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North Korea didn’t declare war…………….. all the diplomat said was that the United States actions were a declaration of war against the DPRK and that North Korea would be willing to prepare for war should the US continue to behave that way. He then said North Korea was also “preparing for peace” too, meaning an attack is not imminent. 

What North Korea said was: “If you come at us we’ll exercise our right to self-defense” NOT “we’re gonna fuck you up. PARK, GET ME THE LAUNCH CODES.” Sure, it sounds the same, but there’s an important distinction.

Plus, talk of war is really common regarding the US-ROK military drills so there’s no reason to believe that this week we’re gonna start seeing nukes flying at Washington and Seoul. If anything… this is more or less normal.

I get it. Memes are funny. But some people are actually really anxious and have friends in South Korea and are pretty scared right now.  Fearmongering isn’t helping anyone.

Why Dirty Laundry is not bad at all!

I read dirty laundry, and I absolutely LOVE it! I love the story, I love how all the characters were portrayed, and I especially loved all the klance!
Buuuuuuuut, I have seen hate that says it has harmfull latinx stereotype that were offensive, I can assure you as a latina, I was in no way offended. In fact reading this fic took me back to my childhood, wich I remember fondly because it was fun! A lot of what I saw happend growing up. For example “La chancla” is a real thing and a lot of us did fear it growing up, know a days we use it to tease the young ones. “La Gasoline” was a very popular song, especially if you grew up listening to it, no one liked it but we all knew it. Ask any latino about anything said in dirty laundry and they would most likely say it is true, some may even start to fondly remember their own childhood. I like dirty laundry because it allows me to remember those times when life was simple and fun, were their was no hate for a fic that was made just for the fun of it! I would also like to point out that alot of the hate is coming from non-latino’s, and let me tell you, as a mexican female, I don’t need you to tell me what offense me and what dosn’t, because Dirty Laundry dosn’t offend me one bit!
Thank you if you read post.

Hello everyone! I get a lot of questions regarding the fonts I like to use in my edits, so I would like to compile them all into a masterpost! Most of these fonts can be found in this lovely website here or is already installed onto your computer as one of the default fonts (i.e Arial or Times New Roman, etc)! If at any time you are wondering what fonts I use in my graphics, you can always refer to my faq, which you redirect you this post! Fonts with a link will redirect you to the preview of the font. Some fonts will not be found on dafont, but instead will redirect you to various other sites where you can download a font for free.






If you have any favorite fonts you would like to share, you can always message me or send me an ask! I am always open for suggestions and more pretty fonts! 

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Old art anon: like from a few years ago! You said you've been posting ur art under dire for a decade so it would be cool to see how much you've improved over the years :)

Improvement? Actually not a whole lot, since I wasn’t drawing very much for a long while. I’ve probably improved my effectiveness and understand what I’m doing a bit better. But… I have stagnated a lot! 

This is from 2007. I can panel more effectively now, stuff like this used to take me ages. The main problem with this is actually pacing. It’s just kinda slow in my opinion. 

Also from 2007! I was a lot less ambitious with my colouring. the shading is just one multiply layer in pale grey.

I am actually more embarrassed that I haven’t improved much… so have an actual mediocre comic:

What helps during a flashback?

If you realize that you are in the middle of a flashback, consider the following tips:

  • Tell yourself that you are having a flashback. Remind yourself that the actual event is over and that you survived.

  • Breathe. Take slow, deep breaths by placing your hand on your stomach and taking deep breaths. You should see your hand move out with the inhalations, and watch it fall in with the exhalations. When we panic, our body begins to take short, shallow breaths, and the decrease in oxygen can make you feel more panicked. Deep breathing is important because it increases the oxygen in your system and helps you move out of anxious state faster.

  • Return to the present by using the five senses.

  • Recognize what would make you feel safer. Wrap yourself in a blanket, or go into a room by yourself and close the door. Do whatever it takes for you to feel secure.
  • Look around you. Make a list of the items in the room; count the colors or pieces of furniture around you. What do you see?

  • Breathe in a comforting scent, or focus on the smells around you. What do you smell?

  • Listen to the noises around you, or turn on music. What do you hear?

  • Eat or drink something you enjoy. Focus on the flavor. What do you taste?

  • Hold something cold, like a piece of ice, or hot, like a mug of tea. What does it feel like?

  • Reorient to the present.  Begin to use your five senses in the present.  Look around and see the colors in the room, the shapes of things, the people near, etc.  Listen to the sounds in the room:  your breathing, traffic, birds, people, cars, etc.  Feel your body and what is touching it: your clothes, your own arms and hands, the chair, or the floor supporting you.

