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“Be selfless. She saved us all. I never saw that coming. Just like however you’re going to get out of this.”

Do you sometimes go and watch Prisioner of Azkaban just to remember that Severus Snape, a person who has every reason to fear werewolves, put himself as a living barrier between one and the three kids he was supposed to hate? Because I think about that a lot.

🥐🍰Pâtisserie Asks🍮
  • Rum Baba: Which cocktail best describes you?
  • Raspberry Bavarois: Describe your perfect date. (Or day out, if you're not romantically inclined)
  • Crème Brûlée: How do you cope under pressure?
  • Croissant: Perfect Breakfast?
  • Coffee Eclair: What is your hot beverage of choice?
  • Cherry Clafoutis: Describe your perfect vacation.
  • Chocolate Fondant: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Profiteroles: How would your friends describe you?
  • Fraisier: What is your personal style?
  • Flan: What are you afraid of?
  • Macarons: How do you treat yourself?
  • Madeleines: Do you have any family traditions?
  • Mille-feuilles: If you suddenly became a millionaire what would you do?
  • Meringue: Describe your ideal party.
  • Opera Cake: What bands/music do you like?
  • Palmier: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  • Religieuse: Do you have any superstitions?
  • Soufflé: What makes you happy?
  • Tarte Tartin: What upsets you?

Ironicaly OUAT started out being that show where it was all like

“Yeah its classic disney tales but not as you remember them”

And at this point its basically a disney channel show

If you hate Severus Snape then you must also hate Regina Mills, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Bucky Barnes, Black Widow, Albus Dumbledore, Jack Thompson, Captain Killian Jones and a million other characters.Because they all did terrible things in their pasts, and they all do things to try and make up for it. Albus Dumbledore had Grindlewald, the Hallows, his sister; and then he basically manipulated and lied to a child for six years so that child would do what Albus wanted him to do. Regina Mills killed, tortured, used and tormented thousands of innocent people for so many years. Jack Thompson killed soldiers trying to come in peace, soldiers who were waving the white flag, and then lied about it. And he continued lying, and cheating and being a misogynistic sexist pig, to further his career. Tony Stark invented hundreds of weapons of mass destruction, and sold them to companies that used them for terrible things. Bucky Barnes assassinated people - he murdered Tony’s parents for goodness sake. Killian Jones, or ‘Captain Hook’ murdered, stole, lied, cheated, and betrayed people for years, searching for his ultimate revenge and taking his anger out on innocents. Bruce Banner hurts and destroys so many things and so many people when he turns into the Hulk. Innocent people. Black Widow was literally an assassin - she killed people, tortured them, for a living. 

All these people have done absolutely horrendous things - but hey all have one thing in common. They all look for redemption, they all try to make up for what they have done. And they are all products of their own unique situations. Severus Snape is no different from any of these other characters. So if you don’t hate those other characters, you shouldn’t be able to tell yourself it’s okay to hate Severus Snape.  

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Millard imagine where the reader catches Millard admiring her while she's reading and hella fluff pls thank youuuu

this is my shit tbh

- The crisp, chilly afternoon left the peculiar children of September 3, 1940 housebound. Well maybe it was just like every other afternoon, but perhaps the house was warmer and cozier today. And so was the splendor of Millard’s room, bathed with the scent of book pages and coffee.

- Millard couldn’t ask for more. It was like rain in a dessert someone would come to his room to borrow a book and it had to be you, his all-time crush. The thing so special about you was that you knew when he was present, when he was already sat on the dinner table, when he was just amidst you in your daily walk, when he was in his room, and sometimes even when he was looking at you. That was an understatement. Because he would gape at you, your hair from behind, the way you tiptoe when you return or grasp a book from the higher shelves, your skin, the shape of your body, your legs (and even your ass sometimes - hands down my people, we all stare at ass).

