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Your Song | Archie Andrews

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Pairing: Archie x Reader

Description: You catch Archie working on a new song but little do you know how important that song is.

Warnings: cuteness. a lot of cuteness.

Word count: 1,292

A/N: I had this idea when I was at work this morning and as much as I would love to have wrote it about my boy Jug, it’s so Archie. Let me know what you think <3 also the part in italic is a lil flashback thing ok cool.

As you happily strolled down the hallway, backpack firmly over your shoulders and a bright smile on your face, your attention was caught when you heard light guitar strumming coming from the music room. Usually you’d have minded your own business but the tune sounded so beautiful you couldn’t help but peer inside. Luckily for you the door was open a little bit so you peeped your head around it, leaning against the doorframe. Inside you saw none other than Archie Andrews. His guitar resting on his lap as he jotted some words down on a piece of paper, quietly singing them to himself. With a firm nod of his head, he picked his guitar up and started strumming the tune you’d heard earlier accompanied by some quiet words you couldn’t quite pick up. Whatever it was though, it sounded beautiful.

The image in front of you made the smile on your face grow wider if that was even possible. You and Archie were… well, you weren’t together but you’d been on a few dates over the last couple of months. As much as you’d love to tell everyone he was your boyfriend, you didn’t want to rush him into anything. The stuff with Grundy had hit him hard - you knew that - so you wanted him to take it at his own pace and be comfortable. You weren’t exactly going anywhere. You really liked him. You had since the two of you had been paired together in Biology at the start of the year.

The day he’d asked you on a date was probably one of your favourite memories of your life so far.

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Let You Back || Luke Hemmings

Summary: After non-stop calls from Luke Hemmings since the day of your break up, you finally let him back around to tend to the baby that he is the father of. And although unintended, the time the two of you spent for the baby blossomed into something that existed long ago.

I M A G I N E 

“No mom, I’m fine, I promise,” you cooed, having a small smile play at your lips as you held the phone to your ear. You were alone in your apartment, walking around to keep your legs strong. Having a big belly with life inside makes you a lot heavier and harder to walk and stand. So, you paced around the home while talk to your immensely concerned mother. “I won’t go home unless I really need the help, okay? But I’m sure I can manage.” With a few ‘I love you’s’ and ‘take care’s’ later, you hung up the phone and sighed. 

“It’s just you and me, little buddy,” you said quietly, smiling down fondly at your very round belly. “Others want to help, but I got this. I can take care of you and raise you, I promise I will.” Although you sounded confident, and you fairly were, you were worried over one aspect of your new coming family: the baby didn’t have a father. 

Luke Hemmings, punkrock star from 5 Seconds of Summer was the baby’s father. You loved that man more than you’ve ever loved anyone before. And he showed you the adoration he had over you, making you love him that much more. But one night without a condom changed everything drastically. His fuck up led you to the two paths the both of you strayed on. 

When you told Luke about your pregnancy 3 days in, he immediately broke up with you. As much as you cried and wailed for him to stay, Luke wasn’t having it. He claimed that he couldn’t be a father at all because he has a career to run. You argued, saying that it was him who refused to wear the condom the night that it happened. Luke then followed by rolling his eyes, leaving the hotel room and not coming back until the morning. When he came back, he was drunk and bluntly told you he fucked another girl. 

That was your queue to up and leave Luke’s life. 

But since then, Luke has relentlessly sent calls, texts, voice messages, etc. He’s even found your address and sent you various letters and random gifts. And you’ve ignored them since because you believed that you don’t require Luke. He hurt you and you deemed him as a hazard to the baby. This is gone on for 5 months after the break up, allowing you to think things through. 

It wouldn’t hurt to allow Luke around, would it? You wouldn’t have to be with him, but he would play his role in raising the baby. Plus, the extra help would be nice and maybe you’ll see yourself forgiving him in the near future. You mind scrambled over this topic, with a series of good points fighting your sensitive heart and doubt over Luke. 

And, coincidentally, he calls you. Sighing, you look down at your baby, worried more about the baby’s future than your feelings. Deciding this, you let the phone ring a few more times before picking up. Lifting it up to your ear, you say simply, “Luke.”