  • Get in touch with your need for boundaries.  Sometimes when we are having a flashback we lose the sense of where we leave off and the world begins; as if we do not have skin.  Wrap yourself in a blanket, hold a pillow or stuffed animal, go to bed, sit in a closet, any way that you can feel yourself truly protected from the outside.

  • Get support.  Depending on your situation you may need to be alone or may want someone near you.  In either case it is important that your close ones know about flashbacks so they can help with the process, whether that means letting you be by yourself or being there.

  • Take the time to recover.  Sometimes flashbacks are very powerful. Give yourself time to make the transition form this powerful experience. Don’t expect yourself to jump into adult activities right away.  Take a nap, a warm bath, or some quiet time.  Be kind and gentle with yourself.  Do not beat yourself up for having a flashback.

  • Honor your experience.  Appreciate yourself for having survived that horrible time.  Respect your body’s need to experience a full range of feelings.

  • Be patient. It takes time to heal the past.  It takes time to learn appropriate ways of taking care of yourself, of being an adult who has feelings, and developing effective ways of coping in the here and now.

* Name 5 things you can see.

If you begin to feel dissociated, or just want to induce physical relaxation, try these simple instructions:

  • Name 5 things you can hear.
  • Name 5 things you can feel.
  • Name 4 things that you see.
  • Name 4 things you can hear.
  • Name 4 things you can feel.
  • Name 3 things you can see
  • Name 2 things you can see.
  • Name 1 thing you can see.

Describe what you are experiencing:

When have you felt this way before?

  • What situation were you in the last time you felt this way?

In what ways are this current situation and your past situation similar? 

  • For example, is the setting, time of year, sights, sounds, sensations in any way similar to the past situation where you felt this way?

If another person is involved, is it because they are similar to a person from the past who provoked similar feelings?

How is your current situation different from the situation in which you felt similar feelings in the past?

What is different about you, your sensory experience, your current life circumstances, and personal resources now?

What is different about this current setting? 

  • If another person(s)are involved, what is different about them compared to the person(s) in the past situation?

What action, if any, do you want to take now to feel better in the present?

  • For example, a flashback may indicate that a person is once again in a situation that is in some way unsafe.

If this is the case, self-protective actions should be taken to alter the current situation.

  • “Here and Now” (Today) “There and Then” (The past)

This intervention uses your already highly charged hyperviligence, which will help you to relax and become centred in your present environment.

How do I prevent flashbacks?

You may be able to take steps to prevent future flashbacks by identifying warning signs and triggers:

  • Be aware of the warning signs.

Flashbacks sometimes feel as though they come out of nowhere, but there are often early physical or emotional warning signs. These signs could include a change in mood, feeling pressure in your chest, or suddenly sweating. Becoming aware of the early signs of flashbacks may help you manage or prevent them.

  • Identify what experiences trigger your flashbacks.

Flashbacks can be triggered by a sensory feeling, an emotional memory, a reminder of the event, or even an unrelated stressful experience. Identify the experiences that trigger your flashbacks. If possible, make a plan on how to avoid these triggers or how to cope if you encounter the trigger.

To speak with someone who is trained to help, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE(4673) or chat online at online.rainn.org.

Coping with Memories:

Of our memories this is your own body’s way of coping. But in adult life these memories can return to us just as strong and as real as the day the event first took place.

They can be overwhelming and triggering and take you right back to that place you were at when the event first took place, sometimes you can still strongly smell and imagine everything as it was etc…

So that re-surfacing memories don’t take over the whole of your present life you need to learn to control them and cope with them.

This might not be easy but it is possible, you could try imagining a little box with a lid and placing your memory into the box and closing the lid, so when you want to visit the memory you can take it out of the box and face it when you are ready to do so and then after place it back into the little box. This isn’t easy but will prevent the memory from taking over you.

Also you when you have a memory come up you can imagine its taking place on a TV screen, you are in control and if you want to you can also change the ending to how you want it to end etc… It’s your memory (your TV programme) if you don’t like it re visit it and you have the power now as an adult to change it in your mind.

Try and tell yourself that as nasty as they might be they are in fact only memories and they can’t hurt you anymore. You are safe now.

Other suggestions:

  • Keep a diary of your mood and meds
  • Have a bath at candle light and just lay there, chill, and clear your mind
  • Call someone whether this is a friend or a crisis line and offload to them, they maybe able to help.
  • Don’t like to chill? Then keep busy, this can give you less time to think.
  • Go out with friends, have a laugh see what life really has to offer. Maybe stay with one of them or family at particularly hard times.
  • Speak with your Mental Health Teams and make them understand.
  • Play a game or something to cheer yourself up (look at the fun pages)
  • Treat yourself to something and make yourself feel special as you are!

