what you can't see is them holding hands

  • Eren has spent the last few weeks denying a worsening vision problem. When his best friend, Levi, narrowly saves Eren from walking into a lamp post on the way home from college, the teen finds himself frogmarched to the nearest opticians, where he is declared short-sighted.
  • Eren: By all rights I shouldn't even be here. I'm in the prime of life.
  • Levi: You're in the prime of idiocy.
  • Eren: Hey!
  • Levi: How much longer were you going to pretend you're not bat-shit blind?
  • Eren: It's not that bad.
  • Levi: Really? (steps back, raises a hand) How many fingers am I holding up?
  • Eren: (squinting, shuffling closer)
  • Levi: Yeah. As I thought. (walks back into view, middle finger raised, chuckles at Eren's affronted expression)
  • Eren: Dunno why I'm friends with you.
  • Levi: Dunno why you're not picking out some specs. It's what we're here for.
  • Eren: Okay! Here we go... (picks the nearest pair- an ugly tortoisehell brown) How do I look?
  • Levi: (speechless)
  • Eren: Is that a good silence... or?(squints at his face in a mirror, frowning) Levi? I need your input. (coughs) I kinda can't see them. Or my face.
  • Levi: Shit.(trying not to laugh) Have you tried squinting harder?
  • Eren: Hey! This is serious, alright. I need your help.
  • Levi: Yeah, hang on. (pulls out his phone)
  • Eren: What're you doing?
  • Levi: (takes a photo of Eren's confused expression) Capturing evidence. (plucks the offensive glasses from Eren's face) so you know what I saved you from.
  • Eren: So show me where the 'cool' glasses are.
  • Levi: I can do better than that. Stay here. (Levi leaves, spending longer picking out Eren's glasses than anything he ever buys for himself)
  • Levi: These. (tucking the frames atop Eren's ears, falls in awestruck silence)
  • Eren: Levi...? (squinting angrily) Are you trying not to laugh again?
  • Levi: No.
  • Eren: Do I look stupid?
  • Levi: No. Hell no. You look...
  • Eren: What is it? You sound weird.
  • Levi: These glasses really suit you.
  • Eren: Guess I owe you one.
  • Levi: You owe me twice. 'Cause I saved you from walking into things.
  • Eren: Hah. So, is there anything you need?
  • Levi: Don't wear contacts.
  • Eren: ...I can do that.
"What is it like, owning a pet snake?"
  • It's walking in your room and turning on your light, then seeing them tense up and you put your hands up in mock surrender and turn the lights back off.
  • It's the frustration because they won't sit still for cute pictures.
  • It's having the insatiable desire to hold them when you shouldn't.
  • It's the pride you feel when they "kill" a dead rat.
  • It's the unrequited love you know they can't share, but you continue denying they don't love you back.
  • It's the little things they do because they're comfortable that tell you you're doing a good job.
  • It's the moments that they tell you you're familiar, and they trust you more than the stranger or new place.
  • It's the love for these beautiful animals that are misunderstood and undervalued.
  • I wouldn't trade my snake for the world.


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I’M SO SORRY (You can see where I gave up orz)

This isn’t even the whole picture (the rest is too sketchy so I just cut it)
This is the backstory to this drawing (Yes I thought this up before drawing it)
Hide is just half sitting half lying on the couch and Kaneki kinda on top of him reading his book. They are just lazily lying there while Hide is watching TV.
The rest of the drawing I cut out, has Hide holding the TV remote (his left hand, the arm you can still see on the pic) and his other hand is on top of Kanekis back, you know holding him and all that…

OMG THAT’S SO CORNY I’M SO FLUSTERED??!! I can’t handle this

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i can't believe harry and louis have a set of tattoos for every way they can hold each other. holding hands.. spooning.. hugging.. what if we finally see them all line up in the coming out photoshoot? i'm gonna have a meltdown just thinking about it

I talk a big game but the moment I see that rope and anchor combined you may as well sign my death certificate 

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did you see what Colin said during the M&G about the elevator scene? he improvised the hand kiss bc he thought that's what he'd do if he'd never see his love again, he'd hold onto that person till he can't anymore & when asked about the tears he said they filmed the scene at 3am he was tired & not much time for multiple takes he didn't know if hook should play tough or show his emotions but when he saw how Jen was crying he got into it & the emotions came naturally. we are so lucky to have them.

!!!!!! OMGNDFPO?!? whaaat? I didn’t know that. I haven’t been keeping up with stuff lately but wtf at 3am?? Ughhh I’m gonna cry I love them so much.

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I'm craving some angst with a happy twist on the end to keep it from destroying my soul, so I was wondering if you could write a scene with the GOM + Kagami? like something where their S/Os break up with them because they see that they're holding back/being a burden or maybe something where the S/O can see the red string of fate, they can't see their own string, but they can see the string on the guys hand.

I only wrote one POV for the red string of fate cause I am not really sure what to write for that! Sorry >: I hope you enjoy this and that it’s angsty enough with a happy ending <3  (◍•ᴗ•◍)

Generation of Miracles

“You don’t mean it, right?” Akashi asked.

