what would his last words to her have been if he thought that was it

I think people are forgetting how well Silver played everyone in 405 

Even though we knew he would never betray Flint we were actually convinced that he was going to. Why? Because Silver can act. Better than we ever thought he could. Yet Hands, Billy, the crew AND the audience are still underestimating him in this situation now

Silver told Billy to kill Flint in 405

Now he’s telling 6 men to go kill him in 408 

Events are being repeated like they have been throughout this season yet people are STILL believing what is being fed to them

And look.. we know there is going to be some sort of twist. It’s what will make it, as Luke said, his ‘favourite written episode’. We’ve always been right about how important Flint and Silver are to each other. Don’t let this fool you. Don’t be like Billy and fall into the trap of thinking it was that easy to turn them against each other. He has underestimated their relationship again. Just like he underestimated it before. 

Count of words: 574

Warnings: none really, maybe a little sad.

A/N: So I don’t know if you ment anchor for her humanity or bloodlust so I went with bloodlust. I hope you like it. Also I thought it was longer while writing this but ok.

Requested?: Yes 

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can you please do a cute Isaac lahey imagine where the reader is turning into a vampire and he’s her anchor xoxo

Author: Katerina ( @littlealphawolf )

requests here

The past couple of weeks have been tough. Exams were all over the place and the pack was facing a new unknown enemy.  None of us knew what it was but we were trying to figure out. Some though they could be werewolves but stronger, others thought they could be vampires but if they were that we didn’t really know what to do.

It was finally the last period. Coach was grumpy once again, yelling and once in a while his voice would wake me up. The bell rung signaling for us to get the hell out of the school and we happily obeyed.

The walk home was silent. Isaac was not with me today. He said Scott wanted him over to the animal clinic for some help. So I was walking alone. The silence was ringing through my ears like music until suddenly someone grabbed me and after that everything was black.

I woke up after obviously several hours on my bed, Isaac peacefully asleep on my side. Tears were gracing his face making his eyelashes appear bigger and his face sweeter making me worried. “I-Isaac?” my voice came out more hoarse than expected. “Y-Y/N? Bu-but yo-you didn’t ha-have heartbeat!?!?!?” He said surprised looking at me with wide eyes.  “What are you talking about Isaac??” I said looking at him confused. “I cannot hear a heartbeat Y/N. They gave me time to say goodbye.” He said tearing up. “You are not alive. I’m imagining this.” He said looking down never removing his hand from mine. “No baby, no. I’m here. Hush. I’m alive. Well no technically I’m dead but I still breath. ” I said chuckling in an attempt to make him calm down. “Stop! It’s not time to joke Y/N!” Isaac said giggling slightly through his tears. “But, no, I think it is darling.” I said kissing his forehead.

Days went by, questions were asked, my urge for blood grew day by day never knowing how to stop it. Until today. I was locked in the basement trying to stop my urge to kill someone just to fulfill my hunger. But Isaac had other plans. Even though Derek agreed to lock me in there Isaac was fighting him to let him in. And unfortunately he did. “Isaac, what are you doing? Leave!” I commanded but Isaac kept coming closer to me. “No, baby, I won’t.” “I could hurt you!” I screamed but he never stopped. “You could but you won’t, now will you baby?!” He said finally in front of me. My gaze was locked on the ground still trying to contain my hunger. “Y/N look at me!” He said softly. “Look at me!” he yelled making my eyes shot up and meet with his gorgeous ones. “Remember what you told me when you were helping me contain my urge to kill? When I was telling you to leave me alone cause I knew I would hurt you? You won’t hurt me. And you know what, even if you do it’d be my pleasure.” He said kissing my forehead and my expression softened. “I will be here and help you out with this, ok?” He said and I just nodded my head yes. “You owe me ten dollars Stilinski.” Derek yelled at Stiles. “What for?” I asked laughing. “I told him Isaac is your anchor. He said no… So, I won!” He said that with a straight face and I just laughed.


