what with being tumblr mom and all

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Someone being lgbt+ doesn’t give them a free pass to hate, bully, exclude or ridicule you.

“I’m gay” doesn’t justify making biphobic statements about you. 

“I’m trans” doesn’t justify laughing at you for being nonbinary. 

“I’m lesbian” doesn’t justify them saying trans boys are not real boys. 

White gay men being racist towards black gay men are still racist. 

“I’m lgbt+” doesn’t justify hating you for being asexual. 

Those are just a few examples. Sadly there are hateful voices inside the lgbt+ community - please don’t let them discourage you. 

You’re welcome here, even if you idenity with a less-widely-known label.

You’re welcome here, no matter your skin color

You’re welcome here, no matter what other people, including lgbt+ people, say. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Yesterday I told you that the one thing I need to constantly keep reminding myself is the fact that I’m a whole being.

I mean, I know I am but I don’t feel whole.
I feel incomplete, I feel restless. I feel like something very essential is lacking and I am in a perpetual state of searching for it even though I don’t know what or who it is that I am looking for.

Irrespective, I am constantly looking and being completely honest, the major part of my search has been within me, it has been internalized because I know what I am seeking I already have. But I guess it isn’t about searching for the missing part of you on the inside but finding that part of you in several things and beings on the outside.

Today I went to the beach with my mom right before sunset and all around me I saw kids with their mothers and smiled knowing that I was one of them. I played with sand and watched the sun set with my mom and suddenly I found myself in 2005 as a 7 year old and guess what?
For a minute there, I finally felt whole.

—  creatingnikki 

i was just going to rant about this to someone but im gonna rant here because this has been pissing me off for a while:

parents of autistic children are allowed to struggle with parenting an autistic child. they are allowed to have stress related to their childrens autism, and honestly, it’s an honest to god struggle sometimes to parent an autistic child.

as an autistic person who’s VERY close with my mother, i’m speaking from experience when i say that my mom has had an immensely hard time parenting four children, two of which are on the spectrum.

the biggest differential i think tumblr forgets to make sometimes in these posts is that Autism Moms (the bad ones) are moms who think their life is so hard because their kid is autistic, and tend to beg for sympathy while also (most likely) psychologically or even physically abusing their autistic children on the down low.

mothers of autistic children who struggle with being mothers of autistic children are not the enemy. my mother, for instance, isn’t ashamed or stressed that her children are autistic, it doesn’t bother her at all, but what bothers her is the idea that we could be treated differently (she often points out that kids are cruel and could easily make fun of or take advantage of my little brother without him ever knowing.) it’s also hard to handle meltdowns!!! from an outside perspective, they are tantrums! and are hard to manage! as a parent!

this doesn’t excuse any abusive behavior, but we should start acknowledging that it is hard to raise a child who’s on the spectrum, and moms aren’t demons for having trouble.

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

There’s always going to be someone who has “had it worse” than you. 

My mom’s first reaction to my coming-out was, i’d say, pretty pretty bad. Her words hurt me. I felt unloved, lonely, dirty, like something was wrong with me, like i ruined her life just by being myself. 

And yet i feel almost guilty when i say “Her reaction was pretty bad”. There are kids who get beaten up or kicked out of their home or even get murdered after a coming-out - My mom just said a few mean things. Who am i to complain? Shouldn’t I feel thankful that it wasn’t worse? Other lgbt+ kids have had it worse. 

Now that i’m older and spent more time with other lgbt+ people, i realized some important things and I want to share them with you: 

1. I’m not the only one who feels that way. Many of us do. So, if you relate to my words, please know: You’re not alone. 

2.  There’s always going to be someone who has “had it worse” than you.If you got insulted, there’s someone who got insulted worse. If you got bullied by five people, there’s someone who got bullied by ten. And so on. That doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to hurt. Someone else’s pain doesn’t diminish your own. 

3. Your pain is not what makes you lgbt+. Your identity is. How valid your identity is not determined by how much pain others make you go through. 

4. We don’t have to feel thankful for not getting murdered or kicked out. We don’t have to feel thankful for “only getting a bit insulted”. That feeling is based on the horrifying idea that it is normal to get abused after a coming-out. It’s not. 

