what would i do without george luz

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Can you do a preference when they cheat on you? Please. (I live for angst).

When Some of The Members from Band of Brothers Cheat on You:

(I know there’s a lot of people missing from this but I just had no idea what to write for them and I’m so sorry. If you want me to add more just let me know, I’ll be more than willing to add on to this!)

“Shifty” Powers:

  • I’m just going to put this out there 
  • Shifty would never do anything to hurt you
  • If he did 
  • he physically
  • and mentally 
  • would NOT be able to live with himself

George Luz:

  • You would probably want to hit him because you just wouldn’t know what you did to have him cheat on you
  • If you did hit him
  • He would accept it
  • and wouldn’t bother stopping you
  • Because he knows that he deserves it
  • He would give you space for a while
  • and he would miss you more than anything during that time apart
  • I feel like every night he would stop by the house and leave you a rose or something on the front step 
  • And once he was somewhat sure that you cooled off he would stop by 
  • and he would make you sit down with him and talk to him about it
  • He would tell you how much of a mistake it was 
  • And that he didn’t mean for it to happen
  • And he would end up saying something stupid that would make you laugh
  • Then he would promise that you’re the only girl for him and he would apologize a billion times more

Lewis Nixon:

  • He would most likely cheat on you after a fight the two of you had
  • He would go to a bar and end up drinking WAY too much
  • He would go home with someone and well yeah you know what happens from there
  • The next day he would wake up and immediately feel sick to his stomach because of what he’s done
  • I feel like he wouldn’t know how to tell you
  • So he probably wouldn’t say anything at first
  • And then once the two of you start to makeup he would just blurt it out that he got drunk and slept with someone
  • And he would probably hang his head in shame and start to go off on a tangent about how perfect you are and how you deserve better than someone like him
  • But you know that he would never do anything to hurt you if he wasn’t drunk
  • And that he does care about you
  • So you would forgive him
  • Even though it would take a while for you to trust him fully
  • And he wouldn’t understand why you would want to be with him after that 
  • but he wouldn’t be complaining 
  • because whats important is that you are together again.

Bill Guarnere:

  • I feel like Bill couldn’t go through with cheating on you
  • No matter how mad he is at you or whatever the circumstances are
  • He just wouldn’t be able to do it
  • He would be kissing someone else and the whole time he would be thinking about you
  • And if he didn’t stop there and things went further
  • He would push the other girl away from him and say that he’s sorry but he’s in love with someone else
  • He would respect you way too much and he knows his mama wouldn’t approve of this 
  • because he was brought up to treat girls better than that. 
  • He would come home to you with a huge bouquet of roses
  • and he would tell you what happened
  • He would expect you to leave him but instead you would place your hand on his knee 
  • and give him a soft smile

Carwood Lipton:

  • Just the thought of cheating on you would upset him.
  • He knows that he wouldn’t want you doing that to him
  • So he would never do it to you
  • If he even got close enough as to touching another girl he would be so disappointed with himself
  • He would probably go home to you
  • and let you know that he loves you
  • But I couldn’t imagine him ever doing anything to hurt you. 

Joe Liebgott: 

  • I think it would take a lot for Joe to cheat on you
  • And if he ever did he wouldn’t know how to make it better
  • He’d probably give you a free pass to sleep with anyone that you wanted to
  • And deep down he wouldn’t want you to do it but he knows that there’s nothing he could say or do that would stop you
  • Because he did the same thing to you
  • But you would know that two wrongs don’t make a right
  • SO instead of taking the pass you just would leave the house for a few days and stay with a friend of yours
  • just to keep him on is toes 
  • And when you come home you would tell him that you didn’t cheat on him
  • He would probably be so surprised (but thankful)
  • and then the two of you would probably spend the rest of the night having some rough sex 
  • ya know … just to get all of your emotions out or whatever

Floyd Talbert:

  • He would probably get angry if you ever told him you weren’t in the mood to have sex 
  • so he would leave the house all pissy and what not
  • And I feel like it wouldn’t really be surprising if Tab came home with hickies on his neck or smelling like another girl
  • I mean his nickname is “Bunny” and everyone knows how much he loves sex, including you
  • And even if you love him you would have prepared yourself for this but it would still make you very upset
  • He would feel awful for what he’s done because he did care about you and still does 
  • but he just would think that you’re better off without him
  • He would probably end things 
  • but he would tell you repeatedly that he didn’t cheat on you for anything that you did
  • and that it was just something that happened
  • After a while though I think he would truly realize how stupid he was 
  • and he would come back to you and beg for you to take him back
  • and that he would never do anything to hurt you again.  
  • friend: do you have band of brothers? mind if i get it off you?
  • me, in my head: boy oh boy you better be prepared for me to scream at you about dick winters and lewis nixon and about how sweet it is that harry carries around his reserve chute for kitty and about what a badass speirs is also how extra he is and how lipton is such a company mum making sure his boys are alright and about how fucking awesome bill and toye is and how heart breaking that scene is in ep 7 and how malarkey, muck and penkala are just the cutest ot3 you’ll ever see and buck compton and his one bullet 4 holes and how married martin and bull are and how shifty NEVER misses and grant is the mofo that deserved more time and tab’s little lip pulls and skinny being skinny and eugene motherfucking roe and his cute little accent calming everyone and how easily babe makes friends with everyone and perconte's habit of always brushing his teeth no matter if a fucking tree is blowing off right by his side and how much of a little shit liebgott is but actually a sweetheart at heart and what a drama queen webster is and GEORGE LUZ WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT GEORGE LUZ
  • my reply: yeah sure.
Rewatching Band of Brothers

Part 4- Replacements

  • Luz reassuring Buck when he makes a bad throw
  • Bull and his freaking cigars
  • Toye giving Babe a shoulder rub before he throws
  • I’m so happy that everyone’s already taken a liking to Babe, even Martin nods at him when he makes the shot
  • Martin and Bull lowkey flirting gives me life
  • “What would I do without George Luz?” (same Buck)
  • The excited “BOOP!” is in of itself a miracle
  • Convenient Webster is convenient
  • John!!! Martin!!! is!!! smiling!!!
  • I don’t care what anyone else thinks, Cobb is an asshole.
  • Everyone being happy and supportive of Lipton is my aesthetic

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