Rucas Week - Day 4:  Lucas having his Moment or Riley becoming jealous when they are a couple

“This was it. The moment he had been waiting for since seventh grade. He had asked her to meet him on Central Park, when after all the mess and misunderstandings from the past year it would be just the two of them at last, together, how they were supposed to be. He knew how he felt, in fact Lucas had never been this sure about anything on his life before and he was tired of pretending otherwise. He had never been and would never be able to be just friends with Riley Matthews. They were more. They deserved to be more. As he waited for her, all of these thoughts ran through his head, but all it took was one look at the girl of his dreams to silence the voices in his mind. That’s what he liked to call Riley effect, she had this way of bringing him peace with a simple smile or a kind word or even just by standing next to him, it was like a soothing light that would always draw him in. She greeted him shyly, but it was not anything like the awkwardness they had experienced a few months before. If anything, this was like starting over and that’s how it’d felt like ever since they talked about their feelings before middle school’s graduation. Now here they were, weeks before starting high school, both of them fully aware of how they felt and nothing to stop them from pursuing those feelings. They had given each other some time and space, but now it was finally the moment to take the leap and Lucas didn’t waste a second, for he felt like Riley and him had both done more than enough of going in circles.

I love you, Riley.” 

He could further explain. God, Lucas could spend days on end giving her the reasons why and still not make this feeling justice. He didn’t need to, though, as he watched Riley’s expression change from surprise to happiness, while she whispered within a smile the words he had dreamed of hearing more times than he could count.

I love you too.”

She rushed into his embrace and he welcomed her with open arms, both of them wondering how was it possible for two bodies to fit so perfectly together and relishing on how simple, yet perfect, that moment was. Too soon Lucas let go of her, but only for his hand to slide its way behind her neck, while Riley watched his lips curl into the smallest but most honest of smiles as he leaned in. Their lips connected on a sweet passionate kiss, the first of many, to finally seal the choice they’d made. They would be together, not because other people thought they should, not because they had exhausted other options, but because relationships are supposed to be about two people who make the choice to come together by themselves, of their own free will, at the right point of time. And after everything they had been through, this moment, his moment, their moment… it was a lot of things, but above it all, it was right.”


“…Are you ok..? says Misaka as Misaka asks a question.”

The Level 5 who had once been called Academy’s City strongest monster stretched out his trembling hands and embraced Last Order’s small body that was still limp and without strength.

He embraced her tightly.

He embraced her so as to never let her go again.

“…Thank goodness…”

His voice was trembling and not just because the inside of his body had been torn to shreds.

“Dammit. Thank goodness. Thank goodness….!”

One would not have thought that it was in Accelerator’s nature to speak those words.

However what exactly was Accelerator’s “nature”?Perhaps this was who he truly was.Perhaps before all the tragedy and before Academy’s city darkness swallowed up that young Level 5, his nature had been that of a child that commonly smiled and commonly cried.

Even after being overwhelmingly dyed in evil , that had remained unchanged within Accelerator.

It had remained.


As Accelerator embraced her , Last Order brought her small hands around to his back where she gently stroked him.

She was accepting him.

Most likely it was the same as when she had first spotted what remained within him.

It was true that the world was cold , harsh and too filled with malice to do anything about.

However the was also salvation there.

If you just stretched out your own hand ….If you simply gritted your teeth and continued forward , there was definitely a light that would await you after you struggled and struggled.The world was not so hopeless that it even robbed you of that ray of light.


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“you’re right. i’m selfish, & i’m stupid.” ( bughead: the notebook AU idk maybe when they fight or sth or IDK )

Jughead would shake his head at the words and step back, not from her but from the energy between them. How dark and unusual it felt.

     ❝ Maybe you are Betty, for coming back into my life and making me feel like - like - like for once something good will stay. And you make me feel like the last five years had been worth the wait and for what? For you to leave as soon as the wedding is over and never return? ❞

Of course he was mad. He was mad at himself for still being in love with her after all of these years. He was mad at himself for standing up for that lost time, but scared that his words would make her run. He couldn’t have that anymore. The thought scared him.

So he breathed in to shake the anger off.