If someone makes you feel bad for being lgbt+, you are allowed to feel pain - even when others “have had it worse”.  

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Imagine the world getting to know you because of Chris.

A/N: Part 3! This one’s kind of like a filler piece, if I’m being honest. Still cute, but not as cute as what’s to come. 😉😏 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2’)

Chris felt like throwing his phone when he saw yet another mean comment about you appear under his latest tweet. He knew it was jealousy, but it didn’t stop him from being angry. He wished he’d just kept his mouth shut until you graduated so the scrutiny and ridicule wouldn’t affect your studies, which you’d assured him a few times it hadn’t and wouldn’t. You’d been a fan of his for a while now, so you knew what his previous girlfriends went through- Jenny Slate, especially. So you were prepare for whatever the public was to throw your way, that and you had a group of very supportive and protective ladies constantly reminding you that you weren’t at all what they were saying about you: your mom, Chris’ mom and sisters, and Ava- of course. Then there were a group of writers: Salma, Taylor, Tori, amongst other names; girls you’d befriended over your years on Tumblr, who- to your surprise- swore they’d defend you despite your being with their beloved Christopher Robert Evans. As it turned out, your mini-series swayed them and they were now just happy that Chris was going to finally get the life, and love he deserved.

Chris’ phone buzzed as another comment popped up, he was about to turn off his phone when he saw that it was one of his fans defending you from the previous remark. He smiled because there seemed to be more in support of his relationship with you than against, so perhaps he didn’t really have all that much to complain about. His publicist was in agreement about not complaining as she was using his successful relationship with a fan to humanize him. She said, and he quote, “Chris Evans, all round nice guy with a heart so pure he falls in-love with the soul and not a status.” He wasn’t particularly happy about her using you to humanize him because that wasn’t what your relationship was about; he truly loved you. But you were; you wanted people to know how real and genuine Chris was, to see him as more than just Chris Evans, Captain America. You wanted people to see him as you did: underrated actor, transcendent director, amazing fiancé, and soon-to-be perfect husband and fantastic father. Your expectations may have seemed a little high to others, but you knew for a fact they weren’t unrealistic at all.

“I feel like this is my fault,” Anthony held out the latest copy of People Magazine for Chris to take, who did it and sighed upon seeing another headliner about the two of you. “I’m so sorry, man. I should have never said anything.” Chris waved him off, shrugging. “Did you at least tell Y/N it was my fault?” Anthony quizzed and got a head shake from Chris. “But I was the one who spilled the beans, I was the big mouth who said ‘bet you’re excited to get back to that fiancée of yours’ when you mentioned her name.”

“Yes you are, but she doesn’t need to know that. She won’t hold a grudge against me, but she might against you and we don’t want that considering you’ve just met each other.” Chris said and Anthony nodded in agreement, sighing at his negligence of keeping Chris’ and your engagement a secret. “She’s a fan of yours, but-”

“She’s a bigger fan of you,” Anthony rolled his eyes and Chris nodded, chuckling. “Yeah yeah, we’ve all read the damn mini-series where you’re just the perfect guy.” Anthony tried to be annoyed, but he couldn’t knowing how happy his friend was with you. “The kid really needs to stop putting you up on a pedestal and see you for the slob you really are.”

“Jealousy will get you nowhere, Mackie,” Chris joked and Anthony laughed. “At least she looks pretty in the picture,” Chris sighed with a smile when he let his gaze fall onto the magazine. The photo was a paparazzi shot of you leaving school with the headline 'Chris Evans’ fiancée, Y/N Y/L/N, star pupil at UCLA’. “God, can’t they just leave her alone?” Chris groaned, flipping open the magazine to check out the article; he was annoyed, but curious. “I know she’s interesting, but do they really need to write an article about her?”

“It’s a pretty good article, paps invading her privacy aside.” Anthony told Chris as he took Robert’s actor’s chair which was next to Chris. “They talk about her in school, the course she’s taking, and how they can see why you’re so smitten with her. It’s not one of those articles where she’s berated for how she looks, or what’s she wearing. It’s an actual intellectual journalist taking proper interest in the girl Chris Evans is with.”

