what would liam do

Things I would suggest me and Liam do if I won that Omaze contest:

  • Play me all his demos no exceptions MY TIME IS MONEY LOAMMY JEAN
  • -Discuss the final season of Breaking Bad (does he worry about Jessie Pinkman every day, years later like I do? Is he hoping he’s out there making walnut boxes with Zebra wood inlay?)
  • Recreate USA for Africa’s “We Are the World” in Karaoke, splitting the parts equally and then flipping a coin for who gets to be Cyndi Lauper (Just because you have the range doesn’t mean you’re automatically Cyndi, LEEYUM)
  • Choreograph a complex secret handshake that requires at least six signature moves (Patents Pending) and a basic understanding of martial arts
  • Make him use those studio speakers to blast Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Making the Most of the Night.” He would hate it at first, but by listen 107 he would come around and be like “HERE I’VE COME TO HIJACK YOU HIJACK YOU I LOVE YOU-AH”
  • Ask him to signal to me, low key when no one is looking, if he’s really alright or if he needs me to safe surrender him at the local fire station
  • Use the remaining time to rank our favorite Kelly Clarkson tracks (I can’t confirm this, but I feel like he’s just as invested in “Just Missed the Train” as I am)
“WHAT WOULD YOU DO?”: Everyone’s Actual Internal Dialogue

Liam: Fuck. Here we go. Please. Please, just for once, be cool everybody. 

Liam: Oh shit, Harry is going to answer. Just don-


Niall: Wait, what? Oh God. Oh God, this is actually happening. 


Harry: Better blow him a kiss so he knows I’m not joking.

Niall: Did he jus- well, it’d be rude not to reciprocate I suppose.

Liam: Please let this stop. What’s the next fucking question? And where is Lo-

Louis: Dead. Both of you are dead.

“Bad Alpha” Nonsense

You know, one of the things I actually like about Teen Wolf is the theme that no one is one dimensional.   Everyone makes mistakes and has flaws, even the protagonist.   However, there are very wide gaps between “Scott makes a decision I don’t like” and “Scott makes a mistake” and “Scott is a Bad Alpha.”

Whenever some commentator makes a blanket pronouncement that “Scott is a Bad Alpha” my response is always going to be “As compared to whom?” 

What do you think Peter would have done if Liam had tried to kill him the way he tried to kill Scott because Peter wouldn’t turn Hayden?  Do you think that Peter would have held back in the fight like Scott did?  (No one cares to notice that Liam was totally healed the same night, which meant Scott never used his claws, as the wounds of an alpha take longer to heal).   Peter would have killed Liam if he couldn’t have mind-controlled him with the alpha roar, just like he would have killed Scott if he had won the battle in “Code Breaker.”  After all, Peter would reason – “[I] can always make more werewolves.”

What do you think blind Deucalion would have done if Stiles had broken his “sacred rule,” concealed his crime, conspired with Deucalion’s enemies, and then attacked Deucalion verbally when he called him on it.   I doubt the response would have been “Go talk to your Dad.”   He crushed Ennis’s skull because he was too weak to be of use.   Even healed Deucalion wouldn’t have tolerated that crap.  Remember what happened when Marcoh hit him once?

What do you think Derek would have done if after saying “We have to give him the benefit of the doubt,” Stiles would have kept yelling at him and demanding that the alpha do what he want?   “I have 100 bones that need healing.”  “That’s 101.”  

Of all of these alphas, how many were directly responsible for the death of a pack member?   How many of them succeeded in their plans?  How many of them have done their best to lead them without resorting to “I’m the alpha” mentality?

Wait!  I forgot one alpha – Talia Hale – who even though she knew that her son’s reckless actions had gotten an innocent girl killed, reassured her son that he was still important and loved.   Who does that remind you of?

“It means you’re still learning” – Creatures of the Night

“The only thing that matters is your dad.”  – The Last Chimera

“Did you really think you couldn’t tell me?”  – Codominance (even though I hate that scene)

Criticizing Scott for mistakes is fine, but you should also remember that he is dealing with instincts to dominate and control – the show hasn’t pretended these instincts don’t exist – and he has done it better than any alpha on the show, except maybe Talia, who we have seen act in approximately five minutes of screen time.

So, sure – talk about how he could be better in dealing with Stiles’ insecurity and paranoia and Liam’s development.  That’s reasonable.  But take that “Bad Alpha” crap and send it to me, because I need free toilet paper.

Me having the interest in personality that I do, I got curious as to what people see the 1D guys as in terms of MBTI and I CAN’T BELIEVE PEOPLE THINK HARRY IS AN EXTROVERT.