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hey! MIT has a bunch of online courses that are free and I want to spread the word, but I'm usually just successfully ignored here on tumblr, so I figured I could just ask someone who isn't ignored to help me spread the word maybe?

Absolutely! This is incredible. I just looked it up, it’s called MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) and you can check it out here. Thanks for bringing this to my attention and the attention of my followers.

“The idea is simple: to publish all of our course materials online and make them widely available to everyone.”
Dick K.P. Yue, Professor, MIT School of Engineering

You can access undergraduate and graduate level materials using this scheme, and you can also donate to the cause which, if you’re in a position to do so, would be great because that would mean that this excellent online resource would continue to be free at least for the foreseeable future.

You can also check what departments courses are offered in here. Spoiler alert: there are a fuckton. The courses feature class materials as well as tests and exams, and all course material is downloadable anywhere, any time. They also offer courses translated into a variety of languages, including Spanish, Portugese and Traditional Chinese.

tl;dr - MIT is fucking awesome and they offer free online courses wowe

Thank you for the tip off, @lokidarklordofall.

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I have a genderfluid character that tends to feminine more often than don't. Because of that, she rathers use 'she/her' pronouns, mostly because she was born female and changing pronouns after she came out genderfluid was confusing to her. I've done my research and many genderfluid people keep their birth pronouns, but I'm still afraid it will be harmfull. Thoughts?

Hi! So, being a queer person constantly surrounded by gender non conforming individuals I can very confidently say that pronoun usage is up to the individual. If you believe your character would not want to use different pronouns, then they wouldn’t. I know a lot of genderfluid people who still use the pronouns they were born with. Some don’t care what pronouns you use for them. The only important thing is that the choice is honored and carried on throughout the story unless the character changes their mind and finds a pronoun they are more comfortable using that they feel identifies them better.


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I'm not autistic so I feel like I have to ask: is it ableist to headcanon a character as autistic because he struggles to to express himself, form relationships and is particularly good at one activity?

Honestly, I’m… leery of allistic people having autistic interpretations, and this is a decent example of why. I mean, there are much worse ways this ask could have gone, but… this reads like a stereotype, and a mostly-negative one at that.

I would say probably the best way to go here is to see what autistic people have to say about this character, and boost their voices. You may learn a few things! While these traits may be used in their reasoning, I have yet to see an autistic interpretation by autistic people that didn’t include dozens of subtle little tells that NT people missed. This is your chance to learn about some of those, and see the diverse ways autism can manifest.


Remember when Oliver teased Felicity about her terrible cooking but also sort of made fun of himself in what he used to say to criminals…

And it was adorable and fluffy and cute.

And later Felicity complains about how much food she’s been eating because of Oliver’s cooking.

Does it make you wonder what Felicity’s eating habits were like before they got together.

Was she a take out sort of person, or living off instant noodles and Kraft Dinner?

And maybe after they broke up, Oliver was really worried about her eating habits so he would sneak some of his homemade dishes into the loft or her car, with instructions on how to heat it up.

And at first, because she was made at him, she just threw everything into the freezer and ignored it.

But after a few weeks, she started to really miss him and miss his cooking. So she gives in.

Is @calvinspenis actually calvin?

What if @calvinspenis is actually Calvin? What if he’s using that blog to actually inform us about what he does with his dick? And think about it, isn’t that exactly the type of thing that he would do? Plus, the blog is fairly new. In fact, it started just around the time that Calvin (accidentally) revealed that he in fact has a tumblr. Coincidence? I think not.

——— These are some juicy deets now let me tell you, we’ve got some zesty things lined up for tomorrow to reveal some of these things and to get some insight on @calvinspenis blog, just you wait guys

lol he was like “so would you go through family or would you go the adoption route” and by “go through family” he meant inseminate one of us with the other’s brother’s sperm, and he genuinely thought those were the only two possibilities, like if you don’t have a brother you’re out of luck i guess? what a weird misconception even for a straight lmao

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How would the sakamakis react to their lover offering them food, but when they reach out for it, she reaches out her hand to hold his? I love your blog!

Shu- “If you wanted to hold hands, you could have said so,” He mumbled and sighed, using his other hand to steal some of her food regardless.

Reiji- “What are you doing?” He sighed, “ I swear you can be too bold for your own good at times.”

Ayato- “Eh?! You just said I could have some, what are you doing?” He’d wrestle your hand away with a pout and then would take some of her food.

Laito- He blinked in slight surprise and smiled, holding her hand back, “Feed me then?”

Kanato- “What are you doing? I’m hungry, let go of me… Im not in the mood for that anymore, are you, Teddy? Yes, give me your blood now.”

