what would captain marvel do

If any of you are having a bad day just imagine how fuckin hard Steve Rogers would slam a nazi’s head into the nearest table. Like. It would go straight through. There would be pieces of table everywhere. Tony Stark would be sighing and calling his lawyer for the fourth time that week in the background. 

Dear Marvel,

If the reason you haven’t written a Black Widow movie is because you lack ideas, I can totally do it. Probably get some help from the tumblr-verse (there’s some really creative people here, to be honest). So here’s kind of what I was thinking– as a warning, my facts aren’t solid-solid, so the logistics might be a little off, so bear with me:

Some people want a Budapest movie, but instead let’s rewind it a little bit. Natasha is still a part of Red Room, you know a super-spy and what not. She excels at what she does, but at times still works with a team (these would be somewhat colorful characters, someone the audience can appreciate but still feel a little mistrustful about because they’re killers). You see Natasha and the others kill people, steal, spy, etc. and throughout their escapades, we’d see like close ups of Natasha and whatnot, see that she may not be as okay with it all as she pretends.

Her boss kind of notices this and reminds her about why she’s there and how they are her only family, etc, etc. During a ballet performance (I suppose she’s still apart of this), she meets Clint who reveals that he knows who she is and is offering her a deal (expose who she’s working for or get taken into SHIELD). They’d obviously banter, but one of Natasha’s teammates, disguised as a bouncer, would ‘escort’ Clint out of the auditorium. Going backstage, Natasha changes from ballerina to BAMF super spy.

Then she goes after Clint. Surprise, surprise, he’s not easily taken down and, surprised that she got scratched or something, Natasha leaves. Maybe Clint hits her with a poison arrow and she stabs him before disappearing. Whatever way, it’s not the final face off.

Natasha has more missions, feels a little more guilty as time wears on. Probably sees the new young girls being trained for the widow program. She’d ask her boss about why she was chosen, what they’re fighting for, and he’d feed her lies, lies that Clint had exposed during their run in at the ballet.

So Nat’s extra conflicted for a while (you know how heroes have that dark scene where they’re all ‘who am I?’ and other existential thoughts)

 Finally, Natasha and her team are sent on a massacre mission. It’s supposedly to recover this child who’s got something special about him that her boss wants. But she hears her boss orchestrated this to also help ‘get the real Natasha back’ maybe, idk. While she’s there, we see Clint and other SHIELD agents rushing to Stalingrad (I guess that’s where they are) and we’re all watching, conflicted because Natasha is heading the mission to kidnap the kid and kill all the family and agents protecting him, but Clint is there to kill Natasha and her team.

I was thinking Clint would probably eliminate like one or two of Nat’s team, but when Nat almost kills the kid’s father, and she sees the boy crying and remembers some latent memories of her past, she decides to do something good and goes about hunting down her team from where they are in the building and Clint witness this (he sees how truly skilled she is and that there is hope for her because she saved the kid) and he goes to confront her.

Natasha waits for him to kill her, but Clint instead offers a hand. And she’s surprised, but Clint’s like “we’ll find a home for you” or something and that’s the birth of their friendship and tada look at that a black widow movie I came up with in fifteen minutes, look at that, go ahead Marvel, begin drafting, we’re waiting.