what you want and what you do to me

you know what drives me crazy? people that be standing up here saying “we need to give him the benefit of the doubt, we need to give him a chance and see how he leads”

I’m sorry, do you want the world to just fuckin…ignore the hate trail he ran as a campaign? we just what, pretend the last 18 months didn’t happen and his behaviours and attitudes and cabinet picks are not indicative of the man he is and the administration he’s going to run?

if someone treated you like shit every day at work, made your life hell, bullied you, objectified you, harassed you, and then got promoted and became your boss, do you just forget that happened because he might treat you better now he’s in charge?

nah fuck that, power doesn’t change a person for the better, it just makes the type of person they are more obvious, and idk how much more obvious it can be that he’s a hateful piece of shit, so fuck giving him a chance or the benefit of the doubt. fight back. resist. don’t ever accept this man as president. acknowledge it happened and fight to fix it, but don’t accept it. acceptance indicates something is okay, and this? absolutely isn’t.

andyann1399  asked:

Sorry if you were asked this before, but you said you would like Hide to be the final antagonist. Could you explain why's that? I am really curious, and I do agree that Furuta is not end game, but rather someone else, such as Hide, Donato and Uta. I just want to hear your point of view, if you don't mind...

Hide would be the only antagonist our protagonist actually cares about. Which would make the stakes to “win” much more personal and the choices harder, instead of the current vague goal that Kaneki’s approaching with about as much planning and care as Donald Tr*mp is approaching the Presidency. 

Also, I think whatever Hide’s conflict is, it can only be enhanced by the struggle of being friends with Kaneki as a person, but not letting it to influence his plans for the greater good.

On the other hand, Hide being just the smart best friend that Ishida’s forgotten to write about for a few years, now that’s just boring, imo. Not to mention all those weird things about Hide that he’s hinted on. 

I can see Hide in a sort of The fox and the Hound situation, him trying to work with Kaneki from within the CCG or despite all he’s been taught (if he’s indeed a Washuu), but that just wouldn’t be my personal first choice because see the first paragraph.

Sonic Generations

Modern Sonic: “Hey whats your name?”

Classic Sonic: “Sonic.”

Modern Sonic: “What?”

Classic Sonic: “Sonic.”

Modern Sonic: “Yes?”

Classic Sonic: “What’s your name?”

Modern Sonic: “Uh Sonic.”

Classic Sonic: “What?”

Modern Sonic: “Um it’s Sonic with an S.”

Classic Sonic: “Yeah that’s how to spell it.”

Modern Sonic: “Yeah Sonic.”

Classic Sonic: “Sonic.”

Modern Sonic: “Yeah, what’s your name?”

Classic Sonic: “Nice to meet you, what’s your name?”

Modern Sonic: “I’m Sonic.”

Classic Sonic: “Yes what do you want out of me?”

Modern Sonic: “Yeah…Sonic?”

Classic Sonic: “Have you never heard this name before?”

Modern Sonic: “Um I’m sorry I pronounce it Sonic, what about you?”

Classic Sonic: “I pronounce it Sonic, that’s what my mom says.”

Modern Sonic: “Ok..”

Everyone: “SONIC!!!!!”

Both Sonics: “What? Ooooooohhhhh….”

It aggravates me in stim vids when they don’t fully outline the cookie. There’s no reason not to and if you wanted it a different shape you should have made it one! I see the extra cookie! What are ya doing!? It drives me nuts hahahah :P what drives you guys crazy about stim vids?

I am so sick of all the unsourced or reposted art in the inuyasha tag…always need to double check. Somehow meanwhile you get a sense for artists posts and reposts…


Brant: Hey dad can we talk for a moment ?

Arata: Yes sure,what do you want to talk about ?

Brant: Well you know that i have being on date with Sky yesterday ?…

Arata: Yes yes i know i didn’t even ask you how was it sorry i get really tired at the work and got to sleep a little earlier…

Brant: No it’s not that,it’s *Sigh* I have screwed up really bad…

Arata: What happened ?

Brant: Well i left her alone at the park while it was raining…

Arata: You did what ?!

Brant: I’m sorry dad,are you mad at me ?

Arata: *Sigh* No i’m not mad at you but i’am very disappointed in your actions that’s not how your father and i have raised you,also i’m not the one you should apologize too…

Brant: Yes i know but what if she doesn’t want to talk with me ?

Arata: Well if that is the case you will have to accept it,she have every right to be angry at you and you know it,but you should apologize to her in any case…

Brant: *Sigh* Yes you are right i’m gonna to call her right now…

6ak  asked:

i just went through your simblreen challenge and some other random posts, and it's all so amazing?? it goes wayy past what i would've thought of for the challenge. i'm so in awe of what you create, it's beautiful and Extremely inspiring (also a tad intimidating hahahh). i think i'm going to try pushing the boundaries of what i'm used to doing. hope you have a nice day!!

Thanks you so much for taking the time to send me this, it means a lot  ♥︎♥︎ The idea of inspiring someone makes me really happy, and please dont feel intimidated ahah ! I’ve just discovered your blog and I like your sense of color, now I’m curious about what you will do next :) At first I had very simple ideas for the challenge, without detailed decor and all, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt inspired and wanted to go “deeper”. Because I guess complicating things is my full time hobby ahah ? Have a nice day/evening too !!

anonymous asked:

i'm sorry if that ask sounds so stupid but i'm just so scared and i don't know what to do anymore and i'm too scared to speak to anyone because i don't want people looking at me differently ugh. i'm so miserable and just want to be happy.

It wasn’t stupid but honey as I said before, no matter what you do, people will judge you and you have to learn to not give a fuck because your happiness is important.


year 2016 & bts

Yuri: Nope, don´t remember, didn´t happen.

or also:

Viktor: We had a dance that night! YOU ASKED ME TO BE YOUR COACH!
Yuri: Nope, don’t remember, didn’t happen.


this happens at least once a week let’s be real