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Just wanted to let you know, I'm reading your de-aged fic, and I love it so, so much so far! The way you have Len as kind of vulnerable and maybe a bit unhappy/disappointed (if I'm reading that right) about how he turned out, even though it seems like he should be happy because he's succeeded at being a thief and a criminal and that's what he wants. But I've never 100% bought that anyone WANTS to be a criminal, even Len, and I like that you're exploring that!

I think… wanting to be a criminal and enjoying being a criminal are two totally different things.

We know in Legends that Len literally tried to completely change the course of his life. If he got to choose, he’d change his own story.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy it, eventually. That he doesn’t get a sense of elation and reward in planning and executing a job, that he doesn’t come to love (get addicted to?) the thrill of it. That he doesn’t make goals for himself, to be the best, to become virtually untouchable, and that he doesn’t get a sense of accomplishment in attaining that, and get high on the power he commands, sometimes.

No little kid says “I wanna grow up and rob banks” but damned if he wasn’t gonna make the best of it since that’s what life gave him. 

But when you’re still young and figuring that out, and don’t have any of the accompanying rush or sense of flow or accomplishment or power, but find out all that anyway… I think it would leave you feeling a little lost and untethered, really.

Venus and Mars - The Planetary Opposition

Lets look at the signs of which these planets rule:
Venus rules Taurus and Libra, while Mars rules Aries and Scorpio.
At a glance, you think nothing of the signs. You just think of Taurus and Libra more feminine than Aries and Scorpio.
However, if you look at it as Mars Aries/Scorpio and Venus as Libra/Taurus, you’ll notice that they’re actually opposition one another.
So, not only is Mars opposite Venus in its traits, but also it’s ruling signs.

With this, you find Taurus and Libra and more feminine, materialistic, and maybe even lazy. While Aries and Scorpio are masculine, experience-obsessed, and maybe even eccentric.
You’ll also notice what the planets represent - love (Venus) vs. lust (Mars). Meaning that, in theory, Taurus and Libra are more love based than passionate Aries and Scorpio. You may even say that Taurus and Libra confuse love with lust, and Aries and Scorpio confuse lust with love. Which sounds the same, but the second is far more detrimental.
You’ll find that all of these signs jump from one relationship to the next. But, Taurus and Libra will say they love someone from the start of the relationship, while Aries and Scorpio will have to work themselves to this point. This is due to Taurus and Libra believing in Love at First Sight, which is usually more Lust at First Sight, sadly. Aries and Scorpio do not, but they have confusion when it comes to distinctions between love and lust on larger scales, meaning they often get into relationships that they should have never been in.

One may even say to truly understand the difference between lust and love, you may actually need an opposition/square between the two, and a sextile/trine may actually cause more confusion. However, this is only a speculation and may not be totally accurate.

-My own, personal findings between the planets and signs, this has in no way come from any outside source, and has lack of research on the specific subject, but has come from my own conclusions. If you have anything to add, question, or discuss, please feel free to do so.

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First impression: I've always thought your art is super adorable, especially dorkwin! You seem like a really nice and sweet person😁

Aw my thank you very much :3 You’re such a cutie yourself, I always love your comments and tags and really appreciate your support ♡
Im so grateful for all the love that dumbass receives because it basically started out as stupid IKEA headcanons and turned out as a universe of fluff xD It has been a bit quiet around the doofuses lately but I try to be a bit more productive again :3

she gave everything for this, she left the disappointment of the olympics as soon as possible and went straight back to the spirit to carry on battling for the championship, missing out at the last hurdle is fucking heartbreaking.

We know Simmons has deep, deeeep daddy issues.
And he projects them on Sarge - No need to explain that.

We also know, that in Season 11 when he switched to the Blues for a Moment, he directly projected those Issues on Washington.
“Or… you could call me son.”  <– he literally says that to him, after a very short time.
(Poor Baby you have some serious issues)

But can I now stress out this:

Between season 5 and 6 for a while [could be a few weeks, months or even a year or something]… It was GRIF who was Simmons Sergeant. His Leader. For who knows how long.

Can we please imgine how wonderful and awkward that must have been?

“Can.. can I call you..”
“Wtf no, dont even start.”

Finally Finished this Fan Art, just wasting time till I have to work all afternoon >v>;;;

But I LOVE STAR VS FORCES OF EVIL and all the dudes in it pff-

So have them and of course Star~!

So the other day I drew a punk!Wyoming and a pastel!Florida and I sorta accidently created a flyoming greaser au.

Basically greaser!Wyoming falls in love with Butch Flowers, a pretty boy who runs a flower shop. Unfortunately, York, technical leader of the infamous Freelancer gang, forbids him from seeing Flowers because he believes that their relationship will jeopardize the reputation of the group.

Carolina, the real leader of the group and York’s girlfriend, cares deeply about Wyoming and wants him to be happy (he was a family friend and helped the young Carolina move past Allison’s death). However, she sides with York, only because she fears a bad reputation will cause a dangerous enemy gang (Charon, so like the Innies and Mercenaries) to move onto their streets and endanger their friends.

Meanwhile, her older half-brother Church works at the flower shop Butch owns. He believes gangs are dangerous and greatly disapproves of Carolina running one, only because she is the most important person to him and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. He warns Flowers to steer clear of them, but Flowers ultimately falls deeply in love with Wyoming.

There’s a few other side plots, like York’s strained relationship with his father (Mayor Malcom Hargrove), the Allison backstory, flowershop antics starring the Blues, ect. It’s really sorta grown so large so quickly, but I’m actually super excited about it.

I’m just wondering, would anybody be intrested in reading that sort of thing?