what with athelstan being a man of god as christians know him

Denial Will Get You Nowhere.

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Note:Thank you to those who are saying the kind words. I highly appreciate it. But we will just have to see how everything is once I finish my upcoming imagines. This can be found on my Ao3.

Requested by an Anon:” Can i request an ivar x reader where reader is athelstan’s oldest daughter and she an ivar fall in love, and ragnar witness it and is very happy. X”

It is midnight when you decide to leave, you can not live this castle or village for much longer. Ever since your father’s death, you can not bear to be around these people. You stop in front of your younger half-brother’s room, quietly opening the door. Walking in the room, you stop at the foot of his bed. You just stare at him for awhile, debating if you should take him with you. For a monk, your father has had two bastard children. You are the child of him and some pagan woman, he did not remember the lady. Athelstan did not force you to be a christian, he let you choose; be a pagan or be a christian. Although you lived here most of your life, you choose the pagan life.

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thatsologirl  asked:

ok but can we talk about athelnar relationship? because i have some headcanons that their love wasn't normal jfc it was too intense to even be a human feeling

oh my god we can always talk about athelnar they own my soul. also full offense to everyone but i’ve always seen ragnar as having romantic feelings towards athelstan, like im 99.9% positive its canon and thats not just because clive standen posted gay art of them on twitter that is important tho rollo ships it #gayconfirmed but yeah a lot of people try to view them as platonic and i honestly don’t know why?? why label a relationship as “just friends” when one of them quite literally confesses their love to the other (not to mention someone who has never actually said the words ‘i love you’ to any of his past lovers) im like?? ? [vikings theme playing]: ‘if i had a heart i could love you’ SIR YOU FUCKING SAID YOU LOVED HIM #athelstan stole ragnar’s heart it is known but yeah anyway this alone is enough to persuade me, but if you’ve been fortunate enough to see the extended scene of 3x01, Mercenary ragnar actually asks athelstan to join him for a threesome, again. [me applauding] i cannot believe.

for sure you can label the first time as ‘ragnar being a mischievous pagan pain in the ass trying to seduce the fuck out of a priest for his wife’s entertainment’, but the second time he asks athelstan to his bed /bless his tiny raven soul/ he is trying so hard, i mean i still can’t believe it happened this is fan service i stg- “If Lagertha and I were to invite you to share our bed today, would you still refuse us as you once did?” [pans to me screaming] jUST DO IT ATHELSTAN. plus he follows this immediately by holding and stroking his hand??? ? idek im literally blinded by the amount of flirting in this scene ok

and tbh we all know, even he knows lagertha wouldn’t be up for that anyway, not now. so yeah what i feel he’s trying to say here but he’s too shy to say is- “If I were to invite you to share my bed today, would you still refuse me as you once did?” the mention of lagertha is there basically to comfort him, i dont think ragnar knows athelstan’s sexuality and he probably doesn’t want to scare him. plus he’s aware of athelstan’s constant struggle w/ religion and the christian views of m/m (but tbh the main reason is most likely because the creators are too scared to make the main male character canonically bi) he is bi fight me

seriously im so mad about this scene being an extended cut, but at the same time its basically laid out proof that ragnar lothbrok wants to share his bed with his closest friend, which happens to be a man. because lets face it if that wasn’t the case they wouldn’t have shot it in the first place. so yeah, i think they’ve done it deliberately to give us the option of viewing their relationship as romantic or platonic. but the fact that it exists is just a way of them telling us that ‘ragnar still wants the priest booty, but this time its not just sex its sex w/ feelings’ which is basically code for ‘ragnar has fallen in love with athelstan’ bye


Previously on Vikings: the Iliad

Season 3, Episode 9: “Point Break”

Soooo, I feel like peeing blood isn’t exactly a great state to be in, physically. Bad news for Ragnar: he is the governor of that state. He walks gingerly over to Floki’s ropes course.

ooooo Floki what are your back tattoos?

Floki: “I do not understand why we failed, Ragnar. I did everything to make sure we would succeed.”


Ragnar walks off again. Good talk, guys.

Helga is lurking in the woods, and also walks off. I will mention what Helga is doing any time she is on screen, just fyi.

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thepineapplelovesyou  asked:

I keep seeing people mention that Ragnar invited Athelstan to his bed twice. I know of the first time, with them and Lagertha, but when did he ask a second time? I have no memory of a second proposition :\

It wasn’t a direct proposition, but a callback to the first one.

In the extended version of their doorway scene from 3x01, Ragnar initiates the conversation by asking, “If Lagertha and I were to invite you to share our bed today, would you still refuse as you once did?” Athelstan’s response is to smile bashfully and look away.

