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Look, I really like Pearl Mackie. I’m super excited for her as Bill. I’m even hoping that she sticks around for the next Doctor. But give me a Christmas special with just Peter and Jenna.

I know. I’m greedy. They had two full seasons and a Christmas Special.

But give me this last thing BBC. Let my Doctor be reunited with Clara Oswald, the first face his face saw, the woman seared into his hearts, and let them have one last Christmas together.

Answers to some Infinity Train Questions


I didn’t. I had to look up what that acronym stood for. Glowing things in or on people’s hands are a very old sci-fi and fantasy concept. I would say it was more inspired by Logan’s Run than anything else.


Thanks! Before I was born, my mom and dad used to watch Doctor Who together. Eventually, their schedules made it so they couldn’t do that, so my dad recorded all the episodes of Doctor Who that they couldn’t watch when they aired. I found all these tapes when I was like 4 and the handwriting on the labels of “Dr. Who” was, I’m pretty sure, one of the earliest things I learned to read. Tom Baker was my first Doctor. I used to watch the show all the time. My neighborhood friends thought I was crazy. I remember hammering a bottle cap into a piece of wood and saying I’d invented something and I was the doctor and my friends would say “What do you mean?” and I’d say “No! You’re supposed to say ‘Doctor who?’ and then I say ‘yes!’”

They didn’t get it.

I wanted to get that feeling of adventure and mystery that I felt then (though I didn’t come up with this idea until 2010). Also, I got super SUPER into Myst as a kid and other point and click adventure games. I remember one of the earliest kind of mysterious games I played when I was 5 was called Countdown. It’s a DOS game about a guy in a prison and you’re trying escape, so you search your cell and you solve various puzzles. However, if you get caught, you get a lobotomy, which my parents then had to explain the concept of to me.

So Infinity Train is just all of that stuff.

Something I just wanna point out quick: I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to assume that I was heavily affected by anime as a kid, and I was, but only in that I HATED anime. All the anime stuff I’ve done in Regular Show was based on research (given to me by @tobyjones). My sister liked anime when we were kids, and we would argue about it constantly. When we got home from school, she would want to watch Dragon Ball Z and I would want to watch Twilight Zone or Sliders. I didn’t learn to even start considering anime as a valid idea until mid-late college. I’m fine now, but it’s not where my biggest, deepest influences come from.


Thanks! And wow yeah, that face stealer is cool looking. I’ve seen people mention the face stealer and also people saying it’s inspired from no face from Spirited Away.

The Steward is actually based on a song. I thought of the steward while I was driving through Yosemite a few years ago. I had just bought OK Cowboy by Vitalic and I was blasting it while driving through the mountains. The steward was the face/robot I thought of when the song My Friend Dario popped up. I imagined her rising from the ground, nodding her head to the beat, and then when the guitar comes in, that’s when she starts shooting like crazy. I wasn’t sure what she was shooting at, just that she was shooting stuff. I thought it could be cool (in my very early ideas of what infinity train might be) if she was terrorizing some small band of villagers and someone had to go confront it. This song inspiration is also why she has a sound effect that’s like a chugging, but constant electronic beat.

I would say, design wise, she’s most influenced by the couple’s mask from Majora’s Mask mixed with @hypnothalamus‘s work. I had just discovered Lucian Stanculescu and fallen in love with his art, so it was permeating my mind at the time. When I finally thought of the corgi scenario, I realized she was the perfect monster for it. She looks so different than anything we’d seen in the world so far, that the contrast would make her feel shocking and a little scary.

Here are the two original Steward drawings I drew in a tent cabin in June 2013. She wasn’t even named Steward at this point:

As always, thanks for watching the pilot and for your continued support of Infinity Train! We’re inching ever closer to a million views!


