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he is the brightness of the sun, a true jim kirk, the most beautiful person i know, and i love him 

The Demon Next Door CH 2

Days, weeks, and months passed since the first night. Ten drew me in countless times and every time, I would want him more and more. As soon as it was over, however, I felt horrible. I was tired. Tired of being his.

About 2 months after he claimed me as his, I started to have nightmares. I saw the same place every night. It was dark, engulfed in flames. I almost always found myself in a building looking outwards at the devastation. Death. It was everywhere. It was driving me insane. This had to stop.

It was 3 in the morning on a quiet night when I woke up with a start. I was in cold sweat and my breathing was heavy. It seemed as if this was the hundredth time I had dreamt this dream. I couldnt take it anymore. Without a second thought, I found myself running out to Ten’s house. I frantically knocked on his door.
“Ten!” I cried. “Open the door!” Not moments, later he was before me.
“Wow, I didnt even have to call you over this time” He ran a hand through his hair and yawned.
“I cant do this anymore” I stared him down.
“I dont recall you having a choice,” Ten snickered.
“TEN IM SERIOUS!” I yelled. Ten noticed my tone and his expression faltered. He quickly pulled me inside and closed the door.
“What are you doing?!” I pulled my arm away.
“Do you want to wake up the whole neighborhood?” Ten asked. I sighed and shook my head. “Now what’s with this all of a sudden?”
“I dont want to do this anymore” I spat out.
“Like I told you before, you dont have a say” Ten put his hands in his sweatpant pockets. I glared up at him.
“Ten, I CANT do this. I feel like Im dying,” I said through gritted teeth.
“Really?” Ten suddenly pushed me against the wall. He lowered his head so that his lips were hovering over my neck. “Because when you scream my name, you sound more alive than ever” He kissed my neck, causing me to shudder. I pushed him away quickly before I gave in again. He stared at me with his red eyes and I shrunk down.
“Stop doing that” I mumbled. “I see enough red when I sleep”
“What?” He raised a brow. His voice was more authoritative and I was a bit too startled to reply. “What do you mean?”
“I-Ive been having nightmares” I looked up at him. Its been a month and i feel like Im going crazy..I-I Ten I cant do this"
“What do you see?” Ten asked, grabbing both my wrists. He seemed alot more serious than he usually was.
“I…I see death…in this place thats full of fire and monsters….Im always stuck in a black building looking out at everyone suffering..” I looked up at Ten. His eyes were red again but as soon as his gaze caught mine, they turned brown again.
“This isnt good” Ten let go of me, “Youre connected.”
“Im what?” I was confused. What did he mean by connected?
“Do you love me?” He blurted.
“No,” I immediately said. “Why do yo-”
“Have you met any other demon?” Ten asked.
“No, Ten what-” I started.
“When was the last time you-” Ten began.
It was my turn to interrupt him.
“Ten!” I exclaimed, causing him to stop. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!” Ten’s expression became stern.

“I think youre pregnant”

My eyes widened and I stumbled back against the door.
“But you said there was no chance…” I stared up at him.
“No. I said there was less than a 1% chance” Ten corrected.
“Ten dont fuck with me!” I cried.
“Im sorry” He looked down.

I had to get out of there. I turned around to open the door but it suddenly clicked closed. I still tried to open it, pulling frantically. I was getting hysterical and fell to my knees. I was sobbing now.
“Let me go,”
“I cant”
“I want to leave”
“You cant”