“Oh fuck, Y/N!” Luke sounds surprised. You smiled fondly at his accent, recalling the days when you used to make him say certain words. You were always immensely amused by the way he said ‘tomato’ or ‘potato.’ But you shook your head at the memories to go back to the conversation. “Finally you’ve picked up!”

“Yeah, well, don’t be too ecstatic, this doesn’t mean I love you again,” you said with a sigh, making him sigh lightly as well. Did he really expect you to? “But I started thinking about the baby and its future. And so I’m sorta giving you another chance…”

“Oh fuck, are you serious?” Luke asks ecstatically. It made you giggle in irony. 5 months ago, Luke wanted nothing with the baby. Now he’s more than excited to be part of its life. “I’ve actually got a 2 week vacation coming up, Y/N. So maybe I can stay with you for those 2 weeks and help out?”

“That would actually be amazing, Luke,” you said quietly as you rubbed your belly. You sat down on the couch as Luke began talking about arrangements and future plans. The two of you professionally discussed how this was going to work. But honestly, even with that call being serious, you couldn’t help but melt from his voice.

The day of his coming was a very nerve-wrecking day for you. You were suddenly worried over your appearance and the showing of the house. So, as Luke was flying over, you cleaned like a mad woman and cleaned yourself up. You did your makeup to perfection and allowed your hair to naturally dry to have it be a dry, but cute, mess. 

“Are you excited to meet your daddy?” You whispered to your belly. You were now sat on the couch resting. Doing housework as well as fixing yourself up was hard and exhausting with such a large belly. But you did it and finally got to sit down and spend time with your baby. “I’m excited, too. He didn’t sound like the jerk he was before on the phone. I think you’re gonna love him, little bug,” you say happily, rubbing your belly. 

Your door suddenly rang after a few hours, making you jump immediately from the couch. You fixed you shirt before going to the mirror to check your face. Going to the door, you open it to see a very tall and changed Luke Hemmings.

The boy you knew and loved was now a man. He had a small beard and his jawline appeared more defined. He got just a bit taller and put his hair down instead of its usually up and quiff-self. Even the black piercing was gone. Which made you sad, since you did really like his piercing. But it was those blue eyes that grabbed you. They still contained that lovely ocean color with the perfect sparkle every time light hit them, even by the slightest.

“I… hi, Luke,” you said quietly, looking up at his face. Luke looks down at you, his face beaming to see you. He slowly walks forward, so he was no longer in the doorway, but rather inside your apartment. After he scanned your face, he fixed his attention at your belly. You blushed as he looked in awe. Luke has seen pregnant woman before, but it was a completely different story as the father of the baby in a pregnant woman. 

“Y/N, you’re so gorgeous…” Luke said quietly, immediately going in for a hug. Your breath hitched as Luke held you in an embrace. Being very cautious of the baby, he didn’t push himself on you too much. But he held you in a warm, sincere hug, allowing you to take in his scent. He still smelled of Vegemite and tea and cookies and sleep. He smelled like Luke. “It’s so good to see you. It’s so bloody good, Y/N.”

“It’s good to see you, too,” you said softly as he lets go of you and stares down at you. You give him a genuine smile as he returns his, making you blush a bit. He then bends down and looks straight at your belly, making you smile.

“So is this it?” Luke asked quietly. You nod, lifting up your shirt to reveal the skin. It wasn’t incredibly huge, but you stomach stuck out quite a bit. And the weight is very much evidently. “Can I?” Luke asks as he lifts his hand near your stomach. You nod once more, watching as Luke hesitantly places his hand on your stomach. You felt the callouses on his hands from guitar playing, a fact you enjoyed about Luke very much. His music was always so soothing as his vocals were gorgeous. You then felt something jolt out from inside your stomach.

“Fuck! What the heck was that?” You groaned, rubbing your belly a bit. Luke looked at your belly in fascination, with his eyes wide open and his lips just a bit apart. He looked in shock. 

