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Hi! Are you still taking prompts for Captain Canary? If so, I would like to see Leonard back in the ship, with Captain Sara Lance.

“So, it’s Captain now?”

Sara looked up from the book she’d borrowed from Rip’s study. In the doorway to her room, Leonard was leaning against the frame. Sara shut her book and swung her legs over the edge of the bed.

“Technically, co-captain with Rip now,” she told him. “Before he came back, I was captain. How’d you find that out anyways?”

“It’s hard to ignore Gideon calling someone else Captain who isn’t Rip,” Leonard shrugged. “And Mick’s been filling me in on what happened since the Oculus.”

Sara nodded. “You missed out on a couple things. Feudal Japan. Camelot. 1920′s Chicago.”

“Shame I missed that,” Leonard lamented.

“You probably would have stolen Capone’s wallet,” Sara told him.

“It’d have been a fun souvenir.”

Sara grinned. “If you want to see a souvenir, talk to Mick. Apparently, Amaya smuggled a bottle back from Capone’s lair for him.”

“The one with the necklace?” Leonard asked, getting a nod from her. “She said she was from the Justice Society of America. Hardly seems like the thieving type.”

“Well, Mick has been a great influence for everyone’s criminal activities.”

“It’s nice to hear someone carried on my legacy,” the crook smirked.

“Captain Lance,” Gideon interrupted. “Captain Hunter wishes to talk to you about a new development in the timeline.”

“I’ll be there,” Sara said as she hopped off the bed and brushed past Leonard. “Talk more later?”

“How about I bring some cards, Captain?”

Sara looked over her shoulder and winked. “Sounds like a plan.”


The Positive Influence of Yuri on Ice

Ever since Yuri on Ice became popular, many of us have been busy battling haters, homophobia in the anime community and people who mistakenly call it queerbaiting but let’s take a step away from that and consider the good that Yuri on Ice has done.

I work on a pretty large anime page on Facebook (over 300k likes, at the moment) and while Yuri on Ice was airing I used to do one or two posts a week on it. They got tons of positive feedback but what struck me most was that every time I would see comments from different people, mostly males from South East Asia going more or less like this:

“I never liked seeing gay men/couples in my anime/TV shows, but Yuri on Ice changed my mind. The natural, healthy relationship between Victor and Yuuri made me realize that true love doesn’t depend on gender. They are the first gay couple that I like and support and I would definitely like to see more of these in anime.”

Sometimes they pointed out how they would like Victor and Yuuri to get married, sometimes they mentioned how they never liked the idea of homosexuality but Victor and Yuuri changed their minds and made them understand, sometimes they talked about trying out yaoi anime and really disliking them but really really enjoying Yuri on Ice because of how well it showed the same-sex romance aspect.

I’m not sure whether you guys realize but Yuri on Ice literally changed the world-view of some people.

And the fact that this is coming from straight males (many of them highlighted this in their comments) from countries like Malaysia and Indonesia which aren’t exactly big on gay representation or even support (from what I understand, I’m European so I only have second-hand info), this is huge.

Even my own mother who after seeing episode 7 told me that “she’s not really into seeing two guys kiss”, called me on the phone after watching episode 9, saying that Victor and Yuuri are a beautiful couple and she hopes that they can stay together and be happy forever.

While we are busy fighting over whether Victuuri is canon or whether the anime is queerbait, there are people out there, who are taught by Yuri on Ice that homosexuality is normal and that gay representation is good.

Yuri on Ice is that powerful.

And of course, it won’t save the anime community, it won’t convince everyone, it won’t destroy homophobia. For all we know, the people who are convinced to support gay couples by YOI are a minority.

But the sheer fact that Yuri on Ice was capable of that is amazing and really shows the value of the anime as a piece of gay representation. Because this is progress, this is better than most of what the anime industry ever offered us.

So for all the cynicism and hate we get, here’s some positivity - Yuri on Ice had the power to change people’s views on homosexuality and made straight cis men unconditionally root for a gay couple.