❄ Winter JBM Headcanons ❄
  • Bossuet has an impressive collection of beanies. He needs to protect his lovely bald head, doctor’s order! What would he do if his precious wits started to freeze, eh?
  • Bossuet and Musichetta each hold one of Joly’s hands when they walk outside, because Joly doesn’t have the best blood flow in his fingers and gets cold quickly. It’s also very cute.
  • They also hold hands in case of black ice. At least if one of them falls, they’ll either be held back or share the embarrassment. That’s what love is all about.
  • Each of them has a favourite tea when cold temperatures hit. Musichetta like her brew with kick, so ginger and lemon keep her warm. Joly is a jasmine green tea kind of man. Bossuet hoards boxes of orange cinnamon black tea by the dozen.
  • Joly loves the snow, but he doesn’t want to catch a cold outside. Plus he doesn’t manage well with his leg in the snow. So Musichetta bought him a snow globe for him to have snow all year long. And Bossuet take him on sleigh hikes when they go in the country, pulling the sleigh along the path with Joly in it.
  • The lower the temperature gets, the more stylish Musichetta becomes. She has a whole collection of pretty jumpers that Joly and Bossuet “borrow” to keep themselves warm and cosy
  • They offer each other pairs and pairs of fuzzy socks thoughout winter because a) Bossuet keeps losing or tearing them b) Joly collects them
Joker x deaf!Reader   Part 5

Y/N winced when the guards brought J to the room, although she couldn’t have looked much better herself. His eye was swollen and he had a busted lip. Her cheek was only slightly swollen from where the guard hit her, but despite the pain she forced a smile.

“Hey, Mr.J.” He glared at her, which caused her heart to fall. Please don’t blame me for any of this. As soon as the guards left she leaned in.

“I got your letter.” He continued to glare at her.

“The one with the money? The note?” His face broke out into a grin.

“Tell me how you got here, Y/N.”


“Aw c’mon. Do you really think they would let a deaf doctor treat The Joker? Me? This is insulting. Whose pants did you have to get into to get to be my shrink?” He snarled. Her hands were sweating as she gritted her teeth. She forced herself to look away and ignored him as he kicked the table. When she gained enough courage to look back at him, she noticed his eyes were dilated.

“Mr.J did they give you something?”

He blinked a couple of times before a dopey grin lit up his face.

“Wha?” She sighed in relief, but her heart still stung from his words.

“This isn’t right. You’re my patient. They should notify me before giving you anything.” She muttered to herself before looking back at J.

“I’m going to need to take your blood.” J’s grin faltered a bit.

“My blood? Like the blood in my body?” Y/N snorted.

She knocked on the door and informed the guards on what she wanted to do.

“Can I have a cookie?” J asked her, but her back was turned as she was communicating with the guards.

“Doc? Can I have a cookie?” Y/N saw the guards glare at J and she turned around.

“Do you need something, Mr. J?” He smiled at her like a little kid.

“I want a cookie. Dark chocolate.” Y/N smiled and turned to the guards.

“And get him a cookie. Dark chocolate.” She shut the door as they headed off to get the equipment.

“Ok, Mr.J. I’m going to take the straitjacket off so we can take your blood.” She leaned over him and started to undo the straps. Before she could pull away, he placed a kiss on her lips. She jumped back in surprise, knocking her spine against the table.

“Mr.J, you-you can’t do that. It’s unprofessional.” J smiled at her and laughed.

“Doc, don’t you feel the same way? C’mon.” He finished taking the straitjacket off of him and stayed sitting.

“Is it cold in here?”  Y/N didn’t answer, she was still reeling from the kiss.

“You can’t do that.” J only rolled his eyes.

“Mr. J, I’m serious. If you touch me again, I won’t come and see you anymore.”  J glared at her.

“Doc, I assure you, if you-” The door opened, and Y/N nearly jumped out of her skin. The guards walked in with the equipment, giving Y/N a weird look.

“Can she do it?” Y/N let out a shaky breath and grabbed the needle. She felt J’s eyes on her the whole time. Lining up the needle with his vein, she gently pushed it in. She glanced up to check if she was hurting him, and her face turned bright red when J moaned.

“Oh, doc, a little harder.” J laughed as a guard told him to shut up. Her fingers brushed against his arm as she gently held it down. He purred at her touch.

“Alright, now I need to prick your finger.” He lifted his pointer finger and poked her nose. She smiled at his childish antics, but covered it with the back of her hand.

“Don’t hide that smile, doc.” She ignored him.

“Alright, all done. Where’s his cookie?” Before she could wrap a band-aid around his finger, he made direct eye contact as he sucked the blood off. Jesus Christ. She blinked and grabbed his hand, pulling his finger from his mouth. Biting her lip in concentration, she focused on wrapping the Batman band-aid around his finger perfectly. He smiled when he noticed the theme, and her heart fluttered as he praised her.

