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Totally agree with your movie vs. tv Magnus Bane post. I would also love to see what you have to say about the "preferring GG's Magnus with MD Alec's" thing cause I've also noticed it & it rubs me the wrong way. I just can't quite put my finger on the exact underlying reasons why people do it. First instinct is "It's cause GG "passes" & HSJr does not", but I don't think that's the case here. My other guess is "Magnus is better as a pretty prop, don't want to face that asians are ppl" ...

Hi! Thanks! You saw my tags :) Yeah, truth be told, my blood pressure rises, whenever I see an edit / a fic or a shipping suggestion with Godfrey’s Magnus and MD’s Alec. Personally, I see it as nothing more than racism and fetishization with a weird mix of colorism.

I wouldn’t say that Godfrey’s “passing” but, for whatever unfathomable reason, some people do:

Sometimes I read that I’m not 100 per cent Chinese, because I don’t look all that Chinese

I really have no idea why. Maybe because he’s tall or something… I’ve seen a lot of people thinking similarly in regards of Gemma Chan, and saying that she is biracial (which she isn’t). And that’s another thing I’ll never understand. Racism has a lot to do with this, for sure.  

I’ve actually seen one fic writer saying that they imagine only Godfrey’s Magnus with MD’s Alec when writing “because Godfrey is hot”. Basically, the implication here is that:

  • They don’t find Harry attractive enough [you-know-why.gif]
  • Their whitefave “deserves” only the “hot” Asian.

It’s fetishization and racism all in one ugly package. Neither Harry nor Godfrey deserve this kind of crap.

Godfrey doesn’t deserve it because this kind of thing:

Isn’t a “compliment”. It’s ugly racism. 

More self-indulgent thoughts:

What if Blake tells Yang she shouldn’t have put herself in danger to try to save her, and Yang tells her “Blake, there is nothing that I won’t do for you.”

Hey everyone!

Sorry for no update this week, school is kicking my ASS. Also, there will be no update next week, since I will be in Chicago on a school trip. On a different, higher note-

Only four followers away from 2000!!

HOT FUCKING DAMN. Please tell me there are other eddsworld askblogs with 2000+ followers!! I don’t think I’ll survive if this little old thing is the “most popular askblog” (all askblogs are great!)

Anywho, I was wondering, when the 2000 milestone hits, what do you guys want to do as celebration? I’ll give you three choices:

-Fanfiction of your choosing (one for each request, even if the request is the same, but only one per person) for me to write

-Free, complete art (You would be tagged in it, and it will be posted on my main blog and reblogged here)

-Mod Applications re-opened (Because quite a few people want to apply as a mod!! It’s a tricky job, you have to be pushy with me because i love ALL IDEAS DONT BE AFRAID OF SHARING IDEAS)

It’ll be a vote, and if there’s no winning choice, or no one votes on it, I’ll just draw a small picture for the blog, probably redo the background/icon, and continue with the story. Either way, it will be done in a week or so when I actually have free time.

Thank you for reading this!! Sorry there’s no “read more”, since I’m typing this on mobile. Have a nice time of day!!

-Mod Wolf

A summary of hairgate™ so far

(I’m naming and shaming as well. I’m so, so sorry if you’ve been tagged this has been a dark day for all of us

This morning at around lunchtime GMT, tumblr user @lavellington began the phenomenon known as Hairgate, where they questioned what colour Dirk’s hair was and boldly stated they would be backing brown. Since then I’ve trawled through all the posts I made today to see if I could compile a list of what the hell’s going on. I wont bore you with a long post so keep reading under the cut

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I feel like Inien calling Thog Dan is also a term of endearment at times. I understand she used it to be a total dickhead for like the whole arc but what if??

Thog is having a really shit day and he’s sitting at the bar just looking down at his hands with the most sullen face. Inien just walks up and is about to insult him and just stops. She legitimately just freezes and looks away not knowing what to do.

She kind of reaches her hand out and pats his back real awkward. “Hey, Cheer up Dan.” And he looks up and grins and just goes “Fuck you.” And then they sit there and both have a drink while they insult each other.

