what would x do for money

do you know what i would do to have gay alex AND bisexual kara AND bisexual winn?

i would sell my soul. i would promise my first born to a witch. i would give up twenty years off my life. i would sacrifice my freedom. i would donate my tuition money. i’d give up my okay gpa. i would give away my roommate’s swaggy stuffed giraffe named jim for crying out loud (believe me this is saying something).

i would do anything for these three characters to be queer. ANYTHING.

silk | BTS AU | Masterpost

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Angst/Smut: tw:swearing, some violence, sexual references 18+ ; Jimin x Reader, featuring Jeon Jungkook

Doing the job you do comes with highs and extreme lows. Clients know the deal when they hire you: all you are meant to do is smile and look pretty on their arm. No kissing, no sex, definitely no entanglements. Its all in your contract.

Though some clients don’t agree with the written word. That was what happened the night you met Park Jimin; the richest man in the country, and possibly the world. When he gives you an offer which would make up for the money you had lost, and then some, you figure it’s easy work.

One month with him. That’s it.

Of course, its never that simple. Is it?

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  • [flashback]
  • Akashi: *walks in*
  • Kuroko, clears throat: Akashi-kun?
  • Akashi: ... Tetsuya?
  • Kuroko: Would you like to know.. what love looks like?
  • Akashi: ...
  • Kuroko, moves closer: What it.. feels like?
  • Akashi: *turning red*
  • Kuroko, moves even closer: What it.. tastes like?
  • Akashi: *heart pounding*
  • Kuroko, whispers in his ear: What it.. sounds like?
  • Akashi, breathing heavily: Wh-What do you want from me?!?!
  • Kuroko, puts his hand on his chest: Isn't it obvious?
  • Akashi, throws his wallet: Take it! Just take my money!
  • [end of flashback]
  • Kuroko: *takes a long sip of vanilla milkshake*
  • Kuroko: *sighs* And that's how it's done.
  • Aomine: All that just to buy a few milkshakes??
  • Kuroko: Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  • Aomine: ...
  • Kuroko: Don't judge me.

Judy: “Nick, do you ever wonder what our lives would be like if we never met, if we had just walked past one another without giving it a second thought?”

Nick: “Well Carrots, I imagine I’d probably be dating some killer vixen and be making a lot more money than I am now, but I wouldn’t be nearly as happy as I am with you.”

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Does anybody remember about one of the last X-positions where Cullen Bunn said the team would have new members soon including Polaris and Rachel? Well here they are. Polaris and Rachel in the cover of Deadpool & The Mercs for Money #7.

I came across a few people asking me what I think about “Inhumans vs X-men” and also if this Polaris is the “real” Lorna Dane or it she’s “dead”.

So what do I think about Inhmans vs X-men? Oh boy. I don’t really know. Felt an unspecific dread. IMO, It just another story where we will see the X-men losing once again. Be prepared that this is the event where we’re going to see Magneto getting beaten, Cyclops getting killed (again) and Storm getting hauled away probably by Medusa, the Queen of Attilan (inhumans). There is a reason why Marvel put Storm in charge and it’s not that she’s going to “save the day”. She’s probably going down with the rest of the X-men unless there is a miracle. But seeing many covers out there of IvX are depicting the contrary. Do you think X-men are going to win? Do you think Storm can beat the Queen? Again, the thought of those covers filled me with dread. Let’s just not worry about that now, right? It’s too early to speculate and criticize something that is not on the table yet. Additionally, same goes with the assumption of Polaris.

Now, What do I think about Polaris AKA Lorna Dane? It she dead? Is that the real Green-haired? The real daughter of Magneto? Well, the question is why would she be dead? Why might she  not be the real Polaris? Future, Past, present it’s still Polaris. Let me put it this way. Descriptions remain unclear, period. Whether Deadpool and his crew caught themselves going to the future and predicted a war that is about to happen which this can indicate, she’s damn well alive. If memory serves, Polaris was last seen with Magneto and his right hand, Briar Raleigh, who is still a mystery. I noticed people are not questioning whether if that’s the “real” Magneto or Briar (or the rest of the X-men) and obviously they are. Same with Polaris who was with Briar when the universe merged and everything remained unspecifically blank. I’m sure Bunn can’t mislay them from that point on. Although I was comparing Polaris with the second cover Deadpool & The Mercs for Money #8 and for some reason her headdress certainly appeared different from the cover #7.