“Nice choice, doc.” She poked his hand with the cookie but before he could take it the guard intervened.

“Ma’am he needs to go back in the jacket.” Y/N gave her best glare at the guard.

“He’s fine. I can handle him.” J let out a low growl as he stared at her and bit into his cookie, but of course she didn’t hear it. Or at least he thought she didn’t until her head snapped towards him. His eyes widened as he realized she had her hand on his chest, as if protecting him from the guards. He snorted. As if.

“Did you just growl? Never mind, I think you two can leave now so I can continue my session.” They continued to argue.

“I’ll do it myself, now leave.” J glared at the guards as they grumbled about her as they left. She gave him a sad smile when she looked at him.

“During our next sessions, you won’t have to wear it. But I need to put it back on, in case they come back.” He leaned towards her, and Y/N thought he was going to kiss her again until she realized he was handing her the jacket. She pushed the disappointment back and put it back on.

“Oh you didn’t finish your-” She stopped talking as he opened his mouth.

“Wait, what? If you think I’m feeding you-”

“Pretty, pretty, pretty, please?”  She blinked and grabbed the cookie. Angry at how he was making her feel, she unintentionally shoved the cookie in his mouth, almost making him gag.

“Sorry.” She muttered, not sure if she meant it.

“Jeez, doc, you play rough.” He sputtered for a second before taking a seductive bite from the cookie. He made a show of making suggestive faces, rolling his eyes back in bliss and then licking the cookie before taking a bite.

“I’ve ate them before, they’re not that good.” She smiled at the way his shoulders shook when he chuckled.

“You should only eat food made for a queen.” He muttered, knowing she wouldn’t catch it. Her forehead creased in confusion.


“Nothing.” She was holding the last piece of the cookie and he made sure to lick her fingers as he took it from her. He noticed the sad look on her face and went to lick the crumbs off of her fingers. She giggled and shoved him away.

“Why so sad, doc?” He gauged her reaction, testing her to see how she reacted to his earlier accusations.

“Did you mean what you said earlier?” Bingo. She glanced at him nervously. He felt a strange pull in his chest and had to stop himself from reassuring her.

“That was just a test, and I’m very pleased to say, you passed.” You proved my suspicion, you’re as gullible as you look. Her eyebrows furrowed but she didn’t question it, something he liked.

“Well, doc? I don’t get a kiss back?” She blushed.

“I really shouldn’t, I mean you’re still-”

“How about you come by and see me tonight? You wanna help get me away from these people who want to hurt your Mr. J?” She shivered. Her Mr.J.

“Come here, doll. Come sit on my lap.” Her eyes widened and she glanced to the door.

“No one’s coming in, they know better. C’mere, doll. Listen to daddy.” Y/N was confused. Why was he suddenly acting like she was his puppet?

“Look Mr.J, we’re still-” She yelped as his hands pulled her to him. The straitjacket was off but she was sure she had it tight enough. When the guards didn’t come after hearing her scream, she started shaking. This man had power and he could have killed her at any time. Just how many people at Arkham worked for him? He forced her knees apart so that she was straddling him, and she felt incredibly awkward in her skirt. His hand cupped the back of her head and he wrapped his fingers in her hair.

“Shh, doll, shh. You’ll come see me, right?” He gave her his shark-like grin. She shakily nodded, her breath coming in little pants.

“Good. You know I live for these moments with you.” The only warning she had was him glancing at her lips before pulling her in for a hungry kiss. The grip in her hair tightened while the one on her lower back pressed her against him. It rested dangerously close to her skirt and she found herself kissing him back despite how bad she was shaking. He pulled away and leaned his forehead against hers. After he let her catch her breath, he pulled her away from him and smirked as her eyes went to his lips.

“Will you do that for me, my sweet doctor? Will you make sure no one will hurt your J?” She nodded and he knew he had her wrapped around his thumb.

“Yes.”  He patted her butt, indicating she get off of him. When the guards came to get him, they didn’t comment on her disheveled state, and she instantly noticed they were different guards with the same name tags. J winked and left, and as soon as she was alone she started to cry.


Y/N’s nerves were shot as she walked towards elevator. It was night and she, besides the security, were the only ones at Arkham. She felt goosebumps on her arms as she noticed some of the guards were different, but she hoped it was just the ones with the nighttime shift. She mentally went through her plan in her head.

