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My friend and I have come to the conclusion that Viktor and Yuri, the dorks they are, are both determined to surprise the other on their wedding day. And they both decide that the best way to do this is to give their vows in the other’s native language.

They both stay up late studying without the other knowing. Yuri frantically asks Yurio to check his grammar (Yurio is of course DISGUSTED by how sappy he is but helps anyway), Viktor calls Mari at 3 am because he can’t figure out how the fuck this word works and he’s so worried it won’t be right… she looks at what he has and just laughs thinking of the time Yuri tried to write Viktor a fan letter in garbled Russian, taking pity on him.

Wedding day comes, Yuri comes down the isle, both are almost crying already. Viktor takes a shuddering breath and starts his vows. His accent is terrible, he stumbles on pronunciation, but Yuri? He is sobbing already. Viktor finishes, grinning widely. Yuri is crying and laughing, slowly takes a breath. Smirks up at Viktor, starts his own vows… and Viktor is in instant tears. 

It takes all their willpower not to kiss before they’re told to.


favorite once upon a time moments | 17/??

2.06, emma swan and snow white.

What I Want from Series 4

1. A proper resolution for His Last Vow. I have spent the past 3 years believing His Last Vow is an atrocity of logic and structure. Many clever people have put forward arguments about why that may not be the case, and I dearly hope they are right. Why, exactly, did Mary shoot Sherlock? Why did he nearly die if it was “surgery”? What happened during that weird 6 month time jump? Did John actually forgive Mary? Is the baby only a plot device so that he WOULD forgive her? What are Mary’s motivations, beyond a willingness to do anything to keep John? Perhaps the episode was meant to be taken at face value. Perhaps it was not. Please, God, let it not.

2. Get rid of the baby, intelligently. The common refrains I see going around Tumblr are “The baby is fake!” or “The baby is going to die!”, neither of which makes much sense to me as a reasonable alternative. The baby is fake? You’re saying Mary fooled her doctor husband into believing she had a live birth? Or maybe that it’s not John’s, and he’ll abandon the baby if he figures that out? Not a chance, bub. And the baby cannot actually die – this is Sherlock. Tragedy like that does not fit, tonally. No, the baby must go in a way that neither kills it nor negates its existence. My theory: Mary runs off with it to protect herself, the child, and John from the consequences of her past.

3. The Other One. To me, this was the real cliff-hanger of Series 3. It’s slipped in there right at the end, almost nonchalantly. But if they’re going to include a third Holmes brother (if, in fact, that is who the Other One is) I truly hope this person is integrated into the show seamlessly. We have spent 6 years hearing nothing of a third sibling. Kitty Reilly managed to implicate Sherlock because Moriarty fed her Sherlock’s life story. Are we meant to believe a family tragedy involving another sibling was not included in that story? More importantly, does the Other One have a connection to Redbeard, the other tragedy in Sherlock’s past?

4. Moriarty? Moriarty. Is he dead? Is he alive? Do we even care? Please don’t overdo it, Mofftiss. You spent 90 minutes establishing that he is, in fact, dead. If he’s alive, The Abominable Bride turns into a truly self-indulgent episode. What was the point, besides the chance to do the original Reichenbach and watching Sherlock’s drug-induced introspection on his own life?

What about you guys? Anything you want to see from Series 4?


‘What Would Sharon Raydor Do?’ Special Edition Podcast with Mary McDonnell (what a beautiful surprise)

Robert/Cora/Edith/Tom/Violet/Mary: It’s what Sybil would have wanted.

Sybil: Uh… do whatever you want, I’m super dead. 

Half Moon in the Wall Chapter 8, an american horror story fanfic | FanFiction

i can’t believe it’s already the 8th chapter? but more juicy stuff is coming …

Sometimes I prayed so hard for God to materialize at the foot of my bed
it would start to happen
then I’d beg it to stop, and it would.
—  Marie Howe, “Buying the Baby,” What the Living Do.
Castiel I Can't

Castiel damn you! You will never die okay?! You’re a kick ass angel and no one can hurt you anymore. I love you. So much. I don’t know what the show would be without you. I can’t lose my Castiel ever. Thank you Crowley, you’re the best! I want to hug you so tight right now along with Castiel. I knew you would pull through for Cass. I had a feeling it would be okay. Of course you could have saved the history lesson for AFTER helping Cass, and Mary, what the hell are you even doing?! Why would you steal the Colt?! What even happened to it I can’t remember. Oh wait Bella, season 3 sold it or something right? I don’t know. Makes sense actually. British Men of Letters and all that. Okay but Mary, really, Cas and the boys almost DIED and you didn’t hand the damn gun over why?! And Castiel, you are my baby. My baby in a trench coat that needs endless amounts of love and cuddles. And kisses after that episode. I might even throw a kiss in for Crowley (weird) but he deserves it, he saved my angel!!

What Would Sharon Raydor Do podcast highlights :D

Mary’s ha-ha!

What about Andrea? What’s going on with her?

Kathe’s contemplative sighs

It’s nobody’s damn business! 

The feminism is strong with this one!

Well, apparently…

Kathe can talk just as much as Mary can. Chatterboxes, the both of ‘em!

So, that’s a no on Andrea and Sharon hanging out outside the work space? But they had a drink or dinner? :D

D'you know what I mean?

I love it how Mary kinda calls the business out on being ageist

Mary and Kathe talking about their dads

Mary pointing out the feminist Brenda Duff explored with Kyra

I just burped.