I don’t know about you, but I find that beautiful.

Allura: I don’t get it, you guys call him your father as a joke all the time?
Keith: That’s what I said!

when I get a hand in it, every pairing is the shitpost couple. Alien confusion over those dumb earth-things is 👌 (THIS IS VERY MUCH ALMOST COPIED FROM A HOMESTUCK COMIC I SAW YEARS AGO but I can not track down the original tumblr post? If someone got a link so I can credit that would be great)

Check Please
  • *Sitting at a restaurant*
  • Waitress: Haven't seen you in a couple months! How have you been?
  • Me: Great!
  • Waitress: What kind of gay would you like this month? We have the innocent straight but semi gay texting game that was very popular a couple months ago, and we also have the innocent-but canon confirmed Ice skaters that where extremely loved by the community about 1 1/2 months ago!
  • Me: hmmm, I've ordered all of those before; anything new???
  • Waitress: Hold on one second. *Walks to shady man in trench coat* *points at me* * is handed red envelope* *makes me sign a contract promising not to sue her* *gives red envelope to me*
  • Waitress: Well...it's called Killing Stalking...
How Do People NOT Multiship?

Seriously I don’t get it. Just looking at Voltron for example here, you’ve got

-Klance, your hate ship, that red and blue, the gay losers who pretend to hate each other but would be very upset if something happened to the other
–Sheith, with all its history and possibilities for angst and comfort
-Kidge, your dumb conspiracy theorists who have no idea what they’re doing in a relationship but they’re trying their best
-Heith, your cinnamon roll lovers
-Kallura, your space power couple and also the way to spite people just for fun
-Shance, your sweet little angel falling for space daddy and it could be unrequited if you like to suffer and I mean Lance called Shiro his fucking hero like can you not
-Pidgance, Punk and Hance, your friends to lovers ships
-Allurance, for crush nerds and could again be unrequited if you’re masochistic
-Shidge, with their adorable and lame support that makes me cry
-Shunk, which is just an even purer cinnamon roll ship
-Shallura, for all your space parent needs
-Pallura, because lesbians are beautiful
-Hallura, the team mom ship
-Shatt, more angst opportunities and the best name

And then there’s your poly ships

-Shklance, where Shiro’s the only sane one and keeping them alive
-Klunk, Kidgance and both at the same time, the purest of friends to lovers poly ships
-Shallurance, which is perfect for Lance angst if you like people feeling like an add on and less important when really they’re just as loved
-Shalluridge, which I can’t even describe how great it is
- Shalluratt, which I don’t actually ship but I get it

Then again maybe is just me I join a fandom and I either ship everything or don’t even ship the Canon there is no in between for me.

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  • Andromeda: You know, it's so weird. I know so little about Aunt Walburga. I mean, what was her maiden name?
  • Druella: Black.
  • Andromeda: No, no. Her maiden name.
  • Druella: Black.
  • Andromeda: Wait. You're not saying--
  • Druella: She and Orion are second cousins.
  • Andromeda: Ew! What?!
  • Druella: Oh, don't act so scandalized. It's not at all uncommon for pureblood families to keep the bloodlines closed.
  • Andromeda: Keeping the bloodlines closed? Is that what we're calling it?
  • Druella: Well, what would you call it?
  • Andromeda: Oh, I don't know. How about "Good morning, everyone. I got a mighty cute sister and an extra set of toes."
  • Druella: No one has any extra toes.
  • Andromeda: I'm sorry, but I don't understand how everyone was so okay with this. I mean, what, did they just go, "What a cute couple. They look so much alike"?

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Pls teach me your ways and help a poor college kid pay for his loans D:


I was introduced to an app called Good&Co. This app saved my career and my life. The app made me take a couple of fun quizzes and play a couple of games to figure out what I like and what traits I have (low-key so much fun). After this, it paired me up with jobs that I would enjoy, telling me what kind of a person I am and who I work best with.