Flashes - Part 8

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Masterlist

Bucky x Reader

Words: 1,461

Warnings: Angst (I’m back to my moody self), swearing

A/N: Um… wow. Well, my tired ass finally finished this chapter and it was by the end of the week! Woohoo! :D Anyways, I hope you like this part (I’m getting dark and dreary again, lmao) and feel free to send me feedback, what you think, any requests or just asking for a tag! Thanks for reading! :3

And that would be exactly how you ended up getting the spare room next to Natasha’s room, with you nervously sitting on the floor and leaning against the bed.

You had no idea how to feel. You, some random post-war veteran with a soulmate who didn’t know that you were his soulmate, were actually in the freaking Avengers Tower. Well, if that wasn’t a sight to behold for anyone looking at your half-pathetic life. You felt completely out of place here, and it didn’t help that no one had bothered to talk to you about what would be happening next, having left you here for a good twenty seven minutes and counting. You could already feel the anxiety creeping up on you.

Sighing, you picked at the carpet with your fingers, pulling at the individual strands of fur as your way to keep your hands occupied for now. You glanced around the room. Well, for starters, it was a pretty amazing room. Modern and sleek, just as the rest of the tower had been. In fact, you’d been so busy gaping at the furniture that you didn’t even notice Natasha Romanoff entering.

Then again, you wouldn’t have noticed her in the first place, her being a spy and all.

“Hey,” Natasha began, her half-raspy voice sounding like honey to anyone’s ears. “How’re you going?”

“Okay, I suppose,” you replied half-heartedly, glancing at her form in the doorway and watching as she shut the door behind her and smirked at you. “I mean, the room’s great—”

“But I can tell something’s bothering you,” Nat replied, politely cutting you off. You sighed and shrugged, yet again tugging on your sleeves. Nat’s eyes trailed down to the movement, and you might as well be able to hear the cogs turning in her brain as she thought this out.

“You have anxiety?” Nat inquired. Although you could sense the following questions after this, you let yourself be led on.

“What makes you think I do?” You said, answering with a question. She smirked down at you somewhat fondly, liking that someone else was so similar to her even though she’d met her only once. But then again, Natasha was constantly thinking and puzzling, and right now, she was trying to puzzle (Y/N) together.

“Well,” Nat conceded. “You’re definitely a vet. I can see that. You have a jumpiness within you because you remember the battlefield. And you have a thousand stories to tell.”

Well, wow. That was actually a pretty good description, you mused to yourself. Does everyone here have a degree in analysing people and their stories?

Probably not. Then again, you were in the tower where several elite spies, ex-assassins and meta-humans lived, so what did you know?

“You’re not wrong,” you conceded, smiling a bit at the redhead who had taken to sitting down next to you. “I was in the army. But that no longer really bothers me.”

She full-out grinned at you, revealing her pearly whites. “Oh, I already like you.”

You felt slight relief bubbling in your chest. For starters, you would most likely not get murdered by Natasha Romanoff. Second, at least someone liked you, right? That was— that was important. To be loved. And cared for. Something that someone like you direly needed in your situation.

Then, she added, “By the way, I showed up to tell you that Stark’s arrived. He wanted to see you above everything else. Says that if there’s a hype about some civilian, then he wants to meet said civilian.”

Oh. You felt yourself grow a bit cold, the usual anxiety replacing the temporary joy you had been feeling. The thought of meeting Tony Stark…? Terrifying. Hell, you’d just met several assassins and super-humans — which you were still trying to get over from — and now you’d also meet a pioneer in engineering and the guy that had had a hole in his chest. Well, great.

Swallowing down your fear and trying your best to muster a brave face of ‘I’m fine and totally not dying inside’, you replied, “Sure, let’s go.”

The two of you stood up and you already know that your change in demeanour had thrown Natasha off. Of course it did. Honestly, you tried. You fucking tried your entire life — ever since your moods of hopelessness had hit — to calm down, to be happy for once. But it never really happened. You always somehow lost that shaky grip on your emotions, always screamed at someone to shut the fuck up, always shut them out with ‘it’s nothing’s and ‘go away’s.