“How rare,” Chris commented with a soft chuckle then proceeded to read the article whereas Anthony headed for his trailer as he was done for the day. Chris read the first paragraph and realized Anthony was right about it being a good article. The whole thing praised you, stating you were “a girl with big dreams and even bigger talents”; they even called you his “forever.” He smiled because he agreed, you were his forever. So what if some of his 'fans’ didn’t support the relationship? He had those who actually saw you for who you were, seeing how successful this relationship was going to be despite the age gap and the difference in social status- not that it mattered considering where you were going to end up once you graduated.

His phone started buzzing under his leg and he put the magazine on Robert’s chair while he reached to answer the call. He smiled when he saw your name and picture pop up on the screen, he found himself admiring your beautiful smile for a little while before he answered. He was missing you, that was for sure. “Good evening, my love.” He greeted and heard you giggle, making his smile reach his eyes. “Aren’t you in a very good mood,” he chuckled, “what’s going on?”

“Nothing, I just like hearing you call me your love,” you admitted and he chuckled again. “Are you filming, am I disturbing you?” You quickly asked before you continued talking, knowing you’d get him in trouble if he was due. It wasn’t like you had anything important to tell him, you just wanted to talk and hear his voice.

“No, I’m free,” he answered. “I’m never not free for you.”

“You keep saying that and Kevin’s going to hate me and fire you,” you giggled, making him laugh. “But I appreciate it, it’s good to hear your voice.” You told him and he smiled, silently agreeing that it was good to hear yours too. “Though I’ve been listening to it for the past hour, it’s still good to hear it.”

“What do you mean you’ve been listening to it for the past hour?”

“Anna’s podcast,” you told him. “You and Jenny could not be more obvious with the fawning,” you teased him and he rolled his eyes, chuckling. “Do we sound like that when we talk?” You quizzed, but didn’t give him time to respond. “God, no wonder Ava calls us insufferable. She says it with a smile so we think she’s joking, but if we sound like that- I don’t think she’s joking.”

Chris could honestly listen to you ramble on about nothing, bombard him with your random thoughts and queries forever, and not get bored. There was just something about you that kept him entertained, so much so that he could even give up Sunday football for that. Now that thought assured him that you were his one true love, 'cause nothing was more important than football and Tom Brady- nothing until you, of course.

“I love you,” Chris chuckled, cutting your rambling short.

You smiled at his sincerity, a little heat even rushed to your cheeks. “I love you too, baby.” He smiled back, then chuckled softly; he was still in awe that you were his fiancée. “And I can’t wait for these next thirty weeks to be over so I can be with you again.”

“Oh, so we’re counting weeks now?” Chris quizzed with an amused smirk, then chuckled when you noised confirmation. “Yeah, I gotcha. For some reason when we used months it seemed as though we added time, like when we were at two- we were really only at seven weeks.” You nodded with pursed lips. “Okay then, thirty weeks it is. I can’t wait to be reunited with you, my love,” he said with a smile that could be heard.

“The feeling is mutual,” you agreed.

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Part 4

Little Brother Problems

“There’s something in the woods.”

Those, right there, are words I got tired of hearing from my younger brother, Caleb. He’s around eight years old and you know how kids that age are, their imaginations run wild. My parents and I originally tried to soothe him and calm his fears but after months of the same repeated line, we were all tired of it.

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For the very first Guest of Honor for this blog, we chose @techmomma​ / @asktechnowizard​ ! 

Steph is truly a beloved member of the tumblrpon, she and her characters having been apart of the community since 2013! She’s known to her friends and followers for having answers to almost any question posed to her and for being an open, loving individual. She’s always happy to discuss ideas, plot and critique, be it for art, writing, or just for giving life advice in general. There are few members of tumblrpon who are better for bouncing around ideas with, and for improving stories of any kind. 

Her talent with words and art is phenomenal and her sense of humor is, simply put, fantastic. She’s Tech Momma for a reason; acting as a surrogate tumblr mom to everyone. After a bad day it’s Steph who’s waiting in the blanket fort for you with your favorite movie and the advice you need to get through it. We could go on and on forever about all that’s great about Steph, but we’ll leave it here! We love you lots, Steph! Keep doing what you do best! (Being a total nerd).