I now work pretty high up in the business industry with Hollister Co. thanks to Good&Co and I can easily pay off my loans and have extra money to spend. Here is a link to download the app, PLEASE give it a try like I did and let me know what you think, you won’t regret it!!!

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I have a symbol that I've been drawing to mean myself since I was 11 or 12 - as far as I can tell (and I've searched through a couple symbol dictionaries), it really was just a random squiggle that had no prior meaning, but because I've been drawing it so long, I look at it and think this means Me. Could this be used as a protection? Would it be the same as a name? What would happen, if I started wearing a necklace with it crafted in iron?

A. that’s really cool and

B. If this is your truest name, then I wouldn’t wear it around your neck, iron or not. But a name is, I think, what you’re called by. A symbol of yourself (a signature, maybe?) is not necessarily the same thing. I think as a symbol of yourself, unspoken, worn in iron or silver or ink, it would keep you grounded in yourself - no magic could change your knowledge of who you were, where you are, what you feel. On someone else it would announce they’re under your protection (but if that protection is challenged, best to have a way to back it up).


Some of my favorite questions and answers from the Facebook Live video:

Question: If you’re driving in your car, what are you listening to?

David: Well, honestly the last couple days I’ve been listening to my album because I’ve been rehearsing in the car. And I’m just happy that I didn’t have an accident where my car goes off the road and my own album is playing and I die. Because that would be horrible. The worst.

Okay I have a couple of questions. Your kids.

David: Yeah

They look just like you.

David: Mmm

I mean, I know we don’t want to talk too much about your kids obviously, but they look just like you. Jeez. That’s cool

*David Laughs*

I guess you’re the dad

David: Yeah exactly

Can I touch on the other stuff? I mean, 1993 your life changes

David: Yeah X-Files stuff, yeah

I mean these guys they’re my assistants but they’re truly here because they’re freaks with X-Files

David: X-files, really? At your age?

*off camera* Yeah!

I mean they said “Tommy, do you think he could call Scully?”


David: You know, when you’re not rolling

That last question though… 👀

Dual Dialogue Prompts
  • “This was a terrible idea.” “What are you talking about, there’s free nachos!”
  • “Don’t do the thing.” “…” “You did the thing, didn’t you?”
  • “I didn’t technically steal it. It’s called borrowing.” “You can’t borrow from a store!”
  • “Love you.” “Ew.”
  • “Why didn’t you invite me?” “I thought you would slap me.”
  • “I have something to confess.” “Did you set the microwave on fire again?”
  • “This bed ain’t big enough for the both of us.” “It’s a bunkbed?”
  • “We would make the best couple.” “You mean the worst couple.” “Exactly.”
  • “Did you just walk into a lamppost?” “In my defense, the lampost clearly saw me coming.”
  • “Music speaks to my soul.” “You’re so weird.”
  • “Paint me like one of your French girls.” “… I paint fruit.”
  • “Don’t you just love hanging out with me?” “Not really–” “AWW, I love hanging out with you, too!”
  • “Here’s another fun fact: Lions are actually–” “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP.”
  • “Let’s pretend that didn’t happen.” “Agreed.”

After reading a bunch of people’s individual reactions to the Sherlock finale, I think I finally understand why Moftiss referred to this as “insane wish fulfillment.” Without sharing my feelings on the matter, this is how I think “The Final Problem” was, in a way, exactly what they promised it would be:

Every big ship had a moment(s) that - if you had the right goggles on - could have made it canon.

Sherlolly- Everyone knows Molly is in love with Sherlock. But the second time he says “I love you” to Molly during that harrowing phone call, has been perceived as a real confession by those who thought his tone was sincere. They believe Sherlock really meant he was in love with Molly when he said that phrase. And there were also potential hints of a pregnant Molly - so couple that with Eurus’ question about sex, and Molly could even be pregnant with Sherlock’s child.