Not only does the headdress appear more like a warrior, but she looks amazing. doesn’t she? In this cover, Xorn is participating and to me it’s the same Xorn who joined Magneto. The Xorn who’s teaching Elixir how to control his power. This is the same Xorn no hesitation. I’m positive Polaris is alive and well but let’s not worry about that now Let’s worry about Storm. I mean, WTF is Storm doing with the Inhumans? I’m pretty sure that’s Storm even though she might be from the “future” but W.T.F? Is this a traitor Storm? It she with the Inhumans instead of the X-Men? Is that her destiny? I have noticed Marvel is undermining Storm on many levels lately. I mean, Did you see how badly she was treated in Extraordinary? She was getting her ass whooped by a team from another dimension (nothing new really she was depicted like crap and getting beaten many times before where I see many of you don’t even want to talk about it, but I will soon and will also post some scans). Ever wonder how she’s going to be treated in the upcoming IvX event? You should be filled with dread, lol. Anyway, who I’m I to criticize, right? Clearly the motive for Cullen Bunn STILL remains unclear but most important is that the Mistress of Magnetism is back. So be happy that she didn’t vanish.

What do I think about this? I think somehow Marvel is protecting Polaris from those crappy stories (from being treated as such) and from Fox. I don’t think Marvel wants Fox to see her prospective. There’s a massive reason why Marvel didn’t kill the green-haired. She deserves all the prosperity and deep inside Marvel knows they ain’t done with her. How exciting!

It Must Be Fate

Johnny x Reader

Wordcount: 2,230


You stared down at your phone as the screen turned black.  You couldn’t believe you had forgot to charge your phone before you left your apartment, and now you were stuck in the dark, alone, lost somewhere in Seoul.  Taking a year off from university to decide what the hell you wanted to do with your life, you had come to Seoul to teach English.  It was a good way to earn some money and gain real life experience – something you hoped would help you figure out your future.   Of course, being in Seoul to teach didn’t stop you from exploring the city in your downtime.   Today, you had ended up hanging out with some foreigners you met, who wanted to visit the SM Entertainment building in the hopes of seeing some idols.  

After giving up the idol search a few hours later, your new friends left.  They had insisted you leave together, but you politely declined.   You wanted to explore the area a little bit more before you left – a decision which you were now regretting.  With your phone dead, you had no way of searching where you were.   You also hadn’t seen a taxi go by that area in what felt like forever.

You looked around to see if there was anyone near the building you could ask for help.  All the fans who were idol-hunting earlier has dissipated after being disappointed when no idols showed up.  There weren’t really any tourists in the area either.  To be fair, it was getting late.  It was apparently an area you really only went too if you worked there or wanted to see someone famous.

You had walked up and down the block a few times to no avail.  About to start walking to try and find an internet café, you spotted a tall man walking out of the building’s fronts door.  Assuming it was just an employee, you ran up to him to ask for help.

“Sorry, I’m not allowed to stop for pictures.”

“What? No, please!  I just need directions!  My name is (y/n) and I’m here teaching English.  I don’t know my way around very well and I’ve been lost for over an hour. My phone is dead so I’m kind of starting to freak out.  Please just help me.”

You were beyond thankful you had been studying Korean for the past few years.

The man slowly turned to look at you, studying your features.  You could tell he could clearly see how distraught you were. You noticed that he was dressed quite casually for a company employee.  Orange Nike sneakers, black skinny jeans, white t-shirt, face mask… There was no way it was an employee. But, it couldn’t possibly be an idol either, right?  He just walked out of the front door like it was no big deal.  Then again, he did say he couldn’t stop for pictures…

“Oh sorry, I thought you were a fan.  They were out here all day.  Where do you need directions too?”

You were surprised to hear the man now speaking to you in English.  Not a lot of people you had encountered here did.  He began to pull down his facemask so he could speak more clearly.  As he did so, a wave of shock washed over you.  There was no doubting who was standing in front of you right now.  Johnny Seo.  Johnny must have taken notice of your surprise because he took a step back.

“So… You are a fan?  Like I said, I’m not allowed to stop for pictures.  I’m really sorry but our company won’t let us.”

“Oh no! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like NCT a lot.  But to be honest, I didn’t even realize it was you.  I thought you were a company employee!  I’m just really lost and want to go home.”

Johnny let out a soft chuckle at your words.  He ran his hand through his hair, almost as a sign of relief that you weren’t going to attack him.  It was almost kind of endearing that you genuinely approached him with no clue as to who he was.  He wasn’t used to that.

“Now I’m a bit offended,” he smirked. “THE Johnny Seo is standing right in front of you and all you can think about is going home?”

“Wow, cocky much Mr. Seo?  I mean, you’re handsome and all, but it’s late.  And I’m tired.  I guess I’m just not the type to swoon over idols?  I just like your music and appreciate how hard you guys work.”

He chuckled again, clearly amused by you.

“Thanks. That’s actually kind of refreshing. I’m so used to our fans screaming and even crying when they meet us.  It’s nice to meet someone who cares about what we do, not just who we are.”

He smiled at you so widely you couldn’t help but to smile back, despite being no closer to home than you were five minutes ago.

“So about those directions…”

“Oh right, sorry.  Where was it you needed to go?”

You told him your address and he burst out laughing.  You looked at him, puzzled, and he just laughed harder.

“You know that’s only about a 20 minute walk from here, right?”