Ok, you’re going to tell him no. You’re going to tell him you are switching patients, and if he ever tries to contact you, you will make sure he will be sent to prison. Don’t feel bad, he’s manipulative. He thinks he can bat his eyes and do that weird growly thing that he’s so good at and you’ll do anything he wants. Tell him that’s not how it works. Even punch him if it makes you feel better. Don’t fall for it. Don’t fall for it. Don’t fall for it.

Her hands shook as she swiped her key card through the slot. She saw his ghost white arms crossed over his chest. His shirt was off, showing his glorious tattoos. His door opened and he pushed himself from his position where he was leaning against the wall.  He smirked as she marched over, grabbed his face in her hands, and slammed her lips against his.

She was a goner ever since she walked in.

riainsaffron  asked:

Hi! Just discovered this blog, it's a joy to read :) I'm a first-year medical student, and even though we have a few years to pick a speciality, I was thinking about possibly doing emergency medicine. Since you have so much experience, what are some things you think people should consider before going into the field? And what are some things that you would like doctors that you work with to do better? Thank you!!

Hey there! So first off, this blog pertains much more to writing advice than to career advice. I’m also not a doctor myself, so I don’t have the direct insider tips you might be looking for. However, because the things that make a good ER doc will also make a good ER doc character, I’m going to contextualize this into writing advice. Cool? Cool. This is mostly my perspective, but it also channels advice I’ve heard from countless docs and podcasts.

First, scheduling. Emergency Medicine is a specialty where you will have to be willing to work shifts, including nights, for the entirety of your career. I don’t know of any full-time attendings who don’t have to work nights at least once in a while. That’s cool for now, but are you really gonna want to work overnights when you’re 60? There are day-shift specialties in medicine. EM is not one of them.

You need to be able to deal with a sniffle one minute and a major trauma the next, and then transition back to the sniffles. We put the critically ill and the you-should-have-gone-to-the-clinic-a-week-ago-for-this patients in the same space, and that broad range of acuity can be majorly problematic. They’re different mindsets. And the subacute will inevitably angry that they had to wait to see you, while you were taking care of the dying. That takes a huge, often-unspoken, emotional toll.

Emergency work will do its damnedest to strip you of your love of people. People can be rude, and horrible, and you have to stand there and take it. They do horrible things to each other. They’ll do horrible things to you, sometimes verbally, sometimes physically. I’ve known coworkers who went to move past a patient to go to the bathroom in an ER who got punched in the face so hard they had facial fractures. Just for trying to pee. I’ve had a patient just verbally berate me for a 45-minute transport until I had to get out of the ambulance, make sure my partner was okay triaging, and literally go cry in the parking lot and shake with rage and hatred.

You need compassion. You need to keep that compassion close and protected under a layer of tough skin. You need to be able to tell someone who’s screaming in pain to wait. You need to be able to hold a family member who just lost their kid while they cry.

You need to listen. The biggest pet peeves that medics might have about ER docs is that they often won’t listen to us. We’ll say, “Doc, don’t do this thing” and then the doc will say “mhmm” and do the thing anyway. Sometimes it’s comical. Sometimes it’s killed people. Medics might not have the same background you do, but we are generally pretty hip to what is going on. Listen. Please.

You need a sense of humor. You need to be okay with the fact that you will make jokes that it would not be okay for those outside of EM to hear. You need to be able to laugh in place of crying. You need to be okay hearing burned-out people rant and rave. You need to be okay with the fact that you will have some extremely ugly feelings.You will have to figure out how to deal with them. There is always the next patient.

You have to be prepared to kill people. Not on purpose. But you’ll make mistakes. The stakes are very, very high when you make them. Sometimes they’re okay, they get caught, they work out. Sometimes someone dies. (If you are not okay with someone dying because of a mistake you made, do not go into medicine, period. Everyone kills someone. That’s how we learn. My mistakes come back to me every time I see a similar patient.)

You need a life outside of medicine. I know, that’s hard. I’m fucking terrible at it. (This blog, and the family I’ve built with it, have done more for my mental health than I can possibly say.) But you need a hobby, some way of interacting with the world. Do woodworking in your garage. Invent new types of paper airplanes. Play the guitar and sing at shitty open mic nights. Whatever it is that you do, do something else. You’ll need it. You’ll rely on it. It will keep you human.