“It kicked, Y/N…” Luke whispered. The baby… kicked? It hasn’t kicked at all this entire time. But once Luke comes around, the baby is kicking. You took a breath of relief and surprise, smiling at Luke and your belly. It seems as though the baby had known Luke was there and is their father. “Do you know the gender, Y/N?”

“I actually have an appointment to find out in 2 days,” you inform, recalling the appointment easily. 

“I’m there,” Luke said, giving his word to you. “And I’m going to be here as often as I can be. I’m so sorry to you and Y/N, little buddy,” Luke starts talking to the baby, making you look at him in wonder. “I’m going to be the best damn father you’ll ever have, regardless if I’m with your mum or not. That’s a promise, little buddy.” Luke stands up straight and looks into your eyes. “I’m going to earn your forgiveness. I swear I will.” 

“Okay,” you say in a whisper, the two of your exchanging smiles before allowing Luke to come in and unpack. 

During the two weeks Luke was around, he’s been incredibly helpful. He would wake up immensely early to help you up and do house chores. As you cooked, he would clean and dry the dishes. He’d help you down the stairs and with the groceries when you couldn’t carry too many. He ensured your safety by looking at any suspicious characters and leading you away from them. He even gave you back massages when you asked. He was turning out to be a very big and vital help. 

When the both of you found out that you were going to have a son, Luke’s face lit up more than the day he came back into your life. He would help you home and then whip out his guitar. 

“What’re you gonna do with that?” You hummed as you got comfortable on your bed. Luke got a chair and put it next to you and took a seat. Tuning his guitar really quickly, he gestured for you to lift up your shirt a bit. You did as instructed, revealing your belly. He looked at the strings before beginning to play a tune. 

I’ll take what you’ve got, got, got…” Luke sang peacefully and sincerely, his hands seeming as though they were home on those strings. “I know it’s not a lot, lot, lot. But I just need another hit, you’re the thing that I can’t quit…” As he sang, you found yourself in a trance. You loved Luke’s singing. You especially loved that he was staring straight into your eyes when he was singing. 

I want to breathe you in like a vapor, I want to be the one you remember, I want to feel your love like the weather…” Luke sang, having him smile lightly at you. There was a sparkle in his eye as he looked at you. It took you back to the same sparkle he had when you first got to know him and he fell completely in love with you. “All over me, all over me…” Luke chooses to stop there, earning an applause from you. 

“You are the one I remember,” you mused, smiling at him. You ruffled his hair with your hand as he sheepishly fixed it. “I don’t think I can ever forget you.” 

“As amazing as that makes me feel,” Luke begins, smirking at you. “I really want to be the one you forgive right about now.” You nod before grabbing his hand and giving in a light, reassuring squeeze. 

“You’re getting there,” you whispered, getting a wide smile from the Australian. 

As the months go by, you didn’t expect Luke to keep his promise. Every vacation he got was dedicated to you as he would fly in immediately and help around. It made you feel happy yet bad that he was doing this. Happy that he was being the father you always imagined him to be. But you felt bad at the fact that he was using all his vacations on you. You know his family misses him a lot and he deserves to be with them after all that time being away from them. 

“Luke, what are you doing?” You asked quietly, holding onto your fairly large 7-month belly. You found him in the living room with a laptop. He was very glued onto whatever he was doing, typing away happily on it. Joining him on the couch, you looked over to see what he was ogling. 

“I just ordered a crapton of punkrock clothing for my buddy in there,” Luke says happily as he places his hand on your belly. You put yours on his, smiling at how much work and effort he’s putting into this. You then frowned as you closed the laptop and sighed. “What’s wrong, Y/N?” Luke asked worriedly as he turns completely to face you. 

“It’s just that… I feel that you’re too focused on our baby now that you’re forgetting your family,” you say softly as you rubbing his hand. “I love that you’re around for me and our little bean, but I want you to have your own time to spend with your family. It feels like I’m depriving you of that, and I don’t want to do that to you, Luke.”

“Aw, Y/N!” Luke says, smiling at you. He takes both of your hands in his as his light blue eyes gleam at you. “That’s really sweet and it means the world to me that you’re still so considerate to me, even after I hurt you terribly. But it’s not that I’m here out of obligation, Y/N. I’m here because I want to be here. I want to make up for the time I’ve abandoned you and left you alone to fend for yourself and our baby– our child. And during this time with you has made me realize a lot of things, Y/N.”