You felt like an idiot.  You had spent god-knows how long aimlessly wandering around, when you were so close to your destination the whole time.   At the same time, if you hadn’t have been so stupid, you wouldn’t be standing here talking to Johnny.  Maybe this wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened after all.

“I can walk you there if you want.  I just came out to go for a walk anyways.  No phone, no members…   Just needed some fresh air.  Plus we wouldn’t want you getting lost again.  Based on what I’ve seen, I have no faith that you can make it home on you own.”

You scowled slightly at his dig at you.   He could easily just tell you the way from here and you were sure you’d be fine. Although, taking him up on his offer meant spending more time with Johnny.  And you didn’t want to risk getting lost and ending up in the same situation twice in one night – or ever again for that matter.  You didn’t give it much more thought and gladly accepted your new guide’s company.  You started walking side-by-side towards your apartment.   However, no less than a few minutes into your walk, your stomach growled louder than you thought possible.  You realized that between idol-hunting with your new friends and then getting lost, you hadn’t eaten in hours.   You were so worried about getting home that you hadn’t even thought about it.   Of course, Johnny took notice as he glanced down at your stomach and let a small smile form on his lips.

“There’s a good café on the way if you want to stop there.  The members and I used to visit there a lot when we were trainees.”

“What if people see us?  Couldn’t it end up as a scandal or something?  We wouldn’t want people thinking THE Johnny Seo is dating some random girl.”

“It’s fine. It’s late and I doubt people will be around.  Plus, the owners are used to keeping the fans at bay and letting us have our privacy.”

Before you knew it Johnny had your left hand in his right, and you were being pulled into a café.

He bought the two of you hot chocolate and coconut cake, saying it was his favourite combination and insisted you try it too, especially since he was buying. It didn’t matter to you that Johnny was an idol, but the more time you spent with him, the more you grew to like him.  He was cocky, but just enough to be funny.  At the same time, he was humble and kind.  Your favourite thing was how easy he was to be around.  It was like you had skipped the part where you’re supposed to be strangers and just jumped into knowing each other for years.  You weren’t planning on telling him, but you were glad you had ended up lost earlier that night.


“So (y/n), you think I’m handsome?”

He raised an eyebrow at you as he opened the door on your way out of the café.

“What? “

“Earlier, when we first met.  You said you thought I was handsome.”

“We’ve been sitting and talking in this café for god knows how long and you bring this up now?  You’re an SM idol Johnny.  They don’t exactly recruit your average-looking person.”

“I guess not, but that doesn’t mean you have to think I’m handsome.”

“If I admit I said you were handsome earlier, will you drop this topic?”

“I’ll take that as a yes then.”

“I hate you.   I wish it was Ten who had come to my rescue instead.”

“To be honest, he probably would have been even more hopeless than you.”

From what you knew about the members, Johnny was probably right.   And the truth was you were glad you were with Johnny and not someone else.


“Well, this is my apartment building.  I can’t believe it was that close the whole time.”

“Yea, that was pretty stupid. But I’m still willing to walk you up to your apartment if you want.”

“That’d be nice.”

Truthfully, there was no reason at all for Johnny to come into the apartment building with you.  But you weren’t ready to say goodbye to him.   You wanted to see him again, often if possible.  Maybe even end up as more than friends.  But that was unlikely.  He was an idol.  He probably wouldn’t get much free time like this.  Plus, how would you ever contact him again?  You could feel something between the two of you for sure, but you were convinced it could never progress.

You arrived at your door and turned to face Johnny.  You could tell from his face that he didn’t want to say goodbye either. But, it didn’t feel right inviting him into you apartment.  What now?

“Hey (y/n), you got a pen?”

You looked at Johnny questioningly.  That was random, but, you weren’t going to ask questions.  He did just help you get home.  You opened the door to your apartment, and walked to your kitchen where you opened a drawer.  Taking out a pen, you turned back to Johnny who was waiting patiently in your doorway, a playful grin pulling at the corners of his mouth.  You handed him the pen and he suddenly grabbed your hand and began writing.

“Johnny what the heck are you doing?!”

“I’m writing my phone number on your hand.”

“Are you serious?  What is this, some cheesy 1990s rom-com?”

“Look, your phone’s dead and mine is back in the practice room.  If cheesy and old-school are my only options, then cheesy and old-school is what you’re gonna get.”

He finished writing and you looked down at his number on your hand.  You looked back up at him, planning to make another snide remark about how lame he was, but his face had changed.  His cheeky expression had disappeared, and he now looked thoughtful, as he glanced between his number on your hand and your face.

“(Y/n), can I tell you something?”

You nodded your head in approval.

“I’m really glad you got lost tonight.”

It was like he was speaking your thoughts from earlier in the café as his own.

“Have you heard of the Korean phrase 인연인가 ?” (read: “inyeoninga bwa”)

“No… What does it mean?”

“It means it must be fate.  I’ve never really understood it until now.”