    ❝ If you want me, if you want this then stay Betty Cooper, stay like I know you want to.  ❞

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ahhhh I loved the answet about Dwyer's death. It literally brought a tear t my eye. Can I make a request? Jakob going back after everyone else is gone and saying his final words to Dwyer?

He’d been gone all day. He hadn’t meant to be gone so long, leaving Corrin alone wasn’t what he’d wanted, but he didn’t know what else to do. How could he be strong for her when he couldn’t go more than to minutes without falling apart again? He hadn’t gotten a proper goodbye from his son. Jakob so desperately wanted to tell him all of the things he should have told him when he was alive, but he couldn’t stand the thought of looking at Dwyer’s lifeless body. And what good could it do? He would never hear it. 

Jakob had been standing in front of the door for what felt like an eternity. After endless deliberation, he decided he had to see his son one last time, even if he was already gone. He shoved the door open, covering his mouth and letting out a silent scream at the sight of his son’s corpse, still laying on the cot, now cleaned up. 

“Oh Dwyer.” he sobbed, running his fingers through his son’s red hair, examining every detail of his face, wanting to make sure he remembered him clearly “I love you. I am so sorry. I was an awful father and yet you still died for me.” he lay his forehead on the teenager’s unmoving chest, weeping into his cold flesh. 

Jakob leaned back up, stroking his son’s cheek “I just always thought we’d have more time. But you always beat me at everything, I guess you’d have to beat me to this as well, wouldn’t you.” he half chuckled through his tears as he fondly recalled his boy’s zest for life “You were a selfless boy, an inredible man. Not one day of my life will pass that I don’t think of you or miss you. It’s my fault and I know it is but I’ll do my best with the life you saved for me, son.”

He whimpered again, his bottom lip trembling as he lifted his son into his arms, cradling the boy’s body “I’ll hold you for the last time in this life, a life I fought so hard to give you.” he leaned in slowly, pressing a kiss Dwyer’s forehead “I will always love you, my sweet boy.”

      Would she answer the door? Freed felt horrible, imagining with what kind of thoughts he might have send her to sleep the previous night. His head was pulsating with pain - the alcohol’s fault without doubt - but he hardly cared. All that mattered was to keep his promise, and perhaps make a step into the right direction at last. Hopefully…

      As he waited his brows furrowed in thought, his outfit not consisting of his usual style he preferred to use in public though rather a casual yet somewhat elegant white shirt, black pants with a belt and his hair tied up into a pony tail. It was easier to keep his long strands neat this way. He had hurt her enough. He had been an insecure coward for too long. And he his intoxicated words had been sincere, each and every one of them.


As fate would have it - Chapter 10

It´s been about twelve years since Hiyori last saw Yato. Twelve years since he cut ties with her. With tears in his eyes he explained that it was all for her sake so she could finally start to live a normal life.
What he didn´t know back then was that their ties could never be cut.

Hiyori remembered everything about him, Yukine and the far shore.
At the time Yato and she parted ways Hiyori was already pregnant with a baby girl that grew up knowing nothing about her father.

Chapter 10 - How do you feel?

!!! Contains Manga Spoilers (Chapter 48) !!!


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Main Characters:

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I just had a thought. Solas has revealed himself as the dread wolf. Basically word would start to get around orlais. I’m wondering how well devout chantry will take this? Some will dismiss it as nonsense, but others? They might see it as a threat. Now imagine. Fucking chantry followers, trying to hunt down the dread wolf. Not that they’d be successful. No. But u have to wonder what might happen if the inquisitor also worked against solas’ forces. If they somehow, managed to capture the dread wolf. 

I imagine it would hurt my inquisitor quite a lot, having to see solas restrained and sentenced. In fact don’t imagine it. Don’t imagine solas proudly, maybe a little vehemently, accepting his punishment. Don’t imagine lavellan able to do nothing but standby, and watch as he looks her in the eyes one last time as he’s led out of the hall. She didn’t want this. She tried to stop them. She has to stop them.

“And how would you stop them?”

“However I had to”


Stupid, stupid, stupid. 