You held in your sobs, trying to find an answer to his question. Your heart was screaming no but your head was telling you that you should let go of him. He deserves more.

“You deserve more than just… me. I am not enough for you,” your voice broke.

Silence ensued after your statement and just before you turn away to leave, he caught your hand and whirled you to his chest. You laid there sobbing just as he pressed you to him tightly.

“I cannot live without you. I need you like I need to breath. Please don’t leave me,” he pleaded, voice low with agony.

You immediately wrapped your arms around his waist.

“Don’t ever think you are not enough. I am the one who is not enough,” he whispered before pressing a kiss to your forehead.


You had always been able to see it. The red string that tied Aomine to someone else. Someone else but you. Raising a fist to your mouth, you made the decision that utterly broke your heart. You have already noticed that you were never good enough for him. You were always more like a burden to his life than someone who could actually contribute to it.

“What is wrong?” Aomine asked, a frown on his face as he caught the expression on yours.

“I… I think we should break up,” you murmured, looking down at your feet.

“What? What did you just say?” he said harshly and you flinched at his tone.

“I am just a burden to your life. I am not… the one for you.”

It hurt. It hurt so much to even say that and you could almost physically feel the pain manifesting in your chest. He didn’t reply and you took it as confirmation to your request so you turned to walk away, fighting down the tears. You were the one who initiated the break up so what right did you have to even cry in front of him? Before you could walk away, his voice stopped you.

“Don’t. Don’t leave me. You are the only one for me and… I don’t think I can live without you.”

You stopped in your tracks, hearing the pain in his voice. Tears spilled down your cheeks when you heard him stride towards you. He crushed you to his chest in a swift movement.

“You are never a burden, please remember that,” he murmured when you began weeping into his chest.


“No. I don’t believe you. Stop playing a joke on me, (f/n)cchi,” Kise replied, a forced smile on his face.

You shook your head, biting your cheeks to keep your tears at bay.

“I am not playing a joke. Let’s break up. I am pulling you down by just being with you. Look at you. You are a model, a genius basketball player and… so many things. I am just me.”

His fists clenched at his sides and you could almost see his frame trembling. You watched as he looked down for a moment and when he raised his eyes to meet yours, you could see him trying not to cry.

“That’s why I… love you so much. Because you are you. Please, (f/n)cchi, please don’t leave me. I can change. I can change for you.”

You took in a deep breath and ran to him, hugging him tightly.

“God, I am sorry. I love you so much,” you whispered.

He hugged you back and drew in a shaky breath.

“Please don’t ever say those words again. I love you and I will never stop loving you.”


“Let’s break up.” You said.

Midorima looked down at you, stunned speechless.

“Wha- why? I…”

“I am a burden. I don’t deserve you. You deserve someone so much better than me,” you replied.

You had to do this. It was shattering your heart but damn it, you need to do this. He deserves someone so much better and you were just dragging him down with your stupid self.

“I am not good enough. You are good at basketball, good in your studies and popular. What am I?” you gave a bitter laugh just as your tears escaped.

You heard a sigh before he hugged you tightly against his chest. The only sign that he was affected was his rapid heartbeat.

“Don’t be stupid nanodayo. You are what I want and what I need… I… I need you,” he whispered.

“But I am not enough. I…” before you could finish, he pressed a kiss against your lips.

“You are. You are enough for me, damn it. You are more than enough for me.”


“Ne, what did you just say?” Murasakibara asked.

The packet of chips in his hands fell to the ground as he looked down at you.

“I said let’s break…”

“No. Don’t. (F/N)chin, why are you breaking up with me? What… what did I do wrong?”

He looked like such a lost little child that you could not stop your tears.

“You have a bright future ahead of you and… just…. I am just stopping you from reaching your goal. You will have a better life without me,” your voice broke and you bit your lip, brushing away your tears.

“No, don’t leave me please,” he pleaded, stepping forward to fold you into his arms.

His warm embrace felt so familiar you began sobbing loudly.

“Please. Please don’t leave me,” he repeated again and again.

“I am sorry. I won’t leave you. I am sorry,” you choked out before he hugged you even tighter against him, not wanting to let you go.


“No,” Kuroko said before you even asked him.

“I haven’t even…”

“I know what you want to say. No. You have always been more than what I need and I love you. I need you so much. Please don’t feel like you are not enough,” he muttered before embracing you in a warm hug.

You began crying as you hugged him back.

“How did you know?”

“I notice you the way you notice me,” he replied softly before pressing a kiss to your forehead gently.



“Let’s break up,” you forced out, looking up at Kagami.

His face immediately turned serious as he processed what you just said.

“What? What did I do wrong? No. Wait. Please. I…. What…” his words started trailing off as he fumbled about.

“It is not you. It is me. I am not good enough for you. I am just a burden,” you swallowed the lump in your throat, desperately trying hard not to cry.

“What are you saying? Are you stupid? You… baka,” he said loudly before he crushed you to his chest.

You could feel him trembling and he took in a deep breath before whispering into your hair.

“Don’t ever say that again. I really need you.”