- He put it to the test sometimes, intentionally being at places within range of you just to see if you would discern his presence. And yes, even at 11 pm in the dimlit living room, a book propped against your lap, you knew he was there, even before you would see the floating pyjamas in the corner of your eye. “What are you doing around at this hour, Mill?”, you would say, startling him a bit, not aware of the little smirk he has on his face. “Millard things.”, he would respond. “And you’re… reading… in the dark.”, he would comment, admiring how laid back you were and how your hair would brush or fall over your shoulders. You would look up from your book and swear you could see him flush the hue of blood. “I guess it’s part of my peculiarity. And pick after midnight. Being ‘sneaky’ at 11 a.m. wouldn’t count as Millard things.”, you would grin and get back to sticking your nose on the book you were reading. Oh, but, 11 a.m. is just the perfect time to see the moonlight hit your face, Millard thought. 

- Admittedly, it was pretty imaginative not to get a hard-on when you’d grab a book and you shirt would slightly lift, revealing skin of a goddess. Mill would then crawl under his thick comforter to hide the spring of excitement he got from when it was just both of you in the room. 

- “It’s that cold, huh?”, you would say, turning to face him. Boy, he was sweating. “I prefer to say I enjoy the warmth of my comforters, but yes, I guess it’s that cold.”, he responded, professionally not stuttering. “Well, honestly, your room is pretty much warmer than mine. I’m only ever there to sleep and wake up.”, you say, nodding as you look around his room. It felt like a very home-y place. “Mind if I read here?”, you simpered. Oh, shit, he whispered. He’d have to wait before having his cheeky little wank. “Not at all.”, he said. You proceeded to plump down at the edge of the bed, and that made everything just harder for him, including his - well, we best shouldn’t get there. 

- He couldn’t recall any other times he was luckier than now (except for finally meeting Perplexus Anomalous). You held your hair behind your head and loosely tied it, resting your hand on your nape as your other hand flips a page. In concentration, you had your lower lip being nibbled down by your teeth, and Millard’s eyes lingered there for a couple of minutes, not being able to help but bite his own lip as well. And his eyes would travel down your shirt, peeking in the collar just hanging above your chest, back to your neck, down to the way you folded your legs under you as you sat. Wow.

- “I know you’re staring at me.”, you smiled, looking up at Millard from the book a few seconds after. “W-what?”, he spat out, shuffling quickly under the sheets. “How do y-you - er - …never mind.”, he slumped, feeling his face go extremely hot. You chuckled, closing the book. Millard took a hesitant look at you and averted his eyes all in a second. “S-sorry.”, he blushed. This was one of the very rare times Millard was cornered - utterly vulnerable. Hell, it probably was the only time. 

- “Don’t apologize.”, you smiled, dropping the book next to you and scooting forward so you were closer. You were starting to enjoy how adorably defenseless he was. “Because if I didn’t return any of the gaping, I wouldn’t notice that I could see you from the sweaty mess you are. It is not that cold, Mill.”, you smiled playfully, startling him by pulling his comforter off. He gasped and instantly jumped off the bed, hiding whatever he was hiding and adjusting his pants. “I, uh…”, he scrambled, wiping the sweat off his face. 

- “Y/N, look, you probably noticed already but I’m sweating this much because we’re propped on my bed, alone, together, and I fancy you a lot and I can’t bloody bare to act like a wuss anymore and I’m saying this to somehow redeem myself of my awkward actions, which probably won’t work-” “Yes, Mill, I noticed. For a sneaky guy like you, you were pretty bad at hiding your feelings.”, you swung your legs off the bed, your feet meeting the floor as you straightened up. I am in desperate need of a wank right now because even if I’m 86, I have the body of a 13 year old, and I cannot do bed things with lovely girls yet, Millard thought to himself. Millard sighed. 


- Millard had his first kiss when he was 13 (86, basically). It happened right after he sighed, not noticing that you were a peck away. 

- But now, he didn’t have to worry about hiding under the comforters or feeling extremely hot and undone when both of you were alone, because now you were his girlfriend, and you can read your books on his lap without having to ‘catch him admiring you’ anymore.  

No one gets left behind

For @oqfixitweek Day 2: Henry saves the day before Zelena gets pregnant. A little something that sprung into my head during 3 very long hours at the hairdresser. Unbetaed, all mistakes are mine.