And when you were finally ready to try and get help, there was no one there.

So you’d turned to trying to shut those emotions out. Saying ‘I’ll be fine’, ‘it’s nothing’ and ‘just need a distraction’ to those who raised any concern. It was the only way to go. And even though there were days where you would be able to lift your lips up into a smile, you’d still end up bawling for a solid hour at two in the morning. Because somehow, that’s where you’d always end up; in a never-ending, torturous cycle of guilt and sorrow.

Following Nat out of the room, your thoughts simmered in your head and made your heartbeat a bit more rapid, however not the good way. It was a quick, echoing thump that made your blood feel cold, your insides unhappy and you being unable to pull the almost-constant frown off your face.

After a series of twists and turns through the hallways which made you sure you would never find your room again (unless you clung to Natasha like a koala-bear), the pair of you made it into the lofty living space of the Avengers.

Glancing around, you saw Steve, a young-looking teenager (why was there a teen in the Avengers tower?), a man in an absolute exquisite suit (that must be Tony Stark) and Clint, whom you’d already met. The four men turned to you and Natasha standing in the hallway, and Nat shot you a reassuring smile before waltzing in.

Except, as reassuring as that should’ve been, for some reason right now, it wasn’t.

“And this must be (Y/N),” Stark called out, his arms spread out like the showman he was. He had sunglasses on although he was inside, and you assumed it was a habit of his. Then, the billionaire stood and strutted over to you, holding out his hand, “I’m Tony Stark, but you might’ve heard of me.”

A small wave of panic rushed through you as you could feel several sets of eyes on you. Hesitantly reaching out, you shook the billionaire’s hand carefully, your grip a rather decent one that you’d developed in the army. He seemed to notice and whistled lowly.

“Damn, that’s a tough grip,” he smirked at you, but as you met his eyes, you finally came to realise why he had been wearing sunnies. He was hiding several thorough layers of emotions beneath those chocolate orbs, and the top layer of feelings you could see in those worn eyes was pain. It was paining him to be here — for obvious reasons that the killer of his parents was in the same building as him. That, and the argument he and lots of his team members had had just recently — a wound he’d been reluctant to open.

In some ways, you pondered, these people — all seemingly glorious, yet cracked on the inside — were similar in ways like yours. They were just like citizens that had been picked for the greater good. They were mere humans at the end of the day.

Suddenly, you felt a cold rush fill your veins. Out of the corner of your eye, you spotted Wanda rushing into the room, a shocked and mildly terrified expression wearing her features. You didn’t know why, but all of a sudden you felt… invaded. Like someone was there, knowing your every thought and feeling every inch of your skin like a second soul. And no, it wasn’t the pleasurable feeling of the bonding of two soulmates that you’d constantly heard of — it was something different, something that felt like it was strangling you with invisible hands.

Wanda’s lips formed soundless words. Your vision began caving into a tunnel. And for some reason, you didn’t even know why. And the worst part would probably be that you couldn’t stop it.

So as you tried forming a single word, a cry for help, anything, you felt your world tilt, your head feel like it was being torn to shreds and nothing but hollowness.

And then, just like it had always been in your life, there was darkness.

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Pls eventually do a jake x amy hogwarts au

okay i’ve been!! staring at this for such a long time now and like i have no!! idea!! what an actual plot would be!! that would warrant an entire fic!! maybe tomorrow one will smack me upside the head or something but for now i’ll do this instead (PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE MY HEADCANONS AND YOU ARE IN NO WAY OBLIGATED TO AGREE WITH ANY OF THEM):