“Why?!” I screamed.
“They’re coming after you,” Ten grimly stated. I looked up him through watery eyes.
“Who,” I questioned.
“The supreme,” Ten responded. “They deal with important affairs next to the king and queen of the underworld.”
“Why would they care? You said plenty of demons go out and capture women. This cant be so uncommon if its happening to us” I hysterically stated.
“First, this is extremely uncommon and second, not all demons are heir to the throne,” Ten knelt down to get at my eyelevel. I stared at him in disbelief for I couldnt find the words to say. “They’re going to kill you” I felt my heart drop and my thoughts clouded my judgement. I lurched forward so that Ten was on the ground and i was above him.
“Why couldnt you just leave me alone!” I screamed and hit his chest. Ten did nothing to stop me and let me continue hitting him until I was too tired to do anything. Thats when he sat up.
“Theres another way,” His hands caught mine, locking them in place. I looked into his red-again eyes and waited for him to continue. “I have to mark you”
“M-Mark me? I shook at the possibilities of what he had to do to ‘mark me’.
"In order for a demon to stay with a human forever, he or she must mark them. Once this has happened, that human can not be targeted by other demons but the one who marked them can’t return home either” He explained.
“F-forever?” That word stuck with me.
“We’ll never separate,” Ten’s eyes became brown again. “Now whats your choice?”
“I actually have a choice?” I stared straight at him.
“Marking has to be consensual or it can not occur” Ten nodded. “So whats it going to be ___. Death by surpreme or eternity with me and our child”


I glanced down at my stomach. There was a baby in me. What would it become? Could I love it?

“___,” Ten brought me back from the trance. “ I wouldnt be surprised if the Surpreme already caught wind of our intetions so I need an answer.” Thousands of thought flew through my mind before the answer was clear.

“Mark me.”

I thought I saw Ten smile but I couldnt be sure. He lifted me up so I was standing and led me to a black door. He opened it and pulled me inside. We were walking into a basement of some sort but unlike normal basements, this one had a giant black, wooden table in the middle. Ten let go of me and started to rummage through one of the many cabinets in the room. He pulled out a round container filled with a red substance before making his way to the table. He popped off the cap and took the liquid onto his fingers. I watched as he wrote something in unreadable letters across the table. Once finished, Ten ushered me over to him. He grabbed my arm and drew a symbol over it before doing the same to himself.
“It’s ready” Ten’s eyes began to glow again as he started to recite some kind of ritual. His eyes locked themselves onto mine and I couldnt look away.

His words suddenly stopped after a few moments. I noticed that our symbols were now glowing along with the message on the table.
“Ten…” his name softly rolled off my tongue.
“We’re almost done,” Ten reached up to touch my face. Slowly, he inched forward until his lips were on mine. This kiss was different from all the others. It was soft and gentle. I found myself melting into it and my hands reached out to grab Ten’s arms. But then suddenly, it felt off. I tried to pull away from Ten but he held me tightly. Something pushed itself inside me, like a spirit. I couldnt move as i felt it move all through my body before settling into my bones.

Ten pulled away, looking down at my shaken being.
“Its done,” he sighed.
“What…was..” my hands let go of him.
“The demonic root.” Ten stated. “ its an entity that each demon male is born with it and once he finds the person he must be with, he transfers it over, making that person his forever. The entity protects the beholder but its only as strong as the one it was tranferred from.”
“Then what about you? W-whos protecting you now?” I questioned.
“No one. But to be honest, I never needed that thing. Im strong enough with out it,” Ten responded. I nodded at his words.
“What now…” I mumbled.
“I dont know…” Ten sighed.

Virginity (4/4 SMUT)

Request by: Anon


Luke: The thing I liked most about Y/n, was her modesty. The fact she never showed her body off. she disliked short shorts, and crop tops. She didn’t want every other guy staring her up and down. Not that they didn’t anyways, hell yeah they looked, she was gorgeous. But it made me feel better while I was away that I could trust her not to do anything behind my back. She was incredibly loyal, and I loved her more than anything.

Which was why I was especially pissed off when I heard some asshat at the bar back home bad mouthing her. I doubt he knew I was sitting there, and if he did, he had no idea what I was about to do.

‘Ignore it Luke.’ Ashton muttered. ‘He has no idea what he’s talking about.’

Meanwhile the dick was still running his mouth

‘Holy shit bro, this chick was fucking sexy as shit, I saw her at the library. I didn’t recognize her at first, then I saw she was Luke Hemmings’ girl. Damn, can’t wait till he goes on tour, then we get to see what’s under all those clothes.’