In terms of how Travis and George play this line, there’s definitely an element of sexual attraction. It’s not necessarily a confirmation that Ragnar and Athelstan have been sleeping together already, but the naughty tone of voice Travis uses and the almost coquettish smile George gives him in return put a very flirty spin on the line. I’m not sure that’s how Hirst intended it, but as with a lot of their other scenes, what Travis and George bring to their performances puts another layer of subtext into it–and that subtext definitely has sexual energy.

As for Hirst’s intentions: In the overall context of the scene (i.e. religion/culture), the dialogue itself is probably intended to indicate that Ragnar’s asking how devoted Athelstan is to his faith these days. In the original proposition, of course, he refused due to his vows as a monk. In this scene, he’s only a few months back from Wessex–back from his quasi return to Christianity–and it seems reasonable that Ragnar might want to know where his head is in terms of how Christian vs. pagan he is now.

Rather than ask directly, however, Ragnar brings up the old proposition as a way to broach the subject humorously: “So, little buddy. Are you still a monk?” The rest of the conversation then is Ragnar assuring Athelstan that he understands how it must feel to be torn between two faiths–two concepts of self and identity–because he feels the same way. As Athelstan has been trying to reconcile being a Christian with some pagan beliefs, so too has Ragnar been trying to reconcile being a pagan with some Christian beliefs.

This is then the point where Ragnar says that he “will follow,” and again, the rest of the deleted scene makes it obvious what he’s talking about, since he says perhaps he’ll even shave his head like a monk.

It’s a lovely little bit of foreshadowing, actually. Athelstan ultimately rededicates himself to Christianity, and is martyred for it, and true to his pledge, Ragnar follows him, by getting baptized.

What I love about this, aside from the nice bookending, is that it’s another nail in the coffin of the idea that they only love each other on a spiritual level, rather than a romantic one–even as far as Hirst’s intentions are concerned. People who think this actually have the cart before the horse. Yes, both of them are curious people who want to travel and learn, but their desire to do more than learn–to actually cross those lines and integrate their cultures and religions–is driven by their love for each other as people.

Athelstan’s prayer scene in 2x09 makes this clear: He asks God why the Norse gods are false, and notes that these are “things Ragnar believes.” In that moment, he understands that his belief in the Aesir is due at least in part to his love for the man who also believes in them. Likewise, Ragnar’s curiosity about Christianity and, ultimately, his baptism is driven by his love for the man who represents that faith.


PREAMBLE TIME. Ok so! Here’s the deal. I actually write these recaps while I watch the show — a lot of pausing for ~thoughts breaks~ of course, but everything is recorded in the moment. My Realtime Recapping process is what gives these their charming (“charming”) and not at all chaotic live-blog quality. It’s funtimes!

Where this system cracks into pieces, however, is in episodes like this.

In the dual interests of honesty of feeling and my own sanity, I haven’t done any substantial revisions on what I wrote before the events of act 5. So what you are about to experience is a journey by my side as I blithely skip headlong into tragedy, while you keep ducking your head to hide the look on your face. “Hey, is something wrong?” Past Me asks, so innocent. “Oh, it’s alright,” you say, smiling back with eyes full of pity. “Let’s…. let’s just keep going.”

(Also this recap is long as heck, but it’s owed. This is an elegy.)

Previously on Vikings: Fraternity President Ragnar Lothbrok, fresh off his semester abroad in England, tries to arrange a spring break trip to Paris. Meanwhile, Athelstan can’t decide on the direction of his religion major, signs on to TA for Advanced Paganism despite having already declared a Pre-Modern Christianity focus.

Season 3, Episode 6: “Born Again”

Oh man please tell me this episode title means Athelstan is gonna rediscover Jesus and fabulously NERD OUT about it and make everyone uncomfortable, because that would be a dream. You know how much I stan for Actual Saint Athelstan. [Ed. note: oh my god Past Me is going to destroy us all]

Anyway, the show: Athelstan has made a working model of the River Seine! Best TA. Ragnar tries to play Pooh Sticks in the mini river with no other players and no bridge. Together they work on a model of the fortified city of Paris.

um, C+ effort guys

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Previously on Vikings: Mostly parties, actually — epic parties, hot tub parties, ladies’ sleepover parties, welcome parties

Season 3, Episode 5: “The Usurper”

HOMELAND SAY WHAT. Our buddies have returned to Scandinavia! In style:

fleet fleet motherfuckers, all fleet fleet goddamn

Setting: Longboats, interior (well, boat-wise). Close-up of Ragnar’s filigree-tattooed head.

With the grinning voice of a man lazing the afternoon away in bed, all lemondrop and mellonball and laughing in silk pajamas and the grains of sugar on the toast—

Ragnar: “Tell me about Paris.”
Athelstan, smiling: “Again?”

love, love, or whatever.