“Like?” You pondered.

“Like how much I regret leaving you. Not just for the fact that we have a child, but for the fact that I left one of the greatest girls I’ve ever met in my life. You’re funny and sweet and lovely and gorgeous– you’re everything I’d really like and need in a girl. I’m especially pissed for leaving you for that duck-faced disgrace.”

“You mean Arzaylea?” You comment with a scoff. 

“So you have been keeping track of me!” Luke says excitedly. You roll your eyes as he smiles a big smile for you. It made you smile, too, and feel warm inside. Luke always had the heart-fluttering smiles that always lit up the room. Who knew that he still had these affects on you. “Anyways, Y/N, I really do want to be here.” The two of you smile before getting the laptop back to look at the clothing Luke bought. 

“Luke,” you giggled, pointing at one of the things in his cart. “How are khakis punkrock?”

“One more push, Y/N!” The doctor yelled as you wailed in pain. You were hooked up to a series of machines with nurses around you. Your legs were spread and you were experiencing awful pain. But Luke was right beside you, holding your hand as you squeezed his tightly. 

“It hurts so bad!” You cried, pushing as hard as you can. 

“I know, but you’ve got this, Y/N!” Luke encouraged as you squeezed his hand harder. Before you two knew it, a loud cry was heard from below you and your pain was gradually fading away. You looked up at the doctor, with your face flushed and drenched with sweat. 

“Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy, Mr. and Mrs. Hemmings,” the doctor says as he wraps the baby in a towel and hands him to you. Taking the baby in your arms, you began to cry. It was sleeping softly in your arms, with its small heartbeat barely in a rush. As you wept, Luke leaned down and looked at the newborn. 

“This is our little buddy?” Luke whispers in fascination. You nodded through your weeping, allowing Luke to take the baby in his arms. You look up and watch as Luke holds him and cradles him. It seems like Luke was addicted to his fix, because he couldn’t stop staring at him. “Wow.”

“What’s up, Luke?” You said in a croaky voice as you wiped your tears. 

“He’s just so beautiful,” Luke breathes. “Just like you, Y/N.”

In a few hours, you and the baby were cleaned up and assigned a room. Machines were still hooked onto you as you were recovering, relieving you that everything went well and everything is well. As you were laying down, Luke was ogling the baby in the hospital cradle they provided. It’s like he was now obsessed with him, more than he was when he was just in the belly. 

“Luke, bring him over,” you ask, watching as Luke picks up the baby gently and walks over to your bed. You get him in your arms, making you smile with glee. You then move over a bit, giving some space to your right. You pat on the space, gesturing for Luke to join. He blushed before joining you on the bed. It was a tight fit, but you didn’t care as you leaned your head down on Luke’s shoulder. 

“Are you feeling better now?” Luke asked as he brushed his fingers on the baby’s delicate head. 

“Very much, yes,” you whisper before closing your eyes. Right here, in this moment, you felt complete. It was you, your new baby, and the rightful father that has proven himself. You give Luke a kiss on the cheek before returning to his shoulder to close your eyes once more. Holding the baby with one arm, you take the other to weave your fingers through Lukes. “I forgive you,” you say quietly. Luke smiled a real big smile before falling into a deep slumber with you. 

“Hush, Alex, it’s okay now!” You cooed at Alex, your 2 month old baby. He was crying, wailing loudly at midnight that both you and Luke woke up. You sent Luke to warm up some milk as you cradled Alex in your arms. 

“I’ve got the milk!” Luke says successfully as he rushes to you and hands you the warm bottle. With ease, you get Alex to take the nipple of the bottle into his mouth. Quiet is returned as Alex begins to drink it quickly. His blue eyes, the color of his fathers, was focused on the bottle as he drank. “You know, I’m just as hungry as you, buddy,” Luke comments, placing his hand on his stomach. 