Why is the sky blue?”
Mommy keeps reading the newspaper
“It just is, honey.”
I nod.
That must be right,
Grown-ups know everything!
“Why are plants green?”
The teacher says,
“They just are.”
I nod.
That must be right,
Grown-ups know everything!
“Why is Daddy crying?”
“Let him be, sweetie.”
Says Grandma.
Okay, I say,
Grown-ups know everything!
Now I do not ask
Why is the sea blue?
What is pi?
Where did Mom go?
Now I do not know
How light is reflected, how pi was found, or if Mom’s cancer killed her slowly or quickly.
“Why is the sky blue?”
I turn the page of my book and look at my child.
“It just is, honey.”
They nod.
Grown-ups don’t know anything.
—  A poem I wrote for my school’s Arts Appreciation Week

My dear lgbt+ children who are polyamorous, 

Your relationships are not “dirty” or “freakish” or “kinky”.  

Being polyamorous is not “a creative excuse to cheat”. 

When everyone involved consents to and is happy with the relationship, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

PS: “Wait, what is polyamory?” Polyamorous relationships are relationships that involve more than two people.  This can look like “Anna, Britta and Carol are in a relationship.” or “Anna and Britta are in a relationship, Britta is also dating Carol”. 

PPS: “How is that different from cheating?” Easy: Anna, Britta and Carol are all aware of each other and consent to this kind of relationship. They’re all happy with the relationship(s). (As opposed to “Anna and Britta are dating, Britta is also secretly dating Carol.”. That’s cheating.). 

Danny Phantom fandom-CALM THE HELL DOWN

Ok so I just finished watching the new video that Butch put up about the characters being aged up part 2,and while there were somethings I didn’t agree with I was happy to see another what if? Danny phantom video. So I go on Tumblr and y'all all screaming about how jazz is working in a lab and should have gone to Harvard and that Danny’s mom is too extreme. ????? Guys they.are.SKETCHES AND IDEAS no one said they were canon no one said they were the final projects. While making the show Butch obviously had editors and other people to help him create the show, the videos are coming directly from what he thought without anyone else. Relax they are just ideas. Ps Jazz would be 27 that means she could have easily gone to Harvard got her degree and decided to still help fight ghosts instead. You know cause people change there minds.

Originally posted by allreactions

Followers mine, and any other lovelies who need to know:

I am a grown-ass, 49-year-old mom who finds herself on Tumblr, with an AM! fan blog. (I love them beyond all time and space, fyi.) Given my follows, I have seen many posts from trans youth who are not being supported by their parents or the other significant adults in their lives. I don’t know what the fuck is up with those “adults” nor why they have their heads up their asses, but I say this to all of you: I see you. I validate you. It’s a safe space over here, and if you need a Tumblr mom, I’m here for you. 

My dear lesbian kids,  

It’s okay to not be attracted to boys. 

And by that, I don’t only mean “It’s okay to love girls”. That’s true, it’s okay and lovely and wonderful to love girls - but it’s also important to say that it is okay to not love boys. 

It’s okay to not be able to see guys as sexually attractive, not even “in theory” or “well, if you were straight”. It’s okay to hear straight friends talk about how sexy boys are and think “what the heck are you talking about”. It’s okay when photo sets of men that are supposed to be “hot” rather look like photo sets of a bunch of equally unappealing people to you. 

It doesn’t make you a man-hating monster. You do not “reinforce the stereotype”. You’re not immature. You do not “over-do” being lesbian. You’re not unnatural. 

It’s okay that you don’t love boys. I promise. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

anonymous asked:

Could you write the Tom coos all over Marco getting hurt like a mom story?

Sure I can! I already did a few of these. But I felt like writing a new one! Sorry it’s short but I think you might like it!
Another one with Tom being over protective (guard dog) is here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/154399643942/so-what-if-marco-got-injured-and-tom-was-super
And one of Marco getting hurt and Tom trying to take care of him is here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/155314195132/ok-so-how-about-during-ya-know-basically-the
and here’s one of Marco getting sick! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/153129558252/hey-i-was-wondering-if-its-okay-to-request-a

And here’s the new one!!!!

Marco shivered and pulled the blanket tighter over him. Tom was running into the room with a tray. “Oh MarMar, I told you to take a coat that one day! It was raining and you didn’t take a coat.” He rambled on and on.

