what would i do without george luz

  • friend: do you have band of brothers? mind if i get it off you?
  • me, in my head: boy oh boy you better be prepared for me to scream at you about dick winters and lewis nixon and about how sweet it is that harry carries around his reserve chute for kitty and about what a badass speirs is also how extra he is and how lipton is such a company mum making sure his boys are alright and about how fucking awesome bill and toye is and how heart breaking that scene is in ep 7 and how malarkey, muck and penkala are just the cutest ot3 you’ll ever see and buck compton and his one bullet 4 holes and how married martin and bull are and how shifty NEVER misses and grant is the mofo that deserved more time and tab’s little lip pulls and skinny being skinny and eugene motherfucking roe and his cute little accent calming everyone and how easily babe makes friends with everyone and perconte's habit of always brushing his teeth no matter if a fucking tree is blowing off right by his side and how much of a little shit liebgott is but actually a sweetheart at heart and what a drama queen webster is and GEORGE LUZ WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT GEORGE LUZ
  • my reply: yeah sure.