Adlock- Some have said Sherlock was playing Irene’s theme on the violin when Eurus asked him if he had sex recently. It could also be inferred that it is Irene he is texting at the end (since texting has been their ‘thing’ throughout the show), saying “you know where to find me” and therefore hinting at a possible future reunion.

Mystrade- Sherlock asks Greg to take care of Mycroft after their difficult ordeal and Greg obliges. This could hint at a potential relationship in the future if Mycroft seeks comfort in Greg during a tough time.

John x Mary - The show continued to discuss their marriage (by having the Governor draw parallels between John’s marriage and the Governor’s obvious love for his wife). And Mary appeared yet again by DVD to comfort John after her death.

Sheriarty - We were shown yet again Moriarty’s obsession with Sherlock. He was willing to chat with a psychopath in an island prison in order to learn more about the man he was so enthralled by. Some might interpret this as romantic.

Johnlock - Sherlock implies that John is family when Mycroft tries to kick him out of the room during their discussion of Eurus. Sherlock chooses to focus on saving John’s life rather than a (fake) girl whose death (along with countless others’) is imminent. He only really contemplated Mycroft’s death rather than John’s (although he ultimately decided to kill neither of them). He and John are shown living together and raising a child together at the end. Even Mary’s DVD seems to hint at their budding relationship by saying she knows what they can be once she is gone.

Not to mention, a lot of us believed/hoped that Sherlock had a much deeper, emotional side than he often let on. This episode explicitly showed us his heart and explained why he hid it for so long while simultaneously freeing him from that reasoning, so he no longer has to pretend to be a heartless man. The cold, calculating Sherlock of canon past is no longer, and the loving, caring Sherlock we all believed in is now a definitive reality. (And mainly John, but also his other friends and family, helped bring that side of him out).

Plus, many different theories were proved right, including that Mycroft hesitantly colluded with Moriarty in some way (which later caused issues for Sherlock) and that Redbeard was a reference to trauma Sherlock faced in his childhood.

A lot of people, including myself, at least somewhat expected a more blatant/outright form of wish fulfillment in whatever way we hoped it would manifest. In some ways we received it and in many other ways we were let down. It reminds me of Mofftiss’ approach to Sherlock’s suicide, where they provided numerous different theories to explain how he faked it, but never really confirmed what the true method was. That way, no one was proved wrong… but no one was really proved right either.

Perhaps it was easier for them to give us all a little bit of what we wanted rather than give a specific group exactly what they wanted. Perhaps that’s why so many people saw parallels to the movie “Clue” - because depending on how you analyze the subtext/read between the lines, there are many possible interpretations to the ending rather than one simple and definitive conclusion. Perhaps they wanted all fans to have their wishes fulfilled…

Tom Hiddleston Request

Can I ask for a Tom Hiddleston imagine? him and YN were cast to play Adam and Eve on the movie “Only Lovers Left Alive” (AWESOME MOVIE ! ) and both fell in love. they become the golden couple of hollywood.


You were walking across the lot with one of the stage managers who was showing you around what would be your second home until production wrapped up. You had just been casted on the new production of Only Lover Left Alive as the one of the main characters, Eve. “Oh look, your husband,” the manager said jokingly as Tom Hiddleston appeared on set. “Tom,” he called him over. “This is Y/N Y/L/N, as I’m sure you know she’ll be playing Eve.”

“Nice to meet you,” he smiled and offered to shake your hand.

“You too,” you shook his hand.

“I’m being called to a meeting with the director. I’ll see you both on set,” the manager said and left the two of you alone.

“So, are you excited to start filming tomorrow,” you asked.

“More excited for that than having to sit and try on all the clothes and wigs today,” he chuckled.

“Ah, the clothes are my favorite part. Speaking of, I better get going or they are going to kill. I have a wig that weighs, like, 20 lbs to put on,” you smirked.

“If you want, we could try and meet up and rehearse lines later this week, when we get closer to our scenes together.”

“That’d be great.”


