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30 day bias challenge
Day 29 - what you love most about theme
Jeon Jeongguk aka Jungkook aka GOLDEN MAKNAE

Why do we love Jungkook?
Well there are a lot of reasons.
Firstly he is an amazing singer. His voice is very unique and strong.
The way he dances makes me think “Is he human?!”. His moves are just unbelievable and so graceful.
He is the strongest member of BTS and at the same time he is so shy (twice SHY SHY SHY). He is very polite and I believe that he is a really nice person.
My favorite thing about him is his craziness. He acts like a 5 year old and jokes around with his friends but at the same time he is so shy abd cute. I love that he is opening to us and BTS more and more. And I don’t have to mention that he is very handsome… right?

A person doesn’t have to be perfect to be exactly what you need.

  • me: ok im an adult i need to stop fangirling over men that don't even know i exist
  • taron egerton: *breathes*
Picture Perfect Chapter 12 - Sneak Peek #2

Hey guys! Guess what’s coming at you TONIGHT?! A New chapter of Picture Perfect!!

No this is not a drill.

I’ve actually written double what I’m going to post tonight, but the second half isn’t done yet. This chapter turned into a monster on me, so I decided rather than keeping you waiting any longer, I’d split it into two and give you an update tonight.

Don’t be worried! The update is still about 7K+ words long, so I’m not shorting you.

Texting Mystery Girl felt harmless. It was anonymous, it was all virtual, and no one could connect the two of them together, making it safe for him to be in contact with her. Well, no one except for Diggle. And Thea, who’d found out in the worst way possible - by grabbing his phone before he could reach it when the message notification went off, proclaiming him to be “too smiley for it to not be an important person.”

Grabbing the phone out of her hand, he couldn’t even find it in his heart to chastise her over the “Holy Fuck” she let out at viewing the picture because the sentiment was completely accurate. That particular image had given him fodder for his showers all week.

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anonymous asked:

hi, I used to write poetry last year, and i fell in love with your writing and the way we both have the name desireé. But i lost my motivation and love to write, but nothing feels right. and i miss it dearly. Any advice..?

1. Make a list of things you know to be absolutely true.
2. Make a list of alternate endings.
3. Make a list of all the people you used to be.
4. What was the last straw?
5. What was the last thing they ever said to you?
6. What is the recipe for a perfect poem?
7. Make a word web on a sheet of printer paper
8. Brainstorm all the titles for your memoir
9. Read a book of poems, starting with the end.

the-feminist-alien  asked:

What kind of girl do you see jughead with?(like describe the perfect girl for him) 💓

Here’s what I think the “perfect girl” would look like for Jughead:

  • Smart. And I don’t just mean with books. She can easily come up with the weirdest solutions to problems. (Most of the time her solutions work great but no one ever picks her way until last.)
  • She’ll have a way with words. Jughead is a writer and writers tend to fall for those who express their feelings in different ways than normal people. (Trust me, I know this on a first hand.) 

  • She’ll be creative. I’m not saying it has to be painting or writing. There’s many different ways to be creative. But She’s do things a certain way that’s different.

  • Shares some of his passions. Whether its with his obsession with food, his love for family, or passion for writing. She’ll definitely share similar passions and have some of her own that he’ll love. 

  • I feel like she’d be a huge bookworm or have a love for literacy as well as a wide taste in movies. She’s culturally diverse. 

  • She’ll have a different stand on everything and she stands by all of her views. 

  • She’ll be friendly towards everyone (even if jughead isn’t at first) but she only trusts certain people. 

  • She’ll be naturally beautiful. Like her beauty shines through her eyes. (This is getting so cliche omg)

It’s just a few things I could think of. 


foreverdeen  asked:

after seeing all your praise for the hating game, i gave it a read and really enjoyed it. what makes it so perfect for you?

i think a good enemies-to-lovers book is made specifically on the banter between the two characters. the dialogue has to be on point, and i felt like it never faltered in The Hating Game. and you’ve got to be able to redeem both characters in an enemies to lovers, particularly the one who’s been the biggest asshole (which is usually the guy i think) and i thought the explanation for Josh’s antagonism/general assholery toward others was refreshing and kind of enlightening: he was actually shy, so that’s why he came off as an asshole. as someone who’s been called a bitch because i’m shy, it was like a revelation to me.

and also i think the declaration of his love at the end was the most romantic moment in a book i’ve ever read.

some thoughts on art in general:

I think there are two parts to art–craft and heart. 

