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Riley’s Follower Census

hey guys! so, i’ve been curious about the demographic makeup of my followers for a while. am i talking to a coven of people located in eastern europe??? am i talking exclusively to 91-year-olds??? besides my limited sphere of people i talk to/follow back, i do not know! so i decided to go ahead and make a Census post and see what sort of sample size i get in replies!?! curiosity killed the etc etc

so if you like, pls reply to this post with: 1) yr age, 2) yr gender, 3) yr country of residence, 4) yr ethnicity/race, and 5) yr favorite book! i will make pie charts!!!

i’m using a lot of exclamation points here. i think i may be overestimating people’s interest in statistics. YAY! (also, if you’re underage i hope this doesn’t creep you out lol. you are of course 100% free to keep on scrollin’ away)

obligatory question mark: ?

She was always my fave (which really doesn’t surprise me now that I think about it). I like my blue water-themed magical girls happy and cheerful thank you very much. 

Glimpses of Liz's criminal past? Someone close to Red vulnerable?

From TV Guide:

“If only being on the FBI’s Most Wanted list was Liz’s only problem.

After Liz (Megan Boone) shot the Attorney General on The Blacklistlast season, she and her friend/informant Red (James Spader) are on the run together. Unfortunately, while they’re focused on avoiding the Feds, a wily new foe will catch them unawares.

“There’s a character named Mr. Solomon who is going to be entering the landscape and is not friendly in any way to Liz or Red or the people they care about,” executive producer John Eisendrath tellsTVGuide.com. In fact, Mr. Solomon puts someone close to Red in a very vulnerable position that could compromise everyone’s safety.

Creator Jon Bokenkamp adds, “We’ve cast Edi Gathegi for that role. He was in Twilight, Justified, a show called Proof. He’s just so charismatic.”

Liz won’t be completely out of her element though. The rogue FBI agent is a criminal profiler for a reason. “We are going to see glimpses of a criminal past that we’ve hinted at before,” Bokenkamp says. “In the pilot, Red said, ‘Think like a criminal. It may come easier to you than you think.’ We’re going to see whispers of her past and how that sort of thinking may be useful in some of these desperate situations.”


Max Lightwood had glasses. Hodge Starkweather had glasses. Arthur Blackthorn has glasses. Nephilim don’t believe in mundane medicine.

How do they know the right prescriptions?

As someone who proudly owns the Makoharu mook, and is about to proudly own the Rinharu mook, I must say that this is a blessed year for all of us. Kyoani, you’re a national treasure. Thank god for these mooks. Guys, we are so lucky. So, so, so, so lucky. Now let the freaking out begin.