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Wrong Dadvice
  • Christie: Daddy, someone at school is picking on me. I don't know what to do.
  • Joseph: Oh...well, sweetie, you should-
  • Robert: Okay, listen up. Want my advice? Break your pencil in half and shove it in that kid's--
  • Joseph: MY ADVICE is that you don't follow Robert's advice and that you should report th-
  • Brian: my advice is that, and check this, you train a dog and get it to-
  • Craig: Bro! Gotta stop you right there! A dog would take too long! Look, little dude, my advice is that the next time they pick on you just punch-
  • Damien: Terrible. Shush. That's barbaric. Listen, Christie, all you have to do is put a hex bag--
  • Mat: NO! Goodness no.
  • Joseph: -sigh- Thank goodness. Someone with a brai-
  • Mat: No one knows how to make hex bags anymore! Get some hot coffee and throw it--
  • Hugo: Mat! Be quiet! Do you want her to get arrested? Listen, Christie, you should simply threaten--
  • Joseph: You're a teacher!! Oh my god!! CHRISTIE JUST TELL THE TEACHER!!
BTS reaction to their SO joining an Idol group

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Jin would definitely preorder your first album and put up the included poster in the hallway.

“I’m so proud of you! Let all our visitors see how amazing you are!”

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Yoongi would know how hard you worked to achieve what you want, so he’d be extra proud. He would also definitely want to produce a song with you.

“You deserve all of this. You worked so hard and don’t let people tell you differently!”

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Joonie would be torn. He would be super happy and only wish you the best, but he would also worry that the two of you might be too busy to see each other now that you debuted.

“I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. But I want you to know that I have your back no matter what.”

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Hoseok would use his experience to help you through the beginning of your career.

“Listen love, this is your moment and you should enjoy it. Just know that I’ll be here when it gets rough.”

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Jimin would be 100% supportive. He would calm your nerves, give you feedback and just hold you if you need it. He also secretly collects your photo cards.

“Now I can support you just like you did for me!”

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Tae would be super stoked for you. He would keep complimenting you on every little thing and he would invite you and the other members to celebrate.

“You’re no longer my partner. From now on I will refer to you as my bias!”

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Kookie would need you to assure him that you’ll still be with and support each other even though you are both full-time idols now.

“Promise that we will always take time for each other! And don’t forget about me on tour!”

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Omg your art is so soft and so cute? It makes me feel happy and warm inside. I especially love your bokuakas, every time depression gets to me I look at your bokuaka art and I get better! Thank you!!!!

I’ve dealt with depression before (+ anxiety at the same time, it was hell) ; I know what that feels like, so I’m really glad that you can find something that can lift up your mood (actually, I should thank Furudate for creating such lovable characters, for it’s thanks to them that I was able to make you happy)!!!

I was lucky to have a brother who cared enough for me and helped me get out from it, so I really hope that you’ll have someone you can talk to so it can lift up some weight from you. It can also be a dog, who cares, as long as it’s someone who’s willing to listen to you talk. Look, I talk to my cats and rabbits, okay?
( ゚3゚) 

@ cis people

Please stop saying you won’t write trans characters because you “don’t have that experience” and “don’t want to get it wrong and offend people”.

Unless you write exclusively characters with your profession, socio-economic status, mental health, nationality, species, whatever… basically, if you’ve ever written anything other than a self-insert, then guess what? You’ve written outside your own experience! Congratulations, you’re capable of imagining what it’s like to be another person besides yourself, which means you should be able to wrap your mind around trans people.

Trans people write cis characters all the time and a lot of us have no experience being cis.

And if you don’t want to get it wrong, then listen to trans people and work on improving your understanding and your writing. Do your research. Stop being lazy and especially stop being lazy and pretending it’s because you’re so concerned about good representation.

Youngstown, OH gets a spit-shine prior to the big Trump rally.

Yes, this was horribly exploitative, but I understand since the election it’s a perfectly acceptable practice. Of course this building had been abandoned for years and it has since been demolished, but why would I let that stop me from doing what our impeccably moral, impressively-credentialed, highly-respected president would do? I so look up to this, uh…man.

I would like to say that Trump dropped by to announce a massive new industrial concern was about to bring hundreds of jobs back to the the region. I’d even give him credit for his negotiating skills if he did. Alas, this was just another stop on his propaganda tour to shit all over his opponents, his allies, (probably his supporters, too–but I don’t have time to listen to the full hour), and to continue his lies. Because that’s how you act presidential. 

Unfortunately, Youngstown is getting exactly what it should expect from this president. Word vomit. Maga, baby.

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11:37 PM It's raining again, and I should be in bed but I can't put down my book--and I can't quiet down my thoughts. We haven't seen each other in four years and I just want him to come home, come home, but it isn't home anymore and the only person waiting for him here is me. And I can't give him what he needs. So I listen to the rain, and I read, and I imagine.

I don’t know the entire context (or full circumstances here) but this is so lovely.

I can tell you’re hoping, a deep hope, for something. Just know that I’m hoping with you. 

Shangst Au

All I’m saying is Shance Widowtracer Au but Shiro as widow and Lance as Tracer. They were friends and this close to dating before Lance disappeared in the slipstream accident and while overwatch desperately looks for a way to get him back Talon takes Shiro. When Lance is finally saved and becomes “Cadet Oxton/ Tracer” he finds out what happened to Shiro. But like Listen the alive cinematic 👀

“Why! Why would you do this! This isn’t you!”