EM is one of the best fields in the world. It is one of the worst fields in the world. The highs are epic, the lows unbearable. You will bear them.

This, too, shall pass.

Best of luck.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Fake Chats #24
  • Taehyung: I need you to make a decision
  • Also Taehyung: I'm not a soldier! What would you do?
  • Taehyung: I'm asking you to be a doctor
  • Also Taehyung: I need some time
  • Taehyung: we don't, aw, forget it, it doesn't sound right
  • Jimin: well, we can't all be Song Joongki
  • Taehyung: I'm really feeling the love, thanks

Y’know what’s been the most difficult part of life? Trying to figure out what I wanna do with it.

"Witchcraft" in Islam

I’ve gotten recent messages about how I’m not a real quote on quote Muslim because I practice witchcraft. But the Witchcraft that is considered Haram What’s Understood differently back then what I practice and what many Muslims that also practice witchcraft is closer to Botany , using herbs and repetition for example in spells and enchantments for good luck. There’s no casting curses there’s no evil there’s no praying to anyone or believing in a higher power that’s not God I need people to understand this before they come to me saying what I’m doing is wrong. What I’m doing now was what people would go to doctors for a long time ago because they believe there was a medical side to this. I do believe this so what I practice may be considered Witchcraft and I do consider it but in no way is it a sin because it’s not evil and it’s not the kind of magic and worshiping that is against the religion

Doctor Who Imagine...

What the different regenerations would be doing during the hell known as finals week.

Twelfth Doctor: Twelve trying to explain how in the long run of life the finals don’t mean much and you should calm down but you just respond like this.

Originally posted by gemmxow

Eleventh Doctor: Eleven quizzing you and responding like this every time you got one right.

Originally posted by the-twelfthour

Tenth Doctor: Looking out the window during your final and Ten being all like,”You got this.”

Originally posted by eldermc-pricely

Ninth Doctor: Nine being like, “Have fun,” with a smirk knowing well that you don’t like tests.

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belsmomaus  asked:

Hi! So, if you're strangled (by hands) by someone who's really angry and vicious right to the point where you're about to blackout and then get saved, what is there to expect? Can you talk afterwards? How bad is the swelling, the pain? I know you're supposed to get checked by a doctor, but what exactly would they be able to do? And lets imagine you go to the hospital like that and won't tell what/who happened, then I guess the hospital is calling the police, right? Thank you!


Hey there! So your character’s been strangled… eep! That’s a really scary experience!

I’ll actually answer your last question first: at least here in the US, there are only a very few things that hospitals are mandated reporters of:

  • Gunshot wounds 
  • Stab wounds
  • Suspected child or elder abuse/neglect.

Everything else, to my knowledge, is between your characters and their healthcare providers. Rammed packets of cocaine down your gullet until you had a massive heart attack? Nope, not reported. Contracted a bird disease from an illegal cock fight? Totally on the DL as far as the hospital is concerned. So no, a little choking is not, in fact, automatically reported.

(You may want to verify this with @scriptlawyer though!)

That being said, most medical providers will encourage someone to press charges, whether they want to or not. Most strangulations are related to intimate partner violence, which is a situation that can rapidly turn lethal for the victim.

Now, on to the medicine. Mostly post-strangulations need to be evaluated by doctors for airway swelling. A lot will depend on the exact placement of the hands, amount of force, etc. But most chokes bad enough to make someone almost pass out will likely also produce bruising where the fingers were gripping.

The structures of the airway are both relatively well-defended, and also delicate. They’re pretty solid against direct injury, so a tracheal fracture (literally a broken windpipe) is unlikely (though possible; it’s something they’ll be evaluated for). However, swelling in the airway itself can rapidly become life-threatening if it occurs, and it’s a possible side effect of strangulation. It can occur up to 36 hours after the injury, too, so even after your character goes home, they may yet have serious issues that could even be life-threatening.

There’s a really good paper on strangulation trauma, although I HEREBY WARN YOU  that the description of the incident could be EXTREMELY TRIGGERING for some readers.