I gripped my glass so hard it shattered in my hands.

'Fuck.’ Calum muttered. My palm stung, and I looked down to see my a gash across my hand where the glass had cut me. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself, which was hard because I was practically seeing red, and paid for the glass and the drink.

Then I grabbed the douche by the collar, and the other boys grabbed his friends. If movies taught me one thing, it’s was if you wanna fight, take it outside.

He struggled and kicked the entire way out, but I was to angry to loosen my grip.

We made it out through the back door where we threw him and his mates down.

He stood brushing himself off.

'Hemmings.’ He greeted.

'Leo.’ I said in reply. 'What was it you were saying about my girlfriend?’

Leo laughed.

'Have you fucked her yet Hemmings? Is she good? She looks like she -’ he was interrupted by my fist hitting his mouth. Within two seconds I was on top of him, punching him up, down and sideways.

I felt something smash into my back, knocking the wind out of me, and the same thing hit me hard agains my ribs. I fell on top of Leo groaning, and he pushed me off to stand up. I rolled over to see one of his friends holding a metal pole, and his mates had grabbed mine.

'What, you cant take one on one?’ I said trying to lift myself up. He grinned.

'Tell you what Hemmings. You and me fight. Winner takes your girl.’

'No.’ I spat. Leo shrugged, grabbed the pole and smacked Calum in the stomach with it making him yelp in pain.

'Alright Jesus, cut it out! I’ll fight you.’

'Winner gets your girl.’

'Whatever. No tricks alright? Let my friends go.’ His goons released the boys, and Leo and I began to circle each other. He got me twice, once in the jaw, once in the stomach, on his third try, I grabbed his fist, cracked his knuckles and swung at his face, making him stumble back.

He launched himself at me again, this time he got my upper lip and my nose in one go, and I tasted blood in my mouth. Leo grabbed my collar and punched me hard. I groaned, my entire face was in pain, but I couldn’t lose.

I managed to get him off me and then I tackled him to the ground pinning him down I got him square in the jaw, and once I could get to my feet, brought my foot down hard on his crotch, making him scream. Now as a man, I can say that was a low move, literally. But hey, his friend hit me in the back with a pole. He wasn’t exactly playing fair either.

'Stay away from my girl.’ I said panting hard. I limped away, gripping my sides. The boys helped me stand upright, and half carried me half dragged me to the car.


As we got home, my main thought was, Y/n is going to kill me. She hated violence.

Ashton grabbed my keys and unlocked my front door. They shoved the door open and dragged me inside, where Y/n was standing in nothing but a bathrobe.

She saw us, screamed and tightened her robe, then she saw me, and screamed even louder.

'Oh my god what happened?’ She ran over to us and began to examine me.

'Its not as bad as it looks.’ I mumbled. It was worse. I wasn’t about to tell her that, nope.

They took me to the kitchen where they sat me down on a chair and Y/n pulled out the first aid kit. She nodded at the boys letting them know they could leave.

She helped me out of my shirt and bit her lip. She went to the freezer and pulled out a bag of peas, and gave them to me instructing me to put it over my eye. She then got on her knees in front of me and dealt with my bleeding lip.

As she cleaned it, my eyes kept wandering down to her cleavage, and her thighs that showed when she bent down. Can you blame me? We’ve been together for a year and this is the most skin I’ve ever seen from her.

'What did you do?’ She mumbled. I winced as the alcohol rub touched my cuts. She stood, and I buried my head in the curve of her waist. She placed her hand on the back of my head.

'Bend.’ She said softly. I bent over, breathing in her scent.

'What the hell did this to you?’ She asked, tracing her fingers along the area the pole hit me, making me shudder.'You’re all bruised.’

She put some heat rub on her hands and began to rub it directly onto the bruised area. I groaned and felt my pain ebb. I stated at her bare legs. Hesitantly I began to run my hands up and down her legs. Her grip on my hair tightened and I squeezed her thighs softly.