“I’m pretty hungry as well,” you comment with a sigh. “Wait for me downstairs, okay? Once I put him to rest, I’ll make us a midnight snack.” Luke smiles eagerly before leaving the room. A few moments later, Alex finishes the milk and falls into a deep sleep. You place him down cautiously in his cradle, keeping in mind as to how fragile he is. Walking out with the empty bottle, you find Luke on the couch, looking absolutely exhausted. 

“He asleep?” Luke says quietly as you joined him on the couch. You drop your head on his shoulder, playing with the empty bottle in your hands. 

“Yes,” you breath as you snuggled on Luke’s side. Luke sighs in happiness, putting his arm around your shoulder to let you be more comfortable. In the moment, you found yourself getting butterflies in your stomach. Luke was brushing his fingertips on your shoulder, earning goosebumps from you. 

“Hey, Y/N?” Luke chirps, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, Luke?”

“I love you,” he says quietly, making your heart race. “Always have, and probably always will. It never ended, really. The day that we broke up was the worst day of my life. It felt like I lost everything: my love, my motivation, my inspiration. Everything was gone once you disappeared. Like everything was in black and white.” 

“Black and white?” You asked.

“Mhm,” Luke hums. “But since I came back, you brought back the color. Everything felt better and real. My music has feeling, my life feels like it serves a bigger purpose than being an artist. I now get to be the father of a baby I created with the girl I want to be with for the rest of my life. Life doesn’t get any better than this moment right here, Y/N.”

“You sure about that?” You mused before you grab Lukes face and plant a passionate kiss on his lips. You’ve been so desperate to do that since the day you saw him, but couldn’t. You were stubborn and believed that your feelings for him were gone. Any that appeared was just an illusion created by your hopeful mind. But your heart was loud and rang your feelings loud and clear. “I love you, too, Luke.”

And with that, you and Luke fell asleep together on the couch, happy smiles playing at both of your lips. 

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Remus Lupin Imagine: “I’m willing to find out”

Can I request a story where the reader and Remus were childhood friends since her mom was the healer who he was taken to after the bite, but they lose contact and he doesn’t recognize her at first but she does because she would never forget those scars and he finally realizes it’s her after they are assigned to a project together and they slowly fall in love?

Requested by anon

y/h/h = your Hogwarts house

You had been in Ilvermorny during 5 years, but your father had found a job in Scotland, so you were going to study at Hogwarts now. You were excited to know your house.

“Y/l/n, y/n” a witch shouted. You approached her and she put the sorting hat on your head. It didn’t even stay there 2 seconds, it was already screaming: “Y/h/h!”

You went to the y/h/h table and sat down, beaming proudly. You noticed a pair of eyes staring at you, when you turned around you met green eyes, but he immediately turned his head. You knew who it was though; the scars on his gave him away: Remus Lupin. You two had been childhood friends. Your mother had been his healer since he had been bitten, after all. He hadn’t seemed to recognize you though. How strange, you thought. Before you could talk to him though, he left the Great Hall.

Potions class. Next day.

Slughorn had given his speech and wanted you to brew a draught of living death in pairs. The pairs weren’t chosen though, and soon enough you heard the Professor mutter: “Y/n  y/l/n and Remus Lupin”

You smiled and saw Remus’s eyes widening. You sat by his side, to start the potion.

“Hi, Remus. Long time no see” you greeted nicely.

“Y/n? I-I knew your face was familiar! I didn’t recognize you! You look… d-different” He stammered, slightly blushing. You chuckled and said: “I’ll take that as a compliment. So… Shall we start?”

He smiled and got to work. Truth was he had changed too, he looked more… handsome. The thought made your cheeks turn bright pink. He’s just a friend, y/n, just a friend, you thought, Just a really handsome friend. Merlin’s pants! What was wrong with you! If only you knew that by different Remus meant gorgeous…

As you reached your hand to take the infusion of wormhood, Remus did the same, resulting in your hands touching. Both of you blushed, but didn’t say anything. By the end of the class, your only thoughts were about your childhood friend.

Two days later, you had potions again, but Remus wasn’t there. You decided to ask a guy with glasses you had seen him sitting with.