In a way, the two of you meeting was like fate.  You looked up at Johnny, not being able to help the huge smile forming on your face. You felt like your face was going to rip in half.  His smile was just as big as yours, and you couldn’t help but appreciate how beautiful he was.

Johnny took both of your hands in his own, and slowly began to lean his face down towards your own.  Unknowingly, you closed your eyes in anticipation.  How did your night end up like this?  You didn’t care.  You wanted this to happen.  Just when you were ready to feel his lips press against yours, you heard him laugh as he dropped your hands and backed away.

“You didn’t think I was actually going to kiss you did you?”

“Are you serious Johnny?  Of all the people in the world who could have rescued me, it just had to be you didn’t it?”

“Come on, I’m pretty awesome.  I just don’t kiss on the first date.”

“Is that what this was?  A first date?”

“You bet.  Lucky you hey?  Getting to date THE Johnny Seo.”

“I hate you.”

“Don’t say that (y/n), maybe you’ll get that kiss on our second date. So don’t forget to text me, okay?”

And with that, he began to walk away.  You looked at your hand, the ink already beginning to smudge, probably from how sweaty your palms got when you thought he was going to kiss you.   You went to go plug in your phone so you could add his number.   Despite having no idea when, you were sure you would be seeing Johnny again.  You had to get that kiss.

**Kk so this is bad and like, twice as long as I intended it to be.  But I couldn’t stop writing haha.  Thank you sooooo much for reading and I hope you guys liked it!!  As always, let me know what you thought and feel free to leave a request in my ask box!**

Vets X-ray Pets, Not Wallets

Early on in my career I saw an elderly Golden Retriever owned by a single mom with 3 kids. The entire appointment she kept saying how she barely had money to feed her kids and she really hoped this visit wouldn’t be expensive. Her dog ended up having multiple abdominal masses, one of which appeared to be bleeding into his abdomen. She was devastated by the news and then said her mother would be coming in to help cover the cost of the visit. When she asked me what we should do the first thing I thought about was how difficult it would be for her to pay for surgery and chemotherapy. I thought about her kids not getting new school clothes because all the money went to pay for their dog’s surgery. So I told her the best, most kind option was euthanasia. She agreed and we euthanized the dog, they took the body home to bury it.

Several days later my hospital manager got a very angry phone call from the owner. She had been speaking with a friend whose dog had many of the same problems and had undergone surgery. The owner was furious that I had not even offered surgery as an option. She would have borrowed the money from her mother had she known. I euthanized her dog without discussing other options because I thought I was helping her and her children.

I have never made that mistake again, much to the chagrin of some clients. When presented with an estimate for care some people become angry and ask me what makes me think they have X amount of money to spend on a hamster. Other people laugh because to them, it’s just a cat and they would never imagine spending that amount. But lots of people don’t even bat an eye and tell me to proceed.

My job is to offer the absolute best care for animals, not to try and guess what people can and want to pay for. There is usually a plan B, C, and sometimes D and E if A is too expensive. Always keep that in mind when going to the vet before you become upset at the cost of something. There is nothing wrong with saying you just cannot afford it and you’d like to know the next best option.

Also remember though that sometimes, there is no option B. Unfortunately there are some cases when it’s either option A or euthanasia. Not because the vet doesn’t want to help but because the nature of the disease or problem requires a certain treatment. Euthanasia is far from being the cowards option or the option of someone who doesn’t care, sometimes it really is the kindest choice.

Discuss all of your concerns with your veterinarian and be honest about what you can and cannot afford and we will do our best to help you.

Joker Imagine - Shooting at the mall

loudcherryblossomangel said: Can you do one we’re joker treats reader well and spoils her and goes shopping but then a shooting starts and he saves you?❤️ Love everything you post BTW, big Fan😍❤️💪🏽

/Aww thank you love. I’m glad you do! I tried my best with this one :)

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Usually J and you would rob things which included loads of money.What did you do with the money? Not that much. You used cash to buy illegal things from other criminals, but you were left with millions of dollars. So the two of you decided to go to the mall and J wanted to spoil you for being so good. People saw you and walked away in fear, but no one called the police. It wasn’t illgeal to be shopping.

You were in an underwear shop where you were looking at some silky underwear. Maybe something to show off to J in bed? You saw rosy lingerie with jewels on it. It was so pretty. ‘’J look at this!’’ You breathed out and picked the lingerie up. He put his hand on your back and leaned closer to your ear. ‘’You’d definitely look sexy in that babe’’ He purred warmly and made you smile. The other women in the shop avoided you which was kinda funny.

‘’I’ll go and try the upper part on’’ You told him and walked towards a fitting room. ‘’Alright’’ He sighed and took a seat as you walked off. Just as you shut the door, a loud bang made you flinch. You dropped the lingerie on the floor and decided to listen. People were screaming and you heard gunshots. Then an unfamiliar voice yelled at everyone to get down and shut the fuck up or they’d die.