After about 4 months of filming you two finally allowed yourselves to start dating. You two kept it secret until the movie premiere, you two accompanied each other as dates and released an official statement the month after that you two were dating.

Now, nearly four years later, 11 movies, two of which you two did together, and countless red carpet events you two were about to attend the newest movie premiere for Tom’s latest Thor movie.

After a year of dating Hollywood and the fans lovingly referred to you two as Hollywood’s Golden Couple. Ever since then, whenever another beloved couple would break up you and Tom would be tagged in thousands of posts about how you two were one of the reminders that love still existed.

“What do you have planned for today, Love,” Tom walking into your shared home freshly showered and dressed for the day.

“I have to go for my final fitting today and pick up my jewelry for the premiere this next week. Other than that I am all yours,” you grinned.

“Perfect. How about after your fitting we go to our favorite Italian place downtown and take a stroll around the park?”

“Only if you let me finally go in that new adoption center,” you had been begging him for weeks to go to the new animal adoption center to adopt a new puppy.

“Fine,” he played it off, “but we are only looking,” he said sternly.

“Fine, fine, ok. Only looking.”

“I mean it,” he pretended to be stern and pointed a finger at you.

“Ok, ok, looking only.”

Your fitting went well, everything looked perfect. You and Tom went and picked up the jewelry that was being lent to you for the premiere. As you ate your linguini and munched on the bread in front of you, you held hands with the one Tom wasn’t using. With a semi-loud slurp you sucked in the noodle. “Why are you looking at me like that,” you blushed slightly seeing Tom watching you from across the table.

“Just thinking about how lucky I am,” he smirked. “Somehow I’m with a woman who can look gorgeous even with pasta sauce over her chin,” he chuckled. You hand flew to your face and wiped the sauce from your face.

“Oh, whatever,” you smiled and looked down.

“It’s true. I feel lucky every day when I’m with you.”

“I feel the same way, babe,” you leaned over and gave him a quick kiss.  You left the restaurant and walked around the park, smiling and saying hello to the fans and paparazzi that you came across.

“Oh look,” you faked surprise and pointed to the store across the street, “a new animal adoption place that I have never seen before,” you said very monotonically.

“Oh look,’’ he copied you, “how interesting that that new store is there.”

You pulled him along as you jogged across the street and into the store. You let an “Aw” escape your lips as you looked at the dogs and kittens in their cages. “Oh my Gosh,” you excitedly gasped. In a little cage by himself was a small black lab. Over the past month you had been bugging Tom to get one. “Tom, can we play with him? Please,” you whinned.

“I guess one won’t hurt.” You were shocked at how easy he gave in but went with it. With a grin he called a worker over and asked to play with the lab. You squealed from excitement as the worker came back with the puppy and placed him in your arms.

“There are rooms right over there that you can go into,” they told you. You and Tom picked a room and sat the puppy down who happily ran around you, jumping, and pulling on Tom’s shoe strings.

“Come here boy,” you called and waved a toy rope in front of him.

“That’s a weird collar isn’t it,” Tom asked.

“Collar?” You looked down and saw a little blue collar around his neck with a small heart tag hanging from it. “4 years ago you walked into my life. Here’s a paw for each year…if you say yes?”

You read the tag and were confused, “Say yes to what?” You turned and looked towards Tom and stopped when you saw him in front of you, kneeling on one knee, with a open box in front of you.

“Yes to me. These four years of you have been the best years of my life, and I want them to continue until the day I die. Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, make me the happiest man alive and say you’ll marry me.”

“Yes, yes, of course yes!” You jumped into his arms after he slid the ring on your finger. “How did you get the tag on him? How did you know I wanted to come here?”

“You’ve been talking about this place nonstop since it opened. And, I know you’ve always wanted a black lab. I saw they had this little guy up for adoption so I had the tag made and brought it here ahead of time.”

“You’re the sweetest.”

“So, what are you naming him?”

You looked at the little lab in front of you and it hit you. “I like Wade.”

