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a pussy hat selfie does not an ally make

so …… duchovny/gillovny stans remain remarkably silent, just like DD. all the dumb comments about how he’s totally changed and he’s an ally now and he’s at least more feminist that peter etc., remain dumb and baseless.

how sad that he couldn’t find it within himself to even retweet gillian’s tweets. I guess yay that he’s not slamming her in the press like he did when she was fighting for parity in the 90s. but like dude, come on. how fucking sad that only gillian and annabeth are talking about the writer’s room issue. men remain useless.

The X-Files is back for its 11th series - here's everything you need to know
IT began more than 20 years ago – but fans of The X-Files can soon expect to see another series of the hit sci-fi thriller on their screens. The show – starring David Duchovny and Gilli…

When is The X-Files Season 11 on TV?

Series 11 of The X-Files – which first began in 1993 – will consist of 10 episodes and has been slated for a 2018 release, confirms Fox.The new series – which will air on Fox – is giving viewers four extra episodes, as season 10 only consisted of six. While an official date is yet to be set, the show bosses confirmed that it will be a mid-season row – so will most likely be around May/June next year.


i like violence, she’d shrieked at me

__________ I BLAME MY MOTHER.

I’m reading “Final Girls”  by Riley Sanger and it’s fine, I’m enjoying it.  But there are several places where it’s so fucking jarring that a character will do something  out of nowhere and it’s so obviously a choice the writer made because they thought that’s what Gillian Flynn would do.  

Stop it, people!  Gillian Flynn is great because she’s got her own collection of distinctive stupid shit she likes and predictable Mary Sue traits she gives her protagonists.  You too can do this!  Just think of four unique things you resent your mother for and two unique self-destructive things you do when depressed. Done! 

San Diego Comic Con, 2013: The hunky David portrayed FBI Special Agent Mulder while Gillian played his disbelieving sidekick Special Agent Scully.

And the status of the pair’s relationship has always kept fans guessing, with many hoping they would develop a romance.

Asked by an audience member during the Comic-Con panel what Mulder and Scully would do if they went on a date, Gillian was quick to reply: ‘Have sex!’

A slightly more reserved David added: 'And maybe dinner? (x)

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Honestly, what would u do if Gillian actually went to the Webby's with David? Even just as a so called "friend." They could pull that off easy. He does live right there. & The upfronts will be around that time. So it would make sense why he'd be there. She supported him at the cutting room as a friend. That was waaaay more intimate of a thing to do. They could pull it off & have deniability & still call themselves friends. But still I, personally, would actually die.

I would faint, then wake up, then see it’s happening for real, then faint again, wake up, and finally die a happy death.


If Scully and Stella Gibson hung out, what would they do?

Gillian Anderson: Young women still come up to me and say that she has had an impact on them when they need to feel strong for an interview. They think of her and what Scully would do….

Gillian Anderson: It is amazing. It is not a lot to do with me, it’s lot to do with the character that was created

Samira Ahmed:That’s unfair. It’s your performance as well.

Gillian Anderson will never shut up about David Duchovny and his red Speedo

David Duchovny, Paley 2013:

“I said nobody swims laps in board-short, that’s not realistic. Let me wear my suit.”

Gillian Anderson, multiple platforms, 2014-2016



Question:  If you guys could switch bodies for a week, what would you do?

Gillian:  I would masturbate in a red speedo.

Talk Show


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DVD Commentary

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My encounter with Gillian Anderson at the Sa-Yes benefit party

So meeting Gillian is technically a two parter because I spoke to her during the benefit QA and then again for the photos

Part one:

So they were only taking questions about Sa-Yes so I tried to come up with a question I could ask that could lead into me giving her the shirt.

For starters I came up with my shirt design during the school year and I did intend to ask her to sign/wear it (either or but she took it as both so I went along) and auction it off for one of her charities. So heyyo, why not ask if she could donate the funds to Sa-Yes.

Ok ok so I should note that I’m literally a foot from the stage, maybe 6 feet max from her the entire time. As soon as I raised my hand we made eye contact and I’m shocked that I didn’t pass out from that because DAMN that stare can pierce the soul.

I started off by asking if she ever considered doing a TED talk on the importance of charity work or feminism and she just pursed her lips and the crowd started laughing. She replied “honestly the thought of giving one makes me want to go to bed.”

After that I said “though I’m not old enough to be a part of the mentor ship program, I made this shirt that I was hoping you could sign or wear donate the funds to the charity.”

I handed it to her and she laughed and smiled. The shirt says WWGD (what would Gillian do) with a silhouette of her to the right of the lettering. After staring at it she goes “oh I should show you guys!” She shows the crowd and everyone sees and she did the same and then looked down at it again and smiled.

This is when I pull out the rest of the gift that I had put together with my friends. I told her we came out from all over the place and just wanted to give her a little something. I thanked her for being such an incredible inspiration for women.

She pulled out the Blanche doll my friend made and she was soooooo in love with it. I yelled “yeah my friend made that!!!” And turned to point at her.