Was J there? Was he okay?

The door ripped open and a masked man saw you. You tried to grab your gun that you had with you, but it was too late. The man pulled you out of the fitting room and kept a gun against your stomach. Usually you’d still try to escape, but you saw two more armed men pointing at you with their guns so it was dangerous. The chair was empty and your J was long gone. Did he leave you alone?

‘’Aw who do we have here?’’ The same man that had yelled earlier chuckled. You gave him an angry look. The man had green eyes, but that’s all you saw because he was wearing a mask. It was plain white. He stepped in front of you and blocked your vision. ‘’Where’s the clown now? ‘’ He snickered and pressed the cold metal of the gun against your stomach. It was bare because you were wearing a crop top today. Instead of speaking, you literally spat on the man.

‘’Fucking bitch’’ he hissed and slapped you. It stung your cheek ,but you didn’t show weakness. Instead you just giggled to freak people out. It was obvious that it was weird and he found it disturbing. ‘’If I’d want to, I’d crack all of your necks in ten seconds, but lucky for you I wanted to spend one day without crimes’’ You sighed longly and hid your fear. Yes you could do that without caring about the law, but there was a chance you’d get shot. You had to wait until escape. Where the fuck was J?

‘’Whatever. Shoot whoever saw us and let’s get going!’’ The man demanded his friends. You watched as they walked to the women who had wanted to buy some underwear and pointed at them with guns. Honestly it was wrong. You were a criminal and yes you were sick in your head, but when other people than J or his henchmen killed someone, you felt angry.

Only one woman was shot until J appeared and caused everyone to point at him. He was keeping a poker face on. Instead of being alone ,he had some of his henchmen behind him. ‘’Now let my princess go or I’ll kill every single one of you’’ He warned the guys with a cold and fatal voice. The gun was lifted from your stomach and to your head. ‘’I don’t think it works like that Joker’’ The man spoke deeply, trying to sound scary or something.

The gun was loaded right next to your head and suddenly you felt a little scared. This wasn’t a game anymore. Before they got to chance to shoot you, J pulled the trigger and you shut my eyes. You could feel the breeze of air in your face as the bullet flew right next to your ear. It hit the person that held you tightly, leaving bruises on your arms for sure. Then you  heard another bang which hit the man who had spoken all the time. 

The both of them fell down on the floor dead, leaving the other men in surrender. J’s henchmen took care of them as J walked up to you. You wrapped your arms around him and hid your face in his chest. ‘’Are you okay?’’ He asked you softly and rubbed your back gently. Your cheek stung like hell and you could taste blood in your mouth, but you didn’t want to worry him. He saw that you were quiet so he looked down at you and gently touched your face so you were fored to face him. ‘’It’ll leave a nasty bruise’’ He mumbled and ran his thumb on you cheek. ‘’I’ll be fine’’ You whispered quietly. It shook you a little to think about what had happened.

It happened so fast but they were after you. Were there more people that wanted to kidnap you?

‘’Your arms..’’ J muttered and held your hand up so he could see the bruises that formed like fingerprints on your skin. He seemed sad to be honest. ‘’Let’s go home..We can take a nice long bath together okay?’’ He whispered and looked into your eyes. ‘’That sounds nice’’ You admitted and wanted to relax. Suddenly he looked like he remembered something. ‘’Oh before we go..’’ He started and walked to the fitting booth and still held your hand. He grabbed the lingerie and smiled.

‘’Let’s not forget this’’

So there’s a porn documentary up on Netflix called X-Rated and I started watching it because I assumed it would include some criticism of the porn industry, in the vein of Hot Girls Wanted and After Porn Ends, and the first thing they talked about was Deep Throat and so I thought “Yeah, they’ll probably talk about how Linda Lovelace was forced to do Deep Throat by her abusive pimp husband” but they just talked about the movie and how much money it made and how it had a big impact on society and I’m just so angry because people deserve to goddamn know what Linda Lovelace went through, they even showed the part where you could see the bruises on her legs from Chuck’s beatings but they didn’t bother to mention how she got them, just that she was good at sucking dick and I’m just so fucking mad I hate porn I hate the industry I hate movies like this that glorify that shit I just hate it so much like there’s no way that anyone who did any kind of research wouldn’t know about what happened, the woman wrote a fucking book about it. I’m just so sick of this pornified society that ignores the rape and abuse of women I hate it I hate it I hate it

please vote for monsta x please im begging i literally spent money on their album is really good

i sometimes don’t spend money on food when im hungry guys



Part Two: Money to Be Made
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2465
Warnings: Implied control issues.


A/N: I do have this whole story mapped out, but this part turned out nothing like I thought it would. Just going with it. Also, I don’t really know much about filming and sets and all that, so I’m just making it work for the story. Consider that a blanket statement for the rest of the fic.