  • jake is hufflepuff. he tries out for the quidditch team as soon as he’s old enough but doesn’t actually make the team until his fourth year. he’s a chaser, but sometimes during practice he fills in for keeper and isn’t terrible at it. his strongest subject is charms, even tho he drives flitwick insane bc he refuses to learn any of the proper wand techniques and somehow his sloppy twirling mess always works?? he’s also very good at divination, even if he doesn’t always take the class super seriously. he’s good at anything that requires a lot of wandwork; he’s absolutely garbage with history of magic, but luckily hufflepuffs take that class with ravenclaws and he’s found a begrudging (but willing!) tutor in his tablemate, amy santiago.
  • amy is ravenclaw. she tries out for the quidditch team (because all of her brothers before her tried out and made it and u can catch her outshining all of them on a broomstick any day of the week tbh) and makes it as a chaser her first year of tryouts, but decides after her fourth year that she doesn’t particularly like playing. her wand techniques are perfect and she’s got an incredible knack for memorizing things (which makes history of magic a complete breeze, even with jake doodling in the margins of her text book almost constantly), but she’s not too fond of herbology and is completely awful with divination. but that’s okay, since jake starts tutoring her there in their fifth year after finding her crying in frustration over a divination paper toward the back of the library late one night.
  • charles is a hufflepuff and is also jake’s number one fan. he’s one of the other beaters on the team and follows jake around like a puppy dog for pretty much an entire school year. he’s excellent in herbology - he’s already so familiar with plants, since he got off on a bit of a tangent while pursuing his true passion, cooking. catch him in the hogwarts kitchens learning the refined cooking and baking techniques passed down through generations of house elves.
  • rosa is a gryffindor, straight down to her core. she’s a beater for the quidditch team pretty much from the get go: as if her intimidating scowl wasn’t frightening enough on the field, the captain just. gave her a beater’s bat. like they jsut gave her a bat and said ‘go for it’ and she only hits an actual bludger like 70% of the time. the other 30% is the other team’s players. she broke the record for most times ejected from a game for needless violence in a single season. way 2 go rosa. she’s v good in defense against the dark arts and has a knack for divination that she will deny to her grave. can most often be found trying to scale the wall barring off the restricted section with her wand held in her mouth while gina eggs her on from down below.
  • gina is a slytherin. she has no time for quidditch, and all the fanfare surrounding it, only ever being spotted at one game her entire seven years at school (which just happened to be the game rosa got ejected from in the first two minutes…almost like she was showing off for someone…hmmmmm). is incredibly talented but will fight u if u point it out in front of people. her favorite past-times are teasing and taunting charles, threatening other people who tease or taunt charles, and wondering exactly how many secrets are hidden in rosa’s hair. best known for the time she magically altered all of jake’s robes to flash in a disorienting rainbow of colors every time he passed beneath the entrance to the great hall during a meal time for an entire month, a spell so complicated that even professor holt couldn’t quite figure out how to entirely cancel it (the robes still spark faintly blue to this day)
  • terry is a hufflepuff and is a few years older than the group. he’s a beater for the hufflepuff quidditch team, and then is eventually awarded the position of prefect, and then quidditch captain, and then head boy. he gets along very well with amy, who he only gets to know after he takes a special interest in jake and learns that she’s been tutoring him. his strongest subject is transfiguration, but only if they’re transforming things into more aesthetically pleasing things; he is morally against transforming feathers into teacups bearing garish patterns. is the only person who has never been afraid of rosa, but is always vaguely intimidated by gina, even after he leaves hogwarts. catch him outside reading poetry to the giant squid or else painting the lake on a canvas set up on an easel like a nerd
  • holt is the head of gryffindor house and is also the defense against the dark arts professor. is extremely passionate about fighting dark arts, esp. since he faced even more discrimination during voldemort’s first reign for his race and sexual orientation. basically he’s like lupin and moody combined, but 10000000x’s more dignified in his mannerisms. takes a special interest in jake peralta, who turns up in his office one night with cursed robes. jake starts coming back regularly (at first for robe maintenance reasons, and then just because), and not long after amy santiago and charles boyle join him. gina linetti shows up after a while, just to lay claim to the first spell that has stumped ray holt in 35 years, and rosa diaz is there as well at the next visit. terry jeffords shows up, concerned at why two members of his house are so far from their common room. they form an unofficial tutoring group, as holt describes it in a letter to kevin. an unofficial family is the more accurate term.
  • hitchcock is a squib, but takes great pleasure in the social advantage afforded to the hogwarts caretaker. he knows literally every piece of gossip ever at all times, so when a rumor is flying, he’s the best person to go to. the only catch is that he’s absolutely horrible with names.
  • scully is the groundskeeper, and even though he possesses magical abilities, he’s an absolutely horrible wizard. he much prefers the company of magical creatures anyways, the wide-open rolling grassy hills of the hogwarts grounds and his small, cozy hut near the edge of the forest a better home for him than the castle ever was in his youth. hitchcock comes out every other night for tea. they’re inseparable.

