what would samus do

So I got to Zone3 today I wanted to sit out, but my friends convinced me to join them, even though I tried to warn them of my inevitable sore-losing tantrums.

So I go in and run around the maze, and 5 minutes in I fall over a step I didn’t see and smash down onto the ground, scraping my knee on the floor and whacking my arms and hands pretty hard and I got a bruise. But I get up and continue running around, because hey… what would Samus do?

Then in the second game I ran STRAIGHT into a wall and banged my foot into a wall so hard that now I’ve got a HUGE blood-blister on the end of my toe and it REALLY hurts along with my knee that’s now stinging like crazy. I did pretty terribly in both the games and I got pretty pissed off about it and got mad and I TRIED to warn everyone but nooooooooo…

“Let’s all play Zone3!” they said.
“You’ll enjoy it!” they said. 

Although now I have battle scars, which is pretty cool. However, I’m not sure if battle scars from a laser-tag game still counts as being badass…