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So, why are the fans who are hankering for Bucky to atone for his past sins  by doing the right thing… the ones pissing on Tony Stark?

Like, he’s trying to atone for his past sins (namely Ultron), by doing what he thinks is the right thing… 

It wasn’t technically the right decision, no. 
But he also was the only avnger personally accosted by the mother of a victim; how do you think Steve or Nat or Thor or Sam would have handled that?

“x amount dead” from the tv is different to having a mother showing you a photo of the child she will never hold again and saying, “This… this is your fault!”

For once, Tony was confronting the human side of the damage. He couldn’t just throw money at it. 

Couldn’t fix it, like most other issues.

And then the world government swoops in with a document that seems to make the avengers accountable, that seem like the right thing to do… of course he fucking signed uo for it.

Look at his past.

His weapons hurt people, the minute he understood the reality of what he made and sold… he took responsibility, shut down thtat side of the company, invested in helping.

He made his best friend a suit, which was suposed to help, to keep him safe.

When he was robbed of everything, he still went to deal with the villain empty-handed. Tried to save Peper (but she saved his ass instead).

Literally intercepted a massive missile headed for Manhatten (thanks to the fucking government, bc thats a totally normal reaction??? wf america????), with no intention of returning. He thought he was going to die up there.

And Ultron was supposed to be a protector, he as a good idea, an extension of Tony’s need to protect… it’s not Tony’s fault that the damn thing got online, read My Immortal, 50 Shades of grey and every ‘Daddy’ post on this fucking website and decided all of humanity needed to be wiped out. I can’t blame him there.

Not to mention, he only panicked about the ultron thing BECAUSE wanda gave him a vision that showed him the only people in the world he consideres friends and family… dead. And apparently at his hands.


Not to mention the dude is slowly falling apart, and thought he was being poisoned due to a freaking panic attack.

And that he’s carried his parent’s deaths all these years, only to find out the one person in the world he trusts most (and spent half his life idolising) knew exactly who killed them…


There are a lot of reasons to understand WHY tony did what he did. Why he thought signing the accords wa the right thing to do.

It wasn’t technically the RIGHT thing, but it seemed like it.

And he didn’t know it would turn out how it did. You all saw his face when he saw the outcome… he knew it was wrong; he was almost willing to back down on that, but remember they were all being emotionally manipulated the entire time.

Not to mention: This entire thing was deliberate puppeteering, to push Iron Man and Captain America apart through Bucky Barnes. And it worked, because they all kept secrets from each other.

Captain isn’t a freaking angel in this. Bucky murdered a lot of people. Like, A LOT. Iron Man’s hands are stained with the blood of the people his weapons killed and maimed. Everyone was in the wrong.


Not to mention, in the comic version of this arc, Cap and Bucky literally HAVE TO BE STOPPED FROM OUTRIGHT FUCKING MURDERING A FLAT-ON-HIS-BACK AND DEFENCELESS IRON MAN… by civilians. CIVILLIANS had to pin the pair down, until reason flooded back in and they realised Bucky nearly finished off the entire Stark family (with Steve’s help).


You can’t say ‘Yes I support Character A, but Character B, whose storyline and emtional ssues parallel Character’s A’s in a rather blatant way… can go fuck themselves. They are the devil.’


*nathan using his gay charm with gabriel*

 Nathan : “Have you got any money?”

 Gabriel : “As a matter of fact—and I have to say I hope you’re as impressed with me as I am—yes, I do.”

 Nathan“Buy me lunch then?”

 Gabriel : “Anytime.”


 and…. gabriel would do anything for you at anytime  if u know what i mean 

Valentine’s Day Preference

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!


Valentine’s Day to Dean Winchester is nothing more than a silly holiday for companies to make a shit ton of money, nevertheless he could not help himself but to do something special for you this February fourteenth.

It started out with your everyday Valentine’s Day commercial that he caught sight of in a diner while on the road, it then led to him not being able to quit thinking about what it would be like to do something special for you. Then came his planning. Dean made reservations for a fancy restaurant near the bunker; then he made his way to the jewelry store and bought a simple silver chain necklace with a small diamond charm; and then he swung by the florist to pick up a bouquet of your favorite flowers. He did all this in the two days before Sunday, February fourteenth.

The day of Valentine’s Day you woke up to find Dean’s side of the bed cold from lack of a person being there. You groggily wondered where your boyfriend had gone. With a groan, you heave yourself out of bed and make your way down the bunker’s hall towards the kitchen.

As you walked into the kitchen you were met with the strong smell of pancakes and coffee. You were just starting to ask yourself where all this came from when a pair of lips met yours. When they pulled back you were met with the sight of Dean, already dressed in his normal jeans and flannel, handing you a bouquet of your favorite flowers.

“Dean, what’s all this?” You ask, taking the flowers and smelling them.

“Ah, it’s nothin’, but make sure you’re all dolled up by eight.” He smiles at you.