The single word pounded through his skull as Amycus crept from his office to his bedroom, turning the pipes on for a long, hot shower. It was stupid to do what they’d done last night, to spend almost the entire night in various states of pleasure, hardly sleeping, twisting and turning in the blankets until they were nothing but a tangled mess –

Stupid, stupid, stupid

It took him three days to sterilize his office, to get rid of the smell of sex that seemed to cling to everything, to forget the image of her naked limbs. He burned the blankets, simply because he couldn’t bear the memories buzzing through his head at the worst possible moments of the day. He thought about burning the rug, too, but he’d gotten that on his last trip to Turkey, and his mother would have killed him if she found out that he’d burned a one-of-a-kind Turkish rug. 

So he tried to forget. Because it had been one night – they’d agreed on one night. There wasn’t anything more to it than that. 

Except there was, because she was still in his house every second of every day, and he couldn’t go anywhere without seeing her. He’d avoided her so far – dodged her in the library, ducked out of the conservatory, crept out of the kitchens – and now he found himself staring directly in her face as he turned the corner, and reached out to grasp her elbows in an effort to steady them both. 

“Dorcas.” His fingers tightened. “I didn’t see you.” 

Poe Dameron Imagine #1

A/N: I’ve been having major Poe feelings recently so I decided to write a short little imagine and see what kind of response I get to see if I should even bother writing more. Hope you all enjoy! <3

To say that you had a crush on Poe Dameron would be a massive understatement. Enamored would be a better word to describe how you felt about the handsome X-Wing pilot. If his looks weren’t enough to reel you in, then his personality alone had you hook-line-sinker. “Take a picture, Y/N. It’ll last longer.” Jessika joked snapping you out of your thoughts. You face immediately turned red at her little comment as you whipped around to scold her.

           “Be quiet! He might hear you!” you whispered harshly to your friend, only earning a laugh in response. Huffing in annoyance you went back to repairing the wing to her Starfighter. “Come on Y/N, I’m only joking! Plus, he probably feels the same way about you” Jessika said casually, inspecting your work. As much as you loved her, she could be damn annoying at times. You two were old childhood friends and both left home to become apart of the Resistance; she to become a pilot and you to become a mechanic. Joining together only strengthened your friendship, forming somewhat of a sisterly bond together.

           “Ha, good one Jess. He has no idea who I am,” you said in disappointment, looking over to see the man in question flirting mercilessly with a few fellow Resistance members. Before you could register what was happening, Jessika yelled out to Poe waving him over. “What the hell?!” you practically screamed at her as Poe started to make his way over. You tried to walk away but Jessika grabbed your arm, keeping you in place. “Hi Jessika, is everything alright?” Poe asked, one of his killer smiles gracing his face. “Oh, everything’s fine. I just wanted to introduce you to my friend Y/N. She’s one of the X-Wing mechanics!” Jessika replied a little to happily.

           Poe suddenly turned his attention to you, his smile turning into a smirk as he took you in. You were anything but presentable at the moment; your hair was in a messy bun and you jumpsuit was tied off around your waist, your tank top covered in grease. “Hey there, Y/N. The names Poe,” he offered with an outstretched hand. You could feel your cheeks turn bright red as your hand met his. “N-nice to meet you” you lamely replied.

“You know, I’ve been having some issues with one of the engines on my Starfighter. Think you could come take a look at it after dinner?” he asked, that smirk never leaving his face. “Um of course! I’ll take a look at it,” your voice shaky. “Perfect! I’ll see you after dinner, Y/N. Bye Jessika!” he said before jogging off. “I think he likes you,” Jessika offered with a knowing look. “I could kill you right now!” I said angrily to her now retreating form as she heading inside the base. “Less yelling, more fixing my baby!” she yelled over her shoulder, making you mutter a few profanities underneath your breath before finishing your job.