like i could keep going but i thought those were the most important lmfao


“Are you Oikawa Tooru?” a voice asked.


Or, that one time where Oikawa Tooru met Bokuto Koutarou.

Read it here!

Happy (belated) birthday @blackandorange !!

Hi, my name is the smart girl
My name is the quiet girl.
My name is the one who sits in the back with a book,
who gets straight A’s but isn’t smart enough to hold a conversation.
My name is not my name, it’s the labels placed on me.
It’s the tags filled out with red sharpie and stuck on my shirt.
That’s what the world says, anyways.
See, the world would have you believe that
who you are comes from what you do.
That your identity is based on your actions,
your achievements, your victories and defeats.
But who you are is not for them to decide-
it’s set in stone by the one who died.
Your purpose, your meaning,
the reason for your life-
he had that in mind as he made his sacrifice.
It doesn’t matter what you earn, how you place,
so long as you’re committed to running this race.
So if you’re wondering who you are,
if you find yourself thinking
“I don’t know who I am”-
all you need to remember is the great I AM.
He always was, always will be,
and he has a plan.
So hi, my name is made new.
My name is a beautiful thing.
My name is yours,
and that’s all I’ll ever believe.
—  hi, my name is // c.r.h.

sometimes i imagine im writing a letter to my little brothers, when im away at a real university or starting a real career and they’ve just graduated high school, to go with their graduation gifts. what i kind of advice i would give them. so far i have: 

be gentle when you can, and harsh when you need to be. don’t be afraid to fight, but be very afraid of becoming someone who can’t be trusted to be kind.

i know you are brave and good. i know you want to be friends with everyone- but still, you will make enemies. don’t judge them too harshly, but don’t let yourself forget they mean harm to you and the ones you love. show them decency and mercy when you can, but do not expect the same in return. do not be afraid to strike first. not everyone can be won over, and not everyone is worthy of your kindness.

there are wolves. learn to spot them before they spot you. learn to defeat them without becoming one of them. do not lose yourself in trying to save them. they don’t want to be saved, and will tear you apart for trying.

be careful who you do drugs with, and don’t be stupid- stay away from the hard shit. you know where it leads and your lives can be so much more than that. don’t talk to cops; call a lawyer even if you didn’t do anything wrong. don’t talk to people with greed and anger in their eyes and words. stick with your friends and never leave someone alone at a party. be careful with girls who smile and ask you for drinks but never ask you what tv shows or books you like.

i believe in God; i believe in gods; but i also believe in people, in serving them, in loving them. religion has made my life better, and i’ll help you find one that makes your life better if you ask. if you don’t want religion, that’s cool too, but find something to believe in. the world can be cruel and one day you’ll be thankful to believe in something, even if it’s just that things will get better some day.

some people act like young men are supposed to always be strong and know the answers. those people are full of shit. you’re gonna cry and feel confused and scared, because you’re human. go to your friends or your uncles and aunts, find someone older than you you can trust. they’ve been through it before and they’ll help you. when you ask for advice, listen.

be ready to admit when you’ve made a mistake. good men are humble, brave men want to be better men, intelligent men know they’re not perfect. however, be unapologetic about who you are, what you believe, and what you do. unless you are hurting the undeserving you have nothing to apologize for. some people will be threatened by your intelligence or humor or confidence in yourself; they may see something different and be so ignorant as to think it’s a weakness. those people are not worth talking about. crush them and keep on living.

most of all, text me if you need anything, and don’t blow your money on stupid shit. college is expensive.