It’s so abundantly clear that they base their assumptions on stereotypes of personality types and hyperbolised dichotomy of introversion and extroversion - the whole “introverts are social awkward, shy, and super quiet; whereas extroverts are the only people that can exude confidence and capability to hold an interesting conversation”.

He is clearly an inward, abstract, thinker who engages in outward behaviour as a decided measure. Action after thought, not thought after action.

That boy has got to be an INFJ without a doubt.

An unexpected visitor | Liam & Brendon.

Brendon had been quiet these last few days, he just was doing a lot of thinking and having time for himself. He had a lot of thoughts on his mind until he and Ashley had got high as kites. The two were a troublesome pair when they got together and Brendon didn’t even think of Liam or what it would do if he found Ashley and Brendon together.

That was what was about to happen. Ashley and Brendon were just finished doing the deed for the last time of a few that afternoon they spent together. In a moment the door opens and Brendon spots Liam looking absolutely heart broken in that moment. “Liam… Oh fuck… It’s not what it looks like.” He says quickly, knowing that won’t even work for him.


twopoppies  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable). SPREAD POSITIVITY! :)

*grunts* NOOOOOOO GINA. Since I’m shit at talking about me, just think of what would Louis do if Liam sent this in the e-mail chain. He would just laugh   and say:

Listen, Chaino Payno, Everyone knows my best qualities are my ass and my sass and my big heart no need to ask but if you’re really want 2 more things to add then I’ll say, the best part of me is my squad (no you’re still not a lad Payno), my  and my ability to turn everything into a joke.

When he felt a pang of jealousy, he panicked. He and Brett were enemies, rivals, he shouldn’t be jealous is any way that he was dancing with someone else. Boys like to dance with girls, no biggie.

Except now he’s dancing with a boy.

‘So he’s either bi or likes to have fun with whomever,’ Liam thought to himself.
'Whomever but you,’ said another voice in the back of his head, causing his face to redden.

“So is this club mixed?” He asked his best friend.

“Ish,” Mason replied, following Liam’s gaze.
What was he doing!? Why would Mason, his dear best friend, leaving him alone with guys all over him, to flirt with the enemy! Didn’t he know that Brett hated Liam? Didn’t he know Liam was bad at talking to strangers? Didn’t he know that Liam was straight? Not like he had anything against gays, but it was pretty uncomfortable being surrounded by naked torsos and constantly having to deny dancing.

Suddenly there was a hand sliding on his shoulder and a body pressing closer. Turning around, Liam prepared himself to tell the stranger to leave him alone only to be shocked by a familiar face.

“Hey, shorty. Havin’ fun?” Brett asked, wearing his trademark smirk.

Liam just gave a small shrug and looked away from Brett’s burning gaze.

“Oh come on! Dance with me, yeah?” Liam was dragged unwillingly- no, he let himself be pulled away from the bar. Next thing he knew, hands were gliding over Liam, hot breath on his neck, and a body moving against his, with his. His mind was clouded, couldn’t think straight at all.

“W-where’s Mason?” He asked shakily, finding it hard to talk.

Brett’s mouth moved up to Liam’s ear, “He went to the bathroom, he’ll be back.”

The warm breath against his ear caused Liam to shiver.
'What is wrong with me? I don’t like Brett AT ALL.’ He told himself over and over.

But then their bodies were closer. Brett laid his hands on Liam’s hips and actually kissed his neck. Just when Liam thought he couldn’t get enough, he was gone. Just vanished into the crowd. There were too many bodies to be able to pick up Brett’s scent.

'Why would I care, anyway? I don’t want to find him!’ Liam convinced himself.. for the moment.
Liam woke up to find a text from Mason.

/dude last night was so much fun, thanks for being my flight attendant ;)/
/yeah yeah no problemo. Score any dates?/  he replied back. Instead of getting an answer to his question, Mason asked if his best friend wanted to come over and play video games.

What Liam was expecting when he got there was Mason wandering around or trying to improve his Call of Duty skills.
What he didn’t expect was Brett Talbot sitting awfully close to Mason while they battled for most kills.

Liam just stood in the doorway and watched in amazement as Brett tackled the smaller boy. They were both laughing loudly as they rolled on the ground.

“Uhh.. sorry to intrude…” Liam turned on his heel, ready to go straight back home when Mason called out his name.

“Hey, Liam!” Mason wore a stupid, happy grin and Brett looked up.

“Hey, shorty.”
“Dammit! I just wanted the stupid Mystery Box,” Mason sighed as he wanted for another round of Black Ops 2: Zombies.

“Hey it’s okay, babe. I wasn’t covering you,” Brett told Mason, his so called boyfriend.

Liam muttered under his breath about how gross the couple were and how you can’t get a boyfriend that fast. He never even considered that Brett would be listening to every word as they fought the zombies. He even smelt a whirl of emotions on the 15 year old: jealousy, anger, sadness, slight disgust. Hell, Brett could even read it on Liam’s face.