“You’re naming him after a Marvel hero and it’s not even mine,” he laughed.

You shrugged, “You know Deadpool is my favorite.”


That weekend, the night of the red carpet, every question, interview, and picture made sure to pinpoint the diamond ring on your finger and the smiles of Hollywood’s golden couple.

Ye Olde Fandom: “Here’s a bunch of moments where these two characters seemed very close and compatible, which is why I believe they would make a good couple. If this appeals to you, read some fics with this pairing.”

New Hell Site: “Here is all the ways THIS SHIP is so CANON ENDGAME that if you DON”T ADMIT IT, you’re a homophobe!”

“But THAT SHIP isn’t as politically correct as MY SHIP. Call-out post for everyone who has this PROBLEMATIC SHIP!”

“How dare you attack a positive depiction of characters with mental illness finding love, just because neither of them canonically have mental illnesses! CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE!”

“Hey, what about this canon pairing?”


it’s been over a year since you said you needed a break. some space is what you called it. to figure things out. those words shattered my world and my heart. i hoped you would come back in a couple of weeks and we would be us again, but that’s not what happened. you figured out that i wasn’t what you wanted. you need someone new, someone different, and someone who wasn’t me. it hurt. i cried and cried for weeks on end. i sent you texts i admittedly would regret after the hangovers wore off. and even though i could feel you slipping away, some part of me was still holding on to the hope that you just needed a couple of weeks. the weeks turned into months and then suddenly you had found that someone new. but i had too. and i can still remember the way my chest felt like it was going to collapse in on my heart when i got your text that day. i was sitting in chemistry when i read those words. “we’re over. im not coming back.” my heart shattered into a million pieces. i knew it must have been hard on you too, but in that moment, it felt like i was the only one in grieving. now here we are, almost exactly one year after you needed that space. we’re both happy, with the new people in our lives. they are who we were meant to be with. it was all what needed to happen. but i still get a pain in my chest when i see you’re name on my timeline or your contact pop up when i try to call someone else. time doesn’t heal. there’s not enough time in the world to heal the scars i have from you. but i’m glad you left them.

-the one you used to love


“I’m gonna call Skinner, Mulder.”
“I’m sure he’s going to want to say a few words about this. Guys, give it a rest, huh?”

It’s 10:30pm on a Saturday night, and he’s just sat back down on his couch after grabbing another beer from the fridge when the phone rings. The caller ID only shows the number for the Hoover Building switchboard, but somehow he already knows who it is. (Who else would be calling him via the switchboard this late on a Saturday?) He lets it ring a couple more times while he takes a swig of his beer and steels himself for whatever nonsense is about to be dropped in his lap.


“Good evening, sir. I apologize for calling you at home so late.”

“What is it, Agent Scully?”

“Well, sir, as you’re aware, Agent Mulder and I are currently in Los Angeles. And, as it happens, the LA County Sheriff’s Department is also looking into the series of incidents we’re out here investigating.”

“Let me guess. Agent Mulder failed to properly liaise with the local LEOs, and now we’ve got an inter-agency pissing match on our hands?”

“No, that’s… that’s not it at all, actually.”

“He didn’t get himself arrested again, did he?”

“No, sir!”

“Well, get to the point, agent. I know you know what time it is here.”

“Sir, they’re filming an episode of COPS tonight. Here. With the LASD.”

He doesn’t know what he was expecting her to say, but it sure as hell wasn’t that. Inexplicably, he finds himself stifling a laugh; he turns it into a cough. Dear god, Mulder running his mouth about aliens and what-have-you on national TV… he should not be finding this funny at all, and yet…

“Assistant director? Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.” He clears his throat. “So am I to understand that because the LASD is working cooperatively with you on this investigation, their film crew shadows are now yours as well?”

“That’s correct, yes. And Agent Mulder… well, his working hypothesis for the case is, as you might guess, paranormal in nature, and–”

“Yes, Scully, I’ve met him.”

“Uh… right. So, they can’t use any of the footage they’ve already gathered unless we sign off on it. I assume you want us to refuse?”

Skinner pulls his glasses off and rubs his eyes. On the one hand, the probability of Mulder saying something that will make himself (and possibly also the Bureau as a whole) look foolish is incredibly high. On the other hand, Skinner’s got a friend in that industry; he knows that rather than waste the film, the show’s producers will insist on simply blurring his agents’ faces and garbling their voices instead, and he won’t be able to get around that without a big legal fight. And if they do that, it’ll just look like the Bureau’s hiding something, which will end up an even bigger PR mess on balance. Plus, he has no doubt that Scully will do her usual thing of tempering Mulder’s eccentricity and countering his more bizarre theories. And also, despite everything, Mulder is ultimately a good agent. It probably won’t be that bad.

Fuck it. Let them get filmed. If everything goes to shit and Mulder does something even more ridiculous than usual, they can always change their minds before the show goes to air.

“Nah. Cooperate with the film crew. Keep me posted if things totally go belly-up, but short of an emergency, I don’t need to hear from you again until tomorrow morning at the earliest. Are we clear on that?”

“Sir? A-are you sure that’s wise?”

“The FBI has nothing to hide, Agent Scully. That’ll be all.”

He hangs up the phone and shakes his head, then replaces his glasses and reaches for his beer. Those two are going to drive him to an early retirement, he has no doubt.

Antis after that 'She's with me' scene be like:
  • Antis: Omg kara isn't a trophy, get away from her you Mon-Ew, I'm with Mr. what's his name
  • Karamels: Well Mr.Mx-whatever did kind of break into Kara's apartment and then decided he would marry Kara without Kara's consent and Mon-El stepped in. He only said what was true, that they are together and he should back off. I'm sure if some random guy came up to your SO and then asked them to marry him you'd be inclined to punch him as well.
  • Antis: Nope, Lena would never do this she respects Kara. She would never call her hers because you know couples NEVER use possessive pronouns when referring to one another
  • Also Antis: God I hope Lena crashes Mon-El and his disgusting blue underwear for touching her girl.
  • Also Antis: (this is an actual post, just go into the Maxwell Lord tag): I hope Maxwell Lord comes back so Maggie can destroy him for that one time he went out with her girl.
  • Karamels: *Stare into the camera like in the office*
Thin Walls

It was rare that Dan and Phil had friends over, but this was a special occasion. They had finished tatinof, and the year was almost coming to a close, and they were feeling generally sentimental.

So they invited their friends Chris, PJ, and Louise over. They would have invited more people, but they weren’t feeling up to much other than seeing their closest friends.

“I call a toast!” PJ said through his laughter, holding up his glass of champagne.

“Oh, getting fancy are we?” Chris asked, raising his glass next to PJs.

“Well we’re already drinking champagne, so why not?”

“Well what are we toasting to?” Louise asked. PJ grinned.

“To tatinof. You guys did a really amazing job, you’re such an inspiration to so many people. And to you guys, cause you’re such a beautiful couple!”

They cheered, and Dan and Phil glanced at each other, intertwining their fingers before touching glasses with everyone else.

“Thanks, PJ,” Dan said, smiling at his friends, and then at his boyfriend. Phil pressed a kiss to his forehead, and Dan leaned against him.

It really had been a busy year.


It was getting dark outside, and they were all busy playing board games and drinking and having a nice time. Dan was feeling a bit woozy, not just from the alcohol, but the fact that Phil was playing with his hair in a really relaxing way.

“I love you,” Dan muttered, angling his face from where it rested on Phil’s chest to look at him. Phil smiled softly, continuing to play with his hair.

“I love you too. So so much, Dan.” He bent down to kiss him, and Dan smiled into it, moving his hand to rest on Phil’s face.