Subaru- He blushed, looking away as he squeezed her hand back softly, trying to focus on something else, “T-tch, you could have just said you… Whatever..”

Kino- He blinked curiously and tilted his head, “What..? I want food.. Let go, I want some too, you said I could have some.”

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This is just a message thanking you guys for not being the subreddit. I used to go there for the excellent humor posts and the actual discussion of what characters people wanted to see. Now they're having to ban people for harassing the TinyCo reps' accounts. Thank you for keeping things fun, helping people when asked and not devolving into a TinyCo hate group.

While we like to vent our frustrations at the stuff TinyCo does with the game, they’re not bad people and we don’t hate them. It’s the business behind the game that’s bad and I wish people would realize that. 

Anyway, thank you for your lovely words. 

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How are the S boys like after sex?

Shu - He would cuddle with you for a bit, being more affectionate than usual and say some sweet nothings (and perhaps some lewd comments) before going right to sleep (like what did you expect-).

Reiji - He would look over her, tending to her to see if she feels fine after their session. He would be warm, pulling her close to his chest, and saying sweet words he normally wouldn’t say.

Ayato - He would grin in pride at how well he did her over, despite her annoyed complaints, and probably suck her blood to get her to shut up before going kaput, snoring noisily .

Laito - He would be caring, checking if she feels good after heir session and use that as an excuse to touch her all over again. However, he would utter sweet words to her, complimenting her cute lewdness as he took her~

Kanato - He would not check on her, expecting that he treated her well enough during it. However, he would insist on her being the big spoon and watching over him until he sleeps.

Subaru - He would be blushing and checking to see if she feels good after all that, I mean what if he went a little too rough with her or hurt her- She would assure him before he would say loving words to her, not even taking the time to deny it despite his blush, before resting with her.

Kino - He would be grinning, asking her if that was the best sex she had, before looking her over and seeing if she felt good after their session. If she hurt somewhere, he would simply say that she was just asking for it, saying ‘faster’ and ‘harder.’

I 100% agree with you. We know a little bit of everything from every episode coming up soon. They even decided to tell us that someone is murdered next episode. Can you imagine the looks on our faces if someone just died out of no where (we didn’t know to expect it)!? Can you imagine our faces when Aria walked up those stairs to Ezra’s apartment and he’s standing there wearing a suit with 4729 candles everywhere… we would’ve had no idea what’s going on! Then he got down on one knee and the fandom would’ve screamed! But no. We know everything that’s going to happen. I was waiting for a proposal all episode and it got to the final 2 minutes and still hadn’t happened… We saw Aria walking to see Ezra in the final minute and then we INSTANTLY know what’s going to happen. Where’s the fun in that???? There isn’t!! Same with the murder next week. The second we see someone trapped in a corner (metaphorically or literally) we just know they WILL be killed. Where’s the fun in knowing that information in advance? It isn’t fun! Like I always say, Freeform and Marlene spoon feed us EVERYTHING. From storyline reveals to characters returning, this show isn’t as fun as it used to be because we simply know to much.

As I always say, knowing spoilers in advance (no matter if it’s a big or tiny spoiler) just isn’t fun. It takes away from the viewing experience without adding anything valuable. And it’s totally Marlene and Freeform’s fault.

Sorry for ranting but I get so worked up when this topic arises… I’m so passionate for avoiding spoilers!

Is this season great? Hell yes. The episodes are actually rather good. Something happens in every episode and the plot advances. But are the episodes fun? No. There’s a difference.

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hello, I was wondering how I would go about finding my patronus? I don't want to use a quiz because it will only have so many animals

I would do some research on animal symbology. You’ll want to try to stay away from appropriative resources, of course, but you should be able to find some sort of website or book on signs and symbols (try the metaphysics section of bookstores) that would likely have a fair amount of animals in it. It won’t break down into like separate breeds of bears, cats, etc. but there should be some animals and descriptions of what they represent.

You could also take a bunch of quizzes to help you figure out what types of animals to do some research on. Like maybe you consistently end up with reptiles…or animals that can be described as “playful”. then use that as a jumping off point to do research.

I’m honestly not sure how MOST people go about finding theirs, because mine (an otter) is something I was very connected to as a child (like before sorcerer’s stone came out), has always by far been my favorite animal, and I have a large amount in common with their typical personality type. Do you remember being weirdly drawn to an animal when you went to the zoo or aquarium? Or maybe you did several projects on a certain animal and felt connected to it?

Actually that brings something else up. Go to the zoo and/or aquarium and watch animals and read about them and see you see any that make you go “it me”

-Jamie (Gryffindor)