Liam was trying to be happy for his friend, he really was, but there was still jealousy and anger radiating off him. He couldn’t quite figure it out, either. Yeah, he understood that it was Brett Talbot, the person who took pictures of their coach’s vandalized car, but that wouldn’t make up for everything he felt.

He just focused on the game in front of him and tried to compressed his feelings.
It went on for days.

The hand holding, the snogging, the giggling at things that Liam never found out about. Tons of people thought Brett and Mason were pretty cute together. Even Liam, in the slightest way, thought they were cute. That fueled his jealousy, the jealousy be still didn’t understand he felt.

One day, Mason came over to Liam’s house proudly sporting some hickies. He acted like he was trying to hide it, but he really wasn’t. Liam didn’t really blame him, Mason had been wanting a boyfriend for a while, and he was especially happy that it was from one of the hottest werewolves around.

“He’s pretty sweet, you know,” Mason was telling his best friend.
“He’s funny and kinda protective over me. You two are friends now, right?”

Liam shrugged, pretending to be extremely concentrated on his video game.

“If you’re still mad at him, it’s one sided. Brett has said that he thinks you’re a cool guy, and really good at lacrosse. Besides, wouldn’t it be kind of horrible to hate your best friend’s boyfriend?”

Liam just pursed his lips, not wanting to hear about precious Brett anymore.

A few minutes later, the two friends heard a 'tap tap tap’ on Liam’s window that wasn’t the usual rain pattering down. They both looked over to see Brett waiting to be let it his hair dripping. As soon as Liam let him in, he hopped over to his boyfriend, giving him and kiss and throwing a small smirk at Liam.

“Ready to go?” Brett inquired. Ready to go where?

“Yep!” Mason grinned then turned to Liam, “Oh I forgot to tell you, sorry. Brett and I are going on a date. I’ll see you later though, okay?” Liam just nodded and let out a quiet 'yeah no problem.’

Brett smiled at the small boy, “Great, thanks for letting me take this awesome boy out,” he winked and lead Mason out.

Liam sat still in silence until he knew Brett and Mason were gone gone. Tears welled in his eyes and he started to understand everything.

He stood up abruptly, hands in fists and breathing hard. Liam couldn’t control his anger, so he started destroying things. He threw his chair, tore off the sheets on his bed, chucked his pillows down the hall. He knocked textbooks off his text and threw a couple other books. Liam punched his wall then sprinted as fast as he could into the wet woods.

His mind was completely fogged up and his throat burned. Thunder roared above and the rain got harder.

'Why would he do this? Why would he completely lead me on, then steal my best friend away from me? Everything is his fault, everything! Stupid Brett, I hate him!’ Liam screamed in his mind.

Liam pushed his legs even harder until he tripped over a tree root and crashed into the ground. Sprawled in the dirt and mud, Liam cried. He cried hard, letting everything flow out with his tears.

'Brett Brett Brett, this is all his fault. All his fault…’

Didn’t Liam like girls and just girls? Why was he so upset about this? He was pissed that Brett was basically stealing Mason away from him but the fact that he acted interested in Liam made everything so much worse. They had danced, their bodies were touching, Brett had kissed his neck.

'Maybe that’s why he disappeared,’ Liam thought. 'To mess with my mind then go back to playing with Mason. That douche!’

Liam laid on the ground sobbed uncontrollably for another half hour. His whole body was soaked and his torso was covered in mud. Eyes red and puffy and legs weak, Liam slowly made his way back home. His mom was out of town for a few days and his step dad was working the night shift at the hospital, so he’d be at home alone for a while.
Showers were such a relief when you have been out in the cold rain for a long time, especially in a fit of rage.

Too tired to clean up majorly, Liam grabbed a pillow and hugged it tight while laying down. With his mind finally clear, Liam came to a conclusion: he liked Brett. He liked how he was almost a foot taller than Liam, how he had a trademark sexy smirk, how his hair seemed messy and put together at the same time, how his eyes were the most gorgeous bluest blue he had ever seen. When did he even start liking him? That night at the club? When he first met him? Liam couldn’t tell, but the dancing and then dating Mason definitely brought it out.

Liam flipped over on his side, his back facing the window that was still slightly cracked open.

“Looks like now I gotta get over him,” Liam sighed. Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around his body.

“Get over who?” A voice he recognized said softly. Liam shut his eyes, not believing Brett was actually there.

“Liam…” Brett breathed against the smaller boy. He made Liam turn over to face him and smiled.

“What do you want?” Liam asked, a hint of sharpness in his voice.

“What has been up with you lately? I know you well enough to know that you shouldn’t have been this angry and jealous like you have been ever since Mason and I got together.” Brett furrowed his eyebrows, even though he pretty much knew the answer.