“Pardon me, where is Remus? We were friends when we were younger and I wanted to talk to him…”

“Oh! He isn’t feeling that well… He is in the Hospital Wing” he told you.

Hospital Wing? Dammit, yesterday had been full-moon. How could you have forgotten about that? As soon as you got a free period, you went to the Infirmary. He was lying in a bed, and you couldn’t tell if he was sleeping or not. You noticed some scratches on his arms.

“Remus?” you softly asked. “Are you awake?”

He opened his green eyes and stared at you: “Y/n? What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in class?”

“I have free period now”


Guiltily, you added: “I forgot about the moon thing… If I had known I would have asked my mother for advice or-”

He cut you off before you could continue. “Not your fault, y/n.”

You sighed: “How are you feeling?”

“Better” he left the part now that you’re here out of the sentence though.

“I remember when my mother sang to you, after she tended your wounds… It always calmed you down” you were too lost in the memory, and started to hum a familiar tune. Remus stared at you, as if hypnotized. When the sweet song ended, Remus smiled and said: “It still calms me down… Y/n… Do you think we could hang out more often? When I get out of the Hospital Wing, of course”

“Yes! I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that! I missed you…”

“I missed you too” he confessed, while he took your hand and kissed it. It made you blush.

“You know, you’ve been blushing a lot, lately” he teased you.

You snorted: “Look who’s talking!”

He stammered: “D-Do you think it means we have f-feelings for each other?”

He looked very serious, and the intensity in his eyes made your heart beat faster.

“I don’t know… But I’m willing to find out” you admitted.

He smiled at you: “Daring as always, aren’t you?”

You smirked: “Yep, that’s me!”

 He chuckled. “I’m willing to find out too…”

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“Um, so I want to apologize ahead of time. I don’t really sing in front of real people. I mean, I do. I am so bad at this!” Jensen chuckled into the mic, fiddling with the strings, strumming out a familiar tune. 

“What I am trying to say is that I have only ever sang for friends and family before. But my wife has been working diligently to get me to do this for my extended family - all of you.” This drew a huge response from the crowd.

Sadly, I couldn’t travel to Rome with him for this convention, having been confined to bed rest for the remaining six weeks of my pregnancy. He didn’t want to go, but he would never let the fans down. So here I was on Facetime with Misha, watching from Austin.

“Thank you all so much for you support, just know if I screw up, it’s all her fault.” He gave me a wink and a sweet smile as he started the song over again, drawing more applause from the fans. “Just kidding, I love you baby, and babies.” 

“If you know the words, please, please, sing along and help me out!” Jensen urged.

“Big wheels keep on turning, carry me home to see my kin, singing songs about the south-land, I miss ole ’bammy and I think it’s a sin, yeah.” He sang the first verse flawlessly, as usual. 

The crowd started to pick up on his plan when he continued playing, letting them take the lead on the chorus, before he continued, throwing in an impromptu verse.

“Hanging out in Rome with all y’all. Missing my brother Jared, let’s give him a ‘Hell Yeah!’ And I’ll love you guys more than you’ll ever know, but right now, I-I gotta go.”  He wrapped up the chorus one more time, his voice dropping to a seductive level, making me squirm. Then he did the unthinkable; he licked those damn lips and looked right into Misha’s phone, singing the last line of the chorus.

“Lord, I’m coming home to you.”

“I’ll be waiting Baby. I love.” I whispered and ended the call. 

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June Hijack Week 

Day 7: “Because when I look at you, I can feel it. And I-I look at you and I… I’m home” | Home 

<< “Marry me” Jack whispered and Hiccup let out a sigh. 

“Why?” He managed to say quietly, without opening his eyes. 

“Why?!” Jack huffed “Because I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, because I know you belong to me and that would only make it official” Hiccup giggled and asked softly. 

“What makes you think I’m the one?" 

"I just know” Jack closed his eyes and sighed “Hiccup, look at me" 

"I dun wanna, I’m sleepy" 

"Please, Hiccup, you fucking mood killer” Hiccup smiled and turned around to see him. Jack gave him an eskimo kiss before speak “I know you’re the one because when I look at you, I can feel it. And I look at you and I… I’m home. You’re my home, Hiccup, and I don’t want that to go away” Hiccup smiled.