You may be a teenage boy but you have lived with a single mom all your life, you know more about how women think and feel than most men ever care to find out. Your mom may be the strongest person you have ever met but heartbreak affects everyone one way or the other, and your mom has suffered through it more times than she will ever be willing to tell you.

When she comes back from the town line, after saying goodbye to Robin and Roland, you can see that something is different, a light has dimmed in her eyes, the smile she gives you is forced and strained, and she can’t keep up the charade for long. You don’t bother asking her how she is, you just stay close, and you pretend that you crave ice cream and hot chocolate and a movie, because that’s what your mom used to do when you were sick. When tears start falling along her cheeks halfway through the film, you lean your head on her shoulder and ignore the droplets, you just hug her and hope that for once she will let you be the strong one.

Robin calls her when they arrive at the apartment in New-York, but the conversation is short and awkward, and your mom takes deep breaths afterward that sound like sobs. They text a bit, but one day you see your mom look at her phone after it dinged and just put it down without replying, her eyes even sadder.

A couple days later, Will Scarlet sits next to you at Granny’s and asks you how your mom is, Robin is worried, he says, she hasn’t been replying in a while. You understand how much your mom is hurting so you take it upon yourself to reassure Robin. You text him, and even call sometimes when you get a new comic book you want to share with Roland. The little boy loves his storytime with you, but you can hear how difficult it is for them all. Even through the phone you hear Robin and Marian argue, the way Roland’s breath hitch, and you can imagine him cuddling around his monkey and gripping the phone tighter. You feel for him, this little guy who has been dragged between worlds, whose dead mother suddenly reappeared, who has been separated from his honorary uncles, it’s a lot.

You ask him how life at home is, and when he tells you about the fights and the slammed doors, and ‘I don’t think Mama likes me very much’, it raises red flags. You plunge yourself back into the story book, and you read whatever you can find about Robin and Maid Marian, and it just doesn’t match with the angry, insecure woman who asked Robin to delete Regina’s number from his phone.

You don’t tell your mother about your doubts, you don’t want to give her hope in case you’re wrong, or to make her feel guilty that she let them go over the town line with an impostor. The timing is what worries you, that Emma and Hook found Marian so soon after Zelena’s apparent demise. Her magic was strong enough to reopen the portal and you wonder, you wonder.

When you hear a particularly vicious fight during another phone call to Roland, you decide to ask the Merry Men what Marian was like when they knew her, and nothing they say reassure you. So you share your doubts with your grandparents and the Blue Fairy, and though they are skeptical -their almost pitying expressions telling you that they think you’re grasping at straws-, what you found is a matter of concern. The Fairy concoct some sort of revealing potion to uncover magical disguises, enchants a map so that you can find your way into Storybrooke, and you also decide to bring the magic blocking cuff with you.

You tell both your mothers that you’re going camping in the woods with David, and for once you’re glad to have the support of an adult for one of your schemes because they both bring the full force of their inquisitive stares unto you, and you’re two seconds away from squirming before they nod and wish you a good weekend.

The two of you take off, and David’s expression when you reach New-York is priceless. You guide him around, and it feels so strange to be back here. You’ve always felt that this city was extraordinary, bigger than life, but after spending time in little Storybrooke with all its magic and fairytale characters, Big Apple seems rather normal.

You both observe the building where Robin and his family live, and wait until you’re sure that the former Prince of Thief is alone with Roland to go inside. They are shocked to see you, though Roland is overjoyed, jumping into your arms and talking a mile a minute, Robin pales and you can see that he is assuming the worst. You’re not sure if your explanations will soothe his fears.

He is glad to know that your mom is alright, well mostly anyway, but when you tell him what really brought you here, he is dumbfounded and upset. He doesn’t want to believe it, who would really? He has been duped, and he has to come to term with it. You tell him that you can give him proof, and you all wait for ‘Marian’ ’s return in tense silence.

The moment she walks through the door you throw the potion on her, and the dark-skinned startled brunettesoon morphs into a familiar angry redhead. David seizes her, and you put the cuff on her wrist, ignoring her protests, before turning back towards Robin and Roland. The boy is clinging to his horrified father and you feel sorry for them, they have lost Marian a second time and there is nothing you can say to make it better.