'Luke..’ She mumbled. My hands left her thighs. I looked up at her.

'Im sorry.’ I apologized. I was disappointed, yeah. But I wasn’t going to force her into anything she wasn’t ready for.

She knelt down and kissed me softly.

'Come on.’ She said. She helped me up to the bedroom, where she put me on the bed and helped me change. She flushed when she helped me out of my jeans, making me chuckle. She asked

'What happened?’ I shook my head.

'Nothing, just this guy being an asshole.’

'What did he do?’ I looked at her for a bit.

'He was saying shit about you that I didn’t exactly appreciate.’ Y/n froze.

'You- you got into a fight- for me?’

I looked her straight in the eyes.

'Id do anything for you.’ With that, she grabbed my face and kissed me, harder than she’d ever kissed me before. She grabbed at my hair with both hands and tugged, slowly. I slipped my tongue in her mouth, and gripped her thighs as she began to straddle me. We’d had make out sessions before, but never quite like this. I was reaching for her robe now, and she placed her hands on my shoulders and pushed me, my back hit the bed making me groan, my body still hurt.

'Sorry,’ she mumbled.

'Dont be.’ My breathing was uneven and my boxers were feeling way to tight. We continued to kiss, and I hastily undid her robe. It fell off her shoulders. My breath caught my throat. She, was incredible. I must have stared too long, because she flushed and started to cover herself.

I grabbed her arms and flipped her over. I gritted my teeth with pain as I strained my bad side.

'Don’t.’ I kissed her. I went to remove her bra, but I stopped. This was the farthest we’d ever gotten.

'Is this what you want?’ She nodded.

'I love you.’ I unhooked her bra and slid off my boxers, while she got out of her panties, still blushing furiously. I held one hand above her head, intertwining her fingers with mine.

'This is going to hurt, I’m gonna need you to be brave, okay?’ She nodded and kissed my lips.

I lined myself up with her entrance, and slid into her slowly. She whimpered, her nails dug into my skin. I moaned. She was so tight around me, it felt better than i had ever imagined. I kept going, till I felt something rip, and y/n yelped in pain. I immediately stilled.

'Are you okay?’ I searched her face. She was biting her lower lip, she smiled and nodded at me. I began to thrust into her, in, out, in, out, until her whimpers turned to moans.

'Y/n..’ I groaned. I had never felt this good before. I braced myself on my elbows and thrusted faster.

'Luke, I-’

'I know baby, just a little bit longer’ I felt a knotted sensation in my stomach. I reached a hand down between us and rubbed y/n till she screamed for me.

She arched her back. Her boobs hitting my chest as she released. I pulled out immediately after and came myself. I flopped down next to her. She panted,

'W-why did you pull out?’

'I wasn’t wearing a condom.’ She rolled over till she was on top of me.

'I love you so much.’ She mumbled, pressing her lips to my neck.

'I still cant believe that happened.’ She laughed, and buried her head in my neck. Her breathing evened out , and I’d didn’t take long before she fell asleep.

'I love you too.’


It started out in a club. Her favorite song was on the radio, and she grabbed her friends hands and pulled them up for a dance. I watched her sway her hips to the music before going up to her and asking her to dance.

We danced for a while and boy could she move. She was grinding and spinning to the beat. I spun her around so she could face me and asked her if I could take her home. She looked taken aback for a second. Then she grinned and nodded. I grabbed her and and we left out the door, trying to avoid any paparazzi.

We got in the car and she trailed her fingers up and down my thigh, making my breath catch my throat. I drove as fast as I could back to my place.

Entering my apartment, I locked the door behind us and pushed her up against a wall. I kissed her hard, grinding against her. She moaned in my mouth.

'I don’t even know your name’ I said in between kisses.

'Y/n’ she breathed.

'Im Ashton.’

'I don’t care.’ I chuckled at her words and lifted her up taking her to my bedroom. I set her down I the bed and watched her slip off her dress. One word. Boobs. I grinned at the sight of her and slipped off my clothes.