~Time Lapse~

Dinner was over and you decided to take a quick shower before heading over to take a look at Poe’s X-Wing. Not because you wanted to look “hot for Poe” as Jessika had thought, but simply because you felt dirty and wanted to change into some more comfortable clothes. Now here you stood in front of your bunk mirror, trying to fix your hair into a nice bun. Not because you wanted to impress Poe of course. Sighing to yourself you headed outside and made your way over to where Poe held his Starfighter. It was dark out and you couldn’t see whether or not he was already there, secretly hoping he would be. Finally reaching your destination, you disappointedly observed that he wasn’t anywhere to be found. Frowning slightly to yourself, you started to inspect the engines looking for any signs of damage. You were so concentrated on the task at hand that you didn’t notice a figure approaching you until they grabbed your waist. Letting out a yelp, you quickly turned around to find none other than Poe Dameron staring at you intently, hands still on your waist. “You scared the shit out of me!” you said breathlessly, your adrenaline finally subsiding. “Sorry, doll. You just looked too good to resist.” He said, that smirk on his face once again. You quickly turned you head to the side, hoping to hide the blush creeping up your neck. You then felt his hot breath on you neck causing your body to stiffen.

“You know, my engines are fine. Never better actually” he whispered in your ear. Confusion getting the better of you, you made the mistake of turning your head to look at him only for your faces to be inches apart. You could feel your heart rate speed up as you tried to collect your thoughts. “Then why did you ask me to come out here?” you asked, your voice barely above a whisper. Instead of replying Poe leaning in to capture your lips in a soft kiss. At first you froze only to kiss back in a matter of seconds. The kiss grew more heated as your arms wrapped around his neck while his hands made their way to you ass. Needing to breath, you both reluctantly parted. “That’s why” he finally answered. It was your turn to smirk as you pulled him into another kiss.

           “I TOLD YOU Y/N. ALSO, ABOUT DAMN TIME DAMERON!” you suddenly heard someone scream, causing you and Poe to jump apart. Looking around your gaze fell on that of your best friend standing near the main building. A few others were with her and the all began yelling and clapping. “Jessika Pava, you’re dead!” you yelled back at her, earning a laugh from Poe. “After we finish what we started!” he added before leaning in for another kiss.

Oh! Darling

Another drabble - 2300 Words -   On Fanfiction

It was the last night of the tour and Killian Jones was ready for it to be over. As he walked to the dressing room, he counted the hours until he would be on the plane to London. Back to where he could decompress, lick his wounds, and finally relax.

Months and months of touring, living out of suitcases, and one night stands had not been what he needed to mend his broken heart. He thought the tour would have been the perfect solution to finding out his girlfriend was married and had no intention of leaving her husband. He thought getting away from everything he knew, and everything they’d done together would help him heal. But it hadn’t worked.

Now, just twelve hours from his flight, he was antsy. Three hours until show time. Two hours on stage. Five hours at the hotel. Two hours to the airport. Then home. Well, at least his own bed. Home was an elusive concept for him.

As he walked down the hallway he saw Jeff, his drummer approaching. Behind him, a blonde carrying a guitar. Probably the supporting act. He ducked into the dressing room to avoid talking to her.

The originally booked opening act had been forced to cancel the last seven nights of the tour due to visa issues, and management decided to bring in local acts for each night of the last leg. It was Killian’s biggest nightmare. Every night having to meet and greet with a new set of musicians, all wanting to suck up to him, telling him how great he was, hoping to parlay one night of opening into more.

Really, thinking back to his early days, he couldn’t blame them. He just wasn’t in the mood.

He waited just inside the door for Jeff, and that’s when he truly saw her as she passed. She was a goddess. She looked down as she walked by, almost as if she were too shy to meet his eyes, but that couldn’t stop him from observing her. Porcelain skin, green eyes, and the most beautiful hair he’d ever seen.

He grabbed the doorframe, and leaned out backwards in order to watch her walk away, down the hallway. Of course Jeff noticed.

“Killian, no.”

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Good and bad things that Dipper did tonight

After Mabel didn’t press the button, Dipper thought they were all going to die and his last words to her would have been “Mabel, are you crazy!? We’re all going to-”

BUT after the flash of and things start to to get melt-y(?) he reaches out. Some people might think he’s reaching for the button, but he knew it was too late.

Guys, he was reaching for Mabel.

