leave. “Everybody is waiting for you”

His hand was close to the doorknob, but you stopped him. You needed to say what you were feeling. “I still feel the same”, you blurted. Juice turned around, his mouth slightly open as he looked at you. “I left because I was mad at you, it’s true. I didn’t want to keep seeing you around the croweaters, ignoring me. I liked you and… I still do”

He crossed the space between you two with large steps, taking you by surprise. His arms were strong and tight around you; his lips soft, but hungry against yours. You had waited so long for that and just felt like a dream. He rested his forehead against yours, both breathing fast.

“We were so fool…”, Juice whispered, still hugging you close. “I can’t believe you are here again”

“I can’t believe either”, you rested your cheek against his chest, hearing his fast heartbeats. Juice kissed the top of your head and you stayed like that, just for a moment. “I don’t wanna go outside… I don’t wanna face what happened, what is happening…”

“Hey…” Juice cupped your face, making you look at him. “Everything will be fine baby. You are safe here and we will solve this”

“You will and when you do… That means I have to go back”, you hated to say that, but it was true. You couldn’t just disappear or hide forever. People would be after you. Juice swallowed, knowing what that meant for you two. You had just reconnected and finally confessed your feelings just to leave each other again.

“We… We will figure it out, some way…”, he let you go, taking a step back, walking to the door. “We have to go, everybody is waiting for you”

“Juice…”, you walked towards him, a desperate plan crossing your mind. “If I stayed… If I abandoned my career and stayed… What would happen with us?”

His eyes widened and he looked at you for a moment before smile and pull you closer. “You would be mine”, he whispered. “I’m not going to lose you twice”

You smiled and kissed him again, whispering against his lips, “You won’t”

EXO Reaction to your great acting skills

So I decided to do this two since they are pretty similar. I hope you like it, love Admin A~
Please remember reactions are still closed :3 We love you.

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *Really loves the drama* “What.. what is this jagiya!!! Why is that boy making you cry?” *Pretty upset*

Kris: “I swear I won’t cry… I know she dies but… oh no you are not doing this..” *Sobs*

Sehun: *Goes to talk with you* “Explain it to me Y/N… why did you have a heart attack?! Will you die? What will happen?!”

Tao: *Watches it till the end holding his tears* <Be a man Tao… it’s not real.. she is right here next to you>

Kai: “When.. where.. what?” *Is really mind blown, your acting skills are making his head explode*

Xiumin:*Tries not to look because he knows how good you are and will make him cry*

Baekhyun: *You and Kyungsoo were the main characters* “I’m telling you Kyungsoo… you broke her heart! Why would you… do that” *Convinced it was true*

Luhan: *After he saw your drama about spies, he feels everyone is one and you are following him and watching him*

Chen: “You… died?! How… My heart…” *Speechless* 

Kyungsoo: *Really proud because acting together turned out to be splendid*

Lay: *In love with your drama*

Suho: “Why… why can’t they be together jagi… You made a great couple” *Is not even jealous that you were working with another guy because the plot was really touching*


***Could you do a newt imagine where he likes me but I’m really close to Jeff &newt gets really jealous so he starts to be overprotective of me &he won’t let me talk to Jeff anymore until we have a fight and he actually tells me how he feels? Tysm***

“What do you mean I can’t be a med-jack anymore?” You ask, completely mystified. Newt had just declared in out of the blue and it was kind of devastating because your best friend, Jeff, was a med-jack. He was always so busy, work was the only time you really got to spend with him. 

“Uh, well. You just can’t, okay?” He stammers over his words and his argument is weak. 

“Does Jeff know?” You try to move past him, through the door but he stops you. Your eyes narrow angrily as you try to burn a whole in his face.“I want to talk to Jeff.”

He shakes his head. “You can’t talk to Jeff anymore.”

What?” He flinches at your tone of voice but in all seriousness you’re fuming. Jeff is, has and always will be your best friend and now Newt strolls in saying that you can’t talk to him anymore? Not on. You get up in Newt’s face, despite the height difference you look far more intimidating than people would expect. “Why?”

He looks down at you, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows deeply. His eyes flicker, looking at parts of your face. At least the last thing he looks at before you kill him, will be beautiful. “Well, Gally has this theory-”

You scoff. “Oh, what? You’re listening to Gally now? You told me last week how much of a shank you thought he was.”

His composure is fading a little. You’re still inches away from him. “A shank with a point. Ever since he started hanging out with you-”

You interject again, your glare is so intense for a moment you think the red appearing on his cheeks means that your close to making his head explode. Good. “What does that have to do with anything? You are being ridiculous.”

Seemingly, he can’t take it anymore. He lips find yours and his hands lock onto your waist, pulling you closer. After tolerating it, who are you kidding, enjoying it, for a moment you pull away, remembering yourself and your argument. He let’s his head rest against the door behind him, a blissful smile on his face.

“What was that?” You ask, trying to ignore the quickness in your chest. “You can’t just do that.”

He scowls. “Oh. Because you like Jeff.”

You really feel like hitting something. Repeatedly. “What? No. I like you. Anyways, we were talking about the fact how you are not letting me do my job and hang out with my best friend.”

“You don’t like Jeff?” He asks and you give a look which could simply be explained by the phrase duh. “You don’t like Jeff. You like me.”

He sounds like he’s had some sort of epiphany and you rub your eyes. This is ridiculous. “You can be a medjack and hang out with Jeff on one condition.”

“Oh, and what would that be?” Your worried your sarcasm might change his mind but you can’t help it.

His lips crash into yours again, moving in synchronization. You pull away at the same time, you out of breath and a smirk on his face. “I get to do that anytime I want.”

“I’ll hang out with Jeff, regardless but I’ll give you permission for that anyway.” You reply.

“I’ll take it.” He says, leaning in for a third time.


Hey, @bmgmw! So should we talk about this second nameless person who we see once and then never again? 😂😆

(I’m relying on our braintwin powers for you to see what I’m seeing. Rewatch the scene, your head will explode. I think I kinda noticed before, but in light of the Rebel and the production order revelations…



"One Shot for Stressed Anon" One Shot
Author: fandoms-and-depression

Original Imagine Link: requested

Warnings: none


“Hey (Y/N). Whatcha doin’?“ Dean asked, jumping onto the empty couch next to you.

"Just studying for my finals. Now if you could get lost, I’m trying to focus here,” you said, getting back to your book.

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I could tell you what it was about. but your head would explode. I would enjoy that very much. to watch you from a safe vantage point. I wouldn’t want you to ruin my suit. because it was a gift from Allah. the god. not the shellfish. I occasionally see her name written on vaginae in pubic ink. I know what you’re thinking. you’re thinking I’m an infidel. you’d be wrong. I don’t adhere to any religion. especially my own. it’s hard to be devoted to being a jerk all the time. occasionally I feel empathy. and I’ll hand a homeless guy all the cash I’m carrying. fortunately I use mostly plastic. it feels good on the skin. latex. perhaps it’s just the thrill of suffocation. David Carradine Duchovny. take the pebble from my hand, Scully. somebody probably already created a porno called triple X files. they’d get away with copyright infringement by calling it a parody. who are you to judge what gets another person off. I’ve read what you’ve written. you’re a freak. some people like that. I’m not one of them. I’m strictly a hole-in-the-sheet kind of puritan. what if the other person on the other side was only offering you their anus. there’s a possibility that you’d unknowingly become a sodomite. I think that’s the proper term for butt-fucker. not that there’s anything Seinfeld about that. as long as the adults performing the sin are consenting. the world is filled with worse things. like Republicans. I know what you’re thinking. you’re thinking I’m a liberal. you’d be wrong. I hate vegans. and people who avoid gluten even though they’re not allergic to it. don’t even get me started on people who avoid vaccines. that’s how we got rid of polio you stupid fucks. now it might come back because of your ignorance. I hope they come up with an Ebola vaccine and I hope you avoid taking that too. empathy. sometimes I’m a nice person. I swear. that’s what all the sociopaths say.