I’ll cut to the goodies, which are a list of possible injuries following strangulation:

  • Voice Changes—May occur in up to 50% of victims,may  be  as  minimal  as  simple  hoarseness  (dysphonia) or as severe as complete loss of voice (aphonia).
  • Swallowing  Changes—Due  to  injury  of  the  larynx and/or hyoid bone. Swallowing may be difficult but not painful (dysphagia) or painful (odynophagia).
  • Breathing  Changes—May  be  due  to  hyperventilation  or  may  be  secondary  to  underlying  neck  and airway injury. The victim may complain of dyspnea (shortness of breath) .Breathing changes may initially appear mild, but underlying injuries may kill the victim up to 36 hours later.
  • Mental  Status  Changes—Early  symptoms  may  in-clude restlessness and combativeness due to tempo-rary   brain   anoxia   and/or   severe   stress   reaction.Changes can also be long-term, resulting in amnesiaand psychosis
  • Involuntary Urination and Defecation
  • Miscarriage
  • Swelling of the Neck—Edema may be caused by any of the following: internal hemorrhage, injury of any of the underlying neck structures, or fracture of the larynx causing subcutaneous emphysema.•   Lung Injury—Aspiration pneumonitis may develop due  to  the  vomit  that  the  patient  inhaled  during strangulation.  Milder  cases  of  pneumonia  may  also occur  hours  or  days  later.  Pulmonary  edema  symptoms may also develop.
  • Visible  Injuries  to  the  Neck—These  may  include scratches, abrasions, and scrapes. These may be from the victim’s own fingernails as a defensive maneuver but  commonly  are  a  combination  of  lesions  caused by  both  the  victim  and  the  assailant’s  fingernails. Erythema  on  the  neck  may  be  fleeting,  but  may demonstrate  a  detectable  pattern.  Ecchymoses  may not appear for hours or even days. Fingertip bruises are circular and oval, and often faint. A single bruise on the victim’s neck is most frequently caused by the assailant’s thumb
  • Chin  abrasions—May  occur  as  the  victim  brings their chin down to their chest, to protect the neck.
  • Ligature  Marks—May  be  very  subtle,  resembling the natural folds of the neck. They may also be more apparent,   reflecting   the   type   of   ligature   used.Ligature  marks  are  a  clue  that  the  hyoid  bone  maybe fractured.
  • Petechiae—May be found under the eyelids, periorbital  region,  face,  scalp,  and  on  the  neck.  Petechiae may occur at and above the area of constriction.
  • Subconjunctival Hemorrhage—This may occur when there  is  a  particularly  vigorous  struggle  between  the victim and assailant.
  • Neurological  Findings—These  may  include  ptosis (droopy eyelid), facial droop, unilateral weakness, paralysis or loss of sensation. (This is an absolute worst case scenario wherein the choke has damaged the carotid artery or the person was choked long enough to cause brain damage – A.S.)
  • Psychiatric   Symptoms—including   memory   problems,  depression,  suicidal  ideation,  insomnia,  nightmares, and anxiety.
  • Other  Symptoms—Dizziness,  tinnitus (ringing in the ears)  and  acid  reflux.

That being said, in one study, 85% of strangulation victims had either no visible injuries or ones too small to photograph.

I hope this answer was useful! xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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anonymous asked:

If you could pick the next production for the Geekenders to do, what would it be?

Easy: Doctor Whosical. (Or Whosical the Musical, however it gets named.)

Few things in life have I wanted so badly.

Breaking the Rules

100 Theme Drabble Challenge featuring HopeLight

previous themes

breaking the rules; au. after having writer’s block for approximately a million years, here’s the highly-requested teacher AU! also inspired by hehaihohum‘s awesome doodles :D

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“Happy Valentine’s Day, (y/n)!” -11th

“Doctor, you came as you promised!”

“Of course I came. Trust me, I’m the Doctor.” -11th *smiling*

“Well, what would you like to do on this Valentine’s Day? through time and space like always?” -11th

“No, no this time. Doctor, stay with me for tonight.”

“As you wish, my love.” -11th *Gives kiss for your forehead*

“Oi! I almost forgot. Here you go, gift for you. It’s really cool one!” -11th

“For me?!”