“I thought you didn’t believe in Valentine’s Day,” you tease him halfheartedly. You’d be a liar if you said you didn’t like what he had done for you.

“What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic.”


Sam Winchester was pretty traditional when it came down to it, so when Valentine’s Day rolled around you could bet he had planned a nice night out.

Around eight o’clock on February fourteenth, Sam had met you at your bedroom door hiding a bouquet of roses behind his back with a small Valentine’s Day themed teddy bear.

He handed them to you shyly as if he had not done this only a year before and the year before that.

“You ready?” He asked you, smiling down at you like you were a Greek goddess or something.

“I believe I am.” You giggled as he gave you his arm to link yours with.

Sam took you to a restaurant that was nicer than your normal diner, but not too fancy. You sat and ate, you talked, and you just genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. Afterwards, you went and saw a movie, but the two of you made like teenagers and made out the whole time, ignoring what was going on up on the screen. Then, to top it all off, Sam took you to the park where you walked around, breathing in the cool air.

“This may have been the best Valentine’s yet.” You say, leaning your head against Sam’s shoulder as you stopped to look over the lake, the moon reflecting beautifully against the water.

“You said that last year,” Sam teases, glancing down at your content face.

“Well it was true last year and it’s true this year.”

“You’re easily pleased.”

“I am,” you say with a shrug, “and you know what else you can do to please an easily pleased girl?”

“I’m listening.”

“Kiss her.”

You moved to stand in front of Sam, smiling. Sam was smirking at you, probably from your comment.

“Yeah?” He asked.


Then Sam moved his hand to cup your face and you moved your arms around his neck. Sam brought his face closer to yours and pulled you into a soft, sweet kiss. He tasted like salt and butter from the movies and you probably did too. When the two of you pulled back you just looked into each other’s eyes.

“Yeah. Definitely the best Valentine’s to date.”


Cas didn’t understand what the big fuss was about Valentine’s Day was, so he asked you. You explained to him that it was a fun kind of holiday for couples to buy gifts for each other and go on dates and just celebrate being together. Cas asked if that meant he had to get you a gift. You just chuckled and told him it was fine and he didn’t have to get you anything.

Castiel was not satisfied with that answer, so he went to the Winchesters and asked what kind of gifts were appropriate to get for you for Valentine’s Day. Dean said the obvious, “Flowers and chocolate. Girls dig that stuff on Valentine’s Day.” Sam gave Dean a look before turning back to Cas and giving his own advice, “Get her something you know she’d like, put some thought into it.”

Cas then decided to take Sam’s advice. He thought about it nonstop for the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, and day of, he had an entire night planned out.

Sunday morning you woke up to a knock at your door. You sat up groggily, “Come in.”

Cas opened the door, one hand behind his back.

“Good morning, (Y/N).”

“Mornin’, Cas.” You said, raising an eyebrow at him. “What’s behind your back?”

Cas, who seemed to have forgotten what exactly he was doing straightened up and walked into the room. He took his hand out from behind his back and handed you a bouquet of all kinds of flowers that looked hand picked from somewhere warmer than Lebanon, Kansas. You brought them to your nose, smelling them.

“Awe, Cas, thank you. I love them.”

Cas smiled,”I thought we could also go ‘raid the store’, as you say, for snacks and then come back here and watch Netflix together since it’s something that we always like to do together and Valentine’s Day is to do things you enjoy with your significant other.”

You giggled, “Yeah, Cas. That sounds perfect.”

Then, taking him off guard, you stood up and kissed him. He relaxed into it quickly and when you pulled back you were out of breath.

“I love you, Cas.”

“I love you, too, (Y/N).”

11 questions tag

Yayyy I love love love these tag games!! Thank you @yoongidelight 💗

1. How do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully earning money as a veterinary nurse!!

2.  If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?


3. Words that you live by?

‘You are only as old as you feel’. I’m only young but my biggest fear is aging, I feel like in our society, 35+ is considered old and that scares tf out of me. So I guess I don’t live by this quote currently, but I will in the future. 

4. Favourite movie/books?

Book: ‘Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell’ Movie: ‘American History X’ & ‘Jarhead’

5. What do you like most of BTS besides their music?

Their choreography.

6. What’s your spirit animal?

Red deer

7. Last song you listened to?

Elegia - New Order (this is from the stranger things soundtrack & it gives me CHILLS)

8. Do you believe in ghosts?


9. How many languages can you speak?


10. Any secret talent?

I can play the saxophone and the clarinet 

11. Anything you want to randomly say

Love yourself; take care of yourself; tidy your space and it will help clear your mind. I did my spring cleaning yesterday and it filled me with positivity. Take time to do things for you. Take time away from the internet and breathe. :)))) much love.