“Tom, I’m not sick because I didn’t wear a coat one time in the rain.” Marco explained, sniffling. His voice was hoarse from the sore throat. Tom chewed his lip and felt Marco’s head.

“Oh Marco! You’re running a fever, here, this is hot soup for your throat and an ice pack for your head.” He explained, placing it on Marco’s fluffy hair to help the fever go down. “And I’ll get you a big bottle of water, you have to keep drinking.” Marco was about to tell Tom to relax and sit down, but the demon was already out the door. He came back with a big bottle of water. He then set down a mug and a teapot on the nightstand. “I’ll heat this up when you’re ready for it.” He assured, giving Marco a kiss on the head.

“Tom, you don’t have to do all this.” Marco assured, sniffling. He blew his nose and then groaned when it hurt his head. “You did enough, just sit with me for a while.” Marco begged. Tom nodded and sat close to him, smiling gently.

“Does your head still hurt?” Tom asked. Marco nodded. “Well, the box of those pills you took said they’ll help your throat, head and congestion.” He read off the box. “But you’ll get sleepy.” Tom laughed a little. Marco smiled and leaned forward, wrapping Tom up in a big hug. The demon smiled and held Marco close.

“Thanks for everything Tommy, you’ve been taking such good care of me.” He smiled. Tom grinned and gave Marco a little nuzzle.

“Well of course, you’re my Marco.” Tom cooed. “I have to love you and protect you and make you better. You’re MY human.” He giggled. Tom looked at Marco and saw him yawn. “Now you need to get some rest, your body heals faster that way.” He explained. Marco nodded and Tom took the now empty bowl of soup and set it aside. He let Marco lean down and gave him a soft kiss on the head.


When Marco woke up he felt he had a new cold ice pack on his head. It felt nice because now his skin felt so hot from the fever. Marco looked over to the side and saw Tom had taken the bowl of soup away and left a hot mug of tea. It was at the perfect temperature, like Tom knew when Marco would wake up and drink it.

“Oh good! You’re awake.” Tom spoke. Marco looked in the door and saw Tom rush in, feeling his head and brushing his hair from his face. “How are you feeling?” He asked.

“Still pretty sick.” Marco admitted. Tom frowned and sat down on the bed, cupping his face and looking the human over.

“Do you need a spell?” Tom asked. “I can see if I can go to the Magic Central City in mewni and find a spell or potion to get you better.” Tom offered. “Although Earth seems to have very evolved forms of magic, in these capsules.” He mused, picking up the box of cold medicine. Marco shook his head.

“No, no.” He assured. “Tom, it’s all fine. I’d rather stick to the cold medicine and tested cures than some mystery fluid in a bottle.” Marco admitted. Tom rubbed the back of his head.

“Yeah, I guess Earth has different ways. Are you sure you’ll be okay?” Tom asked, taking the ice pack and putting it on Marco’s cheek. Marco giggled and pulled it away a little, nodding.

“I’m fine.” He promised. Marco yawned a bit, still tired. “How are you holding up? You’ve been awake for two days taking care of me.” Marco reminded. Tom nodded and yawned a little, putting his head on Marco’s shoulder.

“I’m fine… now close your eyes… because we-” Tom cut off with a yawn “we both need sleep.”

I got an email from Tumblr asking me if I want to connect my Facebook and contacts with my Tumblr blog and all I could think about was what was going through their minds to assume people would want that.
Like imagine if I was the guy on the vivaldi post with the Diaper fetish, like… Imagine being his mom… “[your son] just uploaded a new video” and it’s him and his girlfriend shitting themselves in adult diapers, do you wand to go to his blog and check it out? I love how fucking embarrassingly unaware the people running this website are

romeonohomeo  asked:

Faye you're basically the witch mama of all of tumblr so could I get some mom advice? I randomly came down with a fever today and I feel awful about being sick in the summer. I know I'm going to get better how do I stay positive about it all?