(Actually the best Siken lines for these two would probably be “Let’s say God is the space between two men and the Devil is the / space between two men. Here: I’ll be all of them.”)

Bending to Ragnar’s grins and wiggles and cute “continue”s, Athelstan tells him about Paris again. Real Quote: “It was…amazing!” Someone call Rick Steves.

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Thinking more on the extended scene today.

The most-likely canon interpretation is that Ragnar asked about the threesome as a cheeky way of trying to figure out where Athelstan’s head was re: religion/culture. Seeing him staring out the door like that, he probably wondered if Athelstan was thinking of/missing England. Being a doofus, he couldn’t approach the question directly/seriously, so he had to make a joke of it.

Even though the question implies that Ragnar isn’t familiar with Athelstan’s current sexuality–and therefore that they haven’t been sleeping together–the subsequent conversation is actually a strong indication of how in love they are. Ragnar tells Athelstan that he understands how it feels to be torn in two: to be split between religions and cultures. Athelstan is very surprised by this. Though Ragnar has always shown curiosity about his culture and religion of origin, I don’t think he believed Ragnar was really changing or taking it seriously. He probably thought the Lord’s Prayer business was just Ragnar trying to hedge his bets and appeal to as many gods as possible for favor. This, on the other hand, indicates that something bigger is going on. 

Question is: Why? It’s obvious why Athelstan would feel the way he does. He started in one culture/faith, got dragged into another, then plopped back into the original for a year and now he’s back in #2 again. That would mess with anyone’s head. But why would Ragnar feel that way? He’s always been curious about the world outside his homeland, but that’s just the mindset of someone seeking knowledge; a tourist, really. What happened to him that’s now making him rethink his roots in his own culture? 

Well, Athelstan happened. 

Ragnar has always felt somewhat different from the other Northmen. He’s a farmer, not a fighter. He seeks knowledge, not treasure. He doesn’t kill for pleasure, but out of necessity. Were it not for him proving himself in battle and politics, his countrymen might even think of him as ergi. So for many years, he was searching for a place he felt at home. He found that in Athelstan. 

He knows enough about the dark side of Athelstan’s culture, especially after learning of the crucifixion, to know that it is not the haven of peace and knowledge he seeks. But Athelstan is. He feels alienated by his own culture, but he doesn’t want to become an Englishman or a Christian because those things in themselves appeal to him. He hasn’t been converted by a particularly good missionary, and in fact he’s pretty darn annoyed by some of the assholes representing Athelstan’s faith of origin. No; the place he seeks and finds comfort in is embodied solely by that one man. Athelstan’s dilemma–his dual nature–is exactly the sweet spot that Ragnar himself has been seeking. 

In short: rather than converting each other to one side or the other, the two men are forging their own blended culture together. 

As I mentioned before, religion and sexuality are awfully mixed up together, and there’s enough sexual chemistry between them to suggest that there’s something physical, as well as spiritual, driving the bond they have. I of course like running with that, because it’s fun to imagine. But it honestly doesn’t matter whether they’ve been having sex this whole time or ever would. They have already married their deeper selves, and are now just trying to survive in a world that doesn’t deal very well with people who aren’t clearly one thing or the other. 

Basically, all my theories about them being an embodiment of/metaphor for the blending of Norse and British culture that happened around this time were proven true with this one scene. Stories of such cultural mixing have been told before, but usually with political marriages or star-crossed lovers: Romeo and Juliet. Smith and Pocahontas. “Their love united a nation” blah blah blah. This exact same thing is happening here. It just happens to be the love between two men that’s driving it this time. 


Previously on Vikings: Ragnar goes full Orpheus and declares he will follow Athelstan into the dark. It is somewhat ironic.

This week on Vikings: What will HAPPEN in THIS, the season FINALE of THE VIKINGS SHOW? Let’s find out!

Season 3, Episode 10: “The Dead”

Camp Viking. The French roll up with the treasure they are exchanging for the Vikings’ pinkie swear that they will take it and leave them alone. Ha ha ha, sure.


this is mostly a joke for my roommate (hi Cate)

Rollo goes off to tell Ragnar the treasure’s here, while the rest of the Vikings mosh around the chests and cheer and throw gold coins around and generally have a good time. Remember in S1 when the Vikings came back from Lindisfarne with all their loot, but then the Earl said they could only keep one thing each, and Ragnar was like “Maybe I will take this bowl and wear it as a cunning hat. No actually tho I will take this cute monk I mean this priest here.” Of course you remember. Ragnar also remembers, when he’s not too busy sweating and trembling and coughing in his tent.

Rollo: oh, bro :(

Ragnar: “I am dying. But at least I know that I will see Athelstan again.”

MAN do I love that all of Ragnar’s dialogue lately sounds like my paraphrasing. Dude’s at death’s door, he’s got no time to mess around with subtext, #txt it

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