Phil shifted him, practically picking Dan up and Dan moved so that he was sitting on Phil’s lap, straddling him. It was soft and slow, sleepy almost, and no one was paying attention to them so it didn’t matter when Phil slid a hand up Dan’s shirt.

Phil slowly kissed along Dan’s jaw, making him moan quietly, squirming in his lap. Phil moved his mouth to Dan’s neck, sucking and biting at a certain spot below his ear.

“Christ,” Dan muttered, arching his neck to give Phil more access. “You’re so good at that.”

“Mmh, I try,” Phil chuckled against Dan’s skin, making him shiver.

“Uh, do you maybe wanna…” Dan stumbled over his words, running his fingers over Phil’s shoulders. “Go to your room?” Phil laughed.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna socialize more?”

Dan nodded quickly.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Phil laughed again, kissing Dan’s nose.

“Alright then.”

Dan stood up, helping Phil up, and grabbed his hand.

“We’re gonna go… check something,” Phil called to the room. “We’ll be right back.”

“Sure,” PJ said, and winked. “Take your time, you two. And try not to be too loud, will you?”

Chris snorted, and Louise rolled her eyes at them, grinning.

“Cmon guys, they’re in loooove,” she said, laughing.

“Will do, Chris,” Phil said, and chuckled, pulling Dan out of the room with him.


PJ was having a good time. He was with his friends, and celebrating Dan and Phil’s tour. He was so proud of them, he couldn’t believe how far they had come.

They had left the room about ten minutes ago, and he was chatting with Louise.

It started with small sounds, quiet moans and gasps. PJ wasn’t sure what it was at first, maybe just the house creaking or something, but it sounded more human. It sounded like Dan. And that’s when he realized.

It wasn’t very loud, just soft little noises, and PJ decided to ignore it. Let them have their fun, he thought, it’s their night.

“Philll…” a drawn out moan floated through the walls, and PJ cringed.

Next came the bed noises.

It started with just a slow rhythmic creaking of bed springs. The moaning continued, getting a bit louder, and now there was a stream of curses and words in there from who PJ was sure was Dan.

“Fuck, Phil… fuck, fuck, fuck, please!”

PJ made eye contact with Chris, who’s eyes were wide.

“Wonder what they’re doing in there, aye PJ?”

I just rolled my eyes at him; I thought it was quite obvious. The noises were slowly picking up speed.

“Ah, fuck, Dan, you’re so good baby, so pretty… moan for me baby…”

It would probably be kind of sweet if it wasn’t so awkward. PJ tried to just continue chatting with Louise and ignore it, but it was so obvious and various thumps and groans kept cutting him off so he just gave up.

Damn, they have thin walls…

And then he could swear the headboard was hitting the fucking wall, and Dan’s noises were increasing in both volume and pitch.

“Fuck baby, you’re so good, you feel so good…”

“Faster, fuck, please go faster!”

Jesus Christ, PJ thought as the noises got louder and quicker, until it was all he could hear. Just moans and curses and the bed hitting the wall, and PJ knew he would never be able to get the sounds of his best friends fucking out of his head.

“Come on baby, so close… cum for me baby…”

Dan’s noises were getting higher and more feminine, and it honestly sounded like something from porn.

“Fuck, Phil!” Dan practically shouted Phil’s name, and the bed creaking wasn’t rhythmic anymore. Phil moaned loudly, and they stopped all together.

PJ turned to his friends, Louise looked like her jaw was about to hit the ground, and Chris was cringing.

“Do you think we should clap?” Chris asked quietly after a moment.

“Chris!” Louise hissed at him, and PJ couldn’t help but chuckle.

About fifteen minutes later, Dan and Phil reentered the room, holding hands and smiling like nothing had happened.

“Why’s everyone so quiet?” Dan asked, scratching his neck. PJ could see a few hickeys poking out from his shirt collar…

Chris clapped him on the shoulder, grinning.

“You have really thin walls, man,” he said calmly, grinning. “You might wanna get that fixed if you’re ever thinking of having kids.”


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