Oh my, what a very sweet thing to say. Let’s see what we can do for you.💙

  • I like to remind myself while my body may be sick my brain isn’t, I tend to get swept up in the “poor me” dialogue when I’m feeling under the weather but that just makes it worse! Despite being sick I tried to remind myself to say positive things about who I am and my situation otherwise despite being sick.
  • Take sensory care! It can be overwhelming when you’re sick if everythings a mess, too loud, too smelly, whatever. Even if it’ just your little nest in your bed, light a clean smelling candle, get a box of tissues, ask your family/roommate for quiet if you live with any, and a clean blanket. Or do something small like wipe down a table or water your plants to still feel active and productive. Keep it small!
  • Ask yourself: Does this have good energy? No point in reading, watching, or listening to something that’s going to make you feel down when you’re already low energy. Try to find a dvd, show, or book that keeps things relatively up beat or at least keeps you invested!
  • Try not to isolate yourself, let family, friends, or me know you’re not feeling well - we’ll check up on you. Let yourself be nurtured, it will help along the healing process.
  • Stay hydrated! I’m sure you and everyone knows this but please please drink water!  It will not only hydrate you and flush what needs flushing and keep your cells in optimal fighting shape, it will help your brain counteract negativity. Our moods are very dependent on proper hydration and it’s easy to forget to drink when you’re in napping all day!

I hope this helps a little sweetheart and I hope you feel better. May the winds of good fortune be at your back.💨💞

What Came After The Accident

It had been my idea to sneak home for the long weekend. My mom’s fiftieth birthday was that Sunday and I wanted to surprise her. As a poor university student in my second year, the few tanks of gas that it would take to make the eight hour drive were really all I could afford and I figured me being there would be far more important and memorable than anything I could have had shipped from Amazon.

I had planned to go alone, but Neil and Dean invited themselves along when I told them what I’d be doing.

“Mama Dee would rather see me, anyway,” Dean said, “I’m her favorite.”

“Yeah, I’m sure her birthday would be ruined if the guy who shit in her plant pot didn’t show up,” Neil replied.

“I was five!”

“So were we, but we managed to get to the toilet in time.”

It was never truly a trip home if someone didn’t remind Dean of the time he went to the bathroom in my mom’s philodendron. The curse of lifelong friendships.

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anonymous asked:

What did the snowbarries do now?

I made a funny (but true) post about snowbats and this exchange followed:

I then blocked her cause I’m not about to deal with their ugly asses. Also, its funny that before my answer all her posts were about how bad westallen was and we are reverse racists (lmao) and how snowbarry was such a cute ship. Right after my answer though, her posts are all about how the Flash treats its POC poorly lmao

I then went about my business and saw this post on the westallen tag by the same person:

Like, Im sorry but this is unacceptable??? Me not wanting to deal with racists and snowbats on tumblr is not me being a coward? I don’t want to engage in discussions about racism because my blog is a sort of escape from me cause I have to deal with it in the real world. Stepping away from something that could hurt me is me taking care of myself.

My dad is white and my mom is black so all this discussion about westallen ends up being personal to me cause it reflects what my parents went through and what I go through everyday and for someone to say I’m a coward cause I don’t want to engage with people that wouldn’t approve of my parents relationship (or at least one that looks like theirs) is insulting, ignorant and comes from a place of such privilege its not even funny.

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

It’s okay to be aesthetically attracted to people you’re not romantically attracted to. 

It’s okay to be aesthetically attracted to people you’re not sexually attracted to.

A lesbian woman may think “Wow, Cumberbatch is so beautiful” and it doesn’t change anything about the fact that she’s not into guys. In the same way, gay men can think some girls are gorgeous and that doesn’t make them any less gay or aromantic people can say you are good-looking without having any romantic feelings for you - In short, anyone can think someone is beautiful, no matter their romantic or sexual orientation. 

It may sound like a no-brainer but sadly there are still people who try to make you feel guilty for that. Don’t listen to them. 

Aesthetic attraction (”Wow, you’re so beautiful”) is not the same as romantic attraction (”Wow, i want to date you”) or sexual attraction (“Wow, i want to have sex with you”). 

It’s also important to keep in mind that you grew up in a society with beauty standards. The people in your life, the media, the culture you grew up in etc. all shaped a certain idea what “beautiful” or “attractive” means. And because of that, you may notice when a person fits into that beauty standard - without being attracted to them in any way. 

To use my example from above, the lesbian woman may (subconsciously) think “That actor is what society considers to be a conventionally attractive man.” Her ability to notice that does - of course - in no way mean that she’s not actually a lesbian! 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom