what you're feeling is not weird you want to burrow in my beard

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Hello there! I love your Bawson stories! Just wondering if you're still doing prompts? If you are, could you maybe write one where Ginny and Mike are having sex while she's pregnant, he feels the baby kicks during, and proceeds to freak out a bit? Meanwhile Ginny's slightly annoyed, but can't stop cracking up.

Thank you! I love this idea so much! I hope it hits all the marks you were looking for! <3

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“Did you feel that?”

She’s breathing heavily, feeling quite a lot of different things at the moment. Or at least she was before Mike decided to stop the truly sinful movement of his hips behind her. She’s close, so very close; legs tingling, white hot pleasure emanating from the center of her body, fingers aching from gripping the bed sheets so tightly.

And he just stopped.

“Feel wha’?“ She’s a little out of her mind and still confused why he’s stopped moving. That’s not what she wants. It’s the opposite of what she wants. In fact, she’d like more movement, harder even, faster if he’s so inclined.

He’s wrapped around her, they are both on their sides, one of his arms is underneath her and wrapped around her chest, a hand cupping one of her sensitive breasts while the other is resting on her very rounded belly, protective and warm.

“The bug kicked! It kicked, you had to feel that! It’s inside of you!”

She’s still a little slow on the uptake.

“If I can feel it you can have to be able feel it, Ginny!”

How does she say, “all I want to feel right now is you dick back inside me” in a nice and non-aggressive way?

“Wait, did the bug kick because we were having sex? Is that weird? Should it be doing that?”

The growing freneticism in his voice makes her start to smile just a little bit. He’s been hilariously, and at times unbearably, involved in the pregnancy. The moment he found out he went on Amazon and bought about a dozen baby books, immediately looked into local lamaze classes, and researched the pros and cons of a hospital birth verses using a midwife. 

He runs his hand all around her belly, feeling for more errant kicks.

“I read something about this…,”

She tries hard not to roll her eyes, the amount of times he’s started a conversation with those exact words has become legitimately ridiculous. 

Ginny starts to laugh, his focus completely shifted from fucking her to apparently educating her on the biochemical reactions of her body in relation to the smaller body she’s growing inside her.

“…so, basically its the rush of endorphins and, are you laughing at me, Baker?”

She’s still curled on her side; Ginny burrows her face into the pillow and lets out a louder cackle at his affronted tone. She heaves herself onto her back and again onto her side so she can look at him, trying to minimize the giggles still escaping her. 

Mike has a stupidly joyful look on his face, it’s enchanting as hell and Ginny smiles at him indulgently.

“You are too cute, you know that?” She scratches at his beard and he leans into her touch immediately, both his hands finding her belly again.

There is a quiet moment between them for a few seconds, then all of a sudden…

“You had to feel that one!” Mike’s eyes are wide and astounded, shinning with happiness.

“Yeah, old man, that one I felt.”