Anything next to Yoongi looks better so it would only be right to put myself next to him lmao

I was tagged by @agustd-licious (follow this precious bean) and decided to add yoongi to mine

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Stuff about Robert I’d randomly like to see.

More Paddy and Robert interaction.  I really liked the Paddy Robert conversation this week and what that might imply for the future. I would love Paddy to see Robert struggle and to step in, offering support by just listening and being there when Robert needs someone. Eventually, I’d like to see him as much as a father to Rob as he is to Aaron. I’d like to see them hug. Robert hasn’t had a father figure, an older man he can both trust and respect or rely on for guidance in his life, since he left home at 19. And I like the way the writers have subtly shown him so cynical to both Lawrence and Paddy up to now, like he has had no intention of trusting any potential father figure, because he’s done with that, after the complex relationship with his own father. Now though, just as he’s started to sort that out in his head, it would be great to see him acknowledged by Paddy as someone worthy of a father’s love.

An interaction with Ronnie about Aaron being in prison .If Robert does break down over Aaron, how would it be if it was Ronnie who was the person to know? Maybe Robert is alone at the Mill, and Ronnie arrives to do some work and finds him there. And Ronnie really listens, and gets it, and offers a quiet support just by being steady and being there.

Robert as an uncle to Sarah and Jack. Maybe Robert and Liv could take a role together, and help look after Jack while Debbie goes to Prague with Sarah. In spite of his troubled past with Andy, second to Aaron, Andy really was the love of Robert’s life. He would care about his children, and do everything he could to support them. I really wish we could see that acknowledged. 

Hey Guys, It’s that time for “Spacey Subject 101″ again and today was a real tough one for me. Today’s subject is.. “Ask Kevin a Question”. If YOU could ask Kevin ANY question what would it be and why? 

I would ask Kevin a more personal question because I think he talks so much about his career we’ve probably heard all that.  I think my question would be “Kevin, why are you not permanently attached to someone?” By now, Kevin should be tranquilized and tagged..What? That’s a valid question. Ok, I’m just kidding I would ask Kevin “How would your best friend describe you in detail?“ I think this would give a personal insight in to what makes Kevin tick.

 Ok, it’s your turn..lets hear those thought provoking questions. Maybe I will print them all and send them to Kevin to answer. ;-D

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Slaves of the Republic - zinjadu - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types
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Relationships: Obi-Wan Kenobi & Anakin Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker & Ahsoka Tano, CT-7567 | Rex & Ahsoka Tano
Characters: Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Miraj Scintel, CT-7567 | Rex
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Episode, Slaves of the Republic, Undercover, Slavery, Voyeurism, it never goes as planned, boundaries get pushed, it gets awkward, then it gets serious, with a little Rexsoka on the end because I’m scum

AU of S04E12: Slaves of the Republic. Taking on the trope of “what if Rex was the slave and Ahsoka was the seller?” How would our heroes really feel at dealing with the wrongness that is Zygerria, the sleemo that is the queen, and the pressure to complete the mission at the expense of their own integrity?

By doing the job, of course, no matter how horrible and weird it gets.

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I need some advice..When I went to my first P! show over the summer, I had a really good time, minus the fact that some guy near me wouldnt stop touching me..I don't know what to do..

That guy was a piece of shit, I’ve had that happen before, i know how shitty that can be, i’m sorry that happened. if it does happen again at any point i would tell someone if they keep doing it, security maybe, or make a scene to the people around you so they know whats up and maybe they can get the attention of someone else. Try to remember the good parts of the show if you can, maybe look at videos and photos from it, or next time you see them try to focus on that experience more

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But the real question is what kind of bread they would be. JVJ would be rye bread of course, and Marius would be matzah because you bake him for lesz than 18 minutes and he comes out with totally new ideas, but he's still pretty tasteless (sorry, Marius)

I feel like my bread-making knowledge is totally inferior to this task, but I agree that it is an Essential Character Insight!   

Also Important: What Apple Is Everyone