Crawling over to where she was on the bed I reached behind her and unclipped her bra. They fell our and I grasped them in my hands. I squeezed them lightly making her gasp. I grabbed her legs and pulled them making her fall on her back, her boobs bouncing slightly as she did so. I leaned forward, attacking her neck with my mouth, nipping at her skin, kneading her boobs, and within seconds she was a mess underneath me. I moved up to her lips while pressing my crotch up against her and goddamn she was wet.

'Fuck you’re soaking.’ She looked up at me with her big round eyes and I couldn’t contain myself. I yanked of her underwear and my own, found a condom in my drawer and rolled it on,separated her legs and thrusted into her, making her scream. I went deeper and deeper until I felt something some resistance and a tear.

I looked up at her, her eyes screwed up, she was chewing on her lip.

'You’re a fucking virgin.’ I stated, realization washing over me. Shit.

She gripped the back of my hair and pulled me close.

'Not anymore.’

'You’re crazy.’

'You fuck me anyways.’ True.

'Keep going she said shifting under me. Jesus. I began to move, slightly slower than in usually would. She groaned.

'You okay?’ I asked awkwardly. She nodded tightly. I began to move slightly faster. She was so tight, and it felt so good. Soon she began to moan, digging her fingernails into my skin. I kissed her hard on the mouth, my breath came out in short ragged breaths and profanities spilled from my lips along with her name.

'Jesus y/n’ I breathed. My stomach began to knot up and I got sloppier. I gripped her against me and she moaned my name.

'Im close.’ I grunted. She scraped her finger nails against my back, which were sure to leave angry red lines that would stay till morning.

She moaned loudly and I released into the condom. She release too, which surprised me, girls don’t usually come on their first go.

I collapsed next to her, and once she caught her breath, she stood, collected her things, and began to leave.

'Where are you going?’ I asked.

'Home. I’ll ask my friends to pick me up. Goodbye Ashton.’

And she left.


'Does it bother you that I’m a virgin?’ Y/n asked me, fiddling with a loose thread in my bed sheets.

'Why would that bother me?’ I asked laughing.

'I was with Kayla the other day. She called me weird.’

'And that effects you why?’ She shrugged and sat up. I took a sip of my coffee.

'Will you have sex with me Calum?’

I spit the coffee out onto the carpet.

'Are you insane?’ She huffed.

'I just- if I’m gonna lose it to anyone, id rather lose it to someone I actually trust. Not some douche that’s gonna leave me anyways.’

'Logical.’ I muttered.

'So you’ll do it?’

'No.’ I said bluntly. She looked disappointed. 'Look y/n it’s not you. You’re hot, of course I would- if we weren’t best friends.’

'Thats why I want to do this. I’d rather lose it to you than anyone else.’

I stared at her. She was ho. No doubt about it. She was also cool and wasn’t the kind of person who’d cling to me.

I couldn’t believe I was actually contemplating this.

'Its going to hurt.’ I said

'I know.’

'You’ll bleed, and you probably won’t come.’

'I know.’

'And it probably won’t feel good at all .’

'Calum will you shut up and do me already.’

I laughed at her impatience

'Take off your clothes.’ I instructed. She slipped off her flannel along with her shorts and tossed them to the floor. My shirt and swam eats followed soon after.

'Now what?’ She asked, arms crossed. I advanced towards her and grabbed her face in my hands.

'This.’ And I kissed her softly. I laid her down on the bed and squeezed her thighs, making her moan. My lips moved down to her neck, nipping and sucking leaving dark purple bruises.

Then slowly, I reached between us and I began rubbing her down, making her gasp, her hips buckled. I shushed her, biting down on her earlobe.

'You’re so wet.’ I muttered. I stopped touched her and reached behind her and unclipped her bra and her boobs fell out. I tossed it to the side and squeezed her boobs lightly. She groaned and her hands travelled to my hair and she tugged lightly, making me grunt.

I pulled off her panties and my boxers and rolled off a condom.