Side note: I promised my group that if they were unable to speak I would be like a lil mama bear and handle the talking because I could talk forever and I’m just a slight extrovert lol.

She then asked if there was anything chewwy related, and sadly we didn’t have anything, but I said “I found a mask the day before I left where you can wear it and make chewwy noises!!”

She says something along the lines of “did you see the video that went viral??” Pauses, “yeah I have. Hasn’t everyone???”

She ended it by looking through the bag and thanking us, and finishing with a smile while saying “ok back to the charity!!”

Unfortunately I kind of opened up the doors to everyone sending there gifts forward. I didn’t intend for that to happen, but at least I gave her something that she could use to raise funds for the charity.


I wanna give a shout out to Zahra (lifecanbeso) for offering to split the photo fee with me and then standing there graciously while I blabbered endlessly with Gillian. You’re the real mvp and I owe you everything for it

So we are waiting behind a curtain to take photos with her in the theatre. After we were let in literally the first thing she yelled was “COME HERE IM GIVING HUGS”. Even in heels she was so tiny and I had to bend down and she threw her arms around my neck and I swear to god that was the softest jacket I has ever touched. She also smelled amazing???? Anyway

We pulled apart and I instantly apologize for handing her the gift bag on stage because so many other people did the same after me. I told her about the shirt design and how my friend who’s a director for marketing helped me with the design.

I said I was from Seattle and that I came with a bunch of other women from all over the place. I should note that she was smiling and laughing during all of this. She never broke eye contact and actually looked like she cared about what I had to say

I told her that my friend and I went up to Vancouver this summer on the one weekend they weren’t filming and she laughed and was like “oh nooooo!” I told her I included pictures of that adventure in the bag I gave.

Lolololol so of course we all discovered she’s now on tumblr so I said “we found out you were on tumblr and honestly you’ve opened Pandora’s box. Good luck. ”

Ok there’s probably more that was said but I got caught up in the moment and my memory is frozen.

However I do remember the last bit of our convo. I thanked her for being an amazing role model for women and how she’s such an inspiration for us. She was bashful and said thank you kind of shyly because Gillian literally cannot take a complement without looking down or smiling like a little kid.

I mentioned that I went into streetcar blind because I wanted the full effect during the show. Pretty sure I rambled about how she was bomb and I was completely blown away.

This is when she cupped my face and thanked me for my presence there tonight. Not to be that creep, but she has the softest hands.

We then took pictures and I asked if we could take a nice one and then one of us flipping off the camera and of course she was like “yeah let’s do it!!” I’m really glad I opted for flats because I still had to bend down to reach a height level closer to her but hey, the pictures are cute and I’m forever grateful for the experience.

So yeah, that’s my story. Overall, she was so bubbly and adorable during the entire benefit, and bless her soul for taking so many pictures with people. We were the last ones which is probably why we got to chat so long but AH pinch me I still feel like this entire night was a dream.

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Everyone wants to tell '98 DD about how he and Gillian are now, but I'd want to tell young Gillian. What do you think her reaction would be (after, of course, she accepts that you're from the future)?

I LOVE THIS ASK. It’s from a couple days ago but I keep thinking about it. 

I really can’t decide if she would be surprised or not. I think she would be cautious. I think if I told her that she and David do conventions together she would roll around on the floor and cackle for five hours. But I feel like she mostly would just be happy, and relieved. Because I do get the sense that she has always had affection for him and thought he was kind of the bee’s knees, but she didn’t always get a lot of enthusiasm back from him in that regard. And I think she would be glad to know that he comes around and that they seem to be having fun together in their, as she will put it a few years from our meeting, dotage. And experiencing all their stuff together and talking about the old days and just being unqualified friends finally.

I might tell her that she has a running joke going about the size of his dick. A public running joke. And that he’s fine with it. I don’t think I can explain Twitter to her though. Hell, I’m not sure if I could explain it to her now. 

  • Q: Mitch what's the favourite scene that you did with David and David what's the favourite scene you did with Mitch?
  • David: That would have been a great question if it was:
  • Mitch what's your favourite scene to do with David
  • David what's your favourite scene to do with Gillian. That would have made me laugh. I thought it was coming. It didn't come.
Question for all my Gillian fans

Hi guys!!! So my mother is a board member for Washington Women in Need and we are looking to raise more money to fund grants for women in the state to receive a better education as well as job training.

We have more than 200 applicants this go around for grants, however our funds will only allow us to accept about 63 of them.

If I started selling my “WWGD (what would Gillian do)” shirts, as well as artwork with different Gillian quotes (i.e. “I have feminist bones”, “I don’t feel sorry for men”, etc) would you all be willing to buy these items? I’m thinking artwork would be anywhere from $15-20 and the shirts around $25

All of the proceeds would go to the foundation.

Please let me know if you would be interested because I want to know if this is something to start investing in 😊

Also, if y'all don’t mind reblogging this so word could get around, that would be greatly appreciated!!