Drunken Major Crimes

FB live Mary and Kathe chat drunk

Mary’s sign off! :D

okay, i dont know if anyone here watches one tree hill, but there is this scene where one of the characters, haley, is pregnant, and she’s like near the end, so as a trick, she tests those around her by saying she’s going into labour when she’s not just to see how they’d react around her/what they’d do - this is sincerely something mary would do without question to like everyone, sherlock, john, molly, lestrade, hell she’d probably even do it to mycroft if he was around haha 

I just had a horrible thought.

So what if the kiss happens close to the end of episode 3. John and Sherlock are in 221B. Sherlock is frantic, thinking. There must be something he missed. How could he miss Mary’s plan? He has to find Mary, he has to end this, he has to….

John’s touch brings him back to the present. A soft touch hand on his shoulder. Sherlock avoids his eyes, ashamed. He didn’t solve it in time, he couldn’t see that Mary would do what she did, that she would cause John so much pain.

John puts a hand under his chin and softly leans his head up. Sherlock has tears in his eyes.

“John, I’m sorry. I couldn’t do it. I should have-”

“Sherlock, stop. You could never solve another case again and I would still be here,”.

Sherlock’s lip quivers. His eyebrows furrow. John sees the question before it’s spoken.

“Do you really not know how I feel about you? After all this time?”

“But…. why?”

John smiles softly. “Figure it out, genius”

They kiss, softly at first, and then harder, hungrier. Suddenly Sherlock pulls back.

“John, I….” He pauses. How do you speak when there’s no oxygen left in the room?

John studies Sherlock faces. His soft smile fades.

“Oh. I know. You’re married to your work.”

Sherlock is stunned, still silent. He doesn’t know what’s happening until John tears through the sitting room and down the steps. He tries to call after him, call his name, but John can’t hear anything over his blood pounding loud in his ears.

Only after he’s gone does Sherlock find his voice again.

“I…. I love you.”

anonymous asked:

so I was thinking, IF you're taking any prompts: what do you think would've happened if Mary went to police and enroled the Witness Protection Program - or if she just gave Nathaniel to them bc it is easier to run away without a child? I was thinking, if he had full support from the police, even if Riko got DNA or digitals for a test, there would be no Nathaniel Wesninski in the system for him to find. What do you think?

( imagine: Mary gives Neil to the police. imagine: Neil in the foster care system. imagine: some meetings are fated, but the path is a little flexible. )

( warning for …….. so much stuff. implied drug abuse. implied animal abuse. anti-religious talk. rough people in rough situations. Neil’s characterization took a harsh turn from canon, because imo Mary’s control and the high pressure of being on the run had a huuuge impact on his behaviour. also because lbr he’ll always be a chameleon kid until Palmetto. )

“You’re fucking bailing. I can’t fucking believe it.”

“Neil, I’m not bailing.”

“Yeah? You take a look in the mirror lately? Dressing like Tyron’s auntie, like some fucking prude, like you’re pure and holy and above all us gutter rats. I can’t believe it. He was right. You’re– you’re- you’ve become a fucking jesus freak, going to jesus camp.

“It’s a retreat, and it’s only one week.”

“What the fuck ever, Renee. That senile old woman’s corrupted you.”

“Is that what this is about?”

“There’s no this. There’s no anything. You’re ditching me.”

“I’m not ditching you, Neil.”

“Really? ‘Cause you sure as hell aren’t gonna convert me, and I don’t think your high horse has room for two.”

Renee pursed her lips.

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when neil was still on the run, he had acquired injuries from his father & people right? and when he was shot, he was so scared getting shot again, he slept with the vest right. so then, imagine his mother having to clean the wound, and using alcohol and we all know it burns and hurts. but what if neil gets sick on the road of running? what if he gets food poisoning, or run a high fever? what would mary do because im pretty sure doctors are not on their list of choices. imagine neil josten waiting the pain out, and not telling mary because he didn’t want to hinder her any further. whatever you do, do not imagine neil josten shivering, throwing up, do not imagine neil josten falling sick while on the run 

Mary Magdalene … did not do what you and I would do. She did not pour out the precious perfume drop by drop as if to indicate by the slowness of the giving the generosity of the gift. She broke the vessel and gave everything, for love knows no limits. Immediately the house was filled with perfume. It was almost as if, after the death of that perfume and the breaking of the bottle, there was a resurrection. Broken things are precious. We eat broken bread because we share in the death of our Lord and his broken life. Broken flowers give perfume. Broken incense is used in adoration. A broken ship saved Paul and many other passengers on the way to Rome. Sometimes the only way the good Lord can get into some hearts is to break them.

- Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen


Mary’s sister OC: Meet Annabell

Annabell is the sister of the ‘Queen of France’ and that comes with a lot of cons. Because her sister is wanted dead by many and the threat is always present, Anna is very protective over Mary and will do whatever it takes to keep her safe - even if it means risking her life to save her sister’s. She’s very level headed as well and whenever the castle is in peril, she is usually coming up with a plan instantly. She has suffered losses in the past so may seem quite closed off, unlike her sister, but once you break down her walls, you see that she’s actually a very loveable and genuine girl. She doesn’t only care about Mary, she cares about Francis, Bash, Greer, Kenna and Lola, too, and feels like it’s her duty to help and care for all of them. No matter what, Mary is her family and she would do whatever it takes to protect her. This makes her quite reckless and sometimes causes danger to others as well as herself but she always apologises for her mistakes and owns up. Though protective, cold and guarded, she’s fun and, when she has a little too much wine, is very flirty, which always entertains the court.