The First Conversation

Rick and Michonne’s first pillow talk.


Michonne lay wrapped in Rick’s arms, legs intertwined, her head resting on his chest rising and falling with each breath he took.  Neither spoke but words were rarely needed with them. They simply lay and bask in the newness of what they had just become; lovers. They had kissed like lovers, made love like lovers, and now cuddled like lovers. I truly love this man. Michonne thought in awe, still not being able to believe it. But the steady heartbeat that she had been listening to for the last several minutes told her she was not dreaming.

“I like the sound of your heartbeat.” Michonne offered into the quiet.

“I like the smell of your hair.” His voice vibrated in her ear. He could feel her smile against his chest.

The silence fell again comfortable, easy, and natural like it would have any other day. However there was a new sense of awareness of each other. How could it be that so much has changed but nothing has changed at all? They were still the same people. They had been going through life together, fighting side by side, co-parenting the kids together but now they were… Together. Michonne pondered at it all as she drew invisible patterns on Rick’s chest.

His fingers were lazily running up and down her arm when he took a deep breath and stuck his right hand behind his head.

“What are you thinking?” She could hear the wheels in his head turning.

He didn’t say anything right away. She waited patiently but she had an inkling as to what it could be.

“Sooooo if it wasn’t a guy you found, who did you find?”

Michonne smiled, she really knew this man. “Happy it wasn’t a guy?”

“Extremely.” Rick said grinning down at her crown of locs.

Michonne giggled and then sighed, becoming somber.

“We found Deanna.”

“Deanna?” The surprise in Rick’s voice was evident.

“Yeah. Spencer and I.” Michonne recounted how she followed Spencer and the events that unfolded.

“Wow.” That was all Rick could think to say. It was always hard to have to see a loved one become the living dead.

“Well I found you a whole damn crate of toothpaste, actually a whole truck full of food and supplies but then this guy,” he scoffed at the thought. “This guy stole it from us.”

“The guy you brought back?”

“Yeah. Me and Daryl tracked him down and got the truck back. Tied him up and everything. Somehow he got on the roof….”

“What?” She tilted her head up at him to see if she heard him right.

“I’m not kidding. He was riding on the top of the truck!” Rick’s face was so comical Michonne had to laugh. It was as if he couldn’t decide if he admired the guy or hated him.

“I tried to run him over with the van,” Rick continued dryly. “Daryl jumped out to catch him. He’s fast I’ll give him that much.”

Michonne shook her head before going back to doodling around his nipple. Still got that southern courtesy, even when he can’t stand the guy.

“I ended up having to take care of some walkers that were going to get in the way. Next thing I know I am watching the whole damn truck roll into the lake.” Rick shook his head in annoyance. “There were a lot of supplies on that truck.”

“Something will pan out soon.” She said as she patted his chest reassuringly.

Rick moved to gather her into both arms again. God he loved this woman.

There was a moment pause before Michonne said, “It was actually Carl who led Deanna to us.”


“I guess he was out with Enid and came across her. I asked him why he didn’t just kill her, he said he couldn’t kill her because it should be someone who knows her and loves her…” Her sentence trailed off.

Rick waited, knowing that she would tell him in her own time. He took the hand that had been doodling on his skin and kissed it before lacing their fingers together. He marveled at the softness of her skin and how delicate her hand felt in his. He wanted to hold her hand for the rest of his life.

“He said he would do it for me.” She revealed quietly.

That did not surprise Rick one bit. The bond his son had with this woman was immeasurable; it went deeper than blood and beyond mother and son. He would be willing to bet money that Carl would say she was his best friend. Like father like son I guess. Rick grinned to himself.

“He has grown up so much. He’s becoming his own man; just as strong and capable as any man here.” The pride in his voice was palpable.  

“Probably more so.” Michonne agreed before adding. “It kinda surprised me when he said it but it was nice to hear.”

“It shouldn’t have.” Rick replied. Tilting her head back to look into her eyes. “You have always been one of us.” He whispered, stroking her cheek with the backs of his fingers.