Questions 4 you:

1. Favourite movies?

2. Pet peeve you have?

3. What did you last eat?

4. Do you have any pets/what pets would you like, if any?

5. Favourite flower?

6. Favourite ever album?

7. What did you last listen to?

8. Coffee or tea?

9. Would you get any tattoos, what of?

10. Favourite actor/actress?

11. Anything you want to randomly say?

I shall tag : @yeongicheoreom @mibudou & anyone else! 

if im not to identify as transgender because I haven’t gone through with the transition (cause im not old enough and will never have the money for it) then what the hell am I supposed to identify as while at the same time being at least a little comfortable with it. id love to identify as a guy but the best I’d be allowed to disguise myself as would be fucking genderfluid like I used to say I was. as a cover :))) cause hey I don’t have a family that supports me for shit sooooo 👌

I’d just like some kind of advice because I don’t know what to do with myself x)

I heard that people like me who call themselves transgender insult actual trans people and I don’t wanna do that but what the fuck am I supposed to do.

I don’t know. why am I making things difficult why can’t I keep pretending to be what I was (in my opinion, mistakenly) born as.

I just don’t feel right in my skin and it sucks. aren’t you supposed to be comfy in your own skin? but I guess I’ll just be what my family wants me to be until im old enough to move out and be myself.

either way, thank you for taking your time to read this bs. I hope you have a great week

bornforvicturi replied to your post “no offence but the whole pillow merch stuff makes me so uncomfy…”

I agree. I HATE that they put Yurio on them and sexualize him…he is 15. I understand why they would do Victor and Yuri, because most shows do that for their main characters and I’m sure they are tying to get as much money as possible, however I don’t approve of it. Seeing people mention the X reader stuff is terrible because they are a couple…a gay couple…happily in love and people need to stop.

yeah like they’re the 3 mains so i get its an anime thing they make this shit but all 3 of them are still super gross like i’m sick of people thinking it’s okay to sexualise a child and to fetishise m/m couples or break them up bc they want to sexualise one of them like it’s so hard to find decent rep and when you do this happens and i hate it so much

youngjai  asked:


💕: List 2 reasons to love yourself
1) im a really talented person
2) idk im nice sometimes??

🌺: Name a song that reminds you a happy moment in your life
the bakugan theme song

🍬: What food makes you happy?
my grandmas gorditas de nata

🍭: List things that make you fall asleep
1) someone’s heartbeat
2) the feeling of someone hugging me
3) rain
4) blankets that just came out of the dryer

🍉: What would you do if you had one day with unlimited money to treat yourself?
well. i always need money but not for spending and stuff like that. so if i could deposit x amount of money into a bank that would be what i would do. and since its an unlimited amount of money id deposit the amount of money i think is best and THEN id probably go on a shopping spree for things like clothes/makeup/shoes etc

*leaves emoji™*: List simple things you can do to make yourself happy everyday
1) get everything i have to do done
2) clean
3) eat well
4) do my daily language lesson

as you can see im a very. easy to maintain person

Thanks for sending an ask! I really appreciate it💕


An itemized list of things I love about “Stay Alive”
  • You hear that sound at 0:10? It’s a gunshot. On stage, the first action in this song is the firing of a bullet that misses Hamilton. So when Eliza’s telling Hamilton to “Stay Alive” at the beginning, she’s not kidding.
  • “They only take British money / so sing a song of sixpence.”
  • The continuation of George Washington’s “out-[x]“ motif from Right Hand Man. The Continental Army are out-gunned, out-manned, out-numbered and out-planned. So what do they do? They provoke outrage. Outright. 
  • “Hit’em quick, get out fast …” / “Chick-A-PLARGH.”
  • “Instead of me, he promotes Charles Lee / Makes him second in command … “ / “I’m a general! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!1!!1!”
  • And the utter disdain dripping from Hamilton’s ensuing “… yeah …”
  • “He’s not the choice I would have gone with / HE SHITS THE BED AT THE BATTLE OF MONMOUTH.”
  • The absolute sass of Washington’s “Oh, I’m sorry / is this not your speed?!”
  • Hamilton wants Washington-senpai to notice his military prowess so badly that when Lee goes, and Washington calls out Ham’s name, Hamilton’s response is not “yes sir” but “READY SIR.” He’s that sure that Washington’s gonna give him a command … except he’s wrong.
  • The way the guy playing Lee nearly runs out of breath at the end of “The best thing he could do for the revolution is turn and go back to plantin’ tobacco in Mt Vernon.”
  • The early signs of Hamilton’s complete and utter inability to remain chill whenever someone talks smack. Washington explicitly orders “DON’T DO A THING” and Hamilton’s all “BUT SIR?!?!!” 
  • AND THEN! He goes and does a thing anyway. 
  • “I can’t disobey direct orders. But no one said anything about you, Laurens! ;) ;) ;)

y’all: boyfriend should disband bc they aren’t making the company any money

y’all: bf isn’t even popular  

y’all: what are they even doing right now 

y’all: starship shouldn’t waste more time/money on them

y’all: monsta x is much better/well developed/more popular