'Ready?’ I asked her. She braced a hand on my shoulder and another on my arm and nodded. Slowly, I slid into her, and I involuntarily moaned. She was just so tight.

I went deeper till I felt resistance and heard her yelp in pain. I looked at her and saw her eyes brimming with tears.

'No tears.’ I said cupping her cheek in my hand. 'Big girls don’t cry.’

She bit her lip and nodded again. Once she was okay enough, I moved again, as slow as I could. I buried my head in her neck, trying to muffle my loud moans but it was no use, she just felt so good.

I felt it, the tension building up in my stomach telling me I was close. I bit down one her collar bone as I came.

Taking off the condom, I threw it in the bin and turned back to her.

'Are you hurting?’

'A little.’

'I told you you wouldn’t come.’

'I know.’

'Did it feel good?’

'It didn’t feel bad.’

I sighed.

'Did it feel good for you?’ She asked.

'Fuck yeah.’ I replied shamelessly making her laugh. Then she furrowed her eyebrows, looked under her blanket, and said,

'Bloody hell. Literally.’ I followed her gaze, and saw that her thighs were covered in blood. So was my dick.

'Shit,’ I said. 'Lemme get you a towel or something.’

'No it’s fine, I can-’

'No y/n just- just let me take care of you?’

She observed me, then finally said,



She walked in on me playing video games and sat down next to me.

'Y/n,’ I complained. 'You cant be here, this is a man cave, and you are not a man.’

'Neither are you.’ She retorted. I stared at her for a second.

'Sorry.’ She muttered. She leaned over and kissed me. I kissed her back, putting a hand on her thigh,

'Lets do it.’ she said in between the kiss. I broke away.


'Lets have sex.’ I wasn’t sure how to process it. Y/n was a virgin. I mean sure, we did stuff but we’d never actually, you know- done IT.
So I said,

'Um okay.’ Don’t judge me. She grinned at me and kissed me deeply, running a hand through my hair and tugging lightly. I pulled off her shirt, and she pulled off mine, unbuttoning her jeans, I slid them off her legs and lifted her up.

'What are you doing?’ She asked.

'Im not taking your virginity on the couch where I play call of duty.’

She smacked my shoulder laughing. We entered the bedroom and I tossed her on the bed.

I unbuttoned my jeans and climbed on top of her, smacking her thigh lightly. She smiled up at me and I leaned down to kiss her neck. I went further and further down till my face was right between her boobs. I reached behind and unclipped her bra. Tossing to to the side I kissed and nipped at her right nipple, giving attention to the left one with my hand, making her gasp and moan.
I left her boobs and travelled downward, kissing her tummy, around her belly button, past her navel. I stopped to suck on her bundle of nerves, making her shriek slightly and suck in her stomach. She was especially sensitive there.

Then slowly, I began to tug at her panties with my teeth,

'Fuck Michael get on with it.’ She muttered. I hooked my fingers under the hem of her panties, pulled them off, throwing it to the floor. Then I realized,

'Shit, I don’t have condoms.’ I looked at her, feeling like I had ruined the mood completely.

'I took the pill.’ She said. I looked at her.

'God I love you.’ I kissed her hard and slid off my boxers.

I lined myself up with her entrance.

'Fuck are you ready?’ Once she said she was, I slid into her.

'Okay?’ I asked.

'Yeah, just uncomfortable.’ She assured me. Once I was completely inside, I pulled out out and thrusted in again.

'Fuck you’re tight.’ I began thrusting faster, and the faster I thrusted, the more she clenched.

'Holy shit, y/n’ I moaned. 'You’re incredible.’

Her grip on my hair was tighter than ever. She felt so impossibly good, it took everything in me not to fuck her senseless. It wasn’t long before she began to moan to.

I slid faster and before long, I felt my orgasm building up inside the pit of my stomach.

'Michael, I’m going to-’

'Let go.’ She came all over me, and I came just a little while after.

'Still think I’m not a man?’ I asked. She slapped my chest.