“Such a sweet foolish boy you are believing that Takashi Shirogane still exists.”

Should I write this??? Would anybody read it??

oh my god. holy shit. what the fuck. i am Pizzed.

is it literally that hard to let people identify how they want? is it really??????

is someone identifying as a trigender demi-panromantic autochorisexual such a fucking threat to you that you gotta tell them to stop identifying with what makes then comfortable?

listen ok. if you’re comfortable with identifying with little to no microlabels, then that’s fine. if you’re comfortable with identifying with a whole butt-ton of microlabels, then that’s fine.

if it’s what makes you comfortable in your own damn skin and it doesn’t hurt anyone else (which microlabels don’t fuckin hurt anyone) then you’re fuckin good and nobody has the right to police you on how you should label yourself.


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So, I'm not gonna go Anon for this, because I don't feel like hiding, I really want your help on something: I keep getting followed by these... inappropriate blogs, even tho I posted several posts about them needing to stop with it, but I keep getting followed by them, and it scares me, but I don't want to delete my blog... what do you think I should do?

You mean the pornbots? Yeah they’re a problem, they follow literally everyone. Pornbots don’t listen, they’re not actual people- the only thing you can rly do is block them. 

tbh just block’em 

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Hi! I love your blog and was hoping you could help me find a fic? It was during hogwarts and james found out abt remus and sirius and was a jerk abt it. He refused to talk to them and said a lot of insults. Peter was nice to them but also followed around james a lot. I think something happened and sirius (?) almost got hurt and that made jamea realize that he should listen to lily and not be a jerk?? I'm sorry Idk how else to explain and I can't find it for the life of me ;;

Thank you anon, and I can try. :) Not 100% on this one, but most of what you’re describing fits this fic: 

Of Brothers and Boyfriends, by Amuly
After winter break sixth year James finds Sirius and Remus in bed together. He is disgusted and horrified to discover the true nature of their relationship, which they had been keeping secret for years. As the first rumblings of war begin to infringe on the edge of the Marauders’ awareness, Sirius struggles to reconcile the two most important men in his life: his brother and his boyfriend. Sometimes choosing between them is easy, sometimes more difficult, but what will happen when real danger threatens, and Sirius’ choice means the difference between life and death?


I change my lock and home-screen often ,,, so I wanted to ask if you are interested in this and want me to upload every time I change my lock/home-screen so you can use them or idk what do you want from those pics XD!!1!1! So should I make it? ( it’s not only NCT I do listen and hype other kpop groups so don’t panic in the titanic c:)

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What are you listening to RIGHT THIS SECOND??

((OOC: I fucking love this song, and I think you should stop what you’re doing and listen to it RIGHT THE FUCK NOW.

Also, in the description, it says this:

Written by John as an expression of his love for Yoko Ono, the song is heartfelt and passionate. As John told Rolling Stone magazine in 1970, “When it gets down to it, when you’re drowning, you don’t say, ‘I would be incredibly pleased if someone would have the foresight to notice me drowning and come and help me,’ you just scream.”

And I fucking love that too.))

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Heyyy you should rec me some music, you seem like you have a good taste in music so

giving song rec’s is the reason my mother brought me into this world 

empty room - chaos emeralds // leaving london - steffan argus // broken - lovelytheband // the other side of paradise - glass animals // mama’s gun - glass animals // take my love and run - bad suns // paralyzed - mystery skulls // bloody shirt - to kill a king // flames - teddy // love you lately - ariana and the rose, rkcb // feel it still - portugal. the man // gooey - glass animals // you can run - adam jones

this is all indie music p much but if you want smth lmk!!!! i literally have everything, enjoy!!!!!!

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TO THE LAST ANON, YOUR EX IS A DICK AND AN ASSHOLE AND LITERALLY EVERY BAD WORD/INSULT THERE IS IN EVERY LANGUAGE. DON'T LISTEN TO STUPID BOYS WHO DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT~also almost every girl older than 14/15 has stretch marks, it's totally normal and they will most likely fade away but if they don't, you should still be proud of them because they are beautiful!!


M: “What the hell was that about?”
H: “What?”
M: “Oh, I don’t know, you cutting the deposition when we had them?”
H: “Mike-”
M: “Harvey! You should have left it. I could have led them exactly to where we needed them.”
H: “It wasn’t about that.”
M: “Then, what was it about? You didn’t trust me to handle it?”
H: “I can’t stand to see them come after you.”
M: “Bullshit.”
H: “It’s not bullshit.”
M: “You think I can’t take it?”
H: “Look, you’re not listening to me, okay? I can’t take it!”

H: “I love you Mike.”

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i want to start listening to mbmbam, since i've gotten into p much every other mcelroy production, but i don't know where to start??? there's sooo much of it, and i've heard the early eps especially are not great. any recommendations?

Maybe this is blasphemous to say but… I’ve never listened to a full episode of mbmbam, I almost exclusively listen to the (usually about 5 mins long) bits on YouTube, so I guess that’s what I’d recommend! if you just search “mbmbam” or “mbmbam bits” it should work :)