 "You don’t have a ring, do you?“ Jack smiled

"Is that a yes?" 

"I dunno, Jack. It doesn’t seem serious without a ring” Hiccup teased him.

 "Then, it’s a good thing that I do have a ring!“ Jack said reaching out to take Hiccup’s hand "Because if I like it then I should put a ring on it" 

"That’s an awful choice in music" 

"Mmm… What about this one?” Jack began to whistle a soft tune. Hiccup opened his eyes, surprised to recognize the melody “I’ll swim and sail the seven seas, with never a fear of drowning” he sang with a gentle smile “And gladly ride the waves of life… If you would marry me” Jack slid the ring in Hiccup’s fourth finger and kissed it fondly “No scorching sun nor freezing cold, will stop me on my journey, if you will promise me your heart… And love…" 

Hiccup bit his lower lip and sighed. "And love me for the eternity. My dearest one, my darling dear, your mighty words astound me, but I’ve no need for mighty deeds, when I feel your arms around me” Jack embraced him and Hiccup rubbed his nose against his neck “Why I played the girl’s part?” He said, smiling with mischief “I’m not a girl… And we switc—" 

"You truly are a mood killer, aren’t you?” Hiccup smiled with fondness and kiss him deeply.

 "Love you too, Jack">>

Yay! I made seven drawings for the seven days of the Hijack Week! (late, but whatever) It was fun! And I hope to do it again!

Tomorrow is my big final, so, wish me luck! :)

Fic: Part of Your World

Remember me rambling on about a Little Mermaid-esque AU last night?

I made it a reality.

Merman Kurt sneaks out at night to go watch human Blaine aboard his ship. When a storm hits, will Kurt be able to get Blaine to shore on time? Could they be each other’s true loves?

~2300 words, PG.

“Kurt! Where are you going?” King Burt called from his study.

“I just wanted to take a quick swim around the city for a little while, Father. I can’t sleep,” Kurt said, hoping his father couldn’t see him wince in the dim light of the hallway. He’d been hoping to sneak out undetected this late at night.

“Just be careful, alright? There have been reports of sharks in the area, and I believe the humans’ ships are due to return soon,” Burt said, returning to his work. “If they see you-”

“-Yes, yes, I know, Father,” Kurt said, trying to hide his impatience. “I’ll be safe, I’m only going into the coral forest a little ways.” He swam off before Burt could say anything else – or worse, tell him to take a guard.

Kurt swam in the direction of the coral forest for a moment or two before shifting course and heading for the open sea, where lights above indicated that there were humans present. He stayed low, looking for the red-painted bottom of the particular ship he wanted and smiling ecstatically when he saw it moored off to the side of the crowd by a convenient rock outcropping. Kurt pushed himself onto the low rock in the center, perfectly hidden by the bigger one in front of it but able to see through a chink in between some others.

“Hey, hey!” a voice – Kurt’s favorite voice – shouted from the ship. “Watch it! I don’t want to go overboard in the dark!”

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Gingerbread and Styles

I Have Loved You Since Extras//CHRISTMAS SPECIALS (2015): Gingerbread and Styles


December 12th, 2017 3:36 a.m.

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With a Little Help From My Friends is sung partially as a conversation with John, Paul and George asking questions and Ringo answering them. The original first line was ‘What would you do if I sang out of tune, would you throw ripe tomatoes at me?’ The line was changed to ’…would you stand up and walk out on me?’ at the insistence of Ringo. Apparently years earlier George had mentioned that he liked jelly beans and the band was always pelted with jelly beans during their performances. Although the Beatles were no longer performing live, Ringo didn’t want to take any chances!

 John Robert “Joe” Cocker OBE (20 May 1944 – 22 December 2014) 

What would you do if I sang out of tune?
Would you stand up and walk out on me?
Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song
I will try not to sing out of key

Oh baby I get by
(Get by with a little help from my friends)
All I need is my brother
(Get by with a little help from my friends)
I say I want to get high with them
(Get high with a little help from my friends)
Whoah, yeah
(Ooh, ooh, ooh)