Letting out a sigh, Liam told him that he thought it was unfair how Brett was stealing Mason from him and that he felt.. used in a way. He explained that at the club, he thought Brett was with him because he liked him, not because he was bored with Mason was gone.

“I figured you were interested in me, but then you seemed to not be when I did talk to you. But you think I was stealing Mason away from you? He actually seemed to like me and I did too, and we hung out like boyfriends do.” Brett told Liam.

“Whatever, doesn’t matter now. Go on, have fun with your boyfriend. I don’t even know why you’re here.”

“Mason and I broke up,” Brett said flatly.

Liam turned back around to study the older boy’s face. He wasn’t lying.

Brett continued, “We both agreed it was better. Dating wasn’t as fun, and it was pretty obvious that you wanted me.”

With his jaw dropped, Liam exclaimed, “What?!”

“Yeah, anyone with eyes or ears would be able to tell.” Brett smirked while Liam just stared, a pretty pink blush reaching the tips of his ears.

After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, the eldest werewolf bit his lip before smashing them against Liam’s. Twisting his fingers in Brett’s hair, Liam gladly kissed back. He was fairly inexperienced in the kissing department, but he tried his best, and Brett enjoyed everything he was offered.

Brett lightly dragged his fangs across Liam’s jaw, down to his neck where he began kissing it. The actions caused Liam to moan, which then encouraged the boy to do more. Anything to elicit more noises like that.

“B-Brett, Brett stop,” Liam panted. Misunderstanding Liam, Brett continued sucking his neck.

“Brett, stop. I don’t- I don’t want to do this,” Brett met Liam’s eyes with his own filled with concern.

“I just.. I just want to take this a bit slower, okay?” Brett nodded at Liam’s request and got up from on top of him.

He checked his phone. “It’d kind of late, I’m gonna head home now.” Brett made his way for the door before a hand pulled him back.

“N-no. I mean… do you want to stay over?” Brett couldn’t resist Liam’s puppy eyes as he asked.

He smiled, “I’d love to.”

Needless to say, Liam’s shirts were a bit too small on Brett.


Hope: You are late.
Shay: Hope! What did I miss?
Kesegowaase: Only the first hour of training.
Shay: We’re always training, Kesegowaase!
Kesegowaase: And will continue to do so.
Hope: Do not waste your words. Shay abhors improvement as much as cats abhor leashes.
Shay: Hey!
Hope: A pity, the boy has so much potential… But so little discipline.
Shay: Alright, alright! What would you have me do?
Liam: Well played.

Dating Liam Dunbar

Everyone knows that the cute, hole falling, muscly, cinnamon roll Liam Dunbar  would be a great boyfriend but what would he do?

Dating Liam Dunbar Would Include:

- He’d protect you from holes.

- You would always wear his lacrosse Jersey

- Being his anchor

- He’d kiss your cheek and run away at school

- He’d whine about his parents (Scott and Stiles) never letting him go out

- “Y/N, let’s watch a cheesy movie”

-He would be too overprotective

- Mason would give Liam terrible advice about love and you’d run after Mason for that

- Kissy faces during pack meetings

-Controlling Liam’s anger was easy for you


- Always comforting each other

- Kissing under the bleachers

- Liam and you getting “the talk” from Scott and Stiles and the rest of the pack

- Always standing under the fake mistletoe for kisses

- Borrowing Liam’s jumper

- Taking Liam’s beanies

- Picnics at night

- Sneaking out

- You would tease Liam about holes

- “Oh, Liam don’t apologise you’re late you probably fell in a hole!”

- “baby I love you” to each other

- “Baby girl come here” Liam would say often

- “CUTE THANNGGG” Is what you call Liam

- Helping Liam study for his exams

- Watching every single Lacrosse match

- “Y/N Dunbar” Liam would call you

- Cuddling sessions everyday

- He’d take the pain away when you are hurt

I could go on but I’m just going to take Pictures of Liam falling into a Hole again! Let’s face it being with Liam would be a dream come true and the both of you would be the cutest, hole spotting couple . I want me a Liam.

A while as in the entire time?

pairing: Brason

word count: 846

summary: Mason tries to get up the courage to just tell Brett he likes him but it’s apparently not necessary 

“Okay. I’m just- I’m just going to tell him I like him. That should be fine right? We are both mature adults.”

“Adults is pushing it.” Liam responds, laying on Mason’s bed retracting and baring his claws over and over again. It would have been a sinister thing if Liam hadn’t been practising in that very spot every night that week.

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remember when Liam asked Zayn what he would do if he was a girl for a day and Zayn just fucking smirked at Liam and said no comment ahhahahahaha me too fuck