“Yes absolutely for you. Now you have your own sonic screwdriver so you don’t have to steal mine. Have to confess that yours is much more cooler than mine.” -11th

“I love you Doctor, so much.Thank you!” *hugging tightly*

“I love you too (y/n). With all my hearts and don’t never doubt that.” -11th

“I won’t, never.”

soulmate sound - cth - soulmate au

i was in the middle of changing my sheets when i heard it again; the low buzzing with a faint melodic sound.
it was odd, seeing as it only happened in the evening. anytime i was in public and i heard it, i asked as many people as i could if they heard it too. many gave me strange looks. however there was one old woman that i had asked that had given me the oddest advice i’ve ever received.
she said, “i remember that feeling. i was young like you when i heard the pattering of feet on a hard floor and small giggle. i thought i was crazy! it was until i bumped into my husband that i realized what it was. it’s your soulmate sound. it’s not as advertised as it was in my day, but the older ones know what i speak of. if i were you i would do to the doctor. who knows? it might lead you to him.”
i walked away rather shaken. my soulmate sound? i didn’t think soulmates were real, only made up to try and sell romance novels and movies. i did take her advice and i went to the doctor as soon as i could get in.
when i explained what i had been going through to dr. matthews, he immediately gave me the information of a neurologist close by.
dr. hood.
i called his office and set up an appointment with him through his receptionist, riley. my appointment was next wednesday at three p. m.
the whole ordeal made me a tad nervous as i recalled the old woman, joy’s, words. “…go to the doctor, who knows? it might lead you to him.”
after i had signed in and sat in the waiting room for a rather long time, the nurse, rosana, called me back.
she asked me to change into a gown so they could run some tests after i had met with dr. hood. i went into the small bathroom decorated with flowers. it smelled of antiseptic and made me a little sick. i changed out of my dress into the green gown and proceeded to exit the bathroom and follow rosana to my room.
she checked my vitals and left me to sit while dr. hood checked my paperwork outside. when he finally arrived i was taken aback by his eminent beauty and kind eyes. he asked me what was wrong, and i was too scared to speak the truth, so i said i was having major migraines. he told me that i would have an MRI and if nothing showed up we would discuss further options.
i followed him into the room and he instructed me to lay on the machine as still as i could for the whole time. he asked if i had any metal on me to which i replied that although i had no jewelry on, i did have a few screws in my leg from when i had shattered my growth plate. he proceeded to tell me what would happen during my scan and what would happen after.
he left the room to the other little room with the computer in it. he said we were going to start and reminded me to lay completely still. the machine whirred and i started to roll back into it. the red light ran over my face…once…twice…three times before it stopped. dr. hood’s voice came over the speaker to tell me it was over and i could move. i swung my legs over the table and followed him into his office that was adjacent to the MRI room.
he sat behind his desk and motioned for me to sit opposite of him. he told me that my MRI came out perfect and there looked to be nothing wrong with me. he asked me to go in detail about my migraines.
“well, they usually happen in the evening when i’m changing my sheets. it starts as a low buzz that eventually grows into what sounds like a melody that i often find myself humming along to,” the look on his face was one of pure shock, “please don’t think i’m crazy.”
he shook his head, “no, no i don’t. you said it happens when you change your sheets?” confused i nodded, “and that its a bass line that you hum to?”
“i never said it was a bass line, why?”
“i-i can’t believe this. when i play my bass, i can always hear sheets being shaken out and someone humming along to my playing.”
his words hit me as hard as a freight train. joy’s words had clicked in my head.
“our soulmate sound,” i whispered.
“our what?”
“an old woman told me that soulmates, like you and me, have a unique sound.”
“wait, what is that old woman’s name?” he inquired.
“it’s joy, i met her on the street when i was asking about the noise, why?”
“she’s my mother and she always told me about soulmate sounds. i just never guessed i’d meet you so soon and i never really believed it,” he chuckled.
i was speechless. i had met my soulmates mother. she had basically set us up. she knew what he heard and when i described it to her, she told me to go to the doctor knowing i would eventually find my way to him.
“your mother set us up.”
he laughed, and i swear it was the most beautiful thing i had ever heard. he got crinkles by his eyes and his dimples stood strong. it was so infectious that i joined too.
when our laughter died away he was the first to speak, “so what do you say we introduce ourselves formally, soulmate?”
his quirked brow and smirk made me giggle.
“i would love to, soulmate. i’m y/n.”
he took the hand i had extended and kissed it, “hello y/n, i am your soulmate calum.”


credit to the idea of a soulmate sound goes to @/CALUMDATING on twitter!