The craft is just learning the skill. The craft is something where you start either shitty or “naturally talented,” which just means “a little less shitty than other people who are starting from scratch, but still, compared to experts, shitty.” The craft is why professors peruse books line by line, savoring every word; it’s why anthropologists spend months looking at nothing but a shade of yellow in an old painting; why musicians pour hours and hours a night into making sure that every note of a composition they’re playing is perfect. 

But you know what? the craft alone doesn’t mean shit. People don’t listen to Chopin because every note is perfect–they listen because you can hear his pain so vividly it makes you want to cry. People don’t see Macbeth over and over because the words are pretty–they see it because his uncertainty and slow-growing obsession are relatable. People don’t sit in chairs at art museums all day staring at one painting because the brush strokes are faultless–they do it because it makes them feel something.

So yeah, craft is important, but only because it’s the vessel for your heart. If you’re calling your art bad, then you’re calling every story you have to tell, every feeling you want to convey, every belief you hold dear–you’re insulting yourself more than you think when you say “I can’t write.” So instead of thinking about it as one big product, please, because it makes me sad to see people with so much heart being so mean to themselves, please take the time to remind yourself that your art is never bad–your craft just might need work. 

Ahh, I see the latest episode of “little shits on Tumblr dragging someone to make themselves feel better” is on. Lovely entertainment as usual.
And what a perfect character you picked. Someone who’s nerdy and makes his own art, someone who’s shy and insecure and who regularly gets emotionally abused because of that, someone who loves science and stuff but always gets ridiculed for it, someone who is a fan of romantic gestures and believes in love and really is just very afraid of ending up lonely and alone?
Wow, yeah, let’s drag that fucker! What a disgusting human being, amirite?
Why in the world would that jerk be so insecure about Rachel working with another man late at night at her new job? It can’t be because his wife had cheated on him and this might have left some emotional scars, right? Besides, she cheated on him with a lesbian, and this is Tumblr, so we can’t blame it on her, that’s for sure!
And that time when Ross got stuck at work when he and Rachel were supposed to go on a date, and he improvised and created a picnic at the museum for her? Whereas when Rachel got stuck at work on their anniversary and he tried to bring a little romance to her office, she just yelled at him and wanted him to go away? Yeah, what a fuckboy! Pure Rachel definitely didn’t do anything wrong!
Just like in Vegas. That whole storyline totally did not start with Rachel teasing him and embarrassing him in public. It totally wasn’t Rachel’s idea to get married either. And Rachel never explicitly admitted the whole thing to him in the next episode. Nooo, not at all. That would make it so much harder to hate that dickwad, right?
And can I please get some of whatever the little Tumblr shit above was smoking? Because I’d love to forget what actually happened in the episode with Rachel’s sister Jill. I don’t want to remember that Rachel unintentionally encouraged Jill to go out with Ross (who found it rather confusing), and that as soon as she tells him about her mistake and explains how uncomfortable she is, he immediately breaks it off. And that it’s Jill who then fakes a sob story in Ross’s apartment in an attempt to get back at Rachel. Nooo.. I want to believe it’s all totally Ross’s fault. It must be! He’s supposed to be an asshole!
And wow, that part at the airport when he tried to win back Rachel? How dare he, that fuckboy?! I mean, it’s not like Rachel flew halfway around the globe in order to sabotage his wedding, or that out of jealousy she convinced one of his girlfriends to shave her head because she knew Ross would hate it, or that she basically realized her feelings for him every time he was with another woman. Nooo, lovely Rachel can’t do no wrong! It’s all Ross’s fault, damn it!!!
In fact, he’s such a giant jerk that when all his friends took Rachel’s side after the breakup and went on a trip with her without inviting him, he even drove to the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night to help them when their car broke down only to end up stranded out there all by himself because they still didn’t invite him to their trip after that. Man, that guy definitely doesn’t deserve to be called a friend!
I’m so glad you lovely human beings of Tumblr reminded me what true fuckers behave like. I would’ve never known without this supervaluable post. Thank you!


EP 12: Yuuri’s Exhibition Gala + the pair skating we all wished for

  • Fandom: We want a long walk by the beach with meaningful conversation.
  • Kubo-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei: Ok, done.
  • Fandom: We want hugging and declarations of love.
  • Kubo-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei: Sure, nbd.
  • Fandom: Uh, a kiss?
  • Kubo-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei: Easy peasy.
  • Fandom: ...... m...marriage?
  • Kubo-sensei and Yamamoto-sensei: There you go.
  • Fandom: *has no idea what to ask for next*