She knew what he meant yet she still searched his face, needing reassurance for some undefinable reason. She loved this family, had proven it time and time again, and she had known that on some level they cared about her too. Most things in this family were simply understood. It was a bit overwhelming to have them spoken and out in the open all in one night. As she stared into the unwavering steel blue eyes of this man who had become her most treasured possession, any hesitation she had vanished as soon as it had appeared. It wasn’t I love you, it was so much more than that. It was I need you, we need you, you belong here.

Rick suddenly laughed, breaking the moment. “Did I tell you that guys name is Jesus?”

“The guy that goes around stealing crates of toothpaste calls himself Jesus?” Michonne said dryly.

“Yep.” They laughed together, the irony of it was so comical.

“At least you got mints.”  She said still laughing.

“Imagine what would have happened if I had brought a whole crate of toothpaste!”

“I don’t know Grimes, I kinda have a thing for mints now.” She smiled knowingly up at him.

Rick couldn’t stop the smile that spread across his face. “Oh yeah?” He couldn’t put into words how full his heart was but he didn’t need to. Looking at her now she felt the same. He kissed her then.  Needing to be closer to her, needing to feel her, needing to taste her. It started out sweet but Rick was not about to go slow any more. He rolled on top of her much to her amusement.

“You up for round two?” He growled looking down at her hungrily.

She wrapped her legs around his waist. “You think?”

“Yeah?” His hand stroked one of the thighs around his waist.

“Yeah.” She giggled softly.

The fire that was in his eyes warmed her to her very soul, spreading to her core. He looked at her like he had never seen a woman before. Like she was the only human being on earth that mattered. His only response was to grin wickedly and capture her lips once more. 


Thanks to @grgiapeach for the prompt! 

:re Chapter 28 related questions.

Anon said: What do you think Akira will do after this chapter ?

In chapter 29 it is stated that they lost communication with her, so I assume she went on her own way in order to help Sasaki and find out who was he fighting against.

Anon said: I can’t help but get the impression that those lines Seidou gave for Haise were in fact his own thoughts about his situation - the “I don’t want to die” would line up nicely with his own last words in Tokyo Ghoul, after all. Thoughts?

He was probably referring to his own situation. Since it’s been hinted that he was tortured, I assume initially he feared for his life, but when the pain became too much he actually wanted to die in order to stop it all.

Anon said: Omg, I feel like Eto made Siedou fight Haise because she knew Haise would need Kaneki in order to survive Siedou. And by Haise becoming Kaneki, Eto will have one piece of her unknown plan done. (P.s. I know I’m spelling the wrong, sorry.)

Don’t worry about your spelling, I mess up quite a lot too. We don’t know what are Kanou’s and Eto’s intentions regarding Takizawa, but he implies that Eto might have set things up in order for him to fight Sasaki. 

While seeing Seidou didn’t exactly trigger his memories, Haise’s mental stability is breaking down quite fast, so even if he doesn’t remember by just seeing or hearing Seidou, there’s a huge chance Sasaki will have to use his Kakuja in order to defeat him, thus bringing back Kaneki.

This would most likely force Kaneki into the “ghoul world” again, where Aogiri has more opportunities of getting a hold on him, or at least where Kaneki would be forced to fight against the CCG again, giving them a distraction Aogiri can use (like during the Anteiku Raid; if Kaneki hadn’t shown up, Arima would’ve been able to fight Eto a lot earlier than when he did, saving a lot of investigators in the act).

Anon said: In re:’s chapter 28, we hear Haise screaming and Saiko looking disturbed. Just an idea, but do you think Seido might be eating him, more specifically his kakuhou?? Obviously we don’t know if it’s true; but if it is, what do you think the future implications could be for the Quinx squad and Haise as an investigator?

Seems like he was getting beaten up quite badly (I guess we can call it torture). As for the implications of this in the future, assuming Sasaki stays with the CCG after the Auction, I guess he would suffer some drastic changes in his personality and, more importantly, his mental stability. This could drive the Quinx to become either really supportive towards him or to start getting nervous about him and eventually consider him dangerous (which would end up in him leaving the CCG).