what would jehan wear

les amis pay for a professional to take their group portrait. courfeyrac pencils it in on the calendar in his and ferre and enj’s apartment (complete w/ tiny flowers circling it). joly would take forever to decide what to wear so jehan enacts a white/khaki/navy color scheme so joly doesn’t have a heart attack before the Big Day. also grantaire comes up with the various poses while eponine and cosette style everyone’s hair (besides montparnasse’s bc he has that shit down to a Science) and musichetta picks the perfect location with jehan who comes up with a beautiful flower arrangement that not only matches their color scheme but also the makeup the girls wear like??? Yes. also bahorel comes up with a kick ass photo shoot playlist that only feuilly is allowed to see/approve before anyone else. not to mention bousset making sure everything runs smoothly so he has a organizer of everyone’s role and dates and times and places. then there’s marius consoling enjolras because enj absolutely hates his picture being taken but he loves his family so of course he’ll do the portrait with them. no one doubts that it won’t be perfect and it is perfect. especially when ferre suggests they do a silly photo to wrap up the night and everyone eventually ends up rolling in the grass laughing under the moon and her twinkling stars.