“I think it’s time to go home,” you tell them, and they look dazed as they nod.

They gather their meagre possessions and follow you to the larger car you borrowed from the dwarves.

Your mothers are waiting for you at the town line, and you’re not surprised, you knew it was only a matter of time, but it was worth it. Your mom freezes when she sees who gets out of the car, and her face turns ashen as Zelena appears. Roland runs towards her, and she embraces him tightly, Robin isn’t far behind. In any other circumstances their matching confused expressions could be comical, but not now, not when your mom and Robin are shedding tears, both, you suspect, in happiness at being reunited, and in grief at the tragedy surrounding it.

You join them, and your mom looks at you in wonder. “You brought them back to me, Henry. You figured it all out! How?” She asks you, and you smile at her.

“It didn’t sound right, none of it did, I had to be sure that your happy ending hadn’t been ruined for nothing,” you answer, and she engulfs you in her arms, and Robin squeezes your shoulder affectionately, and Roland is pressed in the middle of you all.

Your mom did say that one day you would have more family than you would know what to do with.

I posted a wip of this with just Henry and Regina but this is the whole page :) Looking at this and while drawing it I kept thinking omg how far they’ve come and how amazing it is… Emma and Henry included #CharactersThatMakeMeEmotional 

Exo reaction to you, their girlfriend, dancing Call Me Baby perfectly

Requested by anon, I hope you like it ^^

P.s To everyone reading this: I’m gonna put Kris, Luhan and Tao in this reaction, if you do not like this I suggest that you do not read it.


At first he thought that it was okay that you could he first couple of steps, but when you were halfway in he started reevaluating his life decisions.

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He would try and take it as seriously as possible when you started dancing, but when you hip thrusted the air he lost it so much that he almost couldn’t breath.

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He would be pleasantly surprised, because ever since you had seen the video you had been begging to learn the dance, and he would agree, but he would always show it in a different way, so he was glad that you had learnt it on your own.

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He would watch you with ‘the look’ until you were finished then he would take your hand and lead you to the bedroom “Let me teach you some of the other steps” We all know what went down(A/N I had to do that sorry) after that.

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He would yell at you out of anger “YAAAHHH!!!! Who taught you that?!?! It better not be that Xiumin hyung or else the both of you will be in trouble!!!” But deep down he would be disappointed that you didn’t ask him for help.

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He couldn’t help but to tear up a bit as he watched the woman he loved, do this for him, learning the routine and fixing a costume that looked like the one in the video, so as he almost let the tears fall he stopped the music, much to your complaints, and walked up to you and gave you a long kiss “I love you so much” he whispered before giving you another kiss.

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He would be extremely proud clapping his hands while you danced and came with constructive criticism when you were done, like where to put your feet to do the turns better even though they were perfect already.

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The only thoughts running through his mind, when you started dancing were a big pile of  “How the hell did she learn this?…And why do I like it so much?”

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He would sit there drinking his tea thinking that he could give a sassy remark when you were done, but almost choked on his tea as you started rapping Chanyeols part.

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He would be very smug about it, thinking to himself “Well of course she can dance it perfectly. She is after all Kim Junmyeuns girlfriend”

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He thought it was awesome that you had taken the time to learn the choreography, but he soon sttarted thinking that you were dancing better than him, so as his part came he would push you away and take the spotlight.

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He would watch your every.single.move as he only thought about two things: how much he loved you, and what he would do to you later

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Stay sassy Mille

Swan Believer Appreciation Week

Day 3: Favorite Scene - Cricket Game


UTD 2.09 || The Red Door [x]

  • so while driving in the car with my mom today this conversation happened
  • Me: If you were ever in a zombie apocalypse what would you do?
  • Mom: ... That's not enough information, I don't know what I would do.
  • Me: Let's say they're run of the mill zombies, can only walk slow, eat brains and flesh, etc.
  • Mom: I'd shit.
  • Me